2009 Midland Daily News Annual Subject Index
Subject Article Page Date
Accidents Woman Dies in Snowmobile Crash in Gladwin County A1 4-Jan-2009
Accidents Shrine Circus Performer Hurt in Fall A1 17-Jan-2009
Accidents Pedestrian Struck Multiple Times, Killed on I-75 A1 26-Jan-2009
Accidents Teen's Body Found on Saginaw River A1 26-Jan-2009
Accidents Data on Crashes Available on Internet Insert4 1-Feb-2009
Accidents Area Man Dead: Snowmobile Accident on Sanford Lake A1 4-Feb-2009
Accidents Bay City Man Who Froze Left $600,000 to Hospital A1 5-Feb-2009
Accidents Two Hurt After Attacks By Dogs A1 6-Mar-2009
Accidents Teen Dies After Taser Incident in Bay City A1 23-Mar-2009
Accidents MSP Probes Taser Death of Boy, 15 A1 24-Mar-2009
Accidents Contract Worker Hurt at Hemlock Semiconductor A1 27-May-2009
Accidents Clare Man Dies in Car Crash A3 8-Jun-2009
Accidents Former Midland Man Killed in Traffic Accident (Mantyla) A2 11-Jul-2009
Accidents Search On for Missing Man A1 13-Aug-2009
Accidents Body Recovered from Saginaw River A1 14-Aug-2009
Accidents Ex-Midlander Dies After Helping at Crash Site A1 15-Aug-2009
Accidents Body Recovered from Saginaw River ID'd A1 15-Aug-2009
Accidents Isabella Man Dies When Motorcycle Collides with Deer A1 19-Oct-2009
Accidents Crash Kills Saginaw Woman at US-10/M-47 A1 25-Oct-2009
Accidents Pilot's Name Released in Plane Crash A1 8-Dec-2009
Accidents-Gladwin County Motorcyclist Dies After Traffic Accident A2 16-Nov-2009
Accidents-Midland Man in Accident Dies of Heart Attack A1 9-Feb-2009
Accidents-Midland Foul Play Not Expected in Infant's Death A1 21-Feb-2009
Accidents-Midland Midlander 'Critical' After Traffic Accident A3 14-Apr-2009
Accidents-Midland Missing Man Victim of Crash (Justin Infante) A1 16-Jul-2009
Accidents-Midland Bicyclist 'Critical' After Accident A1 3-Aug-2009
Accidents-Midland Pedestrian Dies in Midland A1 28-Oct-2009
Accidents-Midland Pair Hurt in 'Serious' Crash A1 29-Oct-2009
Accidents-Midland Leffingwell Was on Way to Music Practice When Struck A1 29-Oct-2009
Accidents-Midland Downtown Deer Struck by Vehicle A3 8-Dec-2009
Accidents-Midland  Names Released in Fatal Crash A1 30-Oct-2009
Accidents-Midland County Road Reopened After Accident Clean Up A3 1-Jan-2009
Accidents-Midland County Eastbound U.S. 10 Closed After semi Accident A3 9-Jan-2009
Accidents-Midland County Basketball Team Delayed After Bus Gas Tank Punctured A1 9-Jan-2009
Accidents-Midland County Midland Man, 29, Dies in Sunday Night Crash on M-20 A1 19-Jan-2009
Accidents-Midland County Fatal Accident Victim Identified A3 20-Jan-2009
Accidents-Midland County Man 'Critical' After Crashes A3 21-Feb-2009
Accidents-Midland County Two Seriously Hurt in Head-On Crash A1 24-Feb-2009
Accidents-Midland County Creek Student 'Critical' A1 25-Feb-2009
Accidents-Midland County Yatch Still 'Critical' A1 26-Feb-2009
Accidents-Midland County Supporting a Friend: Communited Supporting Max Yatch A1 27-Feb-2009
Accidents-Midland County Yatch Remains Critical A1 4-Mar-2009
Accidents-Midland County Yatch Still Critical: Another Man's Condition Upgraded A3 10-Mar-2009
Accidents-Midland County Bullock Creek Student, Max Yatch, Upgraded to Serious Condition A1 16-Mar-2009
Accidents-Midland County River Rescue: Teens Thankful to Survive Crash into Tittabawasee A3 2-Apr-2009
Accidents-Midland County Midland Woman Killed in Edenville Crash A1 5-Apr-2009
Accidents-Midland County Fatal Crash Linked to Police Chase A1 6-Apr-2009
Accidents-Midland County Chase Speeds Hit Triple Digits (Frederickson) A1 7-Apr-2009
Accidents-Midland County Burns Believed to Be From Anhydrous Ammonia Exposure A1 25-Apr-2009
Accidents-Midland County Creek Student Dies  A1 5-Jun-2009
Accidents-Midland County Bullock Creek Teen 'Just a Good Kid' (Trent Ripper) A1 6-Jun-2009
Accidents-Midland County Driver in Fatal Crash Identified (Denise Church) A1 11-Jun-2009
Accidents-Midland County Answers Sought in Death of BC Student A1 3-Jul-2009
Accidents-Midland County Lee Township Man Dies in Single Car Accident A1 25-Jul-2009
Accidents-Midland County Coleman Pedestrian Struck, Driver Arrested A1 25-Jul-2009
Accidents-Midland County Police Continue to Investigate Fatal Accident A1 26-Jul-2009
Accidents-Midland County Driver Charged in Pedestrian Accident A1 28-Jul-2009
Accidents-Midland County Investigation into Bullock Creek Teen's Death Continues A1 19-Aug-2009
Accidents-Midland County Motorcycle Involved in Accident A1 12-Sep-2009
Accidents-Midland County Woman Dies After Thursday Crash A1 9-Nov-2009
Accidents-Midland County At-Fault Driver Won't Face Charges A1 23-Nov-2009
Accidents-Midland County M-20 Accident Sends Woman to Hospital A1 29-Nov-2009
Accidents-Midland County M-20 Accident Victim Remains Hospitalized A3 30-Nov-2009
Accidents-Midland County M-20 Section Closed After Two Crashes A1 1-Dec-2009
Accidents-Midland County Tuesday's M-20 Crashes, Five Others Caused by Ice A2 2-Dec-2009
Accidents-Midland County Accidental Gunshot Victim Home A1 4-Dec-2009
Accidents-Midland County Area Student Dies After Midland Co Crash A1 7-Dec-2009
Accidents-Midland County Teen in Serious Condition After Wednesday Crash A2 18-Dec-2009
Accidents-Midland County Truth 4 Trent Signs Appear (Trent Ripper) A1 19-Dec-2009
Agriculture Group to Take Concerns About Large Farms to State Officials A3 17-Feb-2009
Agriculture New Facility Will Boost Bean, Beet Research in Michigan A3 4-Apr-2009
Agriculture Blueberry Virus Strinkes Michigan Research Center A3 31-Aug-2009
Agriculture Midland CEO to Discuss Agriculture at Economics Club A4 4-Sep-2009
Agriculture Apple Tasting Offers Flavors of Fall A1 7-Sep-2009
Agriculture Approx. Ripening Dates for Apples in Midland County A6 7-Sep-2009
Agriculture Corn Maze Features Shape of Lower Peninsula B1 24-Sep-2009
Agriculture Ugandans Visit Local Farms, Orchard to Learn New Methods C1 4-Oct-2009
Animals Clare Man's Passion for Bird Dogs Became Career A3 24-Jan-2009
Animals Acupuncture for Animals Insert7 1-Feb-2009
Animals Darla Doright: Midland Teen Takes Dog to Westminster Show A3 16-Feb-2009
Animals Horses Removed from Clare County Property A1 17-Mar-2009
Animals Humane Society's Blue the Dog Dies A1 18-May-2009
Animals Wanted: A Loving Home A1 28-May-2009
Animals Company Helps Train Leader Dog A5 20-Oct-2009
Animals Saginaw Children's Zoo Earns National Accredidation A3 22-Oct-2009
Animals Nightmares Linger Months After Pit Bull Attack A3 3-Nov-2009
Anniversaries Golden Rings: Kinnes Love Story Starts in 1938 & Continues C1 8-Feb-2009
Anniversaries Yoders Celebrate 50 Yrs of Marriage with Pastor Who Married Them A1 7-Nov-2009
Anniversaries Penneys Celebrate 60th Anniversary with Friends A1 13-Nov-2009
Arnold Center Arnold Center Director: An Innovator in His Field, Retiring A3 16-Jan-2009
Arnold Center Arnold Center Plans for Expansion on Factory Floor A3 9-Mar-2009
Arnold Center Arnold Center Looks to Expand A1 27-Mar-2009
Arnold Center Markey to Succeed Shea as Director A1 2-Apr-2009
Arnold Center Arnold Center Receives Donation from Corvette Club A4 3-Oct-2009
Arnold Center Arnold Center Honored for Safety A1 20-Nov-2009
Arnold Center Arnold Center Receives Two Awards of Excellence A6 16-Dec-2009
Art & Artists Midland Artists Guild Photos on Display C1 1-Jan-2009
Art & Artists Lorna Poulos Named 2009 Michigan Waterfowl Stamp Artist C3 15-Jan-2009
Art & Artists Midland's Zeiss Featured in Solo Exhibit at CMU C1 29-Jan-2009
Art & Artists Spears Photography to Be showcased Downtown C1 29-Jan-2009
Art & Artists Thayers Exhibit Together C1 5-Feb-2009
Art & Artists Drier's Glassblowing Exhibit Showcases Honed Skill C1 15-Feb-2009
Art & Artists Watercolor: Work of Late Artist Stamelos Opens at MCFTA C1 12-Mar-2009
Art & Artists Michigan Images Highlight Exhibit C1 12-Mar-2009
Art & Artists Only When Asked: Couple's Exhibit Reflects Input C1 19-Mar-2009
Art & Artists Midland Students Fly High in Duck Stamp Contest A3 5-Apr-2009
Art & Artists Johnson to Show Work C1 23-Apr-2009
Art & Artists Travel to Leelanau, New Zealand C1 7-May-2009
Art & Artists Sometimes Whimsy, Sometimes Realistic C1 21-May-2009
Art & Artists Her Beautiful Writing is Work of Art C3 21-May-2009
Art & Artists Self-Taught, Winning Designs C1 21-May-2009
Art & Artists Young Artists Recognize What's Beautiful About Midland A1 23-May-2009
Art & Artists Northwood Gallery Presents 'Brush & Anvil' Exhibit C1 4-Jun-2009
Art & Artists Softness of Iron' Exhibit Open June 12 C2 4-Jun-2009
Art & Artists At Midland's North Gate: Passing Over the Seal A3 7-Jun-2009
Art & Artists A Place for Tattoo Fans on the Internet B1 19-Jun-2009
Art & Artists What Does Clear Water Look Like? 52 Artists Give Interpretation C1 2-Jul-2009
Art & Artists Photo Contest Winner: Be Patient & Plan Your Shots A13 12-Jul-2009
Art & Artists Butcher Takes Top Prize in 'Clear Water' Exhibit C1 16-Jul-2009
Art & Artists Local Farmer's Photos Inspire Lighthouse Stamps C1 23-Aug-2009
Art & Artists Northwood Gallery Presents Crawford's Alphabet Nights C1 3-Sep-2009
Art & Artists Local Aretists Compete in Grand Rapids: $250,000 Top Spot C1 10-Sep-2009
Art & Artists More Midlanders Part of ArtPrize Competition C6 16-Sep-2009
Art & Artists Kolb Exposes Micro World B3 24-Sep-2009
Art & Artists Oil and Stained Glass at Space Thourgh Nov. C1 1-Oct-2009
Art & Artists Nickerson's Photos on Display at Meier Camera Shop C1 1-Oct-2009
Art & Artists ArtPrize Winner to Be Announced Today A6 8-Oct-2009
Art & Artists Bright & Cheery: Guisewite Sisters Give Back C1 8-Nov-2009
Art & Artists Guisewites Visit Midland C4 8-Nov-2009
Art & Artists Opening Reception, Arts Angel Awarded Tonight B1 13-Nov-2009
Art & Artists Art Sale Finds New Homes for Local Artists' Works A3 7-Dec-2009
Art & Artists Real Meaming of Christmas (Harry Roznowski nativity paintings) A1 25-Dec-2009
Art & Artists Ornament Traditions Grows Annually A3 25-Dec-2009
Authors Ex-Midlander Folsom, New Deal Critic, on National TV A3 4-Jan-2009
Authors Ex-Midlander Folsom Hopes to Engage Obama Team A3 5-Jan-2009
Authors Author Offers Book to New Fathers - Free C1 26-Mar-2009
Authors Dedicated to the One He Loves (Peter Leeson) A8 30-Mar-2009
Authors Future Museum Designs Topic of Book C1 11-Jun-2009
Authors Swart, Daughter Put Together 'Noun' Book C1 11-Jun-2009
Authors Poetry, Fiction Part of Roethke Writers' Workshop C1 2-Jul-2009
Authors Midland Author Promotes Chemistry During Special Events A3 25-Aug-2009
Authors Midland High Alum Profiles Valley Athletes in Book B1 7-Sep-2009
Authors Albom: Faith Can Pull People Together C1 11-Oct-2009
Aviation Ex-Midlander Sees Eerie Similarities in 1958 Tri-City Crash A1 14-Feb-2009
Aviation Teen Takes His First Solo Flight, Receives Pilot Certification A1 28-Mar-2009
Aviation Hero Pilot Plessner Returns A1 12-Apr-2009
Aviation New Mentor Program Links Students, Pilots A3 27-Nov-2009
Aviation Langrill Receives Aviation Honor A1 19-Dec-2009
Awards & Prizes Local Technician Receives National Award B2 9-Jan-2009
Awards & Prizes 2009 RUBY Award Recipients Announced A7 10-Feb-2009
Awards & Prizes Midland Man Wins U.S. National Snow Sculpting Competition A3 14-Mar-2009
Awards & Prizes Osborn Award Nominations Collected B5 14-Mar-2009
Awards & Prizes Midland Company Wins Science Foundation Grant A1 23-Mar-2009
Awards & Prizes Midland's Finn Heading into Fifth Hall of Fame B4 25-Mar-2009
Awards & Prizes Wilczek to be Inducted into Prep Football Hall of Fame B1 28-Mar-2009
Awards & Prizes Life Saving Actions Earn Award for Sanford Man A3 29-Mar-2009
Awards & Prizes Midland Graphic Design Studio Takes Top Awards A4 1-Apr-2009
Awards & Prizes Acklin Takes the Cake A5 12-Apr-2009
Awards & Prizes Wilczek Inducted A2 17-Apr-2009
Awards & Prizes Review Awards Help Mark 30th Anniversary of Mag B1 17-Apr-2009
Awards & Prizes Rexroat Named "All-American" A11 19-Apr-2009
Awards & Prizes Mark of Excellence: Raetz Named Award Winner A1 5-May-2009
Awards & Prizes Seven Seniors Receive Scholarships A5 8-May-2009
Awards & Prizes Riecker Named MASA Region 4 Champion for Children A3 19-May-2009
Awards & Prizes Stanley-Bohn Earns Kennedy Fellowship C1 28-May-2009
Awards & Prizes DuBois Receives State Recognition A2 8-Jun-2009
Awards & Prizes Educators Earn Gerstacker Fellowships A4 19-Jun-2009
Awards & Prizes Calvary Baptist Grad Honored by Gibson A1 24-Jun-2009
Awards & Prizes Midland Dentists Honored for Donating Dental Services A2 8-Jul-2009
Awards & Prizes Bone Daddy's Takes 2nd in National Ribs Cook-Off A1 8-Sep-2009
Awards & Prizes Readers Choice 2009 Winners Insert 13-Sep-2009
Awards & Prizes Ex-Hoops' Coach, Hursey, Entering Local Hall of Fame B1 4-Oct-2009
Awards & Prizes Francis Leaves Lasting Mark on Swimming in Midland B1 5-Oct-2009
Awards & Prizes Winchester a Gifted Athlete Who Played for the Reds C1 7-Oct-2009
Awards & Prizes Karr Has Made a Difference for Kids D1 8-Oct-2009
Awards & Prizes Garrett, Midland Blooms Take Top Honors A3 16-Oct-2009
Awards & Prizes Midland Takes 2 Top-Ranking Awards at KMB Ceremony A1 25-Oct-2009
Awards & Prizes Gerstacker Awards Honor Six Local Heroes A3 13-Nov-2009
Awards & Prizes First Apprentice Winner Announces Prize A1 21-Nov-2009
Awards & prizes Beautiful Bette: Tollar Reflects on 40 Yrs of Beautification A1 24-Nov-2009
Awards & Prizes Top Honor Goes to Alma College Physics Professor A3 3-Dec-2009
Awards & Prizes MidMichigan AFP Announces Top Local Philanthropist, Volunteer B8 8-Dec-2009
Awards & Prizes Kozuch 2009 Remodeler of the Year A6 12-Dec-2009
Awards & Prizes Langrill Honored for Her Contributions B10 15-Dec-2009
Awards & Prizes MMI Inducts First Three into Distinguished Scientists Ranks A3 18-Dec-2009
Barstow Airport J.T. Rairigh Keeps Barstow Airport at Cruising Level A3 17-Jan-2009
Barstow Airport Taking to the Skies A3 21-Jun-2009
Barstow Airport Morning Flights A2 29-Jun-2009
Barstow Airport Goodall Doubly Honored A6 7-Jul-2009
Barstow Airport Missing Midland Pilot Found Dead Saturday A1 9-Aug-2009
Barstow Airport FAA Investigating Crash A1 11-Aug-2009
Barstow Airport Officials Presume Pilot Died During Crash: NTSB Report A1 14-Aug-2009
Barstow Airport Off to Oshkosh A6 19-Aug-2009
Barstow Airport Sky Jump in Memory of Midland Pilot Who Died A2 2-Sep-2009
Barstow Airport Operation Good Cheer Coming to Barstow A3 1-Dec-2009
Barstow Airport Barstow AWOS Ready for Winter Fliers A3 11-Dec-2009
Barstow Airport Barstow Airport Looks Ahead to a New Decade, New Additions A1 30-Dec-2009
Baseball Collins Chosen to Coach Team China at World Baseball Classic D1 8-Jan-2009
Baseball Kell, 86, a Tigers Legend B1 25-Mar-2009
Baseball Southtown Little Leage: 50 Years of Fun A1 3-May-2009
Baseball MHSAA Rejects Midland's Bid to Be Host Site D1 7-May-2009
Baseball Midland's Mahar Making Adjustments for Pro Ball D1 18-Jun-2009
Baseball 2009 MDN All-Area Baseball Team B1 24-Jun-2009
Baseball Wilcox Has Great Baseball Memories D1 30-Jul-2009
Baseball Berryhill Advances to Second Straight World Series B1 11-Aug-2009
Baseball Pappy' Boynton a Loyal Berryhill Fan B1 15-Aug-2009
Baseball Berryhill Success Celebrated: Team Plays in Finals Today A1 18-Aug-2009
Baseball Berryhill Plays in World Series Title Game Today B1 18-Aug-2009
Baseball Champions (Berryhill World Series Champsionship) A1 19-Aug-2009
Baseball Berryhill Wins World Series B1 19-Aug-2009
Baseball Berryhill Goes Unbeaten in National Tourney: Dean Named MVP B1 19-Aug-2009
Baseball Ex-Berryhill Players Excited About Team's Success B1 19-Aug-2009
Baseball Dawson Comes Up Big in Tournament B4 19-Aug-2009
Baseball Experience of a Lifetime: Berryhill Team Honored at World Series D3 30-Oct-2009
Baseball-Midland Midland Junior All-Stars Win Another State Title B1 29-Jul-2009
Baseball-Midland Big Honor for Local Little League Team: Williamsport, PA D1 13-Aug-2009
Baseball-Midland Berryhill Team to be Honored at Game 1 of World Series B1 27-Oct-2009
Basketball Midland Christian Girls Win State Basketball Title B3 1-Mar-2009
Basketball 2009 MDN All-Area Girls' Basketball Dream Team B1 1-Apr-2009
Basketball 2009 Daily News All-Area Boys' Basketball Dream Team D1 2-Apr-2009
Basketball Spartan Sorrow A1 7-Apr-2009
Beaverton Beaverton Doing Streetscape Improvements A3 19-Jan-2009
Beaverton Beaverton Gets $$$$ for Dam Repair A1 1-Aug-2009
Beaverton Students Wowed with new Playground A3 27-Oct-2009
Beaverton Fire Causes Major Damage, Minor Injuries A1 28-Oct-2009
Bicycles & Bicycle Trails Cold Rail on the Rail Trail A1 2-Jan-2009
Bicycles & Bicycle Trails Bagpipe Music Sendoff Planned for Bike Safety Ride A1 19-May-2009
Bicycles & Bicycle Trails Landowner Creates Walking Trail Open to Public A3 30-Jul-2009
Bicycles & Bicycle Trails Workshop Starts City on Road to Bicycle Friendly Community A3 4-Sep-2009
Bicycles & Bicycle Trails 3 Trails in 3 Days Supports Regional Pathways A3 15-Sep-2009
Bicycles & Bicycle Trails Putting Mettle to the Pedals A3 20-Sep-2009
Bicycles & Bicycle Trails Kids' MOuntain Biking Day is Saturday A3 1-Oct-2009
Bicycles & Bicycle Trails Pere Marquette Earns National Rail-Trail Honors A3 15-Oct-2009
Biography Aunt Bea Cooper Recently Celebrated 112th Birthday A4 22-Feb-2009
Births Miss New Year 2009 A3 4-Jan-2009
Births Comfort of Home (Sabrina Zielinski) C1 1-Mar-2009
Boating Ready for Action: Big Canoe Race Next Weekend in Midland B1 24-May-2009
Boating Great Day on the Lakes A1 25-Jul-2009
Boating Midlander Among Crew in European Youth Regatta A1 3-Aug-2009
Boating Mitchell: First Half Ends on High Note, More Regata Ahead A3 9-Aug-2009
Boating Mitchell: An Experience of a Lifetime A3 16-Aug-2009
Bowling Coleman's Day bowls Rare 300 Game at Northern Lanes B1 22-Feb-2009
Bowling Sanford Man Wins U.S. Bowling Trophy A1 25-Jul-2009
Bowling Four Elected to Midland Bowling Hall of Fame B8 2-Aug-2009
Building Construction Home Improvement Guide: Fall '09 Insert 20-Sep-2009
Buildings Shock of the Old: Design Spotlight A3 24-May-2009
Buildings Owner Wants to Give Building to Non-Profit A1 25-May-2009
Buildings Desperately Seeking Seal: Faceoff at Jefferson & Joe Mann A3 31-May-2009
Buildings Head Fake and Double Take A3 14-Jun-2009
Buildings Tall Tales (Memorial Presbyterian Church) A3 21-Jun-2009
Buildings Foam + Dome = Home A3 28-Jun-2009
Buildings Sign Desing: Wayfinding in Midland A3 5-Jul-2009
Buildings The House That Jacks Built A3 12-Jul-2009
Buildings Swamp Fox A3 26-Jul-2009
Buildings Auburn Official Asks: Where are the Permits? A1 5-Aug-2009
Buildings Supporters Raise Funds to Save Bay County Icehouse A3 10-Aug-2009
Buildings Alden B. Dow Home Called Architectural Gem A2 15-Sep-2009
Bullock Creek Schools Future of Bullock Creek Schools to Be Decided Soon A1 6-Jan-2009
Bullock Creek Schools Creek Looks at Possible Reductions, Seeking Vote on Millages A1 8-Jan-2009
Bullock Creek Schools Bullock Creek Wrestler Ryen Nieman Has Won 91 Straight Matches B1 18-Jan-2009
Bullock Creek Schools Creek Schools Still Taking Community Input A3 27-Jan-2009
Bullock Creek Schools Residents Hear, Weigh in on BC Schools Millage Proposals A3 13-Feb-2009
Bullock Creek Schools Schwedler Lead Candidate for Creek's Top Spot A1 17-Feb-2009
Bullock Creek Schools Creek Porjects to Head to Voters A3 24-Feb-2009
Bullock Creek Schools Lancers Rally Around Max Yatch B1 25-Feb-2009
Bullock Creek Schools BC Board Negotiating with Schwedler for Top Post A3 7-Mar-2009
Bullock Creek Schools BC: Voters Will Choose etween Hard Times, Harder Ones A1 10-Mar-2009
Bullock Creek Schools Nieman Wins Second Consecutive State Title with Pin A1 15-Mar-2009
Bullock Creek Schools State Champ: Creek's Ryen Nieman Wins Second State Title A3 16-Mar-2009
Bullock Creek Schools BC Building Plans Get Second Look A1 17-Mar-2009
Bullock Creek Schools BC Administrators' Contracts To Be Cut A1 17-Mar-2009
Bullock Creek Schools Creek Sponsors Silent Auction for Paraprofessional A3 26-Mar-2009
Bullock Creek Schools Teacher Dreams of Lab to Grow Food, Harness Energy A3 28-Mar-2009
Bullock Creek Schools ax Yatch Returns to Bullock Creek to Watch a Ball Game A1 19-Apr-2009
Bullock Creek Schools Tough Choices: Creek Staff Would Be Cut if Funding Not Found A1 21-Apr-2009
Bullock Creek Schools Depression-Era Comedy Opens Friday A6 22-Apr-2009
Bullock Creek Schools Board OKs Contract for New Superintendent Schwedler A3 24-Apr-2009
Bullock Creek Schools Yatch Returning Home Friday A1 27-Apr-2009
Bullock Creek Schools Yatch to Throw First Pitch A1 2-May-2009
Bullock Creek Schools Church Helps Get Out Bullock Creek Vote A1 3-May-2009
Bullock Creek Schools Creek Community Comes Together, Greets Yatch A1 4-May-2009
Bullock Creek Schools Creek Teacher, Others Happy After School Millage Vote A1 6-May-2009
Bullock Creek Schools Bullock Creek to Vote Tonight on Recalling Staff A1 18-May-2009
Bullock Creek Schools Creek Recalls Staff, Announces Cuts A1 19-May-2009
Bullock Creek Schools Recalled, Relieved A1 20-May-2009
Bullock Creek Schools BC Reinstates Programs with New Money A3 21-May-2009
Bullock Creek Schools Creek Graduates Class of 2009 A3 6-Jun-2009
Bullock Creek Schools Creek to Vote on Budget A1 29-Jun-2009
Bullock Creek Schools Creek Budget Cuts OK'd A1 30-Jun-2009
Bullock Creek Schools BC Officials Keeping Wary Eye on Lansing A3 10-Jul-2009
Bullock Creek Schools BC Reverses Policy, Will Provide Rides for Afterschool A1 26-Jul-2009
Bullock Creek Schools Building Builders (building trades program) A1 11-Aug-2009
Bullock Creek Schools Creek Recalls Paraprofessionals A1 18-Aug-2009
Bullock Creek Schools Beeck on Creek Board as Member Allsop Resigns A1 20-Aug-2009
Bullock Creek Schools BC Mulls Budget Cuts as Student Counts Drop A3 22-Sep-2009
Bullock Creek Schools Bullock Creek in State Equestrian Finals at Fairgrounds A3 16-Oct-2009
Bullock Creek Schools Bullock Creek Considers Mid-Year Budget Cuts A1 20-Oct-2009
Bullock Creek Schools Youth, Leaders to Converge on District in July A3 26-Oct-2009
Bullock Creek Schools Bullock Creek Spins 'Charlotte's Web' A8 4-Nov-2009
Bullock Creek Schools Bullock Creek Cuts Costs After State Aid is Slashed A1 19-Nov-2009
Bullock Creek Schools Suit Against Bullock Creek Alleges Eavesdropping A1 2-Dec-2009
Business Saginaw Future Inc. Assists 8, Saves More Than 750 Jobs B1 1-Jan-2009
Business Chemical Bank Helps Keep Michigan Warm This Winter B2 1-Jan-2009
Business Group Hosts Informational Kickoff for Lawmakers A3 13-Jan-2009
Business HealthPlus Names Bruce Hill Interim President & CEO A5 24-Jan-2009
Business Is Business Going Online? Local Firms See Value in Web Insert5 25-Jan-2009
Business Fun Fridays Help Build Teams at Workplaces Insert6 25-Jan-2009
Business Digital World Changes Studio Photography Insert9 25-Jan-2009
Business CFC Net Income Falls in Fourth Quarter A2 26-Jan-2009
Business Tickets on Sale for Business Event at Dow Diamond A6 28-Jan-2009
Business Former Dow Official, State Rep Hayes Forms Consulting Business A5 29-Jan-2009
Business No Dough for a Cup of Joe? Insert3 1-Feb-2009
Business LaBelle Management Awards Top Managers for Excellence A6 4-Feb-2009
Business Delphi Seeks to End Health Benefits for Retirees A1 6-Feb-2009
Business Here's a Tip: Waitress' Iincomes Rely on Goodwill Insert14 8-Feb-2009
Business Charter to File Chapter 11 A2 13-Feb-2009
Business Nearly 800 Jobs Axed at Delphi's Steering Division A1 17-Feb-2009
Business Morning Sun Parent Company Files for Bankruptcy Protection A1 22-Feb-2009
Business Delphi Retirees Fear Losing health Care A1 23-Feb-2009
Business Bay valley Resort Under New Ownership & Management B6 24-Feb-2009
Business Judge Lets Delphi Halt Salaried Retirees' Benefits A6 25-Feb-2009
Business GM to Use Existing Flint Plant for New Engines A6 25-Feb-2009
Business GM May Buy Delphi Steering Operations A7 3-Mar-2009
Business Freeland Sports Zone Set to Open A3 6-Mar-2009
Business Midland Man Designs Off-Road Wheelchair A3 8-Mar-2009
Business Midland Native Opening Company in Chicago B4 24-Mar-2009
Business Freeland SportsZone: Commemorative Grand Opening Edition Insert 29-Mar-2009
Business Bay City Businessman Donates Family Y Site Demolition A3 6-Apr-2009
Business Meridian Grad Langer New Executive Chef at Lansing Ctr B1 9-Apr-2009
Business New Day Care Center Opens in Auburn A8 29-Apr-2009
Business Smoking Ban Would Cripple Casinos A3 30-Apr-2009
Business After Seven Years the Camaro is Back A3 15-May-2009
Business HSC Well Positioned A1 18-May-2009
Business HSC Expansion Goes Online Ahead of Schedule A3 28-May-2009
Business HSC is Oasis in Midst of Bad News A1 29-May-2009
Business Delphi in Talks to Emerge from Bankruptcy A3 29-May-2009
Business GM Files for Bankruptcy Protection A1 1-Jun-2009
Business Judge OKs Sale of Most Chrysler Assets to Fiat A2 1-Jun-2009
Business Locals Rally Around Saginaw Car Dealer A3 9-Jun-2009
Business Two Saginaw-Area Car Dealers to Talk About Future A1 21-Jun-2009
Business Green Gamble: Granholm Tries to Lure Alternative Energy A1 22-Jun-2009
Business Speaker to Stress Customer Service as Everyday Part of Job A1 22-Jun-2009
Business GLB Regional Alliance Names New Chief A3 24-Jun-2009
Business Auburn Couple Teams Up to Open Day Care B1 25-Jun-2009
Business Clare Cops Purchase Bakery, Protect & Serve Doughnuts A1 4-Jul-2009
Business Bankruptcy Judge Approves Lender's Bid for Delphi A3 31-Jul-2009
Business Weed Pulling Made Easy: Pinconning Man Uses Experience.. A3 1-Aug-2009
Business Serenus Johnson Construction Celebrates 90 Years B1 6-Aug-2009
Business New Program Aims to Help People with Big Business Ideas A3 7-Aug-2009
Business Metallic Mincement: Saginaw Scrapyard A1 14-Aug-2009
Business Bay City's Dunlop Pontiac to Close Before Year's End A3 1-Sep-2009
Business Bay City Plant to Make Components for Chevy Volt, Cruze A2 3-Sep-2009
Business State Helps Morley Companies Make New Bldg a Reality A3 3-Sep-2009
Business Bayne's Bakery, mmm Good B4 24-Sep-2009
Business Three CVBs into One? Board Explore New Regional Agency A1 28-Sep-2009
Business Michigan: Adapting to China, and Change A3 30-Sep-2009
Business Local Exec Says Company's Work is Bridge Between Continents A3 3-Oct-2009
Business Solar Sensation: Suniva Plans $250 Million Plant in Area A1 7-Oct-2009
Business Delphi Emerges from Chapter 11 After 4 Years A4 7-Oct-2009
Business Saginaw Future Assists Seven Companies C5 21-Oct-2009
Business Chemical Bank Campaign Wins Honors A7 27-Oct-2009
Business Chemical Financial Reports $2.5M Net 3Q Profits A3 28-Oct-2009
Business Saginaw Hopes to Lure Solar Plant, 500 Jobs A2 27-Nov-2009
Business GlobalWatt to Invest $177 Million in Saginaw Plant A2 16-Dec-2009
Business-Clare You Have the Right to Remain Delicious (Cops & Doughnuts) B1 27-Nov-2009
Business-Gladwin Three Federal Grants Totalling $117,000 to Help Gladwin A1 29-Jul-2009
Business-Midland Midland 'Angel Investors' Make first Deal A1 6-Jan-2009
Business-Midland Partner in Closed Eatery says She Did Her Best A1 9-Jan-2009
Business-Midland Weiler Joins Currie Kendall PLC B4 13-Jan-2009
Business-Midland Midland Company Works to Turn Ocean Waves into Electricity A1 14-Jan-2009
Business-Midland Reed Opening New Office A5 14-Jan-2009
Business-Midland Rehmann group Gets New Name, Service Model B2 15-Jan-2009
Business-Midland Renovations Mean Temporary Closing for Pizza Sam's A3 24-Jan-2009
Business-Midland Holiday Inn Up for Sale After Mortgage Default A3 25-Jan-2009
Business-Midland Making of a Business District: Jefferson & Wackerly Insert2 25-Jan-2009
Business-Midland Her Store Leaves Midland, But Connections Not Severed A3 30-Jan-2009
Business-Midland Pizza Sam's Reopens for Business B1 5-Feb-2009
Business-Midland Adversity Brings New Work for Local Couple A3 8-Feb-2009
Business-Midland Now I'm Ready A1 9-Feb-2009
Business-Midland Agent: Everything Looks Good for Future of Holiday Inn A1 13-Feb-2009
Business-Midland Business leader: Time to Bring Solar Businesses Here is Now A3 13-Feb-2009
Business-Midland MMI President and CEO to Retire in June A1 20-Feb-2009
Business-Midland New Location for Law Office of Katherine Reed B2 26-Feb-2009
Business-Midland Plonka to Become MMI President on June 1 A1 4-Mar-2009
Business-Midland Store Giving Away Resumes Tuesday A3 8-Mar-2009
Business-Midland Artfully, Dodging a Bullet: Owners Work with State A1 10-Mar-2009
Business-Midland Longtime Upholstery Shop Moves to new Location A6 13-Mar-2009
Business-Midland Newly Elected Board of Directors for 2009 at DCECU B4 17-Mar-2009
Business-Midland Travel Agency Closing Midland, MP Offices A3 21-Mar-2009
Business-Midland Designer Sells 'Transformed' Furnishings at New Store A4 1-Apr-2009
Business-Midland Three Midland Companies on Growing Businesses List A3 2-Apr-2009
Business-Midland Krantz Director of Sales for New Holiday Inn of Midland A5 3-Apr-2009
Business-Midland Dow Credit Union Tops in Software Tax Refunds A3 4-Apr-2009
Business-Midland Creative 360 the New Name C1 9-Apr-2009
Business-Midland Stylist's Dream of Owning Own Salon Comes True A4 10-Apr-2009
Business-Midland Demers Discusses Family Business A4 10-Apr-2009
Business-Midland Small Midland Company in Dispute Over Pet Food Additives A3 14-Apr-2009
Business-Midland Mobile Modular: Building, Assembled in Midland, Goes to WY A3 16-Apr-2009
Business-Midland Chemical Financial Net Income Plummets in 1st Qtr A3 20-Apr-2009
Business-Midland Dealership Making Best of Pontiac Demise A3 28-Apr-2009
Business-Midland Wilson Law Office Reopens in Midland A4 28-Apr-2009
Business-Midland Earth Work Starting for New Midland Shopping Center A3 29-Apr-2009
Business-Midland New Bicycle Shop Won't Leave Out Extreme Riders A3 30-Apr-2009
Business-Midland Midland Still on List for Possible Battery Mfg Site A1 2-May-2009
Business-Midland I Think of It as a Ministry': Miner Marks 60 Years A1 5-May-2009
Business-Midland Wolverine Bank Employees Extending a Helping Hand A4 7-May-2009
Business-Midland Nostalgic Diner Has New Owner A6 7-May-2009
Business-Midland Chemical Bank Encourages Children to Save B1 7-May-2009
Business-Midland Chemical Bank Warms 10,000 Hands & Hearts A6 8-May-2009
Business-Midland The Chicken's in the Mail (KFC) A1 9-May-2009
Business-Midland Battery Facility Site Decision by May 19 A1 9-May-2009
Business-Midland Chrysler Ends Local Dealership's Pact to Sell Jeeps A1 15-May-2009
Business-Midland Valvoline Instant Oil Change Gives Back to Community A5 20-May-2009
Business-Midland Old Building Turned into New Store A4 21-May-2009
Business-Midland Three Rivers Employees Earn LEED Credentials B1 21-May-2009
Business-Midland Midland Site in Motor Trend: Cars Shown at Dow Home A1 24-May-2009
Business-Midland Closing Shop: Companies Feeling Pain of Hard Times A3 26-May-2009
Business-Midland Dirk Waltz Loses Buick: Dealership Will Remain Open A1 4-Jun-2009
Business-Midland Women Team Up to Bring Exercise Technique to Midland B1 4-Jun-2009
Business-Midland Midland Wellness Center Opens A4 9-Jun-2009
Business-Midland Design Craftsmen Laying off All Workers in August A1 10-Jun-2009
Business-Midland Evergreen Solar Hiring in Midland A1 16-Jun-2009
Business-Midland It's the 'New' Holiday Inn: Opening Friday A1 18-Jun-2009
Business-Midland Good Year for Pipe Seller, Making Big Changes A3 18-Jun-2009
Business-Midland Feeney Named Jeep Dealership A1 23-Jun-2009
Business-Midland Midlander Starts New Mary Kay Business A2 23-Jun-2009
Business-Midland Two Midland Companies Scoop Up Awards A1 24-Jun-2009
Business-Midland Amazing Deli Opens Monday in Downtown Midland A8 27-Jun-2009
Business-Midland Midland Business Focus Insert 27-Jun-2009
Business-Midland Artful Dodger Brew Pub on Hold for Now A1 1-Jul-2009
Business-Midland Midland Company Seeking Families for 'Financial Makeovers' A3 2-Jul-2009
Business-Midland Helping Customers Feel at Ease (Larkin Photography) B1 2-Jul-2009
Business-Midland Midland Family Fighting for Dealership A3 16-Jul-2009
Business-Midland Tax Professional Opens Financial Services Firm B1 16-Jul-2009
Business-Midland Midland Printing Plant's Parent Emerges From Bankruptcy A1 23-Jul-2009
Business-Midland Midland Business Focus Insert 25-Jul-2009
Business-Midland Teen Entrepreneur Wins College Scholarship A5 26-Jul-2009
Business-Midland CFC Net Income Down Sharply in Second Quarter A3 27-Jul-2009
Business-Midland Speaker Dillon Talks Government Reform A1 30-Jul-2009
Business-Midland Alteration Shop Adds Women's Clothing B1 30-Jul-2009
Business-Midland Family-Owned Auto Parts Store Changing Hands A3 31-Jul-2009
Business-Midland Pizzeria Adds Ice Cream Shop A4 31-Jul-2009
Business-Midland Driving Dealers Crazy: Cash for Clunkers Demand Underestimated A1 2-Aug-2009
Business-Midland Chemical Bank Campaign to Promote Michigan's Revival A1 4-Aug-2009
Business-Midland Battery Plant in Midland? Biden Announcement in Detroit A1 5-Aug-2009
Business-Midland Green Elements Get Green Light in Ieuter Project A3 8-Aug-2009
Business-Midland Shop to Celebrate 70 Years of Marvel Comics A3 8-Aug-2009
Business-Midland J.E. Johnson Inc Opens Location in Traverse City A4 8-Aug-2009
Business-Midland New Restaurant Owner Wants to Create Off-Beat Atmosphere A3 11-Aug-2009
Business-Midland Cash for Clunkers Not Without Problems A1 21-Aug-2009
Business-Midland Law Firm Moves to New Midland Location A4 22-Aug-2009
Business-Midland Kosbergs Win Weedy Cup B1 27-Aug-2009
Business-Midland Solving the Big Guys' Problems; Company Moves to Midland A3 29-Aug-2009
Business-Midland Midland Business Focus Insert 29-Aug-2009
Business-Midland Ice Cream Dreams-With a Twist A3 1-Sep-2009
Business-Midland Case Systems Cuts 30 Jobs, Cites Bad Economy A1 3-Sep-2009
Business-Midland Company Tests Aerosol Can Flammability A1 5-Sep-2009
Business-Midland Yats Opening Tae Kwon Do School in Midland Mall B7 6-Sep-2009
Business-Midland Ready to Compete witht he Big Boys (Apothecary Shoppe) A3 12-Sep-2009
Business-Midland Midland Business Focus Insert 26-Sep-2009
Business-Midland More Room for Cake Artistry A1 1-Oct-2009
Business-Midland Wilson Miller Funeral Home Becomes VFMC Certified C6 7-Oct-2009
Business-Midland A Diamond, Out of the Rough (Diamond Jim's) A3 19-Oct-2009
Business-Midland Commuications Now Wildfire Credit Union A5 28-Oct-2009
Business-Midland All About Kitchens & Baths Changes Name B2 31-Oct-2009
Business-Midland Smoke-Free Lil' Chef Seeing Good Changes A1 2-Nov-2009
Business-Midland Artful Dodger Pub Partners Call It Quits A1 10-Nov-2009
Business-Midland Midland Accounting Firm Joins Andrews Hooper & Pavlik A3 12-Nov-2009
Business-Midland Dendritech Gets Grant to Fight Infection Spread A3 17-Nov-2009
Business-Midland A Diamond Anniversary: Midpaco Celebrating 75 Years C1 22-Nov-2009
Business-Midland Ther Personal Touch (Design Within) A3 23-Nov-2009
Business-Midland Cabot's Midland Plant is a Model of Success A3 24-Nov-2009
Business-Midland Midland Business Focus Insert 28-Nov-2009
Business-Midland Hangtime May Close A1 2-Dec-2009
Business-Midland Hangtime Hit by Debt, Economy A1 3-Dec-2009
Business-Midland Owner Adds Special Touches to Auto Parts, Service Center A3 4-Dec-2009
Business-Midland Rate This Space (Center City Authority) A1 8-Dec-2009
Business-Midland Center City Authority Board Wants Public Input A3 17-Dec-2009
Business-Midland Case Systems Names Rick VanderWeele CEO A3 22-Dec-2009
Business-Midland County Wave Power Technology Flows Through Midland A3 26-Apr-2009
Business-Midland County GM Plans to End Contract with Coleman Dealer A1 16-May-2009
Business-Midland County Give Me Some Skin (taxidermy) C1 1-Nov-2009
Casinos All Clear Given After Bomb Threat Forces Casino Evacuation A1 17-Dec-2009
Central Mich University CMU President Resigns, Accepts Post in Virginia A1 21-Feb-2009
Central Mich University Rao Reflects on CMU Presidency A1 22-Feb-2009
Central Mich University China Myths Dispelled at CMU Panel Talk A1 21-Mar-2009
Central Mich University Midland Resident Appointed to CMU Board of Trustees A3 25-Mar-2009
Central Mich University Midland Native Leading CMU Union Debate A3 29-Mar-2009
Central Mich University CMU TV Completiing Digital Transition A1 30-Mar-2009
Central Mich University Krause Part of CMU Play on Cyberbullying C1 2-Apr-2009
Central Mich University Farwell Facelift: School Benefits From Outreach to Teach A3 7-Apr-2009
Central Mich University CMU's Adams Dies After Cancer Treatment A1 8-Apr-2009
Central Mich University Students Rev Up the Night at CMU A3 20-Apr-2009
Central Mich University Sanford Student Organizes CMU Event A1 22-Apr-2009
Central Mich University CMU Selects Interim President A3 24-Apr-2009
Central Mich University Chef Showdown A3 29-Apr-2009
Central Mich University Midlander to Speak at CMU Commencement Cerements A3 8-May-2009
Central Mich University Hayes to Receive Honorary Degree from CMU A3 9-May-2009
Central Mich University CMU Launches Search for Next President A3 17-May-2009
Central Mich University CMU Graduate Students Vote 'Yes' to Unionize A4 25-May-2009
Central Mich University CMU Says It Has Tentative Deal for 300 Employees A3 23-Jun-2009
Central Mich University Hands On (and Off): Essenmacher, Krause C1 25-Jun-2009
Central Mich University CMU, Professional Employees Sign 1-Year Labor Agreement A3 26-Jun-2009
Central Mich University Liberating Harriet': Area Playwright's Production Debuts C1 9-Jul-2009
Central Mich University CMU OKs Tuition Hike A1 17-Jul-2009
Central Mich University Berman Named to Griffin Post at CMU A2 26-Jul-2009
Central Mich University CMU Students Test Electronc Cane for the Blind A3 4-Aug-2009
Central Mich University Central Michigan Seeks OK for New Medical School B8 8-Aug-2009
Central Mich University Senator Speaking at CMU on Tuesday A1 22-Aug-2009
Central Mich University Student Group, CMU Tell Different Stories A1 27-Aug-2009
Central Mich University One Hurt in Spill at CMU A1 29-Aug-2009
Central Mich University CMU Gets Key Ruling in Ex-Player's Suit A1 5-Sep-2009
Central Mich University CMU Medical School Gets $22 Million for Addition A3 18-Sep-2009
Central Mich University CMU Students Recently Help Kids Make Leap to Middle School A3 21-Sep-2009
Central Mich University From Outdated to Amazing (Educ & Human Services College) A1 28-Sep-2009
Central Mich University Carson Defines Success During Speech at CMU A1 5-Oct-2009
Central Mich University CMU Public Broadcasting to Acquire Flint Station A2 31-Oct-2009
Central Mich University CMU Physicist's 26,000-Mile Journey Yields View of Sky A1 16-Nov-2009
Central Mich University Kennedy: Going Green-It Makes Economic Sense A3 20-Nov-2009
Central Mich University Levin Talks Health Care, Politics at CMU A2 23-Nov-2009
Central Mich University iPhones, iPods Welcome in CMU Into Teacher Class A3 23-Nov-2009
Central Mich University CMU Names Ross 14th President of the University A1 4-Dec-2009
Charities & Benefits Salvation Army: Miracles Do Happen A1 5-Jan-2009
Charities & Benefits Taste of Diversity to Include Some New Flavors A3 14-Jan-2009
Charities & Benefits Christmas Closet Distributes Clothing A6 15-Jan-2009
Charities & Benefits D Street Foundation Donates to Safe & Sound C3 15-Jan-2009
Charities & Benefits Spaghetti Dinner Set to Help Local Famiy (Bicknell) A5 20-Jan-2009
Charities & Benefits Partnership Changes Name to Better Describe Its Work A1 20-Jan-2009
Charities & Benefits Piano Palooza III Planned for March 6 at Horizons A5 21-Jan-2009
Charities & Benefits Detroit Tiger Miner Donates Time, Money to Complex A3 24-Jan-2009
Charities & Benefits United Way: Help Each Other Weathre the Storm A1 18-Feb-2009
Charities & Benefits Cirque deVino Event Benefits Culinary Students A5 18-Feb-2009
Charities & Benefits Go Red Tickets Still Available A3 19-Feb-2009
Charities & Benefits International Learners Creative Native Desserts for Event A1 22-Feb-2009
Charities & Benefits Dancing with the Stars Gala Raises Money for FCS A1 23-Feb-2009
Charities & Benefits Let the Treats Flow A1 25-Feb-2009
Charities & Benefits Go Red for Women: The Heart of the Matter A3 25-Feb-2009
Charities & Benefits UW Gets Shelter, Food Money A1 5-Mar-2009
Charities & Benefits Piano Party to Help Disability Services A1 5-Mar-2009
Charities & Benefits Midland Students Raising Money for 50,000 Packaged Meals A6 5-Mar-2009
Charities & Benefits Habitat for Humanity to Tear Down Saginaw Houses A3 11-Mar-2009
Charities & Benefits Child Advocacy Center Newest Group to Join United Way Family A1 14-Mar-2009
Charities & Benefits ACS Daffodil Day Changes A3 14-Mar-2009
Charities & Benefits Rock Youth Center Hosts Largest Fundraiser Ever B5 14-Mar-2009
Charities & Benefits Spring Season of Caring Help Being Sought A1 17-Mar-2009
Charities & Benefits Awards No Small Feat for Devoted Sock Knitters A3 22-Mar-2009
Charities & Benefits Bowl for Kids' Sake to Help Big Brothers Big Sisters A6 25-Mar-2009
Charities & Benefits Daffodil Days A3 26-Mar-2009
Charities & Benefits Taste Authentic Russian Food at People to People Fundraiser C1 29-Mar-2009
Charities & Benefits A Little Goes a Long Way: Midland Woman Gives Gift of Nutrition C1 29-Mar-2009
Charities & Benefits Benefits Set for Yatch A1 30-Mar-2009
Charities & Benefits Deloitte, Loons Partner to Raise Money for Agencies A3 30-Mar-2009
Charities & Benefits Broken Bikes Fixed by Volunteers and Then Donated A3 30-Mar-2009
Charities & Benefits Midland Group Seeks Help for Indian Children A3 5-Apr-2009
Charities & Benefits Egg-Seeking Canines, Owners Turn Park in Rescue Fundraiser A3 5-Apr-2009
Charities & Benefits Big Brothers Big Sisters of CMU Sponsor Skate Night A4 8-Apr-2009
Charities & Benefits Relay for Life to Include A3 12-Apr-2009
Charities & Benefits Relay Kicks Off Effort to Find Cancer Cures A1 15-Apr-2009
Charities & Benefits Benefit Planned for Neeb Family A3 16-Apr-2009
Charities & Benefits Race Benefits Middle/High School Track Programs A3 19-Apr-2009
Charities & Benefits Hidden Harvest Jazzes Up Fundraiser A10 19-Apr-2009
Charities & Benefits Opening of Rollercoaster to Benefit Five Non-Profits A11 19-Apr-2009
Charities & Benefits Friends Pitching in for Max Yatch Benefit B3 21-Apr-2009
Charities & Benefits Taking It To the Max for Max on May 3 A3 22-Apr-2009
Charities & Benefits Midland Quiltmakers: Quietly Heard Around the World C1 26-Apr-2009
Charities & Benefits Uniting in Art for a Cause A3 5-May-2009
Charities & Benefits Fashion Show Benefit May 11 A2 8-May-2009
Charities & Benefits Bikers Ride to Send Kids to Camp A3 10-May-2009
Charities & Benefits Quilt Raffle Raises Money for Jacobson Foundation A6 13-May-2009
Charities & Benefits Project Brings Dresses, Dignity to Haitian Girls A4 14-May-2009
Charities & Benefits Summer Stroll for Epilepsy Saturday A3 15-May-2009
Charities & Benefits Stroll for Epilepsy Raises $7000 A1 17-May-2009
Charities & Benefits Drubbler Bringing New Approach to Dow Run Walk A1 3-Jun-2009
Charities & Benefits Reason to Relay: A Mother's Love A3 4-Jun-2009
Charities & Benefits Relay for Life Events Planned Throughout Region A6 4-Jun-2009
Charities & Benefits Coleman Businesses Assist Monk by Repairing Van A6 4-Jun-2009
Charities & Benefits Dow Run Walk Soars A1 7-Jun-2009
Charities & Benefits Tri-City Kid's Triathlon Awarded $5000 Grant A4 14-Jun-2009
Charities & Benefits For the Love of Mom (Ironman for Parkinsons) B1 14-Jun-2009
Charities & Benefits Art Auction Raises Money for PAO A4 17-Jun-2009
Charities & Benefits Freeland Athletic Assn Millionaire Party a Hit A1 29-Jun-2009
Charities & Benefits Helping to Find a Cure for Cancer: Relay for Life 2009 A3 2-Jul-2009
Charities & Benefits June 6 Dow RunWalk: Triumph & Healing for Skelly Family B1 5-Jul-2009
Charities & Benefits Reason to Relay: A Granddaughter's Hope for a Cure A3 8-Jul-2009
Charities & Benefits Relay for Life: Flushing Out the Cash A3 10-Jul-2009
Charities & Benefits Golf Event Raises More Than $26,000 for Cancer Society A5 10-Jul-2009
Charities & Benefits More Hungry Children in Bay Region A1 13-Jul-2009
Charities & Benefits Dow Employee Day Aids Local Food Pantries A3 15-Jul-2009
Charities & Benefits Bullock Creek Students, Staff Unite at Relay A1 17-Jul-2009
Charities & Benefits Birthday Girl Donates Gifts to Sick Children B2 17-Jul-2009
Charities & Benefits Rain Fails to Dampen Cancer Walkers' Spirits A3 19-Jul-2009
Charities & Benefits Relay for Life Nets $190,000 A1 20-Jul-2009
Charities & Benefits Eat Your Heart Out Canceled A1 21-Jul-2009
Charities & Benefits Detroit Pistons Team with Hidden Harvest A1 24-Jul-2009
Charities & Benefits Helped by Faith (Jo Ellen Moore) A1 10-Aug-2009
Charities & Benefits Pursuit' Author to Speak at United Way's Kickoff A1 19-Aug-2009
Charities & Benefits Don't Let the Ball Drop on Your Chance for Cash A1 25-Aug-2009
Charities & Benefits Riders to Raise Money for Children's Hospital A1 26-Aug-2009
Charities & Benefits Big Brothers Big Sisters Golf Ball Drop Winner Named A1 27-Aug-2009
Charities & Benefits United Way Completes Membership Requirements A10 29-Aug-2009
Charities & Benefits Saddle Up for St. Jude A3 30-Aug-2009
Charities & Benefits Fill the Boot' Kicks Off This Weekend A3 6-Sep-2009
Charities & Benefits Jail Time' Makes MDA Fight Personal A3 6-Sep-2009
Charities & Benefits MDA Telethon Nets $60.5 Million A1 8-Sep-2009
Charities & Benefits United Way Fall Day of Caring Seeks Volunteers A3 8-Sep-2009
Charities & Benefits Clare Plans for Annual CROP Walk A6 8-Sep-2009
Charities & Benefits 2-1-1 Now Serving Area A1 10-Sep-2009
Charities & Benefits Barista Raises Money for Breast Cancer Research A3 10-Sep-2009
Charities & Benefits Golfers Raise $2750 for Salvation Army B7 13-Sep-2009
Charities & Benefits Gladwin Folks Big Winner (Bobby Randall Birthday Bash) A5 14-Sep-2009
Charities & Benefits Tickets Still Available for Gardner Event A1 16-Sep-2009
Charities & Benefits AIDS Walk Set for Sept 26 A3 16-Sep-2009
Charities & Benefits High Hopes: United Way Kicks Off 2009 Campaign A1 18-Sep-2009
Charities & Benefits Gardner Brings an Upbeat Theme to Kickoff Fund Drive A1 18-Sep-2009
Charities & Benefits UW Hopes to Raise $4.8 Million During Campaign A1 18-Sep-2009
Charities & Benefits Food Drive Begins: Harvest Gathering A3 21-Sep-2009
Charities & Benefits Midland CROP Hunger Walk Sets Goal of $50,000 A3 23-Sep-2009
Charities & Benefits People in Midland Lend a Hand to Those in Need A4 23-Sep-2009
Charities & Benefits United Way Campaign Off to Great Start A1 26-Sep-2009
Charities & Benefits Hunters Can Help the Hungry A3 28-Sep-2009
Charities & Benefits UW Campaign at 46% A1 3-Oct-2009
Charities & Benefits Charities Bring Home the Bacon from Pig Gig A3 3-Oct-2009
Charities & Benefits Comedian to Speak at Banquet A2 5-Oct-2009
Charities & Benefits Bon Appetit for Hope Returns, Raising Money for Cancer A2 8-Oct-2009
Charities & Benefits United Way Campaign Tops 58% A1 10-Oct-2009
Charities & Benefits Lou E. Loon Appears at Siebert Fundraiser A4 11-Oct-2009
Charities & Benefits Steering Their Own Course: Couple with MS Speak A1 15-Oct-2009
Charities & Benefits United Way Seeking Your Help A1 17-Oct-2009
Charities & Benefits United Way Campaign Continues to Make Progress A1 26-Oct-2009
Charities & Benefits Strides' Event Nets $150,000 A4 28-Oct-2009
Charities & Benefits Got Chili? They So. Six Kinds: Sanford Fundraiser Set A7 28-Oct-2009
Charities & Benefits Finish Line in Sight for United Way Campaign A1 31-Oct-2009
Charities & Benefits Charter's Penny Flicks for Food Program Benefits A5 1-Nov-2009
Charities & Benefits M&M Memorial Golf Outing Raises $13,000 A5 1-Nov-2009
Charities & Benefits United Way Campaign Nears Goal A1 7-Nov-2009
Charities & Benefits Changing One Life Can Help Change Our Community A2 10-Nov-2009
Charities & Benefits Festival of Trees Going 'Home for the Holidays' A3 12-Nov-2009
Charities & Benefits Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign Begins Friday A3 12-Nov-2009
Charities & Benefits United Way Raises $4.85 Million A1 13-Nov-2009
Charities & Benefits Sharing Tree: Bring the Joy of Christmas to Needy Families A1 20-Nov-2009
Charities & Benefits Horsetales Gathering for Toys for Tots A1 20-Nov-2009
Charities & Benefits Wolverine Bank Sponsoring Food Drive During Santa Parade A2 20-Nov-2009
Charities & Benefits More Than $500,000 Rised through Mich Harvest Gathering A2 21-Nov-2009
Charities & Benefits AIDS Walk Raises $41,000; Funds Provide Free Testing A10 21-Nov-2009
Charities & Benefits Elated! Residents Give Generously to Toy Collection Effort A1 23-Nov-2009
Charities & Benefits Feed the Need Food Drive Now Ends Dec 4 A1 24-Nov-2009
Charities & Benefits Making a Difference: Barley MacTavish One of Many Programs A1 26-Nov-2009
Charities & Benefits A New Tradition: Molly, Staff & Volunteers Team Up A1 27-Nov-2009
Charities & Benefits Strutting Their Stuff: Cancer Survivors Take to Runway A2 29-Nov-2009
Charities & Benefits Food Drive Extended with a $15,000 Match A3 2-Dec-2009
Charities & Benefits Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign Needs Help A1 3-Dec-2009
Charities & Benefits Sharing Tree: A party in Hard Times A3 4-Dec-2009
Charities & Benefits Flip for a Cure A1 7-Dec-2009
Charities & Benefits Donate Food, Meet Bobby Randall & Enter to Win Guitar A1 8-Dec-2009
Charities & Benefits Sharing Tree Distributes Gifts to Needy A8 10-Dec-2009
Charities & Benefits Shop with a Hero A3 11-Dec-2009
Charities & Benefits Mich Service Project Results in Hats for Orphans A3 12-Dec-2009
Charities & Benefits Relay for Life Dates Set: Volunteers Needed A6 17-Dec-2009
Charities & Benefits Youths Help Out Local Humane Society A1 22-Dec-2009
Charities & Benefits Family Seeks Help After Crash A1 22-Dec-2009
Charities & Benefits Rivals Dow & MHS Working Together for Food Donations A1 22-Dec-2009
Charities & Benefits Dental Center Gets Unexpected Christmas Present A1 24-Dec-2009
Chippewa Nature Center Nature Center Speaker Wants to Unite Locals for Green Building A3 2-Mar-2009
Chippewa Nature Center Banff Film Festival Rides into Town C1 26-Mar-2009
Chippewa Nature Center Film Festival Saturday at Bullock Creek HS B3 2-Apr-2009
Chippewa Nature Center New Nature Preschool Building Opens Monday A3 11-Sep-2009
Churches Group Exploring House Church Concept A6 10-Jan-2009
Churches Hacker called to Serve in Minnesota A6 10-Jan-2009
Churches 125 Years of Worship (St John's Lutheran) A1 4-Mar-2009
Churches Church of the Brethren Celebrating Building's 50th A6 7-Mar-2009
Churches Former Midlander Arranging Services in S.C. A6 14-Mar-2009
Churches 125 Years of Worship, Part 2 (St John's Lutheran) A3 18-Mar-2009
Churches As Told by Doubting Thomas (Christian Celebration Center) C1 2-Apr-2009
Churches A New Look at the Past (St. Brigid of Kildare) A1 11-Apr-2009
Churches Saginaw's Bishop Carlson Named Archbishop of St. Louis A1 21-Apr-2009
Churches Carlson Gets Standing Ovation in St Louis, Praise from Camp A1 22-Apr-2009
Churches Carlson Will Use Local Experiences in New Role A1 23-Apr-2009
Churches Classic 'Music Man' Set for Calvary A1 15-May-2009
Churches Messiah Lutheran Sells Property to Youth Center A3 16-May-2009
Churches Area Catholics Have New Bishop A1 20-May-2009
Churches Little Church Across the River Grows, Moves (1st Baptist) A3 20-May-2009
Churches Bishop Cistone Meets His Flock A1 21-May-2009
Churches Houses of Worship 2009 Insert 23-May-2009
Churches Bishop Addresses Abuse Issue A1 29-May-2009
Churches The 'Little Church Across the River'-1st Baptist, Part II A3 3-Jun-2009
Churches Transparency Sought in Priest Sexual Abuse Cases A1 10-Jun-2009
Churches Mission: Clean Water: St John's Episcopal Working on Project C1 14-Jun-2009
Churches Blessed Sacrament Parish Group to Celebrate A8 11-Jul-2009
Churches New Bishop Talks About Future A1 15-Jul-2009
Churches Diocesan Review Board has 'Zero Tolerance' Policy A8 18-Jul-2009
Churches Church Offers Dinner to Benefit Food Pantry Network A3 21-Jul-2009
Churches Adlersgate Youth Group Makes Donation During Mission Trip A6 25-Jul-2009
Churches New Shepherd for Diocese A1 29-Jul-2009
Churches St Brigid Church Plans School Expansion A3 3-Aug-2009
Churches Blessed Sacrament Makes Do After Power Problem A1 24-Aug-2009
Churches Grace Lutheran Celebrating 50th Anniversary A8 19-Sep-2009
Churches Memorial Presbyterian Church Sponsors Habitat House B4 2-Oct-2009
Churches Kids Help Out Foster Kids By Giving Filled Backpacks A3 5-Oct-2009
Churches North Point Ministries Welcomes New Pastor A8 10-Oct-2009
Churches St. John's Installing New Pastor A8 17-Oct-2009
Churches Rev Catherine Chang Called to Memorial Presbyterian Church B2 31-Oct-2009
Churches Pastor Janetzke's Farewell Celebration Sunday A8 7-Nov-2009
Churches Trinity Lutheran Installs New Youth Director A8 7-Nov-2009
Churches Two Freeland Pastors Join Call for Action on Sudan A3 10-Nov-2009
Churches St John's Using Labyrinth in Several Services A8 21-Nov-2009
Churches Two Churches, One Big Heart A3 30-Nov-2009
Churches Tuesday at Trinity' Organ Recitals This Month A3 30-Nov-2009
Churches Homer Church's Holy Walk Marks 25th Year A3 5-Dec-2009
Churches Century-Old Church Comes to Life for Christmas Service A1 21-Dec-2009
Churches Clergy Couple Heading South to Follow 'Restless Nudging' A1 28-Dec-2009
Citizenship Hoping to Call U.S. Home (Aeyoung Johnson) A1 6-Jul-2009
Clubs & Organizations Last Titanic Survivor Aided by Midland Masons A5 8-Jan-2009
Clubs & Organizations Jim McMahan Receives Award frm DAR A5 11-Jan-2009
Clubs & Organizations Local Rotary Clubs Donate Dictionaries to 3rd Graders A10 11-Jan-2009
Clubs & Organizations Midland Morning Rotary Club Gives Award to Bartos A5 21-Jan-2009
Clubs & Organizations Male Mentorship: Dear Mr. President  A1 27-Jan-2009
Clubs & Organizations Serving the Community: LWV Celebrating 40 Years Insert2 8-Feb-2009
Clubs & Organizations Rotary, Gates Foundation Provide Funds for Polio A5 10-Feb-2009
Clubs & Organizations AAUW Women's Issue Luncheon Feb 19 A2 13-Feb-2009
Clubs & Organizations People First Showcase Talents A1 20-Feb-2009
Clubs & Organizations Midland-Based Property Rights Group Chooses Hoogendyk as Director A8 24-Feb-2009
Clubs & Organizations Jylha to Head Up Y's Fundraising Program A2 27-Feb-2009
Clubs & Organizations 4-H Leaders, Friends Honored at Banquet A7 5-Mar-2009
Clubs & Organizations Big Brothers, Big Sisters Program Builds Life Skills A3 7-Mar-2009
Clubs & Organizations This Group More Than Quilters C1 8-Mar-2009
Clubs & Organizations Kiwanis Celebrating Anniversary D4 8-Mar-2009
Clubs & Organizations The Public Face of Chemistry (Dr. Tom Lane) A3 10-Mar-2009
Clubs & Organizations Zonta Club of Midland Announces Winner A6 19-Mar-2009
Clubs & Organizations Getting to Know the Red Cross A3 27-Mar-2009
Clubs & Organizations Increased Need, Decreased Donations A3 27-Mar-2009
Clubs & Organizations Angel Investors Spread Wings A3 2-Apr-2009
Clubs & Organizations Wave Power Topic for April 15 Meeting A1 10-Apr-2009
Clubs & Organizations Midland, Gladwin Girl Scouts Earn Gold Award A11 19-Apr-2009
Clubs & Organizations AAUW Branch Pays Tribute to Berta Gebo A7 22-Apr-2009
Clubs & Organizations Residents Presented Spirit of Rotary Honor A2 24-Apr-2009
Clubs & Organizations Amer Cancer Society Launches Official Sponsor of Birthdays A3 27-Apr-2009
Clubs & Organizations Fighting Hunger on Kiwanis One Day C4 3-May-2009
Clubs & Organizations Volunteers Honored at Cancer Services 61st Annual Meeting A4 7-May-2009
Clubs & Organizations Kiwanis Club Honored A5 9-May-2009
Clubs & Organizations Freeland Scouts Help with Lighthouse Restoration Project A6 13-May-2009
Clubs & Organizations Community Fundraising Phase Begins for Bay & A6 13-May-2009
Clubs & Organizations League Marks 40th Anniversary, Honors Mortensen, Shahin A8 14-May-2009
Clubs & Organizations Nokomis Charter Chapter Presents Annual Awards B2 15-May-2009
Clubs & Organizations sHess Awarded Eagle Scout Rank A6 16-May-2009
Clubs & Organizations Seven from One Troop to earn Rank of Eagle Scout A6 16-May-2009
Clubs & Organizations Evans' Eagle Scout Ceremony Set for Sunday A6 16-May-2009
Clubs & Organizations Malone Achieves Eagle Rank A6 16-May-2009
Clubs & Organizations Lions Club Marks 75 Years of Service A1 21-May-2009
Clubs & Organizations Strength of (Scouting) Character A3 25-May-2009
Clubs & Organizations Maria Mencia Cancer Support Network Seeks Volunteers A4 4-Jun-2009
Clubs & Organizations Annual Hamfest Planned for June 20 A4 4-Jun-2009
Clubs & Organizations New BBBS Center Will Build Relationships A3 5-Jun-2009
Clubs & Organizations Helping Hand Landscaping Helps Brownie Troop Earn Badges A4 5-Jun-2009
Clubs & Organizations Three New Eagle Scouts Honored A4 5-Jun-2009
Clubs & Organizations Midland Girl Scouts Earn Bronze Award A5 7-Jun-2009
Clubs & Organizations Social Club Carries on After 75 Years of Tradition A3 9-Jun-2009
Clubs & Organizations Lather Earns Eagle Rank A2 11-Jun-2009
Clubs & Organizations Civitans Celebrate 60th Anniversary A4 14-Jun-2009
Clubs & Organizations Amateur Radio License Tests Offered at Hamfest A4 14-Jun-2009
Clubs & Organizations Kummeth Awarded Eagle Scout Rank A4 15-Jun-2009
Clubs & Organizations Sanford Knights Dontate to Organizations A4 15-Jun-2009
Clubs & Organizations Education Association Awards Four Scholarships A5 24-Jun-2009
Clubs & Organizations Acker Up for Zonta International Scholarship A6 27-Jun-2009
Clubs & Organizations Sorority Chapter Celebrates Anniversary By Giving $35,000 A3 4-Jul-2009
Clubs & Organizations Gray Achieves Eagle Scout Award A2 13-Jul-2009
Clubs & Organizations Scouting Still Alive at 100 A1 30-Jul-2009
Clubs & Organizations DECA Helping Students' Future A3 3-Aug-2009
Clubs & Organizations Man Wants to Help Stutterers: New Group to Address Communication A5 8-Aug-2009
Clubs & Organizations Studley Grange Members Receive 55-Year Service Awards A2 18-Aug-2009
Clubs & Organizations Coleman Lions Planning New Fundraiser, Dinner A5 18-Aug-2009
Clubs & Organizations Anniversary Today for League of Women Voters B8 26-Aug-2009
Clubs & Organizations Record Local Attendance at 4-H Event A10 29-Aug-2009
Clubs & Organizations New Digs (Big Brothers Big Sisters) A1 16-Sep-2009
Clubs & Organizations Lions Club Members Keep Busy During Founders' Days A8 25-Sep-2009
Clubs & Organizations YMCA Finalizes Purchase of New YMCA Site B10 6-Oct-2009
Clubs & Organizations Junior Achievement Announces 5 as 2009 Rising Stars A3 8-Oct-2009
Clubs & Organizations Coleman Lions Announce Drawing Winners A4 11-Oct-2009
Clubs & Organizations Three to be Inducted into JA Business Hall of Fame A3 27-Oct-2009
Clubs & Organizations Local Rotary Team Visits Thailand; Applications Sought for 2010 A10 27-Oct-2009
Clubs & Organizations Leadership Centerstage as J.A. Honors Three A4 29-Oct-2009
Clubs & Organizations Rice Installed as President of Midland Board of Realtors B1 5-Nov-2009
Clubs & Organizations Toilet Paper, Quarters, More Juggled at Midland Festival A3 9-Nov-2009
Clubs & Organizations Auburn Jaycees Named Best Chapter in State A2 12-Nov-2009
Clubs & Organizations Zonta Club of Midland Sponsors Two Scholarship Recipients A5 17-Nov-2009
Clubs & Organizations Midland Amateur Radio Club Offering Licensing Testing A3 21-Nov-2009
Clubs & Organizations Big Brothers Big Sisters Honors Mayton at 2009 Meeting A2 25-Nov-2009
Clubs & Organizations Flocking Together: 4-H Group Raises Turkeys A1 29-Nov-2009
Clubs & Organizations Ecology Center: 1 in 3 Toys Contain Lead... A3 7-Dec-2009
Clubs & Organizations Kiwassee Kiwanis Fundraiser Ends Dec 19 B8 8-Dec-2009
Clubs & Organizations Janie Mayer Receives DAR Award B10 12-Dec-2009
Clubs & Organizations New Students of Promise Group Inducted A6 17-Dec-2009
Clubs & Organizations Kenney Poverty Initiative Coordinator for Region 4 A6 17-Dec-2009
Clubs & Organizations Toastmasters Recognizes The Dow Chemical Company C1 17-Dec-2009
Coleman Coleman Center Seeks New Head After Director Resigns A1 17-Jan-2009
Coleman Developers Undaunted After 5 Years at Coleman Industial Park A3 1-Mar-2009
Coleman Sullivan to Head Coleman Center A1 11-Mar-2009
Coleman Coleman Approves No Cut Budget, For Now A3 18-Jun-2009
Coleman Coleman Police, Others, Get Fed Money to Hire Officers A3 29-Jul-2009
Coleman Coleman Raises Sewer Rates; Water Stable A3 3-Nov-2009
Coleman Post Office, Firefighter Strobe Lights Stolen A1 2-Dec-2009
Coleman Coleman Lights Up for the Holidays A1 14-Dec-2009
Coleman Comm Schools Coleman Football Program Celebrates 5th Anniversary A2 19-Jan-2009
Coleman Comm Schools Coleman Elementary has New National Honor Society Chapter A3 11-Mar-2009
Coleman Comm Schools Feels Like a Dream: Coleman Soldier Welcomed Back from Iraq A1 5-Jun-2009
Coleman Comm Schools Coleman Count 'Where We Expected to Be" A1 2-Oct-2009
Consumers Energy Officials Have No Pull When It Comes to Power Outage A1 2-Jan-2009
Consumers Energy Sanford Area Faces Morning Power Outage A5 4-Feb-2009
Consumers Energy Dow Corning, Consumers to Announce Energy Partnership A1 10-Feb-2009
Consumers Energy Dow Corning Solar Power Buy is Just Beginning A3 11-Feb-2009
Consumers Energy Consumers to Delay Plans for Coal-Fired plant Two Years A3 12-Feb-2009
Consumers Energy Gas Leak Closes M-20 A1 1-Mar-2009
Consumers Energy Consumers Confident of M-20 Repair A1 3-Mar-2009
Consumers Energy Neighbors Adjusted to Day Without Heat A1 3-Mar-2009
Consumers Energy Consumers Energy Plans Rate Hikes in June, September A1 8-Mar-2009
Consumers Energy Midland Gas Leak Forces Evacuation of Three Homes A3 9-Mar-2009
Consumers Energy Consumers Seeks Rate Hike: You Might Pay More A1 23-Mar-2009
Consumers Energy State Meets with Public to Discuss Consumers Coal Plant A1 27-Mar-2009
Consumers Energy Consumers Will Have Plant Permit by 4th Qtr, CEO Says A1 4-Apr-2009
Consumers Energy Supporters, Opponents Square Off at Coal Plant Hearing A3 15-Apr-2009
Consumers Energy Students Protest Coal Plant A1 16-Apr-2009
Consumers Energy Mich Utility Plans 5% Increase on Bills A5 1-May-2009
Consumers Energy Utility: New Coal Plant Needed A1 6-Jun-2009
Consumers Energy Tractor-Trailer Snags Line, Causes Monday Power Outage A3 21-Jul-2009
Consumers Energy Power Outage Occurs at Fair A2 20-Aug-2009
Consumers Energy Consumers Seeks Approval for Renewable Energy Projects A3 28-Aug-2009
Consumers Energy Power Out for 1400 Customers Tuesday A1 9-Sep-2009
Contests Smart Choice Wins Smart Car A3 22-Apr-2009
Contests Saginaw Woman Wins Florida House, Truck A1 30-Jun-2009
Contests Contest Encourages Women to Share Stories of Hope C7 2-Aug-2009
Contests Miss Auburn Midland Crowned A4 9-Dec-2009
Creative Spirit Center (360) Glassblowing Exhibit to Open Friday C1 8-Jan-2009
Creative Spirit Center (360) Pecha Kucha Nights Set A5 5-Feb-2009
Creative Spirit Center (360) Drumming Frenzy: Truops Brings African Beats A1 17-Feb-2009
Creative Spirit Center (360) Creative Opportunities Surround April 15 A4 8-Apr-2009
Creative Spirit Center (360) Creative 360 the New Name C1 9-Apr-2009
Creative Spirit Center (360) Exploring Ways to Move Michigan Forward A3 11-Jun-2009
Creative Spirit Center (360) Comedy of Erros' to Romp Outdoors C1 23-Jul-2009
Creative Spirit Center (360) Tour of Harvest Wind Farm Set A2 3-Aug-2009
Creative Spirit Center (360) Printmaking Explored in 360 Exhibit C1 17-Sep-2009
Creative Spirit Center (360) Fall Time for 'Gathering' at Midland's Creative 360 B3 24-Sep-2009
Creative Spirit Center (360) Battle of the Bands Starts Saturday B1 2-Oct-2009
Creative Spirit Center (360) Used' Art for Sale at Creative 360 A4 3-Dec-2009
Crime Clare Man Arrested for Attempted Murder in Isabella Co A1 2-Jan-2009
Crime Man Arraigned in Isabella Co Attempted Murder A3 3-Jan-2009
Crime Standoff Occurs at Loomis Home A1 15-Jan-2009
Crime Man faces Eight Felony Charges After Loomis Standoff A1 16-Jan-2009
Crime Robbers Busted: Country Corners Hit This Morning A1 22-Jan-2009
Crime Man Arrested, Charged in Sexual Assault Attempt A3 23-Jan-2009
Crime 3 Men Charged with 'Cyber Flashing' A1 7-Feb-2009
Crime Lawmaker Offers Tips on Avoiding Tax-Related Scams A3 1-Mar-2009
Crime Dentist Enters Plea in Federal Butterfly Case A3 5-Mar-2009
Crime Crime & Punishmen A1 18-Apr-2009
Crime Plea Deals Don't Include Judges' Input A1 18-Apr-2009
Crime Tips Help Solve Mt Pleasant Memorial Theft A2 18-Apr-2009
Crime Two Teens Charged in Theft from Mt Pleasant War Memorial A2 25-Apr-2009
Crime Bay City River Walk Suspect Sought A1 11-May-2009
Crime Oil City Gas Station Robbery Case Closed A1 25-May-2009
Crime Lottery Scam Involves Midlander A1 14-Jul-2009
Crime DNA Unravels Murder (Doris Ann Arndt) A1 23-Jul-2009
Crime Technology Confirms Years of Suspicion A1 24-Jul-2009
Crime Sanford Man Jailed in Fatal Hit and Run A1 28-Jul-2009
Crime Gladwin Man, One of State's Top Sex Offenders, Arrested A1 28-Jul-2009
Crime Infant Suffers Life Threatening Injuries A2 12-Aug-2009
Crime Detriot Man Arrested in Connection with MP Quick Change Scam A2 18-Aug-2009
Crime No New Info on Stolen Horses A3 26-Aug-2009
Crime Saginaw: Two Teens Jailed After Shots Fired Near Theater A3 31-Aug-2009
Crime State Police Investigating Scam: Bay City A3 7-Sep-2009
Crime Owosso Man Leaves Town After Cops Say He Was Target A1 13-Sep-2009
Crime 15 Indicted in Cocaine, Crack Bust A1 10-Nov-2009
Crime Bay City Woman Charged in Shooting of Husband A1 30-Dec-2009
Crime-Gladwin County Man Charged in Sexual Assault of Girl, 2 A1 14-Jul-2009
Crime-Isabella County Arrest Made in Kidnapping, Assault A1 13-Jul-2009
Crime-Isabella County Mount Pleasant Woman Arrested in Stabbing A1 13-Jul-2009
Crime-Isabella County Mt Pleasant Man Arraigned for Abduction, Assault A3 14-Jul-2009
Crime-Isabella County Couple Hoping for Break to Find Missing Horses A2 19-Aug-2009
Crime-Isabella County Child Reported Missing in Isabella County Early Friday A1 12-Sep-2009
Crime-Isabella County Isabella County Boy Still Missing, Search Called Off A1 13-Sep-2009
Crime-Isabella County Missing Child Coming Home A1 14-Sep-2009
Crime-Midland Plea Bargain Possible in Midland Assault Case A1 15-Jan-2009
Crime-Midland Saginaw Woman Arrested for Unlawful Imprisonment A1 3-Feb-2009
Crime-Midland Woman Arraigned in Abduction of 2nd Woman From School Parking Lot A3 4-Feb-2009
Crime-Midland Boy Tells Mothre About suspicious White Van A1 12-Mar-2009
Crime-Midland Police Urge Children and Parents to Act Quickly A1 13-Mar-2009
Crime-Midland Armed Robber Hits Downtown Gas Station A1 20-Apr-2009
Crime-Midland Robbery Reported Early Saturday A1 4-May-2009
Crime-Midland Bond Reduction Denied in Alleged Murder-for-Hire Case A1 5-May-2009
Crime-Midland Husband in Murder-for-Hire Plot Arraigned A1 11-May-2009
Crime-Midland Man Robbed Early Sunday A1 18-May-2009
Crime-Midland Michigan Works Scam Reported A3 5-Jun-2009
Crime-Midland Downtown Stabbing Suspect Arrested A1 8-Jun-2009
Crime-Midland Suspect in Downtown Stabbing Released A1 10-Jun-2009
Crime-Midland Stabbing Probe Continues; Other Assaults Reported A1 12-Jun-2009
Crime-Midland Teen Gets Away from Man on Rail Trail A3 16-Jun-2009
Crime-Midland Police Nab Man Who Tries to Resell Items to Business A3 17-Jun-2009
Crime-Midland 17-Year-Old Describes Rail-Trail Ordeal A1 24-Jun-2009
Crime-Midland Elder Abuse Charge Brought A1 25-Jun-2009
Crime-Midland Midlander Charged in Sexual Assault on Girl A1 26-Jun-2009
Crime-Midland Woman Reports Attempted Robbery A1 26-Jun-2009
Crime-Midland Officials Search for Answers in Downtown Stabbing A1 5-Jul-2009
Crime-Midland Man Jailed After Sexual Assaults A2 7-Jul-2009
Crime-Midland Midlander Arrained on Child Porn Charges A1 8-Jul-2009
Crime-Midland Homeless Man Faces Charge of Criminal Sexual Conduct A1 22-Jul-2009
Crime-Midland Elder Abuse Case Bound to Circuit Court A1 30-Jul-2009
Crime-Midland Liquor Store Broken Into, Cash Stolen A1 30-Jul-2009
Crime-Midland Burglaries Under Investigation A1 1-Aug-2009
Crime-Midland Burglaries KeepMounting in City of Midland, Count A1 15-Aug-2009
Crime-Midland Police Ask Help to Catch Vandalism Suspects A1 27-Aug-2009
Crime-Midland Police Investigating 'Suspicious Situation' A1 28-Aug-2009
Crime-Midland No Action Yet on Drowning, Stabbing Cases A1 1-Sep-2009
Crime-Midland Midlander Hopes His Check Scam Experience Will Help A3 7-Sep-2009
Crime-Midland Church Issues Staement About Its Charged Pastor A1 30-Sep-2009
Crime-Midland False Reports Lead to Felony Charges A1 17-Nov-2009
Crime-Midland Foreclosure Scam Linked to Midland A1 25-Nov-2009
Crime-Midland Homicide at Woodland Place A1 10-Dec-2009
Crime-Midland Charges Pending Autopsy Results: Woodland Place Stabbing A1 11-Dec-2009
Crime-Midland Prosecutor Waiting for Reports & Stabbing A1 12-Dec-2009
Crime-Midland No Charges Yet in Suspected Homicide A1 14-Dec-2009
Crime-Midland Reports Needed Before Charges Can Be Issued A1 15-Dec-2009
Crime-Midland Man Charged in Stabbing Death A1 22-Dec-2009
Crime-Midland $10 Million Bond Set in Midland Homicide Case A1 23-Dec-2009
Crime-Midland Midland Embezzlement Scheme Fallout Continues A1 26-Dec-2009
Crime-Midland Pipe Bomb Brought to LEC A1 29-Dec-2009
Crime-Midland  Edenville Twp Contractor Pleads Guilty to Evading Taxes A3 28-Jul-2009
Crime-Midland County Robbery Suspect Charged A1 23-Jan-2009
Crime-Midland County Charges Issued in Fatal Hunting Accident A1 31-Jan-2009
Crime-Midland County Man Arraigned in Country Corner Robbery Case A3 4-Feb-2009
Crime-Midland County Charges Sought for Attempted Jail Escape A2 24-Feb-2009
Crime-Midland County Search for Armed Robbery Suspect Continues A1 2-Apr-2009
Crime-Midland County Home Invasion No April Fools A1 16-Apr-2009
Crime-Midland County Murder-for-Hire Plot Alleged: Midland Man Accused A1 17-Apr-2009
Crime-Midland County Husband in Murder-for-Hire Case Fights Extradition A1 18-Apr-2009
Crime-Midland County Wheeler Waives Extradition A1 23-Apr-2009
Crime-Midland County Woman Charged in Connection with Man's Drug Death A1 26-Apr-2009
Crime-Midland County No Charges to be Issued in Case of Infant's Death A1 29-Apr-2009
Crime-Midland County Two Arrested for Break-ins A1 13-May-2009
Crime-Midland County Harrison Woman Charged in Drug Overdose Death A1 24-Jun-2009
Crime-Midland County Narcotics Stolen from Coleman Pharmacy A1 27-Jul-2009
Crime-Midland County Coleman Pharmacist Planning Security Changes A1 29-Jul-2009
Crime-Midland County Killing in Geneva Twp A1 4-Aug-2009
Crime-Midland County Official Mum on Motive: 15-Year-Old Coleman Youth Arraigned A1 5-Aug-2009
Crime-Midland County Victims Still Hospitalized A1 6-Aug-2009
Crime-Midland County Coleman Police, Sheriff's Office Investigate B&Es A3 19-Nov-2009
Crime-Midland County More Strobe Lights Stolen in Coleman A1 11-Dec-2009
Crime-Midland County Light Theft Suspect Faces Charges A1 18-Dec-2009
Crime-Midland County Suspect Jailed in Five Coleman B&Es A2 22-Dec-2009
Crime-Miidland County Sheriff Issues Warning After Home Break-ins A1 5-May-2009
Dance Dow High Grad Bourne to Perform at Interlochen A5 19-Jun-2009
Davenport University new Davenport President Ready to Lead A3 14-Aug-2009
Delta  College Breaking New Ground: Women of the Saginaw Valley C1 26-Nov-2009
Delta College Delta One of 18 Colleges Chosen for Program A5 2-Jan-2009
Delta College Delta Planetarium to Have Shows for Younger Children A5 8-Jan-2009
Delta College Getting a Head Start: Chemical Processing at Delta Insert14 25-Jan-2009
Delta College Delta Winter Semester Enrollment Jumps 5.6 Percent A4 22-Feb-2009
Delta College Delta Events Focus on Decreasing Violence Against Women A5 25-Feb-2009
Delta College Delta's Q-TV Premieres Antique Special Showcasing Bay City C1 26-Feb-2009
Delta College Commuity College Leaders Share Concerns with Lawmakers A2 3-Mar-2009
Delta College Delta Station Best in State A1 20-Mar-2009
Delta College Currently Speaking' Celebrating 10th Year on Air B1 20-Mar-2009
Delta College Channel 19 and the Digital Changeover C1 22-Mar-2009
Delta College Stimulus Booster: Granholm Describes Benefits at Delta A1 26-Mar-2009
Delta College Hall, Rogers Named to Board A4 8-Apr-2009
Delta College Delta to Offer Degree in Wind Turbine Technology A3 18-Apr-2009
Delta College Delta Honors Diversity Winners A4 24-Apr-2009
Delta College Delta Students to Be Recognized Today During Awards Ceremony A2 28-Apr-2009
Delta College Greene Receives Delta Distinguished Alumni Award A2 29-Apr-2009
Delta College Delta Freezes Tuition for 2009-10 School Year A3 14-May-2009
Delta College Voice of Delta Retires After 38-Year Career A3 8-Jun-2009
Delta College Delta College Approves 2009-1020 Budget A3 11-Jun-2009
Delta College Construction & Technology Camp at Delta A5 19-Jun-2009
Delta College 80 Enter Possible Dream Program A4 21-Jun-2009
Delta College SVSU Hikes Tuition: Delta's Tuition Frozen Next Year A1 3-Jul-2009
Delta College Delta College Awarded $1.5 Million Federal Grant A3 16-Jul-2009
Delta College Delta Hires Four New Profs, May Get Obama Money A1 19-Jul-2009
Delta College Delta College Construction Camp Teaches Kids Trade Skills A3 1-Aug-2009
Delta College Longtime Delta English Professor Retires A3 4-Aug-2009
Delta College Delta College Receives Honor A5 11-Aug-2009
Delta College Record Enrollment A1 27-Aug-2009
Delta College Board Looks to Future with Personnel, Broadcasting Changes A3 23-Oct-2009
Delta College Chocolate Affair Set for Nov 5 A10 27-Oct-2009
Delta College Delta Hopes for $19.984m Health Program Upgrade A1 17-Nov-2009
Delta College Delta Experiements with New Developmental Learning  A3 21-Nov-2009
Delta College $750,000 Donation Benefits Student Training Programs A4 13-Dec-2009
Dioxin EPA Sends Dow $1.8 Million Bill for Time Spent on Cleanup A1 7-Jan-2009
Dioxin Dioxin Meeting to Look at Future of Cleanup A1 11-Jan-2009
Dioxin Dow to Clean Up Park: Part of Dioxin Superfund Work A1 4-Mar-2009
Dioxin EPA in Town to Talk Dioxin A1 18-Mar-2009
Dioxin Dioxin Cleanup Topic of Meeting A1 20-Mar-2009
Dioxin Dioxin Meeting Wednesday to Address Cleanup Efforts A3 2-May-2009
Dioxin Dioxin Study Draws Criticism A1 4-May-2009
Dioxin Dioxin Work Will Continue While Awaiting Word from EPA A3 7-May-2009
Dioxin EPA Outlines Action Plan A1 27-May-2009
Dioxin EPA Leader Promises Strong Role in Dioxin Cleanup A1 27-May-2009
Dioxin U-M Working with State on Exposure Study Details A3 13-Jun-2009
Dioxin EPA Promises Dioxin Cleanup A1 18-Jun-2009
Dioxin EPA Timeline A2 18-Jun-2009
Dioxin EPA, Dow Chemical Resuming Dioxin Talks A2 30-Jun-2009
Dioxin Supreme Court Orders New Look at Dow Dioxin Lawsuit A1 2-Aug-2009
Dioxin Saginaw Park Opens After Dioxin Cleanup A2 25-Aug-2009
Dioxin Advisory Group Forming as EPA Extends Dioxin Talks A1 26-Aug-2009
Dioxin Community Group Forming to Advise EPA A1 16-Sep-2009
Dioxin U.S. EPA, Dow Chemical Wrap Up Talks A1 26-Sep-2009
Dioxin EPA: U-M Dioxin Study Good, But Limited A3 1-Oct-2009
Dioxin EPA Planning Retest of Water A1 6-Oct-2009
Dioxin EPA Sets Oct 20 Dioxin Meegin A3 9-Oct-2009
Dioxin EPA-U-M Disagree Over Dioxin Study A8 22-Oct-2009
Dioxin EPA Extends Public Comment on Dioxin A3 30-Oct-2009
Dioxin Contamination Investigations Continue A3 7-Nov-2009
Dioxin EPA: Water Systems Dioxin Free A3 19-Nov-2009
Dioxin Groups Organize Public Talk on Dioxin Cleanup A3 12-Dec-2009
Dioxin Adviser: Process OCuld Lead to Contamination Cleanup A1 16-Dec-2009
Dioxon Dow Signs Dioxin Agreement A3 17-Oct-2009
Domestic Violence Victims' Rights Focus of Thursday Candlelight Ceremony A3 29-Apr-2009
Dow Chemical 2008 Tough Year for Chemical Industry A1 1-Jan-2009
Dow Chemical Dow to Pursue Legal Action: Seeking New Partner A1 6-Jan-2009
Dow Chemical EPA Sends Dow $1.8 Million Bill for Time Spent on Cleanup A1 7-Jan-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Seeks Aggressive Changes in 2009 A3 7-Jan-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Weighs Options A1 8-Jan-2009
Dow Chemical No Layoffs Needed for Union Workers at Mich Ops A1 8-Jan-2009
Dow Chemical Good News, Bad News A1 9-Jan-2009
Dow Chemical Dioxin Meeting to Look at Future of Cleanup A1 11-Jan-2009
Dow Chemical Local Dow Cuts Under Way A1 15-Jan-2009
Dow Chemical Rohm & Haas Expects to Cut About 900 Jobs A2 20-Jan-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Cleared to Buy Rohm & Haas A1 24-Jan-2009
Dow Chemical Rohm & Haas Suing Dow A1 27-Jan-2009
Dow Chemical Cramer Critical of Dow CEO; Invited to Midland A1 28-Jan-2009
Dow Chemical Dow to Cut 400-500 Locally A1 30-Jan-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Rejects Bribe Claims in Failed Kuwaiti Deal A1 30-Jan-2009
Dow Chemical Date Set for Rohm & Haas Trial Against Dow A1 30-Jan-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Posts $1.5B Loss A1 3-Feb-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Argues Irreparable Harm if Rohm & Haas Merger Continues A1 3-Feb-2009
Dow Chemical Dow, Rohm & Haas Face Off A1 4-Feb-2009
Dow Chemical Some Hope Seen for U.S. Chemical Industry A2 6-Feb-2009
Dow Chemical Rohm & Haas Earnings Decline A1 9-Feb-2009
Dow Chemical Judge Weighs Motion in Dow Case A1 12-Feb-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Dividend Cut: Action Taken to Protect Company A1 13-Feb-2009
Dow Chemical Dear Neighbors... A7 13-Feb-2009
Dow Chemical No Cash Bonus for Dow Execs A1 17-Feb-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Official Suggests U.S. Seek Efficiency Policies A2 25-Feb-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Building Water Research Center A3 27-Feb-2009
Dow Chemical Dow to Clean Up Park: Part of Dioxin Superfund Work A1 4-Mar-2009
Dow Chemical Dow, Rohm & Haas Trial Begins Monday A1 4-Mar-2009
Dow Chemical Dow, Landowners Collide in MIchigan's Top Court A1 4-Mar-2009
Dow Chemical Dow, Rohm & Haas Continue Talks A1 7-Mar-2009
Dow Chemical Among Chemical Makers, Rohm & Haas a Prized Asset A1 7-Mar-2009
Dow Chemical Dow, Rohm & Haas Delay Trial A1 9-Mar-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Strikes Deal: Job Cuts, Asset Sales Help with Cost A1 10-Mar-2009
Dow Chemical Liveris: Stability Will Rebuild Confidence in Dow A1 10-Mar-2009
Dow Chemical Dow on a Tight Deadline to Integrate Rohm & Haas A1 11-Mar-2009
Dow Chemical Agency Drops Dow's Credit Ratings; Stock Up 8 Percent A1 14-Mar-2009
Dow Chemical EPA in Town to Talk Dioxin A1 18-Mar-2009
Dow Chemical Dioxin Cleanup Topic of Meeting A1 20-Mar-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Capturing Carbon from Coal-Fired Boiler A1 30-Mar-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Executive Pay Drops A1 1-Apr-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Closes Deal: Rohm & Haas A1 2-Apr-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Charged About Battery Role A1 15-Apr-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Chemical, Railroad Report on Chemical Shipping Safety A3 16-Apr-2009
Dow Chemical Dole Accuses Banana Case Attorneys of Fraud A3 21-Apr-2009
Dow Chemical Moody's Cuts Dow's Rating A1 23-Apr-2009
Dow Chemical Dow to Congress: Protect U.S. Jobs A1 24-Apr-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Partnering to Improve Saginaw Park A3 27-Apr-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Posts Surprise Profit A1 30-Apr-2009
Dow Chemical Time to Sell? Dow Looks to Reduce Debt A1 1-May-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Advanced Materials Division Looking to Grow A1 2-May-2009
Dow Chemical Dioxin Meeting Wednesday to Address Cleanup Efforts A3 2-May-2009
Dow Chemical Attal, Patty Receive Dow Pinnacle Award A4 2-May-2009
Dow Chemical Dioxin Study Draws Criticism A1 4-May-2009
Dow Chemical Stock Offered to Pay Down Debt A1 6-May-2009
Dow Chemical Terms of Dow Stock Offering Improved A1 7-May-2009
Dow Chemical Dioxin Work Will Continue While Awaiting Word from EPA A3 7-May-2009
Dow Chemical Stock Changes to Increase Earnings A3 8-May-2009
Dow Chemical Parker Receives Honor from Queen of England A1 11-May-2009
Dow Chemical Parker Says He's Disappointed by Dow's Troubles A1 11-May-2009
Dow Chemical Parker: Don't Underestimate Nuclear Energy Role A3 11-May-2009
Dow Chemical Stockholder Annual Meeting Set for Thursday A3 12-May-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Helping Restore Hoyt Park in Saginaw A3 13-May-2009
Dow Chemical Battery Group: It's Midland: $600 Million Facility, 800 Jobs A1 14-May-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Chemical Stockholders Get Advisory Say on Executive Pay A1 15-May-2009
Dow Chemical After Tough Year, Dow Eyes Growth A1 15-May-2009
Dow Chemical Battery Plant Sends Electricity Through Midland A3 15-May-2009
Dow Chemical Bhopal Tragedy Surfaces at Dow Meeting A3 16-May-2009
Dow Chemical Golf-Bot Unites Students, Dow Chemical A3 16-May-2009
Dow Chemical New Dow Sales to Help Pay Debt A1 21-May-2009
Dow Chemical Liveris Pulled Off Cramer's Wall of Shame A1 23-May-2009
Dow Chemical EPA Outlines Action Plan A1 27-May-2009
Dow Chemical EPA Leader Promises Strong Role in Dioxin Cleanup A1 27-May-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Partnering to Help Bay City Neighborhood A3 4-Jun-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Forms New Business Unit to Deal with Coatings Market A1 7-Jun-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Made Misstatement on Fish Advisories A1 13-Jun-2009
Dow Chemical Future of Rier, Community Cleanups to Be Discussed A3 13-Jun-2009
Dow Chemical Cleanup Continues as Process Moves Forward A3 13-Jun-2009
Dow Chemical Bank Projects Could Lead to Future Solutions A3 13-Jun-2009
Dow Chemical U-M Working with State on Exposure Study Details A3 13-Jun-2009
Dow Chemical Fire Damages Dow Facility A2 15-Jun-2009
Dow Chemical Detroit Mayor Addresses Summit (Liveris co-chair of event) C6 16-Jun-2009
Dow Chemical EPA Promises Dioxin Cleanup A1 18-Jun-2009
Dow Chemical Dow, Gazprom to Explore Carbon Reduction A1 19-Jun-2009
Dow Chemical Dow to Finish $725M Sale with New Buyer A1 21-Jun-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Part of Algae-to-Fuel Project A1 29-Jun-2009
Dow Chemical EPA, Dow Chemical Resuming Dioxin Talks A2 30-Jun-2009
Dow Chemical Dow to Save $100 Million by Closing Plants in Louisiana A2 1-Jul-2009
Dow Chemical Dow to Buy Pfister Hybrids A1 17-Jul-2009
Dow Chemical Analyst Keen on Dow Stock A1 21-Jul-2009
Dow Chemical Dow AgroSciences, Monsanto Launching SmartStax Corn A1 21-Jul-2009
Dow Chemical Leadership Changing at Dow Chemical Units A2 29-Jul-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Beats Analysts' Expectations A1 30-Jul-2009
Dow Chemical Dow to Spin Off Subsidiary A1 31-Jul-2009
Dow Chemical Liveris: Dow Ahead of Merger Schedule A2 31-Jul-2009
Dow Chemical india Orders Arrest of American in Bhopal Leak A1 1-Aug-2009
Dow Chemical Supreme Court Orders New Look at Dow Dioxin Lawsuit A1 2-Aug-2009
Dow Chemical Union Carbide Says Exec Not to Blame for Bhopal A1 3-Aug-2009
Dow Chemical Arkema to Purchase Dow Plants A3 3-Aug-2009
Dow Chemical Dow to Pay Off Bridge Loan A1 5-Aug-2009
Dow Chemical Battery Plant: Significant Shot in the Arm A1 6-Aug-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Plane Used to Free Two Journalists C5 6-Aug-2009
Dow Chemical Granholm to Highlight Midland Battery Project A1 7-Aug-2009
Dow Chemical Battery Plant Grant a Seismic Shift in Mich, Gov Says A1 8-Aug-2009
Dow Chemical Lithium Batteries Offer Superior Performance A1 8-Aug-2009
Dow Chemical Liveris: Dow Committed to Innovation, Communities A1 9-Aug-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Website to Update on Battery Plant Jobs A1 12-Aug-2009
Dow Chemical MSHDA, Dow Support Youth with $20,000 in Grants A3 15-Aug-2009
Dow Chemical Dow AgroSciences Donates $7700 To Harbor Beach Hospital A3 24-Aug-2009
Dow Chemical Battery Plant Site Rezoning Approved A3 25-Aug-2009
Dow Chemical Advisory Group Forming as EPA Extends Dioxin Talks A1 26-Aug-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Completes $800M Sales A1 1-Sep-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Forms Construction-Related Chemical Unit A3 10-Sep-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Sells Product Line, Announces Dividend A3 10-Sep-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Awarded for Chemical Safety Education, Response A3 10-Sep-2009
Dow Chemical Community Group Forming to Advise EPA A1 16-Sep-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Introduces Enhanced RV Winterization Fluid C5 16-Sep-2009
Dow Chemical Liveris: Rohm & Haas Debt Payoff Running Ahead of Schedule A1 19-Sep-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Chemical Announces New Leadership Roles A3 19-Sep-2009
Dow Chemical U.S. EPA, Dow Chemical Wrap Up Talks A1 26-Sep-2009
Dow Chemical Dow to Pay Off Bridge Loan with Sale of Morton Salt A1 28-Sep-2009
Dow Chemical EPA: U-M Dioxin Study Good, But Limited A3 1-Oct-2009
Dow Chemical Dow AgroSciences Wins Mich Green Chemistry Award A2 4-Oct-2009
Dow Chemical Solar Powerhouse A1 6-Oct-2009
Dow Chemical EPA Sets Oct 20 Dioxin Meegin A3 9-Oct-2009
Dow Chemical Simple Solution? (Powerhouse solar shingle) A1 11-Oct-2009
Dow Chemical Australian Minister Impressed by Solar Efforts, Farm A1 11-Oct-2009
Dow Chemical System Measures Dow R&D Strength A1 13-Oct-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Battery Plant Site Preparation Work Under Way A2 14-Oct-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Joins Live Earth to Address Water Crisis A3 14-Oct-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Signs Dioxin Agreement A3 17-Oct-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Beats Analyst Estimates A1 22-Oct-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Positioning for Global Recovery A1 23-Oct-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Exec Energizes Business Leaders A3 28-Oct-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Names Davis Vice President of Global Public Affairs A1 30-Oct-2009
Dow Chemical EPA Extends Public Comment on Dioxin A3 30-Oct-2009
Dow Chemical Merszei Shift Continues Geographic Emphasis at Dow A1 3-Nov-2009
Dow Chemical Edmonds Named Dow VP, Controller A1 5-Nov-2009
Dow Chemical Contamination Investigations Continue A3 7-Nov-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Chemical Awards Student Innovation Honors A3 11-Nov-2009
Dow Chemical New Service Center Coming to Midland A1 12-Nov-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Supplying DOWTHERM A to Three Spain Plants A1 12-Nov-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Strategy is Center Stage A1 13-Nov-2009
Dow Chemical Data Mining Shootout Winners Announced A3 15-Nov-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Powerhosue Solar Shingle Named Best Innovation A1 16-Nov-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Chemical Makes Company Databook Available A1 20-Nov-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Gives MSU Gift: Lab Equipment Valued at $120,000 A3 23-Nov-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Chem, Dow Corning Leaders to Discuss Jobs at White House A3 3-Dec-2009
Dow Chemical Victims of Bhopal Gas Tragedy Demand Cleanup C1 3-Dec-2009
Dow Chemical Dow, The Natural Step Work Toward Sustainability A3 5-Dec-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Forms Pfenex, Inc. A2 7-Dec-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Issuing 15 Cent Dividend A3 10-Dec-2009
Dow Chemical Dow Welcomes Obama Proposal: Energy Efficient Homes A1 14-Dec-2009
Dow Chemical America's To-Do List Launched to Revitalize Economy A3 15-Dec-2009
Dow Chemical Adviser: Process OCuld Lead to Contamination Cleanup A1 16-Dec-2009
Dow Chemical Dental Center Gets Unexpected Christmas Present A1 24-Dec-2009
Dow Chemical Merszei Resigns from Dow Board A1 25-Dec-2009
Dow Corning Dow Corning Provides Public Service Scholarship A5 2-Jan-2009
Dow Corning Dow Corning Sees Profit in '08 A1 4-Feb-2009
Dow Corning Dow Corning, Consumers to Announce Energy Partnership A1 10-Feb-2009
Dow Corning Dow Corning Solar Power Buy is Just Beginning A3 11-Feb-2009
Dow Corning Stabenow: 'Green' Manufacturing Needed A1 21-Feb-2009
Dow Corning DC to Cut 800 Jobs Globally A1 25-Feb-2009
Dow Corning Winds to Power Dow Corning Center A1 27-Feb-2009
Dow Corning Wind: Ubly Farm to Provide Power for Corporate Center A3 27-Feb-2009
Dow Corning The Public Face of Chemistry (Dr. Tom Lane) A3 10-Mar-2009
Dow Corning Leak Causes Closing of Saginaw Road A1 11-Mar-2009
Dow Corning ASPIRE: The Future of Solar Locally? A1 27-Mar-2009
Dow Corning Dow Corning to Put Second Solar Facility in Korea A1 3-Apr-2009
Dow Corning Dow Corning's Zank Wins Prestigious Award A7 8-Apr-2009
Dow corning Dow Corning Income, Sales Dow in 1st Quarter A1 1-May-2009
Dow Corning Dow Corning Buildings Evacuated A2 5-Jun-2009
Dow Corning Burns, Others, Eye Solar Push A1 24-Jun-2009
Dow Corning Dow Corning, Others Call on Government to Spur Solar Industry A1 25-Jun-2009
Dow Corning Burns Meets with Obama to Discuss Renewable Energy A1 3-Jul-2009
Dow Corning Dow Corning Receives Federal Wind Energy Grant A1 19-Jul-2009
Dow Corning DC Income $115 Million A1 31-Jul-2009
Dow Corning Kahn, Dow Corning PACs AMong Those Raising More A1 10-Aug-2009
Dow Corning Burns Speaks at Energy Summit A2 12-Aug-2009
Dow Corning Chermside Named Dow Corning Corp Vice President B2 20-Aug-2009
Dow Corning Small Fire Occurs at Dow Corning A2 2-Sep-2009
Dow Corning Sun Shines on Dow Corning's Solar Business A1 15-Sep-2009
Dow Corning Petroleum Free Visit: Getting to Know GM Fuel Cell Car A1 22-Sep-2009
Dow Corning Dow Corning Named a TOp Company for Working Moms A3 23-Sep-2009
Dow Corning Dow Corning Growth Spells Need for Skilled Trades Workers A1 24-Sep-2009
Dow Corning DC Ramps Up Production of Material to Make Flu Drugs A3 24-Sep-2009
Dow Corning Local Business Honored by University of Michigan C2 24-Sep-2009
Dow Corning Burns, Others Call for Solar Power Support A1 28-Sep-2009
Dow Corning Dow Corning Sponsors International Solar Decathlon A3 8-Oct-2009
Dow Corning Dow Corning Opens Mideast Office (Manama, Bahrain) A3 24-Oct-2009
Dow Corning Wacker, DC Begin 2nd Phase of Zhangjiagang, China Plant A3 24-Oct-2009
Dow Corning Fire at Dow Corning; Photographer Detained A1 29-Oct-2009
Dow Corning Earnings Report: DC Posts $184.5 Million Net Income A1 30-Oct-2009
Dow Corning Dow Corning Completes Deals with Globe Speciality Metals A1 5-Nov-2009
Dow Corning Burns: Skilled Workers Needed for Solar Push A3 5-Nov-2009
Dow Corning Burns Calls for Support for Solar Industry A1 4-Dec-2009
Dow Corning Camp Looks into Homeland Security Issue After DC Incident A1 18-Dec-2009
Dow Corning Cow Corning CEO Supports Expansion of Alternative Energy Tax A3 18-Dec-2009
Dow Corning Dow Corning Gets DOD Contract A3 21-Dec-2009
Dow Corning Dow Corning Receives Award A6 30-Dec-2009
Dow Diamond Diamonds at the Diamond A1 1-Feb-2009
Dow Diamond Innovation Exhibit Shows Off High & Not-So-High Tech A3 5-Feb-2009
Dow Diamond First Boat Show at Dow Diamond Set for Weekend A4 16-Mar-2009
Dow Diamond Mid-Michigan Joy Fair Slated for Dow Diamond A4 3-Apr-2009
Dow Diamond Field General A1 9-Apr-2009
Dow Diamond 1500 Show Up for Annual Job Fair at Dow Diamond A3 11-Apr-2009
Dow Diamond For Loons Home Games, City Parkiing Reminders A2 26-Apr-2009
Dow Diamond Lizard Fair Moving to Dow Diamond A3 15-Jun-2009
Dow Diamond Dow Diamond Ready for Big Concerts A1 16-Jun-2009
Dow Diamond Teens Party at Dow Diamond A7 24-Jun-2009
Dow Diamond Pitch Marks 19 Years of Disability Act A3 29-Jul-2009
Dow Diamond Horn Guy Makes a Big Noise at Loons' Game A3 8-Aug-2009
Dow Diamond Lizard Fair: Singing in the Rain A3 17-Aug-2009
Dow Gardens Dow Gardens Curtails Work in Face of Frigid Forecast A3 13-Jan-2009
Dow Gardens Dow Gardens Presents Annual 'Know & Grow' Seminar A3 31-Jan-2009
Dow Gardens Thousands of Butterflies Begin Descent on Dow Gardens A1 8-Mar-2009
Dow Gardens Festival of Senses May 29 in Midland C5 21-May-2009
Dow Gardens Dow Gardens Grows More Than Just Flowers A3 25-Jun-2009
Dow Gardens Latin Jazz Band to Heat Up Gardens A5 1-Sep-2009
Dow Gardens Stars in the Gardens Set for Dec 10-12 A10 29-Nov-2009
Downtown Midland Fun Frogs Planned for Downtown Midland A1 26-Jan-2009
Downtown Midland Community Gets First Look at New Overlay District A3 28-Jan-2009
Downtown Midland Frogs in Their Heads: Artists Creating Downtown Sculptures A1 21-Mar-2009
Downtown Midland What Downtown Midland Needs A3 7-Jun-2009
Downtown Midland Survey Results Yield Opportunities, Questions A3 7-Jun-2009
Downtown Midland Group Seeks to Create Business Incubator A3 12-Jun-2009
Downtown Midland Seriously Summer: Summer Solstice Stroll A1 17-Jun-2009
Downtown Midland DDA Executive Director Resigns A1 18-Jun-2009
Downtown Midland Downtown is Hoppin' 2009 Insert 18-Jun-2009
Downtown Midland Michigan Shoppe, Others, Open Sunday for Solstice A3 20-Jun-2009
Downtown Midland Malone, Cooley Win Downtown Awards A2 28-Jun-2009
Downtown Midland Riverdays Event Offers Fun for Midland Kids B8 30-Jun-2009
Downtown Midland Bay City-Style Patios Could Come to Midland A1 10-Jul-2009
Downtown Midland July 18 Canoe Rides Part of Riverdays A1 10-Jul-2009
Downtown Midland Riverdays Features Fireworks Extravaganza A2 12-Jul-2009
Downtown Midland Polish Pyros to Present Display During Riverdays A3 13-Jul-2009
Downtown Midland Living Riverside for Riverdays A1 16-Jul-2009
Downtown Midland Hugs for Free! Locals Open Arms to Downtown Passersby A3 16-Jul-2009
Downtown Midland White Pine Celtic Arts Council Plays Friday at Riverdays B3 16-Jul-2009
Downtown Midland Midland's Riverdays in Full Swing A1 18-Jul-2009
Downtown Midland Alive with History A3 20-Jul-2009
Downtown Midland Frog Tongue Ripped Out A1 7-Aug-2009
Downtown Midland 5000 Strong: Rock the Tridge Packs Them In A3 7-Aug-2009
Downtown Midland House Moving on Sunday Went Smoothly A2 14-Sep-2009
Downtown Midland Cruise 'N Car Show Set for This Weekend A1 17-Sep-2009
Downtown Midland Surprise: Pennsylvania Woman to Get Frog Martini A1 18-Sep-2009
Downtown Midland Grease No Problem for Car-Show Bride, Groom Says A1 20-Sep-2009
Downtown Midland Taste-Off or Throwdown? Chili-Salsa Competition A3 25-Sep-2009
Downtown Midland Taste-Off Draws Record Numbers to Main Street A1 27-Sep-2009
Downtown Midland Pumpkin Festival Cancelled A1 22-Oct-2009
Downtown Midland Crowd Welcomes Santa Downtown A1 2-Dec-2009
Economics Madoff Scam Hits Close to Home: Junia Doan on Client List A1 6-Feb-2009
Economics Economic Groups to Unveil Partnership A2 10-Feb-2009
Economics City, County, School Projects Seek Stimulus Funding A1 19-Feb-2009
Economy GMAC Loosens Credit to Make Vehicles Easier to Buy A1 4-Jan-2009
Economy fate of China, U.S. Deeply Intertwined, Speaker Says A3 27-Jan-2009
Economy Local Man Doesn't Get the Answer He Wants from TV Question A3 31-Jan-2009
Economy A Penny Saved: With Money Tight, Store Brands Look Good Insert14 1-Feb-2009
Economy Cautious About Debt Insert15 1-Feb-2009
Economy M-20/Vance Could Get Federal Stimulus Money A1 6-Feb-2009
Economy Economic Recovery: Dear Mr. President A1 12-Feb-2009
Economy Economist: Leave Market to Fend for Itself A3 24-Feb-2009
Economy Midwest States Must Band Together to Unbuckle Rust Belt A3 5-Mar-2009
Economy Saginaw Among Leading Recipients of Early Stimulus Money A7 13-Mar-2009
Economy Camp Backs Bonus Tax, Wants Geithner Gone A3 20-Mar-2009
Economy Auto Industry Gloom Has Bright Spots, Analyst Says A3 24-Mar-2009
Economy Michigan Non-Profits: Weathering the Storm, Together A3 24-Mar-2009
Economy Economic Downturn Changing Spending Habits, Survey Says A3 30-May-2009
Economy Midland County Residents Think Bad is Getting Worse A3 30-May-2009
Economy Glass Half-Full for Midland County, Poll Suggests A3 30-May-2009
Economy Camp: Report Confirms Failure of Stimulus to Save Jobs A4 3-Jul-2009
Economy Census Report Shows Recession Impact on State A1 22-Sep-2009
Economy From Mao to Wow! How Mich Can Learn from China's Rise A3 27-Sep-2009
Economy State CEOs Pushing Recovery Plan A1 12-Nov-2009
Edenville Township A Good Life: Edenville A1 26-Jan-2009
Edenville Township Edenville Water District Proposed, Hearing Set A1 15-Apr-2009
Edenville Township Standing-Room-Only at Water Hearing A1 14-May-2009
Edenville Township Municipal Water Suit Won't Go to Trial A1 11-Jul-2009
Edenville Township Edenville Water Project Nets Federal Grant, Loan A3 19-Jul-2009
Education Mount Pleasant Schools Offer Buyouts to Employees A3 20-Jan-2009
Education Building Leaders A1 28-Jan-2009
Education AARP Driver Safety Course Planned at Several Locations A4 16-Mar-2009
Education Michigan Plans to Change Writing Portion of MEAP A3 30-Mar-2009
Education MEAP: State Math Scores Improve for 4th Straight Year A2 3-Apr-2009
Education Michigan Plan Would Crack Down on Failing Schools A5 21-Apr-2009
Education Study Finds Gaps in Tech Ed A3 20-May-2009
Education Preschool Children, Advocates at State Capitol A1 23-May-2009
Education Michigan Promise Scholarship Up in Air A1 23-Jul-2009
Education State Funded Preschool Program Priority to Parents A1 28-Jul-2009
Education Local Youths, Adults Can Learn Chinese A2 2-Sep-2009
Education Preschoolers Left Hanging A1 4-Sep-2009
Education Mich College Offers Tuition in Swap for Building A3 8-Sep-2009
Education Chinese Culture Classes Start Saturday A2 17-Sep-2009
Education Barnyard Classroom (Laurenz Farm Tour) A1 23-Sep-2009
Education Higher Education Guide 2009 Insert 27-Sep-2009
Education Michigan Gov Gets Education Award as School Programs Cut A2 17-Oct-2009
Education & Training Conn ETC Reduces Film Class Tuition for Feb Sessions A3 10-Feb-2009
Elections Ballots Used to ID Primary Voters By Party A1 11-Aug-2009
Elections Emmons Kicks Off House Campaign, Launches Website A3 8-Sep-2009
Elections-Local Ward 1's Adams to Run Again A3 3-Apr-2009
Elections-Local LWV to Host Discussion on the County's May 5 Millage A3 17-Apr-2009
Elections-Local Ward 5's Rokosz Will Not Run for Re-Election A1 24-Apr-2009
Elections-Local Midland County School Board Results A2 6-May-2009
Elections-Local Voters Approve Millage: Turnout was High A1 6-May-2009
Elections-Local Adams, Westendorf Square Off for Ward 1 Seat A3 31-Oct-2009
Elections-Local Changes in Auburn Police Key in Mayoral Race A3 31-Oct-2009
Elections-Local Voters go to Polls Today A1 3-Nov-2009
Elections-Local Midland Voters Re-Elect Adams A1 4-Nov-2009
Elections-Local Voters Pick New Mayor in Auburn A1 4-Nov-2009
Elections-Local Auburn City Commissioner Recall Language Approved A1 25-Nov-2009
Elections-State Hoekstra Running for Governor Post A2 30-Mar-2009
Elections-State Mayes to Run for State Senate Seat Held By Barcia A1 1-Dec-2009
Elections-State-Governor Campaign Spending, Driver's License Privacy Concern A1 24-Apr-2009
Elections-State-Governor Land Challenge: Seek an Office, Whether Political or Managerial A1 24-Apr-2009
Emergency Services Midlanders Joining in Emergency Service Exercise A4 14-Jun-2009
Employment Midland County Jobless Rate Edges Up in November A3 10-Jan-2009
Employment States with Worst Jobless Rates Share Root Causes A3 10-Jan-2009
Employment U.S., Local Employers Cautious in Hiring Plans A1 11-Jan-2009
Employment AAA to Cut 200 Jobs, Close 34 Office, Midland Not Among Them A3 18-Jan-2009
Employment State's Jobless Rate 10.6% A1 22-Jan-2009
Employment On Websites, Reps Stamas & Caul Offer to Help Jobless A3 26-Jan-2009
Employment Corning Cutting 3500 Jobs as 4th Quarter Profit Plunges A7 27-Jan-2009
Employment Michigan's 10.6 Percent Tops States' Jobless List A5 28-Jan-2009
Employment Jobless Rate Hits 7.7% in Midland County A1 30-Jan-2009
Employment State Expands Unemployment Insurance System A3 2-Feb-2009
Employment Finding Her Way A1 19-Feb-2009
Employment Jobless Rate Hit 11.6 Percent in January A1 6-Mar-2009
Employment Huge Layoffs Push Jobless Rates Toward Double Digits A1 7-Mar-2009
Employment Michigan's Jobless Rates Up Across State A1 20-Mar-2009
Employment Michigan Jobless Rate Hits 12% A1 26-Mar-2009
Employment Jobless Rate Up in MIdland, Down in tri-Cities A3 1-Apr-2009
Employment Michigan Unemployment Rate 12.6 Percent A4 16-Apr-2009
Employment Former Bay City Resident Among Wyoming Workers A1 20-Apr-2009
Employment Tonight's Teen Job Fair Stresses Skills in Bad Economy A3 20-Apr-2009
Employment Midland County Jobless Rate Highest in 23 Years A1 24-Apr-2009
Employment Midland County Jobless Rate Down in April A3 29-May-2009
Employment Manpoewr Predicts US Hiring in 3rd Qtr Relatively Stable A3 16-Jun-2009
Employment State Unemployment Rate Hits 14.1 Percent in May A1 18-Jun-2009
Employment Midland County Jobless Rate Rises Full Point A3 26-Jun-2009
Employment State Jobless Rate Hits 15.2% A1 16-Jul-2009
Employment Midland Jobless Rate Passes 10 Percent A1 26-Jul-2009
Employment Engineers, Nurses Among Hardest Jobs to Fill A1 9-Aug-2009
Employment Midland County's Jobless Rate Declines in July A3 28-Aug-2009
Employment 42 States Lose Jobs in Aug; Mich Remains Worst Ranked A1 19-Sep-2009
Employment Midland's Jobless Rate Drops, Mirros State A3 25-Sep-2009
Employment Part-Time Jobs Can be Training Key for Seniors A3 28-Sep-2009
Employment Midland, Other Counties Expected to Get Job Retraining Money B9 30-Sep-2009
Employment State Reaches NWLB Goal A1 14-Oct-2009
Employment From Two Wages to One: Parsons Family Come Together A1 18-Oct-2009
Employment Camp Talks Jobs with President Obama A1 10-Dec-2009
Employment Michigan's Unemployment Rate Drops to 14.7% A1 17-Dec-2009
Energy Dynegy Pulls Out of Coal Plant Deal with LS Power A1 3-Jan-2009
Energy LS Power Halts Plans for Iowa Coal Plant A3 9-Jan-2009
Energy Careful Tabs on Propane Can Cut Winter Problems A3 31-Jan-2009
Energy Warm Reception: Corn, Wood Pellet Stoves Remain Popular Insert2 1-Feb-2009
Energy Granholm's Slowdown Plans No Deterrent for Midland Coal Plant A1 7-Feb-2009
Energy Hearing Dates Set for New Coal Plant A3 26-Feb-2009
Energy Lawmakers: Reconsider Coal Policy A1 27-Mar-2009
Energy Stamas Agrees with Letter to Granholm on Power Plants A1 29-Mar-2009
Energy LS Power Suspends Coal Plant Project A1 1-May-2009
Energy LS Plant Demise Could Be Chance for Look at Options A1 2-May-2009
Energy Freeland's James Head Helps Lead the No-Nukes Movement A3 14-May-2009
Energy Parts of Saginaw, Bay Counties Eyed for Wind Energy A1 3-Jun-2009
Energy Firm Builds First Wind Turbines A3 19-Jul-2009
Energy Forum Highlights Growing Demand for Alternative Energy A3 6-Aug-2009
Energy Leaders Talk Energy in Saginaw A1 3-Sep-2009
Energy Report: No Need for Coal-Fired Plant Until 2022 A1 9-Sep-2009
Energy Reversing the Grid: Midland Resident Taps into Experimental... A3 21-Dec-2009
Energy Regulators OK Air Permit: Bay City Area Power Plant A1 30-Dec-2009
Entertainment Hancock Theatre to Host Art, Comedy, Music and More B1 23-Jan-2009
Entertainment Laser Shows Offer Family Entertainment in Midland C1 23-Apr-2009
Entertainment A Slice of the East (Japanese Cultural Center & Tea House) B1 24-Apr-2009
Entertainment Saginaw Welcomes the 'Boss' A1 31-May-2009
Entertainment The New Boss in Town C1 31-May-2009
Entertainment Shrek Up for Tony: Nominee Credits Midland with Broadway  C1 4-Jun-2009
Entertainment Flying Wallenda A1 4-Jul-2009
Entertainment Flying Wallenda C1 5-Jul-2009
Entertainment Crew Filming Sci-Fi/Horror Flick Locally (Clare) B1 18-Sep-2009
Entertainment Alleged' Filming in Flint B1 9-Oct-2009
Entertainment Merchant in the Valley': Locally Produced Film Premiers B1 16-Oct-2009
Entertainment Unique in the Market: Beaverton Film Producer  A3 25-Oct-2009
Environmental Protection Toxic Coal Ash Piling Up n Ponds; Bay County Sites Listed A3 9-Jan-2009
Environmental Protection Former EPA Administrator Questions Local Superfun Process A1 16-Jan-2009
Environmental Protection Milliken Opposes Wetlands Oversight Shift A3 17-Mar-2009
Environmental Protection Stamas, Walker Testify on Wetlands Bill A1 18-Mar-2009
Environmental Protection Sheltrown: Shift Duties to Conservation Districts A3 19-Mar-2009
Environmental Protection Your Chance to be Heard B3 2-Apr-2009
Environmental Protection Citizens Asked to Help Guide DNR A3 9-Apr-2009
Environmental Protection DNR in Precarious Position, Director Says A3 9-Apr-2009
Environmental Protection Unexpected Algae Species Found in Saginaw Bay A2 10-Apr-2009
Environmental Protection Watershed Bank Work Getting $40,000 A3 28-Apr-2009
Environmental Protection Bay City, Saginaw Receive $1.4M in EPA Cleanup Grants A3 5-Jun-2009
Environmental Protection EPA to Test Bay City Water Intake A1 19-Jun-2009
Environmental Protection Great Lakes Scientists Seek Ways to Kill Invasives A3 13-Jul-2009
Environmental Protection DEQ Worried Over Delphi Bankruptcy Plan A1 20-Jul-2009
Environmental Protection EPA Seeks Community Input A1 22-Jul-2009
Environmental Protection Chemical Industry Targets Change in Toxic Substance Law A3 5-Aug-2009
Environmental Protection Report: Great Lakes Tox Cleanups Lagging Badly A2 16-Sep-2009
Environmental Protection LTC Names Techical Expert, Creates Website A3 28-Oct-2009
Environmental Protection Bhopal: 25 Years After Disaster A1 30-Nov-2009
Environmental Protection Victims of Bhopal Gas Tragedy Demand Cleanup C1 3-Dec-2009
Environmental Protection Michigan Delegration Calls for Fight Against Invasive Fish A1 12-Dec-2009
Environmental Protection Feds to Spend $13M to Fight Asian Carp Invasian A3 15-Dec-2009
Environmental Protection Asian Carp Invasion a Threat to Great Lakes Ecosystem A3 19-Dec-2009
Environmental Protextion Obama's EPA Plans Fewer Toxic Cleanups A3 10-Aug-2009
Events Snow Sculpture Contest Offers Students Gloves on Learning A3 7-Feb-2009
Events Midland Home & Garden Show Set for March 6-8 A3 8-Feb-2009
Events Sports Hall of Famer Nyad Keynote Speaker  A6 17-Feb-2009
Events PaleoJoe Part of Several Area Events C1 12-Mar-2009
Events Chinese Culture Focus of New Classes: CCOP Festival A3 18-Apr-2009
Events Sweetest Little Town' Prepares for Sweet Festival A3 21-Apr-2009
Events Clean Curbs; Circle Business Owners Mark Earth Day A1 23-Apr-2009
Events They'll Be Rollsing Through Midland A3 23-Apr-2009
Events Having Fun, Building a Legacy (Earth Day) A3 24-Apr-2009
Events Weigh Options, Make Choices (Earth Day) A3 24-Apr-2009
Events Eye-Catching Cars Cluster in Midland A1 26-Apr-2009
Events A Sweet Sale (Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival) A3 27-Apr-2009
Events BayFest Coming Memorial Day Weekend A1 30-Apr-2009
Events Corn to Fuel the Fun This Weekend A1 15-Jul-2009
Events Shuckin' &Jivin': Auburn Couple Have Husky Habit at Cornfest A3 17-Jul-2009
Events Rib Chefs Converge for Finger-Lickin' Cook-Off A1 6-Aug-2009
Events Carriage Fest Kicks Off Today A1 7-Aug-2009
Events Ski Show, Rib Awards on Tap at Pig Gig Today A1 9-Aug-2009
Events Are You Ready for Balloons, Midland? A1 17-Sep-2009
Events Up, Up and Away (Re/Max Balloon Festival) A1 19-Sep-2009
Events Forney to Speak at Right to Life Benefit Dinner A6 25-Sep-2009
Events Old West Harvest Fest Returns A8 25-Sep-2009
Events Encampment in Bay City: River of Time Event This Weekend C2 25-Sep-2009
Events A River of Time Runs Through Bay City A1 26-Sep-2009
Events Science Will Be Brought to Life at Sci Fest A3 26-Oct-2009
Events Zehnder's Cooking Challenge: Squashing the Competition A3 29-Oct-2009
Events Ancient Seas Here: Find Out at Saturday's Rock, Gem Show A5 3-Nov-2009
Events Tall Ships Coming to Bay City in July A3 16-Nov-2009
Events ACS Great American Smokeout Thursday A3 18-Nov-2009
Families Making Room (Wing Quintuplets) C1 4-Jan-2009
Families Slick..Sliding tradition A3 6-Jan-2009
Families Oh Baby (includes article on popular baby names) Insert 18-Jan-2009
Families Connecting Families - Spring 2009 Insert 7-Mar-2009
Families Connecting Families - Summer 2009 Insert 6-Jun-2009
Families Midland COuple Seeks Volunteers to Help Bring Orphans Home A1 12-Jul-2009
Families Connecting Families Insert 29-Aug-2009
Families Right-to-Life Speaker: Abortion damages Women, Families A3 30-Sep-2009
Families Family Week Events Honor Local Advocates A1 18-Nov-2009
Families Family Celebrating First Thanksgiving After Adoption A1 26-Nov-2009
Families Connecting Families-Winter 2009-2010 Insert 28-Nov-2009
Farmers Market Farmers Market Vendors Will Soon Be Settng Up on Main St A1 10-Jun-2009
Farmer's Market Farmers Market Expands to Mondays on Main Street A3 27-Jun-2009
Farmer's Market New Farmer's Market Draws Shoppers Downtown A3 7-Jul-2009
Farmer's Market Local Goat Cheese Maker Selling Out at Farmer's Market A1 27-Jul-2009
Figure Skating Evans, Morabito Earn Gold Medal Status B7 10-May-2009
Figure Skating Time Enough to Achieve a Dream (Breaha Montague-Bauer) A3 13-May-2009
Fire Family's NASCAR Fandom Helps Save House A3 23-Feb-2009
Fire Driving Lessons: Clare Family Experiences NASCAR A1 16-Jun-2009
Fire Prevention Arson Awareness Week Event Slated for May 12-15 A5 8-May-2009
Fire Prevention Fire Prevention Week Begins Today A3 4-Oct-2009
Fire Prevention Fire Prevention Week-City of Midland Fire Dept (Photos) D5 4-Oct-2009
Fire Prevention Coleman, Edenville, Homer Twp, Hope Twp (photos) D6 4-Oct-2009
Fire Prevention Jerome Twp, Lee Twp, Larkin Twp (photos) D7 4-Oct-2009
Fire Prevention Lincoln Twp (photos) D8 4-Oct-2009
Fire-Beaverton Beaverton Fire had Residents Jumping Out of Windows A1 29-Oct-2009
Fire-Clare County Wednesday Fire Destroys Rodnick's Clare Clinic A2 10-Dec-2009
Fire-Hope Township Family Grateful Fire Spared House A1 17-Jun-2009
Fire-Midland Fire Kills Dogs, Destroys Home A1 12-Apr-2009
Fire-Midland Fire Destroys Apartments A1 7-May-2009
Fire-Midland 2 Die in Fire Early Today at Robin Oaks A1 1-Jul-2009
Fire-Midland Names of Fire Victims Released A1 2-Jul-2009
Fire-Midland Fire Damages Dyke Drive Home A2 2-Oct-2009
Fire-Midland County As Homer Twp Barn Fire Fought, House Fire in Lee Twp A1 2-Jan-2009
Fire-Midland County Cause of House Fire Remains Unknown A3 6-Jan-2009
Fire-Midland County Fire victim Explains What Happened (Holubik) A1 13-Jan-2009
Fire-Midland County Flames Damage Jerome Home A3 23-Jan-2009
Fire-Midland County Fire Destroys Home in Jerome a1 2-Feb-2009
Fire-Midland County Fire Destroys Edenville Mobile Home A1 10-Feb-2009
Fire-Midland County Children Die in Fire A1 11-Mar-2009
Fire-Midland County Fire Cause Might Be Electrical A1 12-Mar-2009
Fire-Midland County Family of Fire Victims to Say Goodbye A1 13-Mar-2009
Fire-Midland County Blaze Reignites, Consumes Home A1 19-Mar-2009
Fire-Midland County Investigator Returns to Burned Home A1 25-Mar-2009
Fire-Midland County Early Morning Fire Kills One A1 2-Apr-2009
Fire-Midland County Greendale Township Fire: Too Far Gone A1 3-Apr-2009
Fire-Midland County Fire Damages Coleman Home A1 26-Apr-2009
Fire-Midland County Mother, Two Children Left Without Home (Jerome Twp) A3 6-Jul-2009
Fire-Midland County Homer Twp Fire: Cause of Tuesday Blaze Unknown A3 8-Jul-2009
Fire-Midland County Road Closed by Pole Barn Fire in Midland Twp Sunday A1 30-Nov-2009
Fire-Midland County Fire Damage Homes in Midland County A1 29-Dec-2009
Fire-Midland County Edenville Fire Called Arson A1 31-Dec-2009
Fish & Fishing Former Midlander Helping Reduce Lamprey Numbers B3 9-Apr-2009
Fish & Fishing Freeland Walleye Festival Insert 17-Apr-2009
Fish & Fishing Walleye Thriving and So is Freeland Weekend Tournament A1 23-Apr-2009
Fish & Fishing Walleye Festival Schedule of Events A4 24-Apr-2009
Fish & Fishing Walleye Festival Offers Feast of Events A1 25-Apr-2009
Fish & Fishing Anglers Reel Them in on Walleye Opening Day A3 26-Apr-2009
Fish & Fishing Bay City Brothres Take Top Spots in Freeland Walleye Festival A1 27-Apr-2009
Fish & Fishing New Fish Advisory Information Campaign Begins A1 8-May-2009
Fish & Fishing An Enduring: Fly Fishing Innovator Bruce Richards to Move On A3 8-Jun-2009
Fish & Fishing Midland's Martuch Chapter of Trout Unlimited Marks 25 Yrs C3 16-Jul-2009
Floods & Flood Control River Nears Flood Stage A1 12-Feb-2009
Floods & Flood Control Rising Water Closes Local Roads A1 27-Apr-2009
Floods & Flood Control City Floodplain Efforts Bring Reduced Premiums A3 16-Jun-2009
Football Parmele Excited About Ravens' Playoff Run A1 9-Jan-2009
Football Congratulations to Midland's Jalen Parmele A6 16-Jan-2009
Football NU Grad Hughes Signs 3-Year Deal with Eagles B1 31-Jan-2009
Football A Challenge to Area Armchair Quarterbacks A1 23-Aug-2009
Football Football 2009 Insert 27-Aug-2009
Football Ex-Midlander Will Cheer on Boston College A2 30-Oct-2009
Football Ohio State Gains Victory Over U-M Off the Football Field A1 18-Nov-2009
Football MDN All-Area Football Dream Team D1 26-Nov-2009
Football Meridian's Schulte Named MDN Coach of the Year D1 26-Nov-2009
Football Daily News All-Area Football Dream Team D4 26-Nov-2009
Football Gridiron Girl A1 28-Nov-2009
Football Leffingwell Earns All-State Honors B1 28-Nov-2009
Football Ingram Wins Heisman: Locals Reflect on Flint SW Star B1 13-Dec-2009
Football Midland's Andrew Maxwell Talks About 1st Year at MSU B1 20-Dec-2009
Forestry Growers Work Hard to Please Picky Tree Hunters A3 8-Dec-2009
Foundations Michigan Baseball Foundation Details Charitable Work A1 8-Feb-2009
Foundations MCYAC Gets Alcohol Grant from Youth Project Committee A7 5-Mar-2009
Foundations MBF Grants Top $100,000 for 31 Organizations A1 26-Mar-2009
Foundations Foundation Funds Equipment Purchase A12 19-Apr-2009
Foundations Evergreen: 2008 Annual Report Insert 11-May-2009
Foundations Alden & Vada Dow Foundations Support MidMichigan B11 17-May-2009
Foundations Leaving a Legacy A1 30-May-2009
Foundations Alden & Vada Dow Family Foundaitons Support MidMichigan A8 3-Jun-2009
Foundations Midland Foundation, Nature Center to Sponsor Tridge Walk A6 15-Jul-2009
Foundations Foundation Gives Neely First Philanthropy Award A1 7-Oct-2009
Foundations There's a New Fund in Town B10 28-Oct-2009
Foundations Foundations Work to Honor Commitments A3 8-Nov-2009
Foundations Dow Foundation Awards $20,000 A4 11-Nov-2009
Foundations MBF Grand Applications Now Available for 2010 A1 17-Nov-2009
Foundations Evergreen Insert 17-Nov-2009
Foundations Rollin' Out the Love (Children's Heritage Foundation) A1 29-Dec-2009
Freeland Comm Schools Summer Program to Target Reading, Math (Freeland) A3 12-May-2009
Freeland Comm Schools Freeland Schools Offer Scholarship Money for Science Camp A3 18-May-2009
Freeland Comm Schools Freeland Superintendent Given Small Pay Increase A1 20-May-2009
Freeland Comm Schools Freeland Schools Have Facebook, Twitter Fans; Checkbook Online A1 9-Jun-2009
Freeland Comm Schools Former Superiintendent's Lawsuit Dismissed by Judge A3 2-Oct-2009
Freeland Comm Schools Freeland 'Feeling Good' About Student Count A1 2-Oct-2009
Freeland Comm Schools Freeland's 1st Budget Meeting Tonight A1 1-Dec-2009
Freeland Comm Schools Freeland Weighs Financial Future A1 2-Dec-2009
Games Playing and Winning at Home A3 28-Feb-2009
Games Scrabble, Other Board Games to Be Played at Free Event A3 4-Sep-2009
Gardening Dull No More: Color on Tap for M-20, Currie Parkway Insert9 1-Feb-2009
Gardening Spring Gardening & Home Improvement Insert 16-Apr-2009
Gardening Volunteers Add the Midland Blooms Touch to Eastman A1 31-May-2009
Gardening Garden Club Reclaims Lost Neighborhood Garden A3 29-Jun-2009
Gardening Master Gardening Classes Set to Begin Aug 10 A4 10-Jul-2009
Gardening 6th Annual Reece Endeavor Garden Walk C1 12-Jul-2009
Gardening Nosels Acknowledged by Garden Club C7 2-Aug-2009
Gardening Harners' Pond Recognized by Chemical City Garden Club A6 23-Sep-2009
Gardening Dahlia Hill to Be features on 'Destination Michigan' A8 10-Dec-2009
Gardens Dull No More: Color on Tap for Corner of M-20, Currie Pkwy Insert9 1-Feb-2009
Gladwin Carriages Coming to Gladwin for Annual Festival A4 29-Jul-2009
Gladwin County Gladwin Fair Hopes for Crowds to Keep It Alive A1 21-Jun-2009
Gladwin County Gladwin County Carriage Festival A1 8-Aug-2009
Gladwin County Group Promotes Donkey, Mule Adoptions A3 9-Aug-2009
Gladwin County Gladwin, Beaverton Get Federal Grants A3 29-Aug-2009
Golf Woods Wave Swells at Warwick A1 31-Jul-2009
Golf Third Annual Patriot Golf Weekend Set for Sept 4-7 A5 26-Aug-2009
Golf Dow's Dinh Shooting for State Golf Title B1 14-Oct-2009
Golf Local Reactions: Mixed Opinions on Tiger's Transgressions A1 4-Dec-2009
Golf Is Tiger Woods Still a Role Model: Local Golfers Share Thoughts D1 4-Dec-2009
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Library Hours Might Be Cut; Hiring Freeze Proposed A1 23-Jan-2009
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Tough Times Push Library Use Upward Insert16 1-Feb-2009
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Lincoln Events Planned at Library Insert16 1-Feb-2009
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Pennies for His Thoughts: Lincoln's Bicentennial Celebrated A1 16-Feb-2009
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Grace A. Dow Library Honored by State of Michigan A3 19-Feb-2009
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Blessed Sacrament Team Wins Battle of the Books A4 21-Mar-2009
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Music Workshop Set for Tuesday at Library A3 23-Mar-2009
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Author Emerson Brings New Lincoln Insights to Library Thursday A3 23-Mar-2009
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Lincoln Writer Talks About Insanity Letters A3 27-Mar-2009
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Honest! Abraham Lincoln Visits Library Monday A3 28-Mar-2009
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Mackinac Before Photos: Author to Speak at Library A5 11-May-2009
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Mental Health Exhibit Opening at Library A2 5-Jun-2009
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Summer Sizzles at the Grace A. Dow Library A2 22-Jun-2009
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Still Time to Squeeze in Summer Reading Insert3 26-Jul-2009
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Library Gift Pays for New Online Resources A3 29-Jul-2009
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Cellist of Sarajevo' Selected for One Book, One Community A3 23-Aug-2009
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Ann Arbor Film Fest to Stop in Midland A6 2-Sep-2009
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Cellist of Sarajevo' Examines Good, Evil A3 6-Oct-2009
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Cup and Chaucer Celebrate 5th Anniversary C6 7-Oct-2009
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Cellist' Author Discusses Art, Hatred A3 9-Oct-2009
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Great Michigan Read at Library Thursday A3 14-Oct-2009
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Food the Bridge for the Cultures A3 16-Oct-2009
Grace A. Dow Mem Library An 'American Experience' Coming to Midland A5 25-Oct-2009
Grace A. Dow Mem Library 2009-10 Battle of the Books Kickoff Set for Nov 14 A2 1-Nov-2009
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Four Nations Still Feel Scourge A4 1-Nov-2009
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Locals Plan Night of Storytelling A3 9-Nov-2009
Great Lakes Loons Singers Showcase Their Skills at Loons Auditions A3 15-Feb-2009
Great Lakes Loons From Loons to LA: Dodgers' Kershaw Looks Back on Midland B1 29-Mar-2009
Great Lakes Loons Loons Will Be Experienced in 2009 B1 29-Mar-2009
Great Lakes Loons Boughton Likes Loons' Lineup B1 30-Mar-2009
Great Lakes Loons Loons' Roster Full of Top Prospects B1 6-Apr-2009
Great Lakes Loons At the Loon Loft, Going Green Means Greenbacks A1 9-Apr-2009
Great Lakes Loons Loons' Barbeau Upbeat as Third Season Begins D1 9-Apr-2009
Great Lakes Loons Great Lakes Loons 2009: Pumped Up Insert 9-Apr-2009
Great Lakes Loons Just Call Him 'No. 1 Fan' A1 14-Apr-2009
Great Lakes Loons Ex-Midlander Kern Makes a Stop in MIdland B1 6-May-2009
Great Lakes Loons Lasorda: Loons Have Big-League Talent B4 12-Aug-2009
Great Lakes Loons They Made It: Loons Clinch Playoff Spot A1 30-Aug-2009
Great Lakes Loons Loons Are In the Playoffs! B1 30-Aug-2009
Great Lakes Loons Loons' Dee Gordon a Fan Favorite C1 30-Aug-2009
Great Lakes Loons Lessons Well Learned by the Boys & Girls of Summer A1 31-Aug-2009
Great Lakes Loons Loons Take Aim at the Playoffs 2009 Insert 8-Sep-2009
Great Lakes Loons One Man's Cheer, A Stadium's Celebration A3 9-Sep-2009
Great Lakes Loons Loons Win! Advance to Play Fort Wayne Tonight A1 12-Sep-2009
Great Lakes Loons Thriller: Loons Win in 11th A1 13-Sep-2009
Great Lakes Loons Loons' Memorable Season Comes to an End B1 15-Sep-2009
Great Lakes Loons Funky Feather Wins Promotion Award A1 7-Oct-2009
Great Lakes Loons Loons Announce 2010 Schedule C3 21-Oct-2009
Gun Control Bear Arms Bare Shelves A1 27-Jun-2009
Gymnastics Gymnasts Qualify for State Championships A1 22-Mar-2009
Gymnastics Business is Soaring: Midland Gym. Marks 10 Years B6 20-Sep-2009
Gymnastics Flip for a Cure Held This Weekend at MGTC A3 4-Dec-2009
Health & Safety No Midland County Cases in Salmonella Outbreak A1 8-Jan-2009
Health & Safety Understanding Salmonella, Food Poisoning A3 24-Jan-2009
Health & Safety Natural Family Planning Method Can Be Effective Insert3 25-Jan-2009
Health & Safety Medical Marijuana Issues Pop Up Insert4 25-Jan-2009
Health & Safety Facile Fuel: Fish Oil Shown to Keep Arteries Clear Insert7 25-Jan-2009
Health & Safety Hospice Rooms at Stratford Village Meeting Needs A8 27-Jan-2009
Health & Safety Glaucoma, Often Undetected, Can Lead to Blindness B5 27-Jan-2009
Health & Safety Medicine With a Point A1 31-Jan-2009
Health & Safety Whooping Cough Cases Reported Locally A6 3-Feb-2009
Health & Safety Health Dept Planning Whooping Cough Vaccine Clinic A1 11-Feb-2009
Health & Safety Local Dentists Offer Services to Families A5 12-Feb-2009
Health & Safety Clare, Alma Hospitals Cutting Staff: No Reductions in Midland A1 12-Mar-2009
Health & Safety Healthcare Reform to be Discussed March 17 A5 12-Mar-2009
Health & Safety Quit Line Smoked A2 13-Mar-2009
Health & Safety Baked, Not Fried: Healthy Options During Lent C1 15-Mar-2009
Health & Safety Children's Dental Care Program Marks 20 Years A1 19-Mar-2009
Health & Safety America's Health Care: Don't Treat It as Consumre Product A3 20-Mar-2009
Health & Safety Health Dept Plans Pertussis Clinic March 31 A3 20-Mar-2009
Health & Safety Health Care Spending Getting Short Shrift, Camp Says A3 3-Apr-2009
Health & Safety House Action Could Assist Local Uninsured B5 7-Apr-2009
Health & Safety Hope, Strategies for Dementia Treatment at Apr 21 Conference A3 18-Apr-2009
Health & Safety Swine Flu Case in State? A1 27-Apr-2009
Health & Safety State Gets More Flu Medicine A1 28-Apr-2009
Health & Safety More to Calling 9-1-1 Than Dialing Numbers A3 28-Apr-2009
Health & Safety Swine Flu Claims First U.S. Victim A1 29-Apr-2009
Health & Safety Kozicki to Present at 12th World Congress on Public Health A4 29-Apr-2009
Health & Safety Local Doctors Discuss Ways to Reduce Drug Problem A1 30-Apr-2009
Health & Safety Health Officials Monitoring for Swine Flu A1 1-May-2009
Health & Safety Your Health 2009 Insert 3-May-2009
Health & Safety No Swine Flu Cases So Far in Midland Co. A1 5-May-2009
Health & Safety Prescription Drug Abuse Topic of Workshop Wednesday A3 5-May-2009
Health & Safety Health Cuts Hurt: State Medicaid A1 8-May-2009
Health & Safety Girl's Brain Injury Game Goes Big Time A1 8-May-2009
Health & Safety Horses & Healing: Stable Owner Will Start Camp A3 18-May-2009
Health & Safety Isabella County has Swine Flu Case A3 21-May-2009
Health & Safety Midland to Have 211 Call Center A1 26-May-2009
Health & Safety Midland Girl Thrives After Illness Nearly Kills Her A1 11-Jun-2009
Health & Safety Parents, Kids Learn Healthy Summer Eating Habits A3 12-Jun-2009
Health & Safety Losing Their Heads (of Hair) in Cancer Fight A3 12-Jun-2009
Health & Safety Helping Hands Dental Center to Close June 30 A3 20-Jun-2009
Health & Safety Cancer Services Promotes Men's Health Month A9 21-Jun-2009
Health & Safety Hot Weather, Vehicles Dangerous Combo for Children A3 26-Jun-2009
Health & Safety Midland County Making Health Progress, Still Needs Work A3 29-Jun-2009
Health & Safety Blood Center Adds 3 Hospitals to Service Area A2 5-Jul-2009
Health & Safety In Case of Emergency: Safety Train in Town A1 8-Jul-2009
Health & Safety Mid Michigan Safety Council to Sponsor Safety Expo B1 16-Jul-2009
Health & Safety Locals Sign Up for Cancer Study A3 19-Jul-2009
Health & Safety New Technology Means New Knees Fit Better A5 11-Aug-2009
Health & Safety Prescription Drug Abuse Program Gets Grant A1 12-Aug-2009
Health & Safety Taking Steps to Prevent Suicide A1 16-Aug-2009
Health & Safety Local Health Care Meetings Sought A1 17-Aug-2009
Health & Safety Free Immunization Clnics Offered Aug 25-27 A3 23-Aug-2009
Health & Safety Governor's Council Endorces Arc Run/Walk A9 23-Aug-2009
Health & Safety Mi-Vibe Partners Join Forces to Help Locals Live Healthy C6 6-Sep-2009
Health & Safety Caregivers are Focus of Pardee Cancer Lecture A3 11-Sep-2009
Health & Safety St. Mary's Marks 25 Years of Open Hart Surgery A3 13-Sep-2009
Health & Safety Ex-Mich Kicker Brabbs is Primed to Boot Opponent....Cancer B1 13-Sep-2009
Health & Safety H1N1 Vaccine to Be Available in October A1 17-Sep-2009
Health & Safety In Case of Emergency: 2009 Emerg Preparedness Guide Insert 20-Sep-2009
Health & Safety Midland Student Seeks to Make Difference in Fight Against Cancer A3 24-Sep-2009
Health & Safety Nearly 200 Receive Skin Cancer Screenings at Dow Diamond A4 3-Oct-2009
Health & Safety Stress: What Contributes to It, What to Do About It A1 4-Oct-2009
Health & Safety Shoe Donations Sought by Physical Therapists A1 5-Oct-2009
Health & Safety Local Flu Shot Clinics Planned A1 5-Oct-2009
Health & Safety H1N1 Spray Offered in Midland County A1 12-Oct-2009
Health & Safety Vapor Released from Hemlock Semiconductor Saturday A3 12-Oct-2009
Health & Safety Eyes on the Flu: A Few Tears Spilled to Prevent H1N1 A1 16-Oct-2009
Health & Safety Some Schools Seeing Higher Than Normal Student Absenteeism A1 16-Oct-2009
Health & Safety Saginaw County Prepares for H1N1; Covenant Limits Guests A3 16-Oct-2009
Health & Safety H1N1 Flu Clinic Set for Pregnant Women A1 19-Oct-2009
Health & Safety Schools Hit Hard by Illness A1 20-Oct-2009
Health & Safety Disability Mentoring Day Offers Career Exploration A3 20-Oct-2009
Health & Safety Illness Continues: MPS Still OK A1 21-Oct-2009
Health & Safety Survivor Urges Regular Breast Cancer Screenings A4 21-Oct-2009
Health & Safety Tamiflu 'Hit and Miss' A1 22-Oct-2009
Health & Safety Local Colleges Largely Unaffected by Flu A1 22-Oct-2009
Health & Safety Health Dept: Flu Widespread; H1N1 Vaccine Limited Supply A1 22-Oct-2009
Health & Safety Hospital Restricts Visitors; Flu Impacting Schools A1 23-Oct-2009
Health & Safety Helping Hands Clinic Reopens A1 24-Oct-2009
Health & Safety Swine Flu Emergency Declared A1 25-Oct-2009
Health & Safety Midland Dentist Will Buy Back Kids' Candy C1 25-Oct-2009
Health & Safety Feature Allows Tracking of Trick-or-Treaters A1 26-Oct-2009
Health & Safety Gladwin Schools Closed Though Friday A2 27-Oct-2009
Health & Safety Demand Amazing at H1N1 Clinic A1 28-Oct-2009
Health & Safety Drug Free Workplace Doesn't Have to Cost Jobs A4 29-Oct-2009
Health & Safety Gladwin Woman, Team Get 3rd in 'Bus Roadeo' A3 5-Nov-2009
Health & Safety Pharmacy Awaits Vaccine for Nursing Home Residents A1 10-Nov-2009
Health & Safety Suspected H1N1 Flu Cases at Freeland Schools A3 10-Nov-2009
Health & Safety Amorous Deer Make for Dangerous Roads A1 11-Nov-2009
Health & Safety New Mammogram Advice Raises Concerns A1 17-Nov-2009
Health & Safety Officials Working to Get More Flu Vaccine A1 18-Nov-2009
Health & Safety Arm Rehabilitation Devise for Stroke Survivors Unveiled A3 20-Nov-2009
Health & Safety Blood Center is Changing Its Name A3 20-Nov-2009
Health & Safety Mdialnd  H1N1 Clinic at Dow Diamond on Tuesday A1 21-Nov-2009
Health & Safety We Are All The Face of Health Care A1 22-Nov-2009
Health & Safety New Device Improves Quality of Life for Stroke Patients A3 1-Dec-2009
Health & Safety State Warns of H1N1 Scam A1 3-Dec-2009
Health & Safety Local Chef Challenged by Dr Oz A1 3-Dec-2009
Health & Safety State Expands H1N1 Vaccine to All Residents A1 9-Dec-2009
Health & Safety Seasonal H1N1 Flu Clinics Announced A1 10-Dec-2009
Health & Safety CDC: No Safety Concerns, Bay & Saginaw Counties Affected A3 17-Dec-2009
Health & Safety In an Instant (Doug Zumer Fighting Back from Brain Injury) A1 20-Dec-2009
Health & Safety Vaccine is Now Available to Public A1 21-Dec-2009
Health & Safety  Talking Health Care: U.S. Chamber Official Meets with Locals A1 23-Sep-2009
History-Midland Midland Remembers..Walking the Mackinaw Trail A6 7-Jan-2009
History-Midland Midland Remembers...And Their Dog Mojo, Part III A7 21-Jan-2009
History-Midland Foundation of Memories: Wilcox-Thorington Families, Part I A3 4-Feb-2009
History-Midland Wilcos-Thorington Families, Part II: Foundation of Memories A3 18-Feb-2009
History-Midland Volunteers Mine Records for Local History Gold A3 25-Mar-2009
History-Midland From Ireland to Midland: Callahan Family, Part I A3 1-Apr-2009
History-Midland An Every Changing Family: The Callahans, Part 2 A3 15-Apr-2009
History-Midland Midland Remembers: Mothers on Mothre's day A3 6-May-2009
History-Midland Growing Up By the River: History of the Stark Family, Pt 1 A3 17-Jun-2009
History-Midland Building a Life: History of the Stark Family, Part 2 A3 1-Jul-2009
History-Midland World War II: Dirk Waltz 'One of the Lucky Ones' A3 6-Jul-2009
History-Midland A Eulogy for Bud: The Life of Dean Merritt A3 15-Jul-2009
History-Midland Midland Remembers: Photo from Free Methodist Church A6 5-Aug-2009
History-Midland Neighborhood Store: Bartlett & Asch Neighborhood, Pt 1 A3 12-Aug-2009
History-Midland A Neighborhood Reunion: Bartlett & Asch, Part II A3 26-Aug-2009
History-Midland 100 Years of Memories: Part 1 of Life of Ralph Brabaw A3 2-Sep-2009
History-Midland 100 Years of Memories: Ralph Brabaw's Life, Part 2 A3 16-Sep-2009
History-Midland Birth of the Family Farm: Pnacek Family's Story, Part I A3 7-Oct-2009
History-Midland Hundred Year Farm: The Pnacek Family, Part 2 A3 21-Oct-2009
History-Midland Midland Remembers: Growing Up in Curtis A3 4-Nov-2009
History-Midland Midland Remembers: A Long & Happy Life (Sophia Finney, Pt 2) A3 18-Nov-2009
History-Midland One of Midland's Worst Fires Burned Downtown 50 Yrs Ago C1 22-Nov-2009
History-Midland Starting a Life: The Story of Marion Newman, Part I A3 2-Dec-2009
History-Midland Building in Sanford: Part 2 of Newman Family Story A3 16-Dec-2009
Hobbies Quilty Pleasures: Road Trips Are Perfect Time for Quilting C1 8-Mar-2009
Hobbies Honor in Battle C1 3-May-2009
Hobbies You Draw It, He'll Build It A4 1-Jul-2009
Hockey On and Off the Ice A3 11-Jan-2009
Hockey Spirit Looking for New Types of Fans to Fill Arena Insert9 8-Feb-2009
Hockey Midland Northstars Win Pee Wee AA State Title B1 18-Mar-2009
Hockey Midland Northstars Advance to National Championship Game B1 5-Apr-2009
Hockey Northstars Win National Championships A1 6-Apr-2009
Hockey Garber Doesn't Rule Out Moving Saginaw Spirit Team A1 3-Dec-2009
Holidays MLK Day Speaker Thankful, Touts Public Serivce A3 20-Jan-2009
Holidays Happy New Year: Chinese Style: Year of the Ox A1 25-Jan-2009
Holidays A Valentine's Surprise A3 14-Feb-2009
Holidays Memorial Day Activities Slated for Midland, Sanford, Coleman A1 23-May-2009
Holidays Mothers Continue to Mourn Lost Soldiers A1 24-May-2009
Holidays Remembering Those Lost in War A3 24-May-2009
Holidays Memorial Day Activities A1 25-May-2009
Holidays Midlanders Celebrate Memorial Day: Let Us Not Forget A1 26-May-2009
Holidays City Offices Closed Friday; Garbage Pickup Monday A1 29-Jun-2009
Holidays Fill Up for Less for Labor Day Travels A1 2-Sep-2009
Holidays Five Generations to Make Trek Across Bridge A1 6-Sep-2009
Holidays Local Runner a Fitness Ambassador for Mackinac Bridge Run A1 6-Sep-2009
Holidays Veterans, First-Timers Make Annual Crossing (Tridge Walk) A3 8-Sep-2009
Holidays Haunted ROCK: A Halloween Fright Fest A1 31-Oct-2009
Holidays Parade Marks "A Heroes Holiday" A4 22-Nov-2009
Holidays Martins Make Holidays Personal C1 29-Nov-2009
Holidays Holiday Decorating: Deck Your Halls Insert 29-Nov-2009
Holidays Zonta Homewalk: Saturday & Sunday, 1-5 pm C1 4-Dec-2009
Holidays In Tune with the Times: Freeland Man in Sync with Christmas A1 24-Dec-2009
Holidays 2009: What a Year A1 27-Dec-2009
Housing Midland County to Count Homeless A3 27-Jan-2009
Housing Poor Paying Too Much for Rent A1 3-Apr-2009
Housing Community Dev, Resources Focus of HHS Event Tuesday A3 20-Jun-2009
Housing Homeowners Face Rising Roofing Costs A3 9-Jul-2009
Housing Blue Cookin' in This Kitchen (Tom & Ruth Clark's 50's Kitchen) C1 19-Jul-2009
Housing Above National Average: Discrimination in Midland Housing Tests A1 22-Sep-2009
Housing Study Says More Low-Income Houseing Needed for City A1 27-Sep-2009
Housing More Low Income Housing Sought A1 6-Oct-2009
Housing Public or Private: Solving Midland's Affordable Housing Issue A1 1-Nov-2009
Housing Who Pays for Affordable Housing? A3 1-Nov-2009
Housing One-Stop Housing Help, Lunch, for County Residents A3 17-Nov-2009
Housing Connection with Care: Project Homeless Connect A3 19-Nov-2009
Housing Fair Housing for Disabled Requires Physical, Conceptual Adj A1 5-Dec-2009
Hunting Saginaw Bay Waterfowl Festival This Weekend A4 30-Jul-2009
Hunting Waterfowl Reservation Applications Due Aug 28 A4 20-Aug-2009
Hunting Three Opening Days for Duck Hunters A4 27-Aug-2009
Hunting Hunting Harvest for Holzingers B10 15-Nov-2009
Hunting Call of the Wild A1 16-Nov-2009
Hunting After Back Surgery, Area Teen is Back in the Hunt A3 16-Nov-2009
Hunting Hunting Buddies: Father Shares Outdoor Love with Daughter C1 6-Dec-2009
Jerome Township Jerome Adds National Flood Insurance Program A1 8-Feb-2009
Jerome Township A Higher Calling A1 9-Mar-2009
Jerome Township Jerome Building Plan Has Critics A1 15-Oct-2009
Labor Speaker: Proposed Act Threatens Business A3 9-May-2009
Larkin Township Born to Groom A1 6-Apr-2009
Larkin Township Same as Anybody A3 3-May-2009
Law & Legislation Camp Has Jobs Creation Test for Stimulus Proposals A1 11-Jan-2009
Law & Legislation Camp to Help Develop Economic Revitalization Ideas Today A3 15-Jan-2009
Law & Legislation Camp Votes No on Children's Health Bill; Debate Moves to Senate A8 15-Jan-2009
Law & Legislation Rep Stamas Gets Tax Policy, Regulatory Reform A3 27-Jan-2009
Law & Legislation Camp, Othres Favor National Standard for Auto Emissions A6 27-Jan-2009
Law & Legislation Camp Not backing Delay of Analog TV Shutdown A3 28-Jan-2009
Law & Legislation Defending Those in Need Insert5 1-Feb-2009
Law & Legislation State Wants to Regulate Auto Insurance Rates A1 5-Feb-2009
Law & Legislation Stamas, Moolenaar Proposed Wetlands Protection Shift A3 5-Feb-2009
Law & Legislation Camp: No on Children's Health, Later Digital TV Date A3 5-Feb-2009
Law & Legislation Vice Chairman  Caul to Tackle College Construction Proposals A1 7-Feb-2009
Law & Legislation Camp Shut Out, Asking Questions About Stimulus A7 12-Feb-2009
Law & Legislation Camp: Stimulus Bill Flawed A3 14-Feb-2009
Law & Legislation Camp: Good Start on Health Care Reform A1 6-Mar-2009
Law & Legislation Sen. Stamas Concerned About Raising Public School Dropout Age A1 8-Mar-2009
Law & Legislation Caul Bill Would Let Pharmacies Repackage Drugs for Safety A1 8-Mar-2009
Law & Legislation Camp, Others Defeat Wilderness Protection Bill A6 12-Mar-2009
Law & Legislation House Passes $19.4 Billion Wastewater Bill A3 13-Mar-2009
Law & Legislation Wilderness Bill: Camp's 'No' Based on Cost, Energy Concerns A3 15-Mar-2009
Law & Legislation Bill Supported by Unions Spurs Hot Debate A1 16-Mar-2009
Law & Legislation Camp: Small Biz Needs More Than Loan Aid A3 17-Mar-2009
Law & Legislation Camp, Senators Blast 'Appalling' Bonuses A1 18-Mar-2009
Law & Legislation Stamas, Walker Testify on Wetlands Bill A1 18-Mar-2009
Law & Legislation Camp Votes No as House Passes Wilderness Bill A3 26-Mar-2009
Law & Legislation Camp Seeks Health Care Reform Info A3 21-Apr-2009
Law & Legislation Rep Stamas Seeks DEQ Programs' Review A3 10-May-2009
Law & Legislation House OKs Smoking Ban A1 27-May-2009
Law & Legislation Stamas Explains Vote Against Smoking Ban A3 6-Jun-2009
Law & Legislation Committee Backs Clean Water Bill A1 20-Jun-2009
Law & Legislation House Democrats Unveil Health Insurance Proposal A1 15-Jul-2009
Law & Legislation Camp Opposes Millions for Wild Horses, Burros A1 20-Jul-2009
Law & Legislation Mich House Panel Passes Animal Treatment Bills A3 31-Jul-2009
Law & Legislation Camp Pushes for New I-675 Ramp, Talks Health Care Reform A3 20-Aug-2009
Law & Legislation Caul, Stamas in Split Vote on Algebra II Bill A3 3-Sep-2009
Law & Legislation Midland Rep Stamas Explains Algebra Vote A3 5-Sep-2009
Law & Legislation Stamas Trying to Help Beef Up ID Theft Legislation A3 14-Sep-2009
Law & Legislation Mid-Mich Solar Markets Get Boost from House A3 24-Oct-2009
Law & Legislation Camp, Stabenow Team Up on Solar Legislation A2 11-Nov-2009
Law & Legislation MI Gov Signs Bills Restricting Utility Shutoffs A3 15-Dec-2009
Law & Legislation new State Law to Force Light on Body Art Businesses A3 16-Dec-2009
Law & Legislation Stamas Bills Addressing Court Race Approved A2 19-Dec-2009
Law & Legislation Camp, Senators React to Health Care Bill A1 25-Dec-2009
Law Enforcement Crime Stoppers Looking for More Board Members A3 19-Feb-2009
Law Enforcement Midland Group Targeting Prescription Drug Abuse A1 26-Feb-2009
Law Enforcement The Right Time: Auburn Police Chief Calls for Retirement A1 13-Mar-2009
Law Enforcement ACLU Sues Clare County, Two Sheriff's Deputies A3 4-Apr-2009
Law Enforcement Michigan Police Bank on Stimulus to Boost Ranks A1 5-Apr-2009
Law Enforcement Auburn Rejects Consultants on Police Merger A3 5-May-2009
Law Enforcement Local Impact of State Trooper Cutback Awaited A1 7-May-2009
Law Enforcement Trooper Losses Would Hit Local Posts A3 9-May-2009
Law Enforcement No Charges Will Be issued in Bay City Teen's Death A1 14-May-2009
Law Enforcement Lous Vehicles Targeted Starting Sunday A2 16-May-2009
Law Enforcement Auburn, Williams Look to Share Police Patrols A1 14-Jun-2009
Law Enforcement Perfect Score for Retailers in Alcohol Checks A5 14-Jun-2009
Law Enforcement Auburn Residents Debate Police Issue A1 16-Jun-2009
Law Enforcement Auburn, Willimas Consider Police Merger A1 21-Jun-2009
Law Enforcement Police Protectin Topic in Auburn A1 5-Jul-2009
Law Enforcement Auburn Keeps City Officer, Adds Deputy A1 7-Jul-2009
Law Enforcement Auburn Sheriff's Contract Renewed A1 4-Aug-2009
Law Enforcement Deputy to Begin Duty Monday A3 12-Sep-2009
Law Enforcement New MSP Post for Midland, Bay City Clears Hurdles A3 24-Sep-2009
Law Enforcement New Police Officer Walks Beat (Clare) A3 20-Oct-2009
Law Enforcement $150,000 of Drugs Dumped in Collection Effort A3 14-Nov-2009
Law Enforcement Project Blue Light Honors Local Heroes Sunday A3 3-Dec-2009
Law Enforcement Emergency Personnel Honored A1 7-Dec-2009
Lee Township Self-Defense Workshop Teaches Lee Neighbors Techniques A1 8-Apr-2009
Lee Township Lee Township Water Project on Schedule A3 6-May-2009
Lee Township Some Residents Appeal Lee Twp Water Assessment A3 6-May-2009
Lee Township Seeing in 3D: Lee A3 1-Jun-2009
Lee Township 300,000 Gallon Lee Twp Water Tower Standing A1 21-Jul-2009
Legislators Stamas Takes Lawmaker's Oath; Senator's Brother Affixes Pin A1 4-Jan-2009
Legislators Senator's Brother to Focus on Earning Respect A3 5-Jan-2009
Legislators Economy Hinders Some Ex-Lawmakers' Job Searches A3 17-Jan-2009
Legislators Camp Gets National Exposure with Concerns About Stimulus A1 23-Jan-2009
Legislators Lawmakers Learn of Committee Assignments A1 29-Jan-2009
Legislators Camp Wears Levinlike Glasses in Video A3 29-Jan-2009
Legislators Jim Stamas Assistant Whip: to Meet with Voters at Restaurant A3 3-Feb-2009
Legislators Camp to Dine at White House Tonight A7 4-Mar-2009
Legislators Camp Complains to Treasury Chief A7 4-Mar-2009
Legislators Camp, Sister Get Hug from First Lady After White House Dinner A1 5-Mar-2009
Legislators Camp, Others to Attend Health Care Forum at White House C3 5-Mar-2009
Legislators Dow High Grad Phillips Named Rep Camp's Press Secretary A3 8-Apr-2009
Legislators Camp Launches Website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Accounts A3 10-Apr-2009
Legislators Camp Named to GOP Energy Solutions Group A3 10-Apr-2009
Legislators White House Chief of Staff Praises Camp A3 21-Apr-2009
Legislators Sen. Stamas to Close District Offices A3 29-May-2009
Legislators Stamas Named to U.S. Environment Panel, State Library Bd A6 3-Jun-2009
Legislators Camp a Writer of GOP Health Care Plan A5 17-Jun-2009
Legislators Camp Part of Health Care News Conference A3 18-Jun-2009
Legislators Camp's Wife, Daughters Join Obamas, Fill Backpacks A3 27-Jun-2009
Libraries Music Library Celebrates 50 Years A1 13-Apr-2009
Literacy A Lesson to Anyone Who's Ever Set a Goal (Dunn) A3 12-Jan-2009
Literacy Literacy Council Seeks Volunteers to Read at Juvenile Care Center A2 20-Apr-2009
Literacy Literacy Council Honors Irons A6 9-Jun-2009
Literacy Two New Volunteers Join Literacy Council Board A5 1-Dec-2009
Little Forks Conservancy Little Forks Receives Land Acquisition Grant A5 22-Apr-2009
Little Forks Conservancy Chances to Visit, Enjoy Riverview Property A1 23-Apr-2009
Little Forks Conservancy Programs Offer View of 419 Acres A4 29-Apr-2009
Little Forks Conservancy Conservancy Receives Water Quality Grant A3 29-Aug-2009
Little Forks Conservancy Green Tie Gala for Conservancy is Saturday A2 21-Oct-2009
Lottery Freeland Woman Wins Largest Jack Prize Ever Claimed A3 10-Nov-2009
Lottery Auburn Man Nets $250,000 in Mega Millions A3 10-Nov-2009
Mackinac Center Forum to Deal with Property Right Issues A3 23-Jan-2009
Mackinac Center Mackinac Center, Others Applaud Some of Granholm's Proposals A3 3-Feb-2009
Mackinac Center Analyst Doubts Film Spending, Impact A1 21-Mar-2009
Mackinac Center Mackinac Center President Emeritus to Speak at CMU A3 4-Apr-2009
Mackinac Center Hoekstra Targets Business Tax, Visits Mackinac Center A1 13-May-2009
Mackinac Center Center Trying to Raise Property Rights Awareness A1 6-Jul-2009
Matrix:Midland Food Network Chef Bommarito in Midland March 7 C1 19-Feb-2009
Matrix:Midland Matrix Revealed: MCFTA Announces Lineup for Festival C1 12-Apr-2009
Matrix:Midland An Intoxicating Lecture B1 29-May-2009
Matrix:Midland Origami Expert Uses Science to Design Art A12 31-May-2009
Matrix:Midland Cirque Mechanics Build a Better Birdhouse A3 5-Jun-2009
Matrix:Midland Country's Shelton to Close Matrix C1 11-Jun-2009
Matrix:Midland Shelton, Jones in Country Finale A7 15-Jun-2009
Matrix:Midland America's Favorite Zookeeper Coming to Midland C1 26-Jul-2009
MBS Airport MBS Land Dispute Will Go to Trial A3 18-Jan-2009
MBS Airport MBS: Some Money's in Hand, Some on Wish List A1 20-Feb-2009
MBS Airport Loons Fans to Win Airplane Tickets as Part of MBS Plan A3 23-Feb-2009
MBS Airport Parking Rates Going Up A1 20-Mar-2009
MBS Airport MBS to Receive Nearly $13 Million in Federal Grants A1 3-Apr-2009
MBS Airport MBS's New Terminal on Fast Track A1 17-Apr-2009
MBS Airport MBS Pays $1.23 Million in Land Settlement A3 7-May-2009
MBS Airport MBS Receives Second Part of Federal Grant A3 20-Jun-2009
MBS Airport Jet Lands Safely at MBS A1 7-Jul-2009
MBS Airport Airport Eyes Terminal Design A3 19-Jul-2009
MBS Airport Sneak Peek at New MBS Terminal A1 22-Aug-2009
MBS Airport MBS Breaks Ground A1 28-Aug-2009
MBS Airport Possible Grants, Surcharges May Speed Up Construction A3 18-Sep-2009
MBS Airport MCKeag to MBS: Market to Lose It A1 16-Oct-2009
MBS Airport MBS Ups Leases for Delta, United Express A3 20-Nov-2009
MCESA 4C Services Turned Over to MCESA A2 14-Apr-2009
MCESA Budget Subject of Two Meetings A1 17-May-2009
MCTV Magic Show to Benefit Friends of MCTV A5 27-Sep-2009
MCTV Time to Shine in MCTV Talent Show A3 12-Oct-2009
MCTV Celebrating 25 Years!: MCTV Network Insert 5-Nov-2009
Meridian Public Schools Meridian Board Votes 4-1 to Place Countywide Millage on Ballot A1 27-Jan-2009
Meridian Public Schools Meridian Leader Scores High in Evaluation A3 5-Apr-2009
Meridian Public Schools Meridian Retirements Mean Fewer Layoffs A1 13-May-2009
Meridian Public Schools All Wet: Students Dive into Science Class A1 16-May-2009
Meridian Public Schools Meridian's Rau Wins State Title in 100-Meters B1 31-May-2009
Meridian Public Schools Meridian: From Red Ink to Black A1 19-Jun-2009
Meridian Public Schools Meridian Schools Plan for Possible State Cuts in 2009/10  A3 24-Jun-2009
Meridian Public Schools Meridian District: 50 and Going Strong A1 13-Aug-2009
Meridian Public Schools Meridian's Financial Situation Satisfies State A1 28-Aug-2009
Meridian Public Schools Meridian Schools Begin 50th Anniv Celebration A3 2-Oct-2009
Meridian Public Schools Royalty Returns for 50th A1 3-Oct-2009
Meridian Public Schools Boosters Help Restore Sports Busing A3 10-Oct-2009
Meridian Public Schools Meridian Public Schools Turns Finances Around A3 10-Oct-2009
Meridian Public Schools Meridian's Wall of Honor Graduates for Service to Country A3 12-Oct-2009
Meridian Public Schools Meridian Cuts $45,500 to Balance Budget A1 17-Dec-2009
Michigan Granholm to Address State A1 2-Feb-2009
Michigan Michigan Governor's Homes Goes Green with Solar, Wind A4 12-Jul-2009
Michigan Molecular Inst. North Carolina Chemistry Prof to Lecture at MMI A3 3-Sep-2009
Michigan-Budget Michigan Crafts List for Stimulus Package A1 9-Jan-2009
Michigan-Budget Granholm to Propose Cutting Agencies, State Fair A2 2-Feb-2009
Michigan-Budget Granholm: State Facing Hard Times, Difficult Decisions A1 4-Feb-2009
Michigan-Budget Governor's Speech Includes Mid-Michigan References A5 4-Feb-2009
Michigan-Budget Sen. Stamas Concerned, Appreciative After Granholm Speech A5 4-Feb-2009
Michigan-Budget Granholm Proposes Job Cuts, Less for Ed, Prison Closures A1 13-Feb-2009
Michigan-Budget State Stimulus 'Wish List' on Website A1 19-Feb-2009
Michigan-Budget Schools Spared Cuts? A1 20-Feb-2009
Michigan-Budget Stabenow to Tour Dow Corning Solar Solutions, Talk About Stimulus A3 20-Feb-2009
Michigan-Budget Granholm: 'We'll Take Your Money' A1 23-Feb-2009
Michigan-Budget Even Granholm Has Questions About Stimulus Money A1 28-Feb-2009
Michigan-Budget Aging State Parks Look to Stimulus Money for Help A2 2-Mar-2009
Michigan-Budget Michigan Senate Would Reduce Tax on Car Sales A1 13-Mar-2009
Michigan-Budget Granholm: Give Back 10% of Pay A1 16-Mar-2009
Michigan-Budget Granholm: Tough Budget Order Cming A1 2-May-2009
Michigan-Budget $300 Million in Cuts to be Proposed Today A8 5-May-2009
Michigan-Budget Michigan Hoping for Federal Grants A6 3-Jun-2009
Michigan-Budget Lawmakers: Avoid State Police Layoffs, Keep Racing Dates A1 11-Jun-2009
Michigan-Budget Lawmakers Heading Home Without Budget A4 26-Jun-2009
Michigan-Budget More Michigan Legislators Return Portion of Salaries A1 11-Jul-2009
Michigan-Budget Granholm: Avoid Dangerous Cuts A4 18-Jul-2009
Michigan-Budget House Republicans Detail Budget Priorities A3 23-Jul-2009
Michigan-Budget Preschool Program Latest to Be Threatened by State Budget A1 27-Jul-2009
Michigan-Budget Midlanders Worry About More Campground Closings A1 30-Aug-2009
Michigan-Budget Stalemate Will Harm State Image, Budget Leaders Told A1 4-Sep-2009
Michigan-Budget Granholm Outlines Plans for Balancing State Budget A1 9-Sep-2009
Michigan-Budget No Deal Yet as Talks Continue: Mich Budget Deadline 2 Weeks A1 16-Sep-2009
Michigan-Budget Michigan Lawmakers Plan to Start Voting on Parts of Budget A1 21-Sep-2009
Michigan-Budget Schools Could Take Big Budget Hit A1 24-Sep-2009
Michigan-Budget Tax Hikes Mulled as Budget Progress Slows A1 25-Sep-2009
Michigan-Budget Mich Senate OKs Interim Budget to Avoid Shutdown A12 26-Sep-2009
Michigan-Budget Mich Stares Down 2nd Govt Shutdown in 3 Years A1 27-Sep-2009
Michigan-Budget Stamas Says Tax Proposal Absurd A1 30-Sep-2009
Michigan-Budget Brief State Shutdown Ends, Interim Budget OK'd A1 1-Oct-2009
Michigan-Budget State Lawmakers Remain Divided About Budget Cuts A1 2-Oct-2009
Michigan-Budget State Legislature Passes K-12 Schools Budget A1 9-Oct-2009
Michigan-Budget State Cuts Will Force Midland, BC Schools to Dig Deep A1 10-Oct-2009
Michigan-Budget Senate GOP Still Holding onto 6 Mich Budget Bills A1 10-Oct-2009
Michigan-Budget Granholm Veto Cuts More from Midland District A1 20-Oct-2009
Michigan-Budget More K-12 Funding Cuts Are Ordered A1 23-Oct-2009
Michigan-Budget Granholm Rallies School Leaders to Seek More Money A1 24-Oct-2009
Michigan-Budget Senior Tax Breaks Cost Mich Government, But Likely Stay A1 30-Nov-2009
Michigan-Budget Deadline Nears on School Budget Cuts A4 1-Dec-2009
Michigan-Budget Report Suggests Michigan Target Pensions for Taxes A1 7-Dec-2009
Michigan-Budget Michigan School Districts Get Spending Cut Reprieve A1 11-Dec-2009
Michigan-Budget Will Schools See More Funding? A1 18-Dec-2009
Michigan-Courts Nine-Year Conservative Era Ends on Michigan High Court A3 2-Jan-2009
Michigan-Courts Schuette Likely Candidate for State Attorney General in 2010 A1 7-Jan-2009
Michigan-Courts 4-3 Vote Puts Kelly in State Supreme Ct Top Post A5 9-Jan-2009
Michigan-Courts Ludington Dismisses Saginaw Woman's Lawsuit Over Diamond A5 19-Feb-2009
Michigan-Courts Corriga to Discuss Child Abuse Saturday A2 21-Sep-2009
Michigan-Courts After 25 Years Bay County Judge Hangs Up Robe A3 2-Nov-2009
Michigan-Courts Divisions Easy to Read in New Mich Court Rule A1 28-Nov-2009
Midland Tax Man: City of Midland's Duford Takes Assessing... A3 1-Jan-2009
Midland Sister City Exchange Program Invites Students to Global Village A3 6-Mar-2009
Midland If the City Curbs Curbside, Brady is Ready A3 8-Apr-2009
Midland Spectrum: The Answer Book: June 21, 2009 Insert 21-Jun-2009
Midland No Raises for City Manager, Attorney A1 11-Jul-2009
Midland No Raises for Police, City Manager, City Attorney A1 14-Jul-2009
Midland Student Ambassadors Prepare to leave for Japan A1 14-Jul-2009
Midland Bay City, Midland Earn Part of $7.2 Million Pot A3 19-Jul-2009
Midland Steelworkers, City Reach Deal A1 26-Aug-2009
Midland City-Union Agree to Wage Freeze A1 11-Sep-2009
Midland Tisdale Adds DDA Duties to City Roles A3 11-Oct-2009
Midland City Reaches Agreement with Final Employees Union A3 20-Oct-2009
Midland Midland Accepting Applications for 4th Annual Citizen's Academy A3 26-Nov-2009
Midland City Seeks New Board, Commission Members A3 19-Dec-2009
Midland Non-Motorized Transportation Information Added to City's Website A3 23-Dec-2009
Midland City of Midland Earns a Whistle Clean Audit, Again A3 24-Dec-2009
Midland Area Chamber New Chamber Staffer Set to Tackle Govt Affairs A1 5-Jan-2009
Midland Area Chamber Midland Stressed, But Still the Best, Says Mayor A1 28-Jan-2009
Midland Area Chamber Mayton Named Leadership Alumni Leader of the Year A3 14-Feb-2009
Midland Area Chamber Chamber Chairman Hayes: Goals Continue A1 19-Feb-2009
Midland Area Chamber Athena Award Winner Shares Tough Times A3 20-Feb-2009
Midland Area Chamber Midland Chamber Will Absorb Cost of Bonus Bucks Program A1 4-Mar-2009
Midland Area Chamber Midland Business Focus Insert 7-Mar-2009
Midland Area Chamber Private Money Issued (Midland Bonus Bucks) A8 24-Mar-2009
Midland Area Chamber Four Local Residents Selected for Mich Chamber Leadership B1 2-Apr-2009
Midland Area Chamber Midland Business Focus Insert 4-Apr-2009
Midland Area Chamber Midland Business Focus Insert 25-Apr-2009
Midland Area Chamber Professor Pulls No Punches with Young Investors A3 30-Apr-2009
Midland Area Chamber Chamber to Feature MI Speaker of the House at Luncheon A4 21-Jul-2009
Midland Area Chamber Residents Invited to Be a Tourist At Home This Weekend A1 1-Oct-2009
Midland Area Chamber Playing Tourist: Residents Enjoy Learning About Midland A3 5-Oct-2009
Midland Area Chamber Work Needed to Energize Mid-Michigan Economy A3 22-Oct-2009
Midland Area Chamber Welcome to Leadership Midland 2009 A4 22-Oct-2009
Midland Area Chamber Chamber Executive Values Skills Learned in Girl Scouts A2 29-Nov-2009
Midland Center for the Arts Martin Luthe King Jr Event Set for Great Hall A3 9-Jan-2009
Midland Center for the Arts Bikes are Back: Motorcycle Exhibit Opens at MCFTA C1 18-Jan-2009
Midland Center for the Arts His Play's the Thing at MCFTA This Weekend C1 22-Jan-2009
Midland Center for the Arts A Very Scaly Exhibit: Lizards & Snakes-Alive! C1 1-Feb-2009
Midland Center for the Arts MCFTA Appoints Two Vice-Presidents A3 7-Feb-2009
Midland Center for the Arts Still Going Strong: MCFTA Doing Well Despite Economy Insert15 8-Feb-2009
Midland Center for the Arts Snake/Lizard Scientist Describes Narrow Escape A3 10-Feb-2009
Midland Center for the Arts MCFTA Cancels Events A3 21-Feb-2009
Midland Center for the Arts Like (Hiatt) or Lovett A3 22-Feb-2009
Midland Center for the Arts Traveling Zookeeper B1 27-Feb-2009
Midland Center for the Arts Bugs Bunny on Broadway Concern Cancelled A2 3-Mar-2009
Midland Center for the Arts Voices of Light' Combines Film, Music in Mesmerizing Experience A1 22-Mar-2009
Midland Center for the Arts Summer Camp Expo, Nickelodeon Live! Coming to MCFTA A2 27-Mar-2009
Midland Center for the Arts Camp Kickoff, Nickelodeon Live! A Family One-Stop Shop A3 29-Mar-2009
Midland Center for the Arts Last Call for Lizards: Exhibit Closes Sunday C2 7-May-2009
Midland Center for the Arts MCFTA Changes Hours for Summer A3 15-May-2009
Midland Center for the Arts Dance Company to Perform at MCFTA This Weekend A2 21-May-2009
Midland Center for the Arts Whose Line Alums Mochrie, Sherwood to Visit Midland C1 21-May-2009
Midland Center for the Arts Mochrie, Sherwood Laughing Till It Hurts A3 28-May-2009
Midland Center for the Arts Detroit His Focus: Dunbar Exhibits Works at MCFTA B2 5-Jun-2009
Midland Center for the Arts Hello Again Old Friend: Road Trip: Hall of Ideas B1 26-Jun-2009
Midland Center for the Arts Hohmeyer to Join Shirley Jones on the Road A6 21-Jul-2009
Midland Center for the Arts Sarah, Plain and Tall' C1 6-Aug-2009
Midland Center for the Arts Einstein Exhibit Highlights Life, Work C1 9-Aug-2009
Midland Center for the Arts Apron Event, Art Exhibits at MCFTA C2 9-Aug-2009
Midland Center for the Arts New Faces on MCFTA Board C2 30-Aug-2009
Midland Center for the Arts Einstein Curator to Speak Sept 24 C1 3-Sep-2009
Midland Center for the Arts Jungle Jack Hanna: 'Genuine' Entertainment A3 21-Sep-2009
Midland Center for the Arts Opera Takes Center Stage at MCFTA Event Nov 7 B3 24-Sep-2009
Midland Center for the Arts Physics teachers to Meet at MCFTA A5 6-Oct-2009
Midland Center for the Arts Greater Michigan Exhibit Opens Oct 17 at MCFTA C1 8-Oct-2009
Midland Center for the Arts Warner to Speak on Green Chemistry at MCFTA Oct 20 A3 13-Oct-2009
Midland Center for the Arts Holiday Art Fair This Weekend at MCFTA C1 19-Nov-2009
Midland Center for the Arts MSO, Grand Rapids Ballet Combine for Well-Danced 'Nutcracker' A1 6-Dec-2009
Midland Cogeneration Ven Swedish, American Partners to Buy MCV A1 20-Mar-2009
Midland Cogeneration Ven Midland Cogeneration Sale Finalized A1 21-May-2009
Midland Cogeneration Ven New Owners See Growth, Expansion A1 17-Jun-2009
Midland Comm Orchestra MCO Changes: Wendy Hohmeyer New Conductor C1 21-May-2009
Midland Comm Orchestra All-American Program: Midland Comm Orch Season Opener A8 18-Nov-2009
Midland Community Center Community Center Celebrating 90th Anniversary All Year A9 27-Jan-2009
Midland Community Center Growing Again: Accessible Spray Parks Adds to MCC A1 14-May-2009
Midland Community Center Suit Alleges Negligence in Fall from Rock Climbing Wall A1 7-Jun-2009
Midland Community Center MCC Celebrates 90 Years of Fun A3 28-Jun-2009
Midland Community Center The Oasis Featuring Spraytopia to Open This Month A1 10-Aug-2009
Midland Community Center Community Invited to Free '5-Star" Health Experience A1 20-Aug-2009
Midland Community Center Midland Community Center Spraypark to Open Monday A1 21-Aug-2009
Midland Community Center Spraytopia's Satisfying Splash A1 25-Aug-2009
Midland Convention Bureau Cathy' Cartoons on Website Celebrate Midland A1 24-Jan-2009
Midland County County Rec Plan Calls for More Ways to Use Rivers, Trails A3 4-Jan-2009
Midland County Concerns Over Edenville Park Top Hearing on Master Plan A3 15-Jan-2009
Midland County Countywide Education Millage Request Set for May Vote A3 12-Feb-2009
Midland County County Seeks Long-Awaited Courthouse Renovation with Stimulus A1 28-Feb-2009
Midland County County Cuts Force Tough Decision A1 2-Mar-2009
Midland County County Says 'No' to Stimulus Grant, Cites Rules A1 8-Apr-2009
Midland County County Awards Bid for Sanford Lake Park Facelift A1 8-Apr-2009
Midland County Midland County Revenue Enhancement Millage A3 3-May-2009
Midland County Mosquito Fogging Begins in County A1 11-May-2009
Midland County Benda Leaving Oct 2 as County Head A1 30-May-2009
Midland County Midland County Gets Federal Funds for Emergency Food A1 11-Jun-2009
Midland County Benda's Successor Search Narrows to Three A1 10-Jul-2009
Midland County Two Officials Set to Be Interviewed for Top Post A1 12-Jul-2009
Midland County Breaking News: County Board Picks Gransden A2 17-Jul-2009
Midland County Midland County Administrator/Controller Candidate A3 17-Jul-2009
Midland County New County Leader Praised for Knowledge, Work in Community A1 18-Jul-2009
Midland County Camp Neyati Serving Youth for 70 Years A3 22-Jul-2009
Midland County County 2010 Budget Not Rosy, But Won't Have 2009 Woes A1 21-Sep-2009
Midland County Haines Back in Deeds Office A1 30-Sep-2009
Midland County Prosecutor Pleads for No Staff Cuts in 2010 A3 7-Oct-2009
Midland County Revenue Questions Remain A1 8-Oct-2009
Midland County Board Reorganized, Chairman Surprised A3 11-Nov-2009
Midland County Midland County's New GIS Web Link UP and Running A1 12-Nov-2009
Midland County Debate Continues Over Economic Development A6 3-Dec-2009
Midland County Fairgrounds Mich Food Tent, Dance Contest, Musicians at Antique Festival A1 29-May-2009
Midland County Fairgrounds Benny's Bike Rally is Back B1 5-Jun-2009
Midland County Fairgrounds Midland Fair Grandstand Entertainment Announced A1 17-Jul-2009
Midland County Fairgrounds Antiques Festival Adds New Entertainment to Boost Attendance A3 26-Jul-2009
Midland County Fairgrounds Fair Won't Receive $90,000 From State A3 27-Jul-2009
Midland County Fairgrounds Group Members Prepare, Some for the Final Time A3 15-Aug-2009
Midland County Fairgrounds Ride 'em Cowboy: Rodeo Coming to the Fair Insert1 15-Aug-2009
Midland County Fairgrounds Grandstand Events Include Rodeo, Demolition, Wrestling Insert2 15-Aug-2009
Midland County Fairgrounds Lessons from the Hoof Insert3 15-Aug-2009
Midland County Fairgrounds Grandstand Hosting Big Time Wrestling Insert3 15-Aug-2009
Midland County Fairgrounds Legendary Lipizzan Stallions Perform Aug 21 Insert3 15-Aug-2009
Midland County Fairgrounds Midway Gets New Rides, Keeps Old Favorites Insert4 15-Aug-2009
Midland County Fairgrounds 4-H Leaders Honored with Memorial Garden A3 16-Aug-2009
Midland County Fairgrounds Racing to Save a Sport A1 17-Aug-2009
Midland County Fairgrounds Big Time Wrestling Comes to Fair A1 18-Aug-2009
Midland County Fairgrounds Big Cats on Display at the Fair A3 18-Aug-2009
Midland County Fairgrounds Warmth, Sun Coaxes Hundreds of Kids to Fair A3 19-Aug-2009
Midland County Fairgrounds Rodeo: County Fair Event a Crowd Pleaser A1 20-Aug-2009
Midland County Fairgrounds Hard Work Pays Off, Auction Nets Rewards A3 20-Aug-2009
Midland County Fairgrounds Seniors Show Fleet Feet at Fair A3 20-Aug-2009
Midland County Fairgrounds Kids, Men, Women Hit Target at Fair A1 21-Aug-2009
Midland County Fairgrounds Animal Auction is a Chaotic Time A3 21-Aug-2009
Midland County Fairgrounds Lipizzans Horse Around for Packed Crowd A3 22-Aug-2009
Midland County Fairgrounds Fair Called a Success A1 24-Aug-2009
Midland County Fairgrounds Demolition Derby a Smash Hit A3 24-Aug-2009
Midland County Fairgrounds Equestrian Tourney Promotes Fun, Friendly Competition A3 17-Oct-2009
Midland County Hist Society Exhibit Examines African American Youth in Midland A3 22-Jan-2009
Midland County Hist Society Life of Harriet Tubman to Be Portrayed on Feb 17 A5 12-Feb-2009
Midland County Hist Society Victorian Etiquette, Jane Austen Tea Programs Planned A2 18-Feb-2009
Midland County Hist Society Gourd as Darrow in One-Man Play C1 14-May-2009
Midland County Hist Society Whose History Is It? What Will Happen to County's Archives? A7 7-Jun-2009
Midland County Hist Society A Graveside History Lesson B1 25-Sep-2009
Midland County Hist Society Historical Society Offering 'Write Your Life' Workshop A4 8-Oct-2009
Midland County Hist Society Bradley Home Hosting Holiday Hours A10 29-Nov-2009
Midland County-Animal Cont Animal Control Adoption Day a Success A3 11-Jun-2009
Midland County-Budget Early in Process, Budget Worries Linger A1 22-Aug-2009
Midland County-Budget County Board OKs Budget, Splits on Funding Midland Tomorrow A1 4-Nov-2009
Midland County-Commission County Board Wants to Keep Meetings Civil, Allow Debate A3 8-Jan-2009
Midland County-Commission Board Let Drain Commissioner Resign from Part of Job A3 21-Jan-2009
Midland County-Commission In Tough Budgets, Even Vacations Get Scrutiny A3 8-Feb-2009
Midland County-Commission New County Head Could Be Chosen By End of July A3 18-Jun-2009
Midland County-Commission No Champagne, Just Water; County OKs Bonds A1 19-Aug-2009
Midland County-Commission Board Wrangles Over Spending Issues A1 2-Sep-2009
Midland County-Courthouse Bomb Threat Made at Courthouse A1 31-Jul-2009
Midland County-Courthouse County Needs Better Ways to Handle Inmates in Courthouse A2 17-Sep-2009
Midland County-Courthouse Officials Beginning Courthouse Planning A1 8-Oct-2009
Midland County-Courts Court to be 2nd in Mich to Accept Electronic Case Filings A1 24-May-2009
Midland County-Courts No-Show Jurors Being Held in Contempt by Judges A1 22-Jul-2009
Midland County-Courts Court Cracks Down on Unpaid Fines, Costs A1 8-Aug-2009
Midland County-Courts Felons Will Get More Time Before Judge in 'Drug Court' A3 25-Oct-2009
Midland County-Courts Asst Prosecutor Finds New Role in Probate Court A3 13-Nov-2009
Midland County-Courts Two New Prosecutors A5 13-Nov-2009
Midland County-Courts Court Collections More Than Double A3 21-Nov-2009
Midland County-Courts Michigan Adoption Day: Annual Ceremonies Unite... A3 25-Nov-2009
Midland County-Parks Group to Present Results of Regional Rail-Trail Projects A3 10-Mar-2009
Midland County-Parks Connecting Regional Rail-Trails Would Improve Communities A3 12-Mar-2009
Midland County-Parks State's Non-Motorized Trails Second in Nation A3 12-Mar-2009
Midland County-Sheriff Prybyski Reflects on Law Enforcement Career A3 2-Jan-2009
Midland County-Sheriff Midland County Sheriff to Train Community-Disaster Preparedness A3 16-Apr-2009
Midland County-Sheriff Thanks to Local Law Enforcement: Police Week May 10-16 B6 16-May-2009
Midland County-Sheriff Sheriff's Program Gives Old Cell Phones New Life A3 14-Sep-2009
Midland County-Sheriff County to Decide if Undersheriff Job Should Be Funded A1 14-Oct-2009
Midland County-Sheriff Undersheriff Vasicek Keeps Job for 2010 A1 21-Oct-2009
Midland County-Treasurer Treasurer Defends Land Sale to Stepfather, Mother A1 21-Feb-2009
Midland Daily News MDN Giving Pickles a Try A1 7-Jan-2009
Midland Daily News Get Your Motor Runnin': Daily News Fast Lane Racing Contest A1 25-Jan-2009
Midland Daily News My Battle with ALS B1 8-Feb-2009
Midland Daily News New Home, Features for Verge Website B1 20-Feb-2009
Midland Daily News MDN Wins Photographer of Year, Photo Editor of Year A1 3-Mar-2009
Midland Daily News New Look for Paper Unveiled A1 16-Mar-2009
Midland Daily News Saginaw News, Bay City Times Go To 3 Days Per Week A1 24-Mar-2009
Midland Daily News Our Town Showcases Award-Winning MDN Staff A1 10-Apr-2009
Midland Daily News Experts: Newspapers Seeking New Ways to Deliver News A3 22-Apr-2009
Midland Daily News Thanks for All the Help (Chris Marchand) B1 6-Jul-2009
Midland Daily News A Hand in History A1 22-Jul-2009
Midland Daily News Thanks for the Great Times and Memories, Chris B1 27-Jul-2009
Midland Daily News Yellowstone Quake at 50: Former MDN Editor Recalls A8 25-Aug-2009
Midland Daily News Daily News Takes 17 MPAA Awards A4 4-Oct-2009
Midland Daily News Reece Honors Daily News A3 5-Nov-2009
Midland Mall Children Check Out Sirens at National Night Out A2 6-Aug-2009
Midland Music Society Schubert & Schumann: Vocalists Showcased C1 15-Jan-2009
Midland Music Society Joan of Arc: Silent Film Coupled with Voice, Music C1 19-Mar-2009
Midland Music Society McPeak Earns Volunteer Award A8 15-Jul-2009
Midland Music Society Ragtime' Opens Saturday: Gripping Story, Big Production C1 15-Oct-2009
Midland Music Society Ragtime' is a Rich Tapestry of Story and Song A3 19-Oct-2009
Midland Public Schools Woodcrest Weather Wizards Schore Top 10 Finish A5 2-Jan-2009
Midland Public Schools Watkins Named New Dow High Football Coach D1 8-Jan-2009
Midland Public Schools MPS to Review Countywide Enhancement Millage A3 12-Jan-2009
Midland Public Schools Dow High Receives National Honor A1 13-Jan-2009
Midland Public Schools MPS on 'Critical List' A1 14-Jan-2009
Midland Public Schools School, Union Talks Stalled A1 17-Jan-2009
Midland Public Schools Schools Might Be Closed in Midland A1 27-Jan-2009
Midland Public Schools Students Separate Text Messaging, Academic Writing Insert10 1-Feb-2009
Midland Public Schools Siebert Elementary Celebrates 50th Anniversary A1 7-Feb-2009
Midland Public Schools MPS Plans to Consolidate Three Public Schools A3 8-Feb-2009
Midland Public Schools Mills & Eastlawn Elem Could Be Casualties of Budget Woes A1 10-Feb-2009
Midland Public Schools Midland High BPA Students Place at Conference A5 10-Feb-2009
Midland Public Schools Dow Students Raise Money for Make-A-Wish Foundation A5 10-Feb-2009
Midland Public Schools Uncertain Future: Eastlawn PTO Discusses Efforts A1 11-Feb-2009
Midland Public Schools Proposed Budget Cuts for Midland Public Schools Outlined A1 11-Feb-2009
Midland Public Schools Floyd Students Help Keep Families Fed, Peace on Playground A3 13-Feb-2009
Midland Public Schools MPS, Union Reach Tentative Pact A1 14-Feb-2009
Midland Public Schools Kreusch's Adams 5th Graders Help Themselves By Helping B10 14-Feb-2009
Midland Public Schools Ellinger: Changes Invevitable for MPS Sports B1 17-Feb-2009
Midland Public Schools Mills Parents Share Concerns A1 18-Feb-2009
Midland Public Schools MPS Teachers, Board Approve Contract A1 24-Feb-2009
Midland Public Schools School Closures, Cuts Opposed A1 24-Feb-2009
Midland Public Schools Eastlawn Parents Plead Their Case to Keep School Open A1 25-Feb-2009
Midland Public Schools MPS Looks for Input to Remedy Potential $7 Million Deficit A1 26-Feb-2009
Midland Public Schools Dow Debate Team Wins State A1 26-Feb-2009
Midland Public Schools Fire Up the Lights, It's Showtime (Dow High-Ren Fair) A1 26-Feb-2009
Midland Public Schools MPS Approves Summer Capital Projects A3 27-Feb-2009
Midland Public Schools Students Learns Consequences of Sexual Misconduct A3 28-Feb-2009
Midland Public Schools MHS Drama Takes Fourth in State Contest C3 1-Mar-2009
Midland Public Schools Schools Get Reprieve: Education Funding Can't Be Cut A1 2-Mar-2009
Midland Public Schools MPS Budget Woes: 2 Veteran Coaches Share Views B1 2-Mar-2009
Midland Public Schools MPS Proposes Moving Eastlawn Students to Central A1 10-Mar-2009
Midland Public Schools Community Offers Ideas to Plug Holes in MPS Budget A1 12-Mar-2009
Midland Public Schools 39,000: That's the Number of Meals Students Packaged A3 15-Mar-2009
Midland Public Schools Charge! Robotics Team Wiins A1 16-Mar-2009
Midland Public Schools Closure Decision Delayed Until April A1 21-Mar-2009
Midland Public Schools Delay Welcomed: Fate of Mills & Eastlawn Remains Uncertain A1 24-Mar-2009
Midland Public Schools Dow DECA Members Qualify for International Competition A5 24-Mar-2009
Midland Public Schools MPS to Discuss Possible Millage Tradeoff Today A1 30-Mar-2009
Midland Public Schools Midland's Young Technocrats Build Team Skills with Robot A3 6-Apr-2009
Midland Public Schools MPS Building Closing Decision Expected to Be Delayed A1 17-Apr-2009
Midland Public Schools Defending Their Art C1 19-Apr-2009
Midland Public Schools MHS Presents Rollicking Tale A1 22-Apr-2009
Midland Public Schools Oh, The Drama! A1 22-Apr-2009
Midland Public Schools Reading Lab: A Cost-Effective, Student-Effective Program A3 25-Apr-2009
Midland Public Schools MPS Delays School Closures A1 28-Apr-2009
Midland Public Schools MPS Offers Virtual Credit Makeup Option A3 30-Apr-2009
Midland Public Schools Prom Prizes Offer Students Incentives to Stay & Win A1 2-May-2009
Midland Public Schools Midland Public Schools Could Get Police Officers A1 3-May-2009
Midland Public Schools MPS Faces Cuts Even if Millage is Approved by Voters Today A1 5-May-2009
Midland Public Schools A Musical Trip to the 80's A10 6-May-2009
Midland Public Schools MPS Teachers Honored for Dedication, Contributions A3 8-May-2009
Midland Public Schools Chestnut Hill Elementary Celebrates 50th Anniversary A1 9-May-2009
Midland Public Schools Midland School Board to Discuss Next Step of School Closings A2 11-May-2009
Midland Public Schools Possible School Closures Discussed A1 12-May-2009
Midland Public Schools Midland Principals Appointed A2 12-May-2009
Midland Public Schools Dow Students Compete in Science Olympiad B10 13-May-2009
Midland Public Schools Dow, Midland Name SVL Teacher of Year Awardees A4 14-May-2009
Midland Public Schools MPS Closure Decision Rests with Board A1 16-May-2009
Midland Public Schools MHS's Focus Wins 40 Awards B2 21-May-2009
Midland Public Schools MPS Board to Vote on Advisory Members A3 25-May-2009
Midland Public Schools MPS Board Selects Diverse Closure Committee A1 27-May-2009
Midland Public Schools MPS Budget Outlook Grim A1 28-May-2009
Midland Public Schools Reading Recovery, Parapros Valued A1 28-May-2009
Midland Public Schools Midland Places 8th in State: Forensics Competition C1 28-May-2009
Midland Public Schools Waxing Historic: Students Portray Historical Figures A1 4-Jun-2009
Midland Public Schools MPS Panel Off to Good Start A1 5-Jun-2009
Midland Public Schools Midland, Dow Students Graduate A1 6-Jun-2009
Midland Public Schools MPS May Eliminate 5 Freshman Sports, Charge Athletes B1 7-Jun-2009
Midland Public Schools Franklin Nearing the End A1 8-Jun-2009
Midland Public Schools MPS to Review Budget, Recommended Cuts Tonight A3 8-Jun-2009
Midland Public Schools Freshman Sports, Parapro Layoffs Top Budget Talks A3 9-Jun-2009
Midland Public Schools Cassar Entertains Woodcrest 5th Grade Class A4 14-Jun-2009
Midland Public Schools Dow DECA Students Reflect on Experience A6 15-Jun-2009
Midland Public Schools Meeting on School Bus Thursday A3 16-Jun-2009
Midland Public Schools Pay-to-Play, Not Elimination Best Choice for MPS, Parent Says A1 21-Jun-2009
Midland Public Schools Midland School Board to Vote on Budget, Cuts A3 22-Jun-2009
Midland Public Schools MPS Cuts Approved A1 23-Jun-2009
Midland Public Schools MPS Wins Bike to Work Challenge A7 24-Jun-2009
Midland Public Schools New MPS Position Explained A1 8-Jul-2009
Midland Public Schools Seeking Input on Possible School Closures A3 11-Jul-2009
Midland Public Schools Choice, Neighborhoods Critical to MPS Closure Debate A1 19-Jul-2009
Midland Public Schools MPS Meets Today A1 20-Jul-2009
Midland Public Schools Ellinger Salary Frozen for '09-'10 A1 21-Jul-2009
Midland Public Schools MPS Retains Board Officers, Looks to Long-Term Plans A3 21-Jul-2009
Midland Public Schools Prosecutor's Office Reviewing Student Attack Case A3 28-Jul-2009
Midland Public Schools MPS Committee to Set Criteria for School Closures A3 1-Aug-2009
Midland Public Schools Drama Mamas Raising Funds to Cover Budget Cuts A5 4-Aug-2009
Midland Public Schools MHS Grad Wins National Business, Finance Competition A3 5-Aug-2009
Midland Public Schools Some Freshman Sports Restored A1 12-Aug-2009
Midland Public Schools MPS Unveils $8 Million in Capital Projects A1 25-Aug-2009
Midland Public Schools New Program Puts City Police into the Schools A1 30-Aug-2009
Midland Public Schools Preparing for New School Year A3 4-Sep-2009
Midland Public Schools Eastlawn Teacher Helps Students Know Where They Belong A1 9-Sep-2009
Midland Public Schools Schools Preparing to Fight Flu A1 9-Sep-2009
Midland Public Schools Central Students Meet Red Wings A1 11-Sep-2009
Midland Public Schools Midland High Class of 1959 Celebrates 50-Yr Reunion A3 13-Sep-2009
Midland Public Schools MPS Board Eyes New Building Rental Policy A1 15-Sep-2009
Midland Public Schools Dow High's New Principal Embodies Charger Spirit A1 15-Sep-2009
Midland Public Schools MPS Sets Millage Rate A1 22-Sep-2009
Midland Public Schools Blue Crew: Central Middle Schools Rev Up School Spirit A1 24-Sep-2009
Midland Public Schools MPS Has Healthy Fund Balance, But Future Challenges A1 30-Sep-2009
Midland Public Schools 63 MPS Students Earn AP Scholar Awards A3 1-Oct-2009
Midland Public Schools MPS Building Closure Comm Looking at Long-Range Plans A2 2-Oct-2009
Midland Public Schools The Pink Lady Chargers A1 6-Oct-2009
Midland Public Schools Midland, Dow Students Named Semifinalists in Merit Scholarship A3 6-Oct-2009
Midland Public Schools Midland Student Wins National Writing Award A5 6-Oct-2009
Midland Public Schools Panel Mulls Closing 5 Schools A1 9-Oct-2009
Midland Public Schools MPS Board Plans for Long-term Future A3 14-Oct-2009
Midland Public Schools Leaving Iowa' Doesn't Leave Laughter Behind A6 14-Oct-2009
Midland Public Schools Dow High to Host First Homecoming Parade in 20 Years A3 15-Oct-2009
Midland Public Schools State Champs! Dow Boys Win State Title (tennis) B1 18-Oct-2009
Midland Public Schools Chippewassee on All School Closure Solutions A1 23-Oct-2009
Midland Public Schools Fired Up! Rain, Cold Fail to Deter Tailgating A1 24-Oct-2009
Midland Public Schools MPS Programs Restored A1 27-Oct-2009
Midland Public Schools Mills Elementary Golden: Public Celebration Thursday A1 27-Oct-2009
Midland Public Schools Jefferson Prepares for an Evening of Music & More A3 28-Oct-2009
Midland Public Schools Mills Elementary: Celebrating 50; Hoping for More A3 30-Oct-2009
Midland Public Schools Dow Students Hoping for Repeat Success in Eco Challenge A8 4-Nov-2009
Midland Public Schools Learning to Lead & Follow (Camp Outlook) A1 10-Nov-2009
Midland Public Schools MPS Students Meet High Standards on State Tests A1 11-Nov-2009
Midland Public Schools Ren Fair's Message: Don't Be That Guy C1 12-Nov-2009
Midland Public Schools Thumbs Up for 'Pretty Cool' Carpenter School Playground A3 14-Nov-2009
Midland Public Schools Curtain Falls on Chemics' Season A1 15-Nov-2009
Midland Public Schools Brother Rice Cooks Chemics 49-27 B1 15-Nov-2009
Midland Public Schools Let the Talent Shine (Rhapsody Rendezvous) A1 19-Nov-2009
Midland Public Schools At Dow High, The Bee's the Thing C1 19-Nov-2009
Midland Public Schools MPS Sets Closure Decision Date A1 24-Nov-2009
Midland Public Schools Cook Elementary's Science Club Learns What's Contagious A3 3-Dec-2009
Midland Public Schools The Final Bell: Which Ones? (closure decision) A1 6-Dec-2009
Midland Public Schools MPS School Closures: Decision Expected Next Week A1 8-Dec-2009
Midland Public Schools Massive Snowball Battle A3 10-Dec-2009
Midland Public Schools Midland High Principal Frazee to Retire After This Year A1 12-Dec-2009
Midland Public Schools Lesser of Evils: Close Chippewassee, Longview, Parkdale... A1 15-Dec-2009
Midland Public Schools Sweeping Mid-Year Cuts Mean Layoffs and Reassignments A1 15-Dec-2009
Midland Public Schools Sad School Day: Cook, Mills React After School Closing Decision A1 16-Dec-2009
Midland Public Schools MPS Union Willing to Discuss Contract A1 17-Dec-2009
Midland Public Schools Adams Students Help Make Happy Holiday for Special Family A3 17-Dec-2009
Midland Public Schools MPS, Union Work to Overcome Issues A1 20-Dec-2009
Midland Public Schools After Difficult Trials, Dickerson Family Full of Gratitude D1 25-Dec-2009
Midland Symphony MOS Maestro Wannabe Voting Deadline Approaching C1 22-Jan-2009
Midland Symphony Blair Wins Maestro Wannabe A7 4-Feb-2009
Midland Symphony MSO Soloist Ingolfsson: Muis Part of Her Life & Fabric C1 12-Feb-2009
Midland Symphony Violinist's Amazing Virtuosity Highlights MSO Concert A7 16-Feb-2009
Midland Symphony Folksy, Jazz-Infused Piece to Highlight MSO Show C1 16-Apr-2009
Midland Symphony Harlem Quartet Thrills A1 19-Apr-2009
Midland Symphony Exhuberant' Texan Joins MSO for 'Opera in Concert' C1 5-Nov-2009
Midland Symphony MSO Season Gets Off to a Good Start A3 9-Nov-2009
Midland Theatre Guild The Splendor (& Not So Splendor) of Love Attracts Director C1 22-Jan-2009
Midland Theatre Guild Almost Maine: A Quirky Delight A1 25-Jan-2009
Midland Theatre Guild Theatre Guild Play Takes Off on Tabloid Frenzy C1 19-Feb-2009
Midland Theatre Guild Review: Theatre Guild Again Weaves Its Spell A1 22-Feb-2009
Midland Theatre Guild Urinetown Spoofs Musicals C1 23-Apr-2009
Midland Theatre Guild Review: 'Irinetown' Features Great Cast A5 27-Apr-2009
Midland Theatre Guild Offbeat Comedy has Poignant Moments C1 5-Nov-2009
Midland Theatre Guild Charming Cast Offsets Hit-and-Miss 'Duck Hunter' A1 8-Nov-2009
Midland Tomorrow Midland Tomorrow: 2008 Annual Report Insert 15-Apr-2009
Midland Tomorrow Midland Tomorrow Will Host Forum on June 26 A8 17-Jun-2009
Midland-Board of Review Midland Board of Review to Hear Appeals A3 6-Mar-2009
Midland-Board of Review Man Homeowners Will See Lower Assessments, Higher Taxes A1 9-Mar-2009
Midland-Board of Review Board of Review Taking Property Tax Exemption Apps A3 4-Jul-2009
Midland-Budget City Loses Top-Level Parks & Rec Job, More Cuts to Come A1 22-Feb-2009
Midland-Budget City Rejects Bids on Iceless Ice Rink A3 28-Feb-2009
Midland-Budget City and the Stimulus: Ask for a Lot, Hope for a Little A3 1-Mar-2009
Midland-Budget City Gets $66,000 in Stimulus Money A1 5-Mar-2009
Midland-Budget Should City Drop Recycling Program? A1 24-Mar-2009
Midland-Budget Proposed City Budget Adds $62 a Year to Tax Bill A1 21-Apr-2009
Midland-Budget City: $24 More a Year On Proposed Water, Sewer Bill A1 9-May-2009
Midland-City Council City Council Seeks Input at Planning Retreat Saturday A1 15-Jan-2009
Midland-City Council Council Discusses Cuts/Taxes at Retreat A1 18-Jan-2009
Midland-City Council Slicing the Pie: Council Gets First Taste of Budget Balancing A1 19-Jan-2009
Midland-City Council Midland City Council Members Weigh in on Budget Strategy A3 19-Jan-2009
Midland-City Council Construction Projects & A New Look Between One-Way Pairs A3 26-Jan-2009
Midland-City Council Sandow, Swede on Short List of Proposed City Capital Projects A5 27-Jan-2009
Midland-City Council First Out of the Gate: Michael Westendorf Announces for Council A1 5-Feb-2009
Midland-City Council Contracted Services to Cover One Vacated City Staff Job A1 17-Feb-2009
Midland-City Council Six New Midland Sidewalks Requested A3 26-Feb-2009
Midland-City Council City Council Nominating Petitions Available at City Clerk's A3 2-Mar-2009
Midland-City Council Midland's Citizens Academy Meets the City Council A3 5-Mar-2009
Midland-City Council Sandow Sewer Proposal Moves Forward A3 13-Mar-2009
Midland-City Council Sandow Area Special Assessment Gets 15-Yr Payback A3 25-Mar-2009
Midland-City Council Now is the Time to Speak Up About Curbside Recycling A3 13-Apr-2009
Midland-City Council City Proposes Cuts, Tax Increase A1 14-Apr-2009
Midland-City Council Curbside Recycling Reduced to Once a Month A1 14-Apr-2009
Midland-City Council Budget Hearing is Tonight A3 27-Apr-2009
Midland-City Council Parking Violators Will Pay More Under Proposals A3 27-Apr-2009
Midland-City Council Few Comments Heard About City Budget, Chamber Supports It A1 28-Apr-2009
Midland-City Council Council Candidate Deadline Looms A1 10-May-2009
Midland-City Council Tonight: Budgets, Blooms and Parking Fees A3 11-May-2009
Midland-City Council City Backs Zone in Bid to Gain 800-900 Jobs A1 12-May-2009
Midland-City Council New Parking Violation Fines in Effect July 1 A1 13-May-2009
Midland-City Council New Recreation Program Fees Proposed A1 13-May-2009
Midland-City Council This Wee: More Than Just the Budget A1 17-May-2009
Midland-City Council City Council Adopts Tax Hike with 2009-10 Budget A3 19-May-2009
Midland-City Council Utility Rate Hikes Eyed A1 9-Jun-2009
Midland-City Council City Approves Subdivision Plans A2 13-Jun-2009
Midland-City Council This Week at City Hall: Help for Sandow Residents A3 22-Jun-2009
Midland-City Council Water, Sewer Rate Hikes Approved A1 23-Jun-2009
Midland-City Council City Signs on to Statewide Green Communities Challenge A3 16-Jul-2009
Midland-City Council Plan Plots Future for Walking, Cycling A3 28-Jul-2009
Midland-City Council New, Smaller Dial-A-Rides Join Fleet A3 28-Jul-2009
Midland-City Council Caltech Expands, Smaller Accessory Buildings Regulated A1 10-Aug-2009
Midland-City Council Council Supports Caltech Expansion Plans A3 11-Aug-2009
Midland-City Council This Week at City Hall: Sportstown, USA A3 24-Aug-2009
Midland-City Council Council Salutes Berryhill, Tennis Center A1 25-Aug-2009
Midland-City Council Battery Plant Site Rezoning Approved A3 25-Aug-2009
Midland-City Council Achievement Signs Can Be Posted in 6 City Locales A3 26-Aug-2009
Midland-City Council Midland Council Backs Contract A1 15-Sep-2009
Midland-City Council Landlords Oppose PILOTS At Council Meeting A1 18-Oct-2009
Midland-City Council Landlords Object, But PILOT Homes OK'd A1 20-Oct-2009
Midland-City Council Federal Grant Kick-Starts City Energy Audit A8 22-Oct-2009
Midland-City Council No Raises for Council A1 2-Nov-2009
Midland-City Council City of MIdland Recognizes Beautification Efforts Nov 5 A3 2-Nov-2009
Midland-City Council 1st Lady: Donker is New Mayor A1 10-Nov-2009
Midland-City Council More Info Needed on Reduced Currie Rates, Says Council A3 24-Nov-2009
Midland-City Council Bike Lanes in Store for Ashman, Rodd A3 8-Dec-2009
Midland-City Council Project to Proceed With or Without the City, Developer Says A1 13-Dec-2009
Midland-City Council Seeking a Safe Crossing, Braley Speaks Up A1 17-Dec-2009
Midland-City Council Council Closed Session Will Review Litigation A4 20-Dec-2009
Midland-City Council It's Official: No Raises for Council, Mayor A3 24-Dec-2009
Midland-Civic Arena Accountability, Profitability are Goals, Says New Manager A3 7-Feb-2009
Midland-Civic Arena Civic Arena Fee Hikes Eyed A1 15-Jul-2009
Midland-Civic Arena Civic Arena Fees Go Up Sept 1 A3 29-Jul-2009
Midland-Civic Arena Ice Time Fees Slide Upward A1 31-Aug-2009
Midland-Fire Department Fire Dept Gets Federal Grant for Equipment, Training A3 14-Jan-2009
Midland-Fire Department Chief: New Station Needed to Improve Response A3 19-Jan-2009
Midland-Fire Department 2008 Firefighter of the Year Named A3 25-Jan-2009
Midland-Fire Department Fire Officials Mourn Loss (Michael Draves) A1 11-Feb-2009
Midland-Fire Department Firefighter to Be Honored A1 13-Feb-2009
Midland-Fire Department City Fireman Honored (Michael Draves) A1 15-Feb-2009
Midland-Fire Department City Fire Department Enhances Medical Care A3 29-May-2009
Midland-Fire Department Career: Haag Retires After 25 Yrs with Fire Dept A1 11-Dec-2009
Midland-Housing Housing Talk Force to Review, Recommend PILOT Changes A1 9-Dec-2009
Midland-Landfill Methane Recovery Project May Quality for State Loan A3 27-Apr-2009
Midland-Landfill Landfill Gas Could Power City Buildings A3 11-Jun-2009
Midland-Landfill City Will Produce Electricity from Landfill Methane A1 23-Jun-2009
Midland-Landfill LGE Ready to Launch When Funding Arrives A3 25-Nov-2009
Midland-Parks & Recreation Currie Posts More Rounds, Revenue Up in '08 A1 7-Jan-2009
Midland-Parks & Recreation Adult Recreation Program Fees May Jump in '09 A1 7-Jan-2009
Midland-Parks & Recreation Civic Arena, Property Taxes Up for Discussion A3 2-Feb-2009
Midland-Parks & Recreation Recreation Fee Hikes Likely to Remain Modest A1 24-Feb-2009
Midland-Parks & Recreation New Website Will Showcase Parks & Rec Master Plan A3 4-Mar-2009
Midland-Parks & Recreation Fore! Currie Now Open A1 1-Apr-2009
Midland-Parks & Recreation City Considering Dog Park Changes After Flooding A3 3-Apr-2009
Midland-Parks & Recreation Public Can Have Say on Midland's Park Plan A1 29-Apr-2009
Midland-Parks & Recreation Two More Teen Pool Parties Ahead A5 10-Jul-2009
Midland-Parks & Recreation Haunted Forest Dates Set A1 4-Oct-2009
Midland-Parks & Recreation Prepare Yourself for a Scream (Haunted Forest) A1 19-Oct-2009
Midland-Parks & Recreation Rec Softball,Swimming Fee Hikes Proposed for Next Year A1 9-Nov-2009
Midland-Parks & Recreation Public Can Weigh in on Parks-Rec Master Plan A3 16-Nov-2009
Midland-Parks & Recreation Parks and Rec Plans, Fees Approved by Commission A2 5-Dec-2009
Midland-Parks & Recreation Midland Softball, Other Fees Could Go Up A3 9-Dec-2009
Midland-Parks & Recreation Fees Drop at Currie A3 9-Dec-2009
Midland-Parks & Recreation Thrune Park to Get $350,000 Makeover A3 22-Dec-2009
Midland-Parks & Recreation New City Recreation Fees Make Way Through First Round A3 22-Dec-2009
Midland-Planning Comm After Four Years, Poprave Says Goodbye to City Job A3 23-Jan-2009
Midland-Planning Comm Commission OKs Zoning Text Changes, Except One A3 1-Feb-2009
Midland-Planning Comm Neighbors Oppose Stark Road Rezoning A3 11-Feb-2009
Midland-Planning Comm Uses in Industrial Parks Changing A3 15-Feb-2009
Midland-Planning Comm Annexed City of MIdland Parcels Rezoned A3 26-Feb-2009
Midland-Planning Comm City Rescinds Brew Pub Site Building Permit A1 2-Jul-2009
Midland-Planning Comm Planners OK Rezoning for Dow Battery Plant Site A1 15-Jul-2009
Midland-Planning Comm City in No Hurry on Zoning Annexed Property A3 27-Nov-2009
Midland-Police Department Backlog: Officials Wait for Test Results Insert5 8-Feb-2009
Midland-Police Department New Police Chief to Be Named Soon A1 12-Feb-2009
Midland-Police Department Ladwig Named Chief of Police A1 18-Feb-2009
Midland-Police Department Acting Chief Lane Retiring Today A1 27-Feb-2009
Midland-Police Department Two New Police Captains Named A1 25-Apr-2009
Midland-Police Department No Pay Raises for Midland Police A1 11-Jul-2009
Midland-Police Department Support Midland Police (photos of officers) B5 23-Aug-2009
Midland-Police Department New Program Puts City Police into the Schools A1 30-Aug-2009
Midland-Police Department City Police Go High Tech for Crime Alerts A1 5-Sep-2009
Midland-Police Department Midland PD Announces Promotions A3 17-Sep-2009
Midland-Police Department Midland Police Welcomes Three New Officers A3 17-Sep-2009
Midland-Police Department Safety Conscious Police Officer Receives City Award A3 5-Oct-2009
Midland-Public Services Yard Waste Program Begins Monday A1 25-Mar-2009
Midland-Public Services New Curbside Recycling Schedules Coming Soon A3 31-Jul-2009
Midland-Recycling Curbing Their Frustration: Half of Midland Choosing Recycliing A1 13-Dec-2009
Midland-Recycling Good Intentions: Service Cuts Derail Family's Resolution A3 13-Dec-2009
Midland-Water City Water to Be Tested A1 24-Jul-2009
Midland-Zoning Commercial Driveways, Cell Tower Regs Among Proposed A3 14-Jan-2009
Midland-Zoning Proposed Overlay Ordinance Has Draft Language A3 29-Mar-2009
Mid-Mich Comm College MMCC's M-TEC Hosts Plastics Forum B3 17-Jul-2009
Mid-Mich Comm College MMCC's Students of Promise Visit Castle Farms A5 18-Aug-2009
Mid-Mich Comm College Record Enrollment A1 27-Aug-2009
MidMichigan Medical Center Smile, Reach, Speech Campaign Receives Award B1 1-Jan-2009
MidMichigan Medical Center Pediatric Patients Supported by Blood Donors A6 6-Jan-2009
MidMichigan Medical Center Two Leaders Honored with Annual MidMichigan Award B2 8-Jan-2009
MidMichigan Medical Center Ludwig Named Medical Director of Breast Health Program B4 13-Jan-2009
MidMichigan Medical Center Hospital Expansion Projects Not Stalled by Economy Insert15 25-Jan-2009
MidMichigan Medical Center Rogers Enjoying Role as President of MidMichigan Insert16 25-Jan-2009
MidMichigan Medical Center Stover Named President of MMMC-Gladwin A3 7-Feb-2009
MidMichigan Medical Center MidMichigan Health Cuts Out Trans Fats A5 3-Mar-2009
MidMichigan Medical Center Donation Supports New Cardiac Lab to Open This Summer B5 17-Mar-2009
MidMichigan Medical Center New Role Supports Patients Diagnosed with Cancer B4 24-Mar-2009
MidMichigan Medical Center Topping Out Ceremony Takes Place at Hospital A4 3-Apr-2009
MidMichigan Medical Center MidMichigan Hospitals Recognized A2 14-Apr-2009
MidMichigan Medical Center MidMichigan Part of Emergency Room Pilot Safety Project A2 6-May-2009
MidMichigan Medical Center MidMichigan Honored for Third Year in a Row A8 6-May-2009
MidMichigan Medical Center North America Explored: Photo Exhibit at Hospital C2 7-May-2009
MidMichigan Medical Center MidMichigan Receives $6000 Grant A2 13-May-2009
MidMichigan Medical Center MidMichigan Home Care Seeks Volunteers A9 31-May-2009
MidMichigan Medical Center MidMichigan Health Marketing Campaigns Wins Awards B8 1-Jul-2009
MidMichigan Medical Center Hospital Joins Project to Reduce Rehospitalizations A3 21-Jul-2009
MidMichigan Medical Center Cancer Survivors Celebrate, Caregivers Receive Awards A5 27-Jul-2009
MidMichigan Medical Center New Doctors Jion MidMichigan B1 6-Aug-2009
MidMichigan Medical Center Grief Series at MidMichigan Home Care A5 11-Aug-2009
MidMichigan Medical Center Medical Staff Officers Named at MidMichigan B1 20-Aug-2009
MidMichigan Medical Center MidMichigan Health in Top 50 in Nation A2 27-Aug-2009
MidMichigan Medical Center On Time and Under Budget A3 19-Sep-2009
MidMichigan Medical Center Midmichigan Gets Nod from AARP A4 19-Sep-2009
MidMichigan Medical Center Food & Fund Drive Under Way at Medical Center A8 25-Sep-2009
MidMichigan Medical Center Looking Glass Shoppe Open House Oct 1 A4 26-Sep-2009
MidMichigan Medical Center MidMichigan has 7 New Family Medicine Residents A4 8-Oct-2009
MidMichigan Medical Center Matthew Fourman Joins MidMichigan B1 8-Oct-2009
MidMichigan Medical Center Popcorn Service Pledge Supports Medical Center B3 16-Oct-2009
MidMichigan Medical Center Co-Chairs of Love Light Trees Campaign Named B4 30-Oct-2009
MidMichigan Medical Center Bells Ring for Hospice, Home Care A3 5-Nov-2009
MidMichigan Medical Center MidMichigan Health Provides Millions in Community Benefit A5 24-Nov-2009
MidMichigan Medical Center Medical Center Receives Two Awards A4 25-Nov-2009
MidMichigan Medical Center MidMich Breast Health Program Only Accredited Center A7 28-Nov-2009
MidMichigan Medical Center Hastings Man Becomes 1000 Patient: Gamma Knife A3 1-Dec-2009
MidMichigan Medical Center Love Light Tree Program 7 pm Tonight A8 10-Dec-2009
MidMichigan Medical Center Adding Cheer to Colleagues' Christmas A3 24-Dec-2009
Military 1460th Commander Temporarily Suspended A1 8-Jan-2009
Military Midland-Based National Guard Unit Due Home in June A3 5-Feb-2009
Military 1460th Official: No Date for Homecoming A1 6-May-2009
Military USNS Comfort: Midlander Aboard Navy Medical Mission C1 17-May-2009
Military Understanding the Meaning of Taps A4 25-May-2009
Military 1460th Could Return Home in Two Weeks A1 3-Jun-2009
Military 1460th Back in the States A1 9-Jun-2009
Military Local Man Remembers Brother Killed in Iraq A1 12-Jun-2009
Military 1460th to Return Home Sunday A1 13-Jun-2009
Military Families Post Warm Welcome for 1460th A1 14-Jun-2009
Military Home Again: 1460th National Guard Returns from Iraq A1 15-Jun-2009
Military 1460th Soldiers Reflect on Being Home Again A1 15-Jun-2009
Military For One Returning Vet, the Gang Was All Here A1 15-Jun-2009
Military Worth the Wait A3 15-Jun-2009
Military Main Street Welcome: Banners Waved, Soliders Saluted A3 15-Jun-2009
Military A Long Time, A Long Road: Bucca, Kuwait, Fort Dix & Home D1 16-Jun-2009
Military Main St Welcomes 1460th: Pizza Sam's Pepperoni & Patriotism D2 16-Jun-2009
Military Your Thoughts, Your Feelings D4 16-Jun-2009
Military Coming Home to Start Building a Home D3 16-Jun-2009
Military Fourth & Final Tour: Beaverton Soldier Killed By IED A1 1-Jul-2009
Military Soldier in Iraq Sworn in as Lawyer By Video A3 3-Jul-2009
Military Fallen Soldier to Be Laid to Rest Wednesday A1 5-Jul-2009
Military Soldier Visitation at Beaverton Funeral Home A1 6-Jul-2009
Military Hundreds Pay Tribute to Soldier A1 7-Jul-2009
Military A Fallen Hero Laid to Rest A1 9-Jul-2009
Military Michigan Soldier in Iraq Charged with Cruelty A1 22-Aug-2009
Military Midland Soldier Takes Ultimate Challenge as Best Warrior A1 14-Oct-2009
Military County Soldier Hurt When IED Explodes A1 5-Nov-2009
Military Local Soldier on base at Fort Hood A1 7-Nov-2009
Military Freedom Salute A1 9-Nov-2009
Military Red Cross Sponsoring Holiday Mail for Heroes A1 20-Nov-2009
Military Help Send Santa to Baghdad A1 21-Nov-2009
Motorcycles Born to Ride C1 7-Jun-2009
Museums Mid-Michigan Children's Museum Plans Fundraiser A2 19-Jan-2009
Museums Michigan Lighthouses on Display B8 12-May-2009
Museums Children's Museum Celebrates First Anniversary A3 22-Jun-2009
Museums Michigan Man's Mini Carnival Heading to Florida Museum A3 26-Oct-2009
Museums New Director Takes the Helm at Castle Museum A4 2-Dec-2009
Music & Musicians Local Band Members Get Trip to Sunny Florida A1 1-Jan-2009
Music & Musicians KeyboardFest: Hohner twins to Make Repeat Performance C1 8-Jan-2009
Music & Musicians Drawing fromt he Well: Infamous Stringdusters Musical Influence C1 15-Jan-2009
Music & Musicians Musical Chairs: Kurin, Tester Participate in Keyboardfest C1 12-Feb-2009
Music & Musicians Wang to Perform as Soloist A5 23-Feb-2009
Music & Musicians Meridian Band to Play Rock Hall of Fame B6 25-Feb-2009
Music & Musicians It's All About the Flute (Beth Rousseau) C1 26-Feb-2009
Music & Musicians Local Students to Tour with Blue Lake C2 26-Feb-2009
Music & Musicians Homecoming Concert: Rebecca Barrett Chen Returns C1 5-Mar-2009
Music & Musicians Newsboys in Concert at Dow Event Center C1 12-Mar-2009
Music & Musicians From Reality TV to Back Home B1 27-Mar-2009
Music & Musicians A Country Boy Comes Home (Chad Lee) B1 3-Apr-2009
Music & Musicians Vaillancourt Brings in National Acts B1 10-Apr-2009
Music & Musicians Concertmaster Recovered from Stroke C1 30-Apr-2009
Music & Musicians Bash Celebrates Musical Anniversaries B1 1-May-2009
Music & Musicians Staind to Rock Soaring Eagle B1 1-May-2009
Music & Musicians Highhill Scholarship Winners Announced C1 7-May-2009
Music & Musicians King's Brass to Perform Currie Memorial Concert A7 9-May-2009
Music & Musicians Man with Musical Dreams Returns Home (Littlejohn) A7 23-May-2009
Music & Musicians New Album a Walk Through Grief (Sara Schieber) Insert8 23-May-2009
Music & Musicians Itchy-Fingered Pipers Warm Up for Scottish Saturday A1 9-Jun-2009
Music & Musicians Tributes to Robert Ralston C1 16-Jun-2009
Music & Musicians Classic Country on Demand: 5000 Expected in Freeland C1 18-Jun-2009
Music & Musicians BEAR Award to Honor Late Musician (Dan Smith) C1 18-Jun-2009
Music & Musicians Trower to Rock the Prime Event Center B1 19-Jun-2009
Music & Musicians Ablaze: Rally to March Through Midland Area A6 20-Jun-2009
Music & Musicians Motown Magic A1 28-Jun-2009
Music & Musicians DVD Show Thoughts Behind the Music C1 28-Jun-2009
Music & Musicians A Chance Meeting with a Vandella C1 2-Jul-2009
Music & Musicians Winter a Hard-Working Bluesman B1 10-Jul-2009
Music & Musicians Bluegrass 101: Salt River Acres July 23-25 C1 16-Jul-2009
Music & Musicians Nashville Hitmaker: Former Auburn Resident Leads Workshop C1 30-Jul-2009
Music & Musicians Hausler Building Local Music Community C1 30-Jul-2009
Music & Musicians Politically Incorrect Jazz B1 7-Aug-2009
Music & Musicians Thriving Ivory to Rock Lizard Fair B1 14-Aug-2009
Music & Musicians Former Midlander Unveils Debut CD This Week B1 14-Aug-2009
Music & Musicians Schmidt to Play 'Home Concert' in Sanford C1 20-Aug-2009
Music & Musicians Rexton Lee Heads North for Benefit Birthday Bash C1 27-Aug-2009
Music & Musicians Midland Dulcimer Fest to Draw Traditional Music Lovers C1 27-Aug-2009
Music & Musicians Men Invited to Rehearsal for Men of Music A3 31-Aug-2009
Music & Musicians Win a Signed Guitar, Local Gift Cards C1 3-Sep-2009
Music & Musicians Parkapalooza: Headliner Shocked by Michigan Idol Win B1 11-Sep-2009
Music & Musicians In Harmony: This Musical Trail Led From Stage to Studio C1 13-Sep-2009
Music & Musicians Z-93 Class of 2009 Tour Features Saving Abel, Red & Pop Evil A1 20-Sep-2009
Music & Musicians Mountain' Musical Revamped After 30 Years C1 1-Oct-2009
Music & Musicians Band a Blast from Midland's Past (Blue Tears) B1 21-Oct-2009
Music & Musicians Scottish Band, Irish Songstress Vie for Our Ears C1 22-Oct-2009
Music & Musicians The Soulful Sounds of the Native American Flute A7 28-Oct-2009
Music & Musicians Jazz Bassist Brings Quartet to Midland C1 5-Nov-2009
Music & Musicians The Coal Men Plays Maybe August Concert Series B1 13-Nov-2009
Music & Musicians Chad Lee CD Release Party This Weekend B1 20-Nov-2009
Music & Musicians Retired Dow Chemist Wins Musician of the Year A1 5-Dec-2009
Music & Musicians Avery Set Returns to 'Steam' Home State Insert6 17-Dec-2009
Music & Musicians Piecing Together 'Fragments' Insert7 17-Dec-2009
North Midland Family Center Call of the Wild Fundraiser Jan. 30 A7 15-Jan-2009
North Midland Family Center Hunters Swap Stories at Call of the Wild A3 2-Feb-2009
North Midland Family Center North Midland Archery Program on Target A4 10-Nov-2009
Northwood University Northwood to Celebrate MLK A3 12-Jan-2009
Northwood University Annual Dinner Draws Support for 12 Scholarships A3 13-Jan-2009
Northwood University Northwood to Host International Creativity Conference C2 13-Mar-2009
Northwood University Northwood University's Founder Recalls School's Early Days A1 25-Mar-2009
Northwood University Northwood to Host 20th International Creativity Conference B4 2-Apr-2009
Northwood University Creativity: Michigan's Next Great Resource A3 3-Apr-2009
Northwood University Northwood Style Show Goes Green A3 12-Apr-2009
Northwood University Northwood Show Goes Green with Restyled Designs A3 17-Apr-2009
Northwood University Special Night: Northwood Students Raise Money for SO A1 30-Apr-2009
Northwood University NU Chapter 13th in Nation A4 30-Apr-2009
Northwood University Hunkins to Retire as Northwood CFO A8 6-May-2009
Northwood University Northwood Degrees to Be Received Saturday A4 10-May-2009
Northwood University Northwood Team Advances to National Ad Finals A9 10-May-2009
Northwood University NU Team Wins Top Honors in National Mock Trial A3 13-May-2009
Northwood University Official: NU Students Needed Despite GM Bankruptcy A1 1-Jun-2009
Northwood University Bennett Gets Northwood's Highest Faculty Award B3 12-Jun-2009
Northwood University Northwood Employees Receive Innovation Awards A4 20-Jun-2009
Northwood University Champ: NU Forensics All-American Speaks... A3 30-Jun-2009
Northwood University Fairbairn Promoted A5 1-Jul-2009
Northwood University Nash Named Northwood Vice Predident B2 2-Jul-2009
Northwood University Northwood Students Learn How Female Cutomers Think A3 3-Jul-2009
Northwood University Continental Corp Initiates Automotive Ambassador Relationship B3 17-Jul-2009
Northwood University On Your Marks (Tri-City Kids Triathlon) A1 26-Jul-2009
Northwood University Northwood University Students Study Abroad A5 28-Jul-2009
Northwood University Northwood Appoints D'Ambrosio VP of Univ Advancement B1 30-Jul-2009
Northwood University John Receives Automotive Aftermarket Award A4 7-Aug-2009
Northwood University Northwood Auto Show Chair, Vice Chair Announced A5 18-Aug-2009
Northwood University Northwood to Induct 5 into Athletic Hall of Fame B2 31-Aug-2009
Northwood University Northwood Names Hop as Chair of Entreprensurship A6 12-Sep-2009
Northwood University Ebeling Joins Northwood University Faculty A6 12-Sep-2009
Northwood University Huavaere Donates Security Car to Northwood University C2 24-Sep-2009
Northwood University Northwood Auto Show Revs Up This Weekend A1 1-Oct-2009
Northwood University Lutz, Panelists to Discuss Auto Future A2 1-Oct-2009
Northwood University Despite Tough Auto Market, Students Put Together Stellar Show A4 1-Oct-2009
Northwood University Father Knows Best (Dave Arnold) A1 2-Oct-2009
Northwood University Rain Doesn't Dampen Students' Enthusiasm A3 3-Oct-2009
Northwood University Lutz Sings Priases, Quality of 'New' GMs New Auto Line A3 3-Oct-2009
Northwood University Among the Cars, John Deere Shows Off A3 4-Oct-2009
Northwood University Mannequin Night Thursday A3 4-Oct-2009
Northwood University Modeling the Night Away (Mannequin Night) A3 9-Oct-2009
Northwood University Strosacker Library Open House Set for Tuesday A2 17-Oct-2009
Northwood University Northwood Honorary Society Receives Award B10 28-Oct-2009
Northwood University Northwood Royalty Named B1 31-Oct-2009
Northwood University NU Presents Auto Show Awards A2 12-Nov-2009
Northwood University Naegele Scholars Society Established at Northwood A2 26-Nov-2009
Northwood University Northwood's Stafford Dinner Features 'Mystery on Main St" A5 1-Dec-2009
Northwood University NU Women's Hoop Team Aiming to Be Among Nation's Best B1 6-Dec-2009
Northwood University Curtis Guiding Northwood to New Heights B1 6-Dec-2009
Northwood University NU's Riepma Battling Back from Tongue Cancer B1 13-Dec-2009
Obituaries Freddie Mac Suicide Victim Bay City Handy Graduate A1 23-Apr-2009
Obituaries Former Midland City Manager Remembered as Innovator A3 29-Apr-2009
Obituaries Midland Music Man Dies at 82 A1 7-Jun-2009
Obituaries Duby Called a Sincere, Likable Man A1 16-Jul-2009
Obituaries Love Succombs to Disease (Jake Love) A4 27-Jul-2009
Obituaries Tiny Woman Made Big Ideas Come to Life (Helen Whiting) A3 20-Oct-2009
Obituaries-Midland Sullivan Remembered as Quiet, A Thinker A3 30-Aug-2009
Open Door Open Door Ministry Facing Cash Shortage A1 13-Sep-2009
Open Door Empty Bowls Project Benefits Open Door A1 3-Oct-2009
Peanut Gallery Play Tells the 'Real' Story of Sleeping Beauty A10 18-Mar-2009
Peanut Gallery Monster' of a Show A4 10-Jun-2009
Peanut Gallery Best Pageant,' Big Cast A5 9-Dec-2009
Pets Blue: Dog has New Name and Soon a New Home A1 12-May-2009
Pets Pageant for Pets is Saturday A8 14-May-2009
Pets A High-Altitude Rescue A3 6-Aug-2009
Pets Forget Rover & Kitty: MDN Readers Have Unusual Pet Names A3 11-Aug-2009
Pinecrest Home Board Gets First View of New Pinecrest Home A3 6-Feb-2009
Pinecrest Home Pinecrest Project Bids Under Budget A1 8-Jul-2009
Pinecrest Home County to Form Committee to Discuss Facility's Future A1 22-Jul-2009
Politics Camp: Dems Make Tax Hike Easier to Pass A3 7-Jan-2009
Politics Republicans to Hear Statewide Candidates in Clare A3 8-Jan-2009
Politics GOP Officials Rally in Clare for 2010 elections A1 10-Jan-2009
Politics Thanks, Blunt Talk, Donkey Dung Peantus Part of GOP Roundup A1 12-Jan-2009
Politics Electing President by Popular Vote to Be Discussed a3 15-Jan-2009
Politics Midlanders Go to Washington A1 18-Jan-2009
Politics Change Welcomed: In D.C., The Massess Excited About Inauguration A1 20-Jan-2009
Politics Inaugural Coverage Inside A1 21-Jan-2009
Politics Locals Reflect on Historic Day A2 21-Jan-2009
Politics History A3 21-Jan-2009
Politics All Eyes on Obama A10 21-Jan-2009
Politics Sanford Teen Proud to Be Part of Inspirational Presidential A3 22-Jan-2009
Politics Right to Life Vigil Draws 75 for Anniversary of Abortion Ruling A1 23-Jan-2009
Politics Obama to Meet with Camp, Others Today A6 27-Jan-2009
Politics Presidential Election Ideas Discussed in Midland A3 2-Feb-2009
Politics Dear Mr. President A1 3-Feb-2009
Politics Camp Spokesman: Republican Locked Out of Stimulus Talk A3 11-Feb-2009
Politics Bullock Creek Grad Watrous Interning with Indiana Senate A3 15-Feb-2009
Politics Inspire Us: Dear Mr. President A1 18-Feb-2009
Politics Camp to Give GOP Response to Obama A1 20-Feb-2009
Politics Camp: Budget Outline Will Show Whether Obama Serious A1 21-Feb-2009
Politics Bay City, Macomb County Men Seek State GOP Youth Chair A3 21-Feb-2009
Politics Wise to Keep Job with Camp, Be State GOP Co-Chairperson A3 23-Feb-2009
Politics Camp Makes Tax-Policy Suggestions at White House A1 24-Feb-2009
Politics Democracy Experiement: Dear Mr. President A3 24-Feb-2009
Politics Camp Concerned About Obama Proposals A3 25-Feb-2009
Politics Build Moral Character: Dear Mr. President A1 3-Mar-2009
Politics County Dems to Hear Likely Senate Candidate Sheltrown A3 11-Mar-2009
Politics Senior Support: Dear Mr. President A3 12-Mar-2009
Politics Buy American: Dear Mr. President A3 19-Mar-2009
Politics Neumann May Try Again for Stamas Senate Seat in 2010 A1 21-Mar-2009
Politics Sheltrown Sometimes Defies Democratic Party A1 21-Mar-2009
Politics Speakers, Free Pizza Draw 75 to County GOP Meeting A1 21-Mar-2009
Politics Dear Mr. President: Dear Mr. President A3 24-Mar-2009
Politics Dear Mr. President: Tax Cuts Needed A1 4-Apr-2009
Politics Midland TEA Parties to Protest Budget Decisions A1 7-Apr-2009
Politics Camp Cautions Obama on GM, Chrysler Pensions A3 7-Apr-2009
Politics Dear Mr. President: Meaningful Learning A3 11-Apr-2009
Politics Town Hall Forum on 'Fixing Lansing' Set for April 21 A3 11-Apr-2009
Politics Grassroots Movement: Taxes, Government Spending Protested A1 16-Apr-2009
Politics Dear Mr. President: Promote Nonviolence A3 17-Apr-2009
Politics Dear Mr. President: Veterans Deserve Better A1 21-Apr-2009
Politics Camp Disappointed in Auto Industry Talks A3 23-Apr-2009
Politics New Group to Fight Big Government, Spending A1 26-Apr-2009
Politics Hoogendyk Stumps for Property Rights A3 26-Apr-2009
Politics 100 Days: Dear Mr. President A1 29-Apr-2009
Politics Dems, GOP Planning Breakfast Fundraisers A4 30-Apr-2009
Politics Camp Responds to National Health Care Views A3 2-May-2009
Politics Stamas Advises on Possible Scams, Avoiding Foreclosure A3 2-May-2009
Politics Republicans Hear from Schuette, Rep. Camp A1 4-May-2009
Politics County Dems Hear 2010 Election Talk A1 4-May-2009
Politics Kemp Spoke in Midland County and at MBS Rally A3 4-May-2009
Politics Schuette Talks About Hustle, Economy A3 10-May-2009
Politics News & Notes from Rep Dave Camp A3 11-May-2009
Politics Stamas-Lewis Race Second Most Costly A1 20-May-2009
Politics Possible Senate Foes Neumann, Moolenaar Talk Politics A3 26-May-2009
Politics Camp, Stamas Meet with Auto Dealers A1 1-Jun-2009
Politics Lawmakers Seek State Budget Ideas in Midland A6 3-Jun-2009
Politics Democratic Threats 'Startling,' Camp Says A3 12-Jun-2009
Politics July 3 Courthouse Protest Follows TEA Parties A3 19-Jun-2009
Politics Camp Fears Impact on Dems' Health Plan A1 21-Jun-2009
Politics Camp Sees Possible Private Insurance Exodus A1 21-Jun-2009
Politics Big Picnic Crowd Hears Camp, Cox, Schuette A3 23-Jun-2009
Politics Rep Neumann Named to National Health Committee A3 23-Jun-2009
Politics Camp: Obama's Health Care Position 'Very Disturbing' A3 24-Jun-2009
Politics Camp: Health-Care Bill's Cost, Tax Proposals 'Staggering' A3 25-Jun-2009
Politics TEA Party Outside Courthouse Friday A1 2-Jul-2009
Politics Schuette Leads in Precinct Delegate Poll for GOP's A.G. A2 2-Jul-2009
Politics TEA Party draws 200 to Courthouse A1 4-Jul-2009
Politics Midland County Young Republicans: Collects Food for Needy A3 9-Jul-2009
Politics Biking Candidate for Governor Rests at Tridge A3 16-Jul-2009
Politics Locals Stage Third Protest Against Gov't Spending A1 18-Jul-2009
Politics Cox, Snyder in Midland This Week A2 21-Jul-2009
Politics Cox Talks Tax Cuts, and More, in MIdland A3 22-Jul-2009
Politics Snyder Offers Vision, Boldness in Midland A2 24-Jul-2009
Politics Levin Praises Midland's Spirit: Stimulus Success A1 13-Aug-2009
Politics Political Party: Schuette...(candidate Mich Atty General) A3 14-Aug-2009
Politics Local Dems Remembers Kennedy A2 26-Aug-2009
Politics Camp Gets 4000 Signatures in Support A3 29-Aug-2009
Politics Locals Critique Obama Health Care Speech A1 10-Sep-2009
Politics Three Busloads of Protesters Hopeful D.C. Trip Will Spread Message A1 10-Sep-2009
Politics Weekend Demonstration Spurs Thoughts of Local Action A3 15-Sep-2009
Politics Candidates to Speak at County Dems' Sept 26 Picnic A3 17-Sep-2009
Politics Schuette Names Former State GOP as Campaign Manager A3 17-Sep-2009
Politics Schuette Launches Attorney General Campaign in Midland A1 21-Sep-2009
Politics Locals React to Obama's Nobel Win A1 11-Oct-2009
Politics Midlander, Others Try to Raise Awareness (abortion) A1 12-Oct-2009
Politics Cato Scholar Calls for Competition, Fewer Job-Based Plans A3 28-Oct-2009
Politics Harrison's Liptow Throws Hat in Ring for 97th Dist Race A3 2-Nov-2009
Postal Service Post Offices, Going Online Are Choices for Tax Filers A1 14-Apr-2009
Postal Service Cost of Mailing to Rise Monday A1 8-May-2009
Postal Service No Mid-Michigan Sites on Postal Closure List A1 4-Aug-2009
Postal Service Midland Gets New Postmaster A3 24-Oct-2009
Postal Service Campaign Gears Up to Save Downtown Post Office A1 12-Dec-2009
Prisons & Prisoners Culture Shift Focuses on Parolee Success A1 19-Apr-2009
Prisons & Prisoners Juvenile Offender Therapy: New Approach Includes Families A1 17-May-2009
Prisons & Prisoners Michigan Closing Eight Prison Facilities to Save Money A1 6-Jun-2009
Prisons & Prisoners Standish Prison Eyed for Terror Suspects A3 3-Aug-2009
Prisons & Prisoners Jobs Trump Fear of Terrorists in Standish A3 4-Aug-2009
Prisons & Prisoners Officials Assess Standish for Possible Gitmo Transfers A6 14-Aug-2009
Prisons & Prisoners Mich Residents Voice Opposition to Gitmo Inmates A1 21-Aug-2009
Prisons & Prisoners Michigan Open to Out-of-State Inmates Other Than Gitmo's A1 16-Dec-2009
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland Jail Construction Half Finished A1 5-Feb-2009
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland County Buys Space-Saving Software for Jail A3 19-Feb-2009
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland Jail Staffing Dispute: The $400,000 Question A1 22-Apr-2009
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland Consultant: Jail Transition Fast Tracked A3 25-Apr-2009
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland What's in a Name? County Seeking One for New Lockup A1 10-Jul-2009
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland County Board Decides Against New Name for Jail A1 22-Jul-2009
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland County Planning for Transition to New Jail A1 26-Jul-2009
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland Getting Close: New Jail Nearly Ready for Occupancy A3 2-Aug-2009
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland Jail Grand Opening Thursday A1 4-Oct-2009
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland $28 Million Baby (Midland County Jail open house) A1 8-Oct-2009
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland In the Clink: Locals Throng to See Just-Completed Jail A1 9-Oct-2009
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland Juvenile Care Center Youths Grow Through Photography A3 11-Nov-2009
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland No Contracts Yet to rent Jail Beds, County Head Worried A1 9-Dec-2009
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland Sheriff Gets Permit to House Inmates A3 10-Dec-2009
Real Estate Weekend Open Houses Show Homes for $150,000 or Less A1 17-Apr-2009
Real Estate Real Estate Agents: Homes are Selling A1 20-Aug-2009
Real Estate Midland Realtors Freshen Up 'Their' Gazebo (Grove Park) A3 23-Sep-2009
Religion Catholic Men's Conference Saturday A5 25-Mar-2009
Religion From Uganda to Midland; Missionsaries Come to Area C1 20-Sep-2009
Restaurants Help Needed to Launch Restaurant A1 12-Oct-2009
Roads No Roundabout for Eastman-Saginaw Intersection A1 15-Apr-2009
Roads Official: Drivers Can Pay Higher Tax A1 3-Jun-2009
Roads Eastman Divider Improves Safety, MDOT Says A1 26-Jul-2009
Saginaw Valley State Univ Dow Corning Provides Public Service Scholarship A5 2-Jan-2009
Saginaw Valley State Univ Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Meeting A5 8-Jan-2009
Saginaw Valley State Univ Dyson to Speak at SVSU as Part of MLK Celebration A2 12-Jan-2009
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU to Build $28 Million Health Sciences Building A1 2-Feb-2009
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU Hosts Regional Theater Festival B2 5-Feb-2009
Saginaw Valley State Univ Spring Break to Remember-Serving Others A3 7-Mar-2009
Saginaw Valley State Univ Midlanders on SVSU's National Champtionship Hockey Team B1 9-Mar-2009
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU Intercultural Night Set for April 16 C2 5-Apr-2009
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU Students Showcase 'Green' Research Projects A3 23-Apr-2009
Saginaw Valley State Univ Out of War (Jaafar al-Rakabi) A1 1-May-2009
Saginaw Valley State Univ Alternative Energy Conference at SVSU May 21 C5 3-May-2009
Saginaw Valley State Univ Students, Educators Visit Area A2 6-May-2009
Saginaw Valley State Univ Barker to Address SVSU Graduates A4 6-May-2009
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU Honors Employees, leaders A4 7-May-2009
Saginaw Valley State Univ Groups Gets a Dose of Michigan Trivia A1 11-Jun-2009
Saginaw Valley State Univ Thunder in the Valley A3 19-Jun-2009
Saginaw Valley State Univ Covenant and SVSU to Open Sagiinaw Valley HealthCare A3 30-Jun-2009
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU Hikes Tuition: Delta's Tuition Frozen Next Year A1 3-Jul-2009
Saginaw Valley State Univ 33 Complete Regional Leadership Institute A5 10-Jul-2009
Saginaw Valley State Univ Musical Night at SVSU B2 24-Jul-2009
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU Second University to Be 'Storm Ready' C4 2-Aug-2009
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU Hosting Camp for Children with Autism A2 4-Aug-2009
Saginaw Valley State Univ Moore to Address Graduates at Saginaw Valley Tonight A4 17-Aug-2009
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU Board Approves Contract with Union A3 19-Aug-2009
Saginaw Valley State Univ Celebration for SVSU Construction Project B1 27-Aug-2009
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU Students Boost Bottom Lne for Saginaw Roofing Co A4 28-Aug-2009
Saginaw Valley State Univ Record New Student Class Moves in at SVSU A1 29-Aug-2009
Saginaw Valley State Univ Osher Monthly Meeting Focuses on Alternative Energy A10 29-Aug-2009
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU Gets $855,000 Grant to Diversify Nursing Program A1 30-Aug-2009
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU: Cardinal Kids Club Launched A3 18-Sep-2009
Saginaw Valley State Univ Sopranos to Sing Oct 3 at SVSU B3 24-Sep-2009
Saginaw Valley State Univ Textile Exhibit to Open Oct 2 at Fredericks' Gallery C1 24-Sep-2009
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU Best in 'Battle' A4 3-Oct-2009
Saginaw Valley State Univ Presidential Historian to Speak Oct 22 at SVSU C5 7-Oct-2009
Saginaw Valley State Univ Students Create Handicap-Accissible Merry-Go-Round A3 10-Oct-2009
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU Approves $3.5 Million Capital Projects A3 13-Oct-2009
Saginaw Valley State Univ Osher Institute Planning Trip to Washington DC A4 14-Oct-2009
Saginaw Valley State Univ History of SVSU Athletics at Rush Lecture Thursday A4 14-Oct-2009
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU Announces Huntley as New Dean B1 29-Oct-2009
Saginaw Valley State Univ Saginaw Valley Honors Alumni A4 10-Nov-2009
Saginaw Valley State Univ Saginaw VA Nursing Academy Continues Partnership A8 1-Dec-2009
Saginaw Valley State Univ Braun Fellowship to Support SVSU Professors B8 8-Dec-2009
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU's Jacobs Named All-American in Div 2 Football B1 9-Dec-2009
Saginaw Valley State Univ Former Surgeon General to Be Keynote Speaker A3 18-Dec-2009
Sanford Freedom Fest to Celebrate Uncommon Heroes A3 21-Mar-2009
Sanford Memorial to Be Dedicated Saturday A4 20-May-2009
Sanford First-Ever Freedom Festival Slated A1 1-Jul-2009
Sanford Sanford Freedom Festival Gears Up for Crowds A3 3-Jul-2009
Sanford Sanford Freedom Festival Opens at 11 a.m. Today A3 5-Jul-2009
Sanford Founders' Days Organizers Hope to Raise Money for Museum Roof A1 11-Sep-2009
Sanford More Than 1000 at Founders' Days A3 13-Sep-2009
Sanford Parkapalooza Packed Out A3 14-Sep-2009
Sanford Lake County Awards Bid for Sanford Lake Park Facelift A1 8-Apr-2009
Sanford Lake Sanford Lake Park Bath House to Get Facelift A1 18-Nov-2009
Schools Christian School's Banquet Draws 100+ People A4 24-Apr-2009
Schools Ellinger: Schools Must Work Together to Cut Spending A3 3-May-2009
Schools The Districts, By the Numbers A3 3-May-2009
Schools Midland Christian School Students Get Lesson Outside Classroom A1 19-May-2009
Schools Lights, Camera, Action at Freeland A1 3-Jun-2009
Schools Class of 2009 (Lists of graduates for area high schools) Insert 14-Jun-2009
Schools Substitutes to Lose in Latest Money-Saving Moves A1 27-Jun-2009
Schools Back2School 2009 Insert 26-Jul-2009
Schools Online Databae Holds Hundreds of School Contracts A1 31-Aug-2009
Schools WHS Rolls Out Parent Hotline, 3-Term Year A3 5-Sep-2009
Schools Student Numbers Fall Except in Meridian A1 1-Oct-2009
Schools Four Mid-Mich School Districts Open Books A3 23-Oct-2009
Schools Windover Lab Dedicated B10 28-Oct-2009
Schools Preschools Band Together to Stave Off State Cuts A1 8-Nov-2009
Schools Donations Create Chemistry Lab, Curriculum A4 8-Nov-2009
Schools Freeland Schools to Begin Long Awaited Projects A3 12-Nov-2009
Senior Citizens Seniors Celebrate 35 Years of Food, Friendship A3 21-Feb-2009
Senior Citizens Ageless: Friday & Yoga a Natural Fit for Seniors C1 5-Apr-2009
Senior Citizens 2009 Spring Senior Expo Insert 19-Apr-2009
Senior Citizens Seniors Get a Healthy Start at Salvation Army A3 7-May-2009
Senior Citizens Aging Parents, Adult Children Can Get Planning Guide May 13 A3 8-May-2009
Senior Citizens Public Hearing Focuses on Concerns, Issues of Older Adults A5 8-May-2009
Senior Citizens For Seniors Living Alone, Coping How-To's Start May 20 A1 16-May-2009
Senior Citizens Care of Againg Parents is Emotional & Logistical Challenge A3 6-Jun-2009
Senior Citizens Memory Class Offered for Seniors Starting Tuesday A1 12-Jul-2009
Senior Citizens Seniors Play to Keep Memory Sharp A3 18-Jul-2009
Senior Citizens Arthritis Classes Send Seniors to Camp A3 13-Aug-2009
Senior Citizens For Senior Caregivers, Some TLC A3 22-Aug-2009
Senior Citizens 2009 Fall Senior Expo Insert 11-Oct-2009
Senior Citizens Buddy to the Rescue A1 5-Nov-2009
Senior Citizens New Assisted Living Facility Opening in Freeland A4 13-Dec-2009
Shelterhouse Shelterhouse Names Honorary Chairs of Annual Fundraiser A2 22-Mar-2009
Shelterhouse Chefs for Shelterhosue Get Cooking This Thursday A1 19-Apr-2009
Shelterhouse Domestic Violence Widespread, Shelterhouse Near Capacity A1 31-Oct-2009
Skiing Winter Hybrid: Class Combines Cross-Country, Yoga A3 26-Jan-2009
Skiing What a Winter!Area Ski Resorts Blessed Insert6 8-Feb-2009
Soccer Midland's Dornbos Signs to Play Soccer at Detroit B1 25-Feb-2009
Soccer Midland Invitational Soccer Tournament to Kick Off A1 8-May-2009
Soccer Freeland Coach Barassi, Chemics' Porter Lead Dream Team B1 16-Jun-2009
Soccer Kickin' It (Kickball) C1 2-Aug-2009
Soccer Daily News All-Area Soccer Dream Team D1 12-Nov-2009
Soccer Saginaw Gets Regional Soccer Tourney in 2012 A1 19-Nov-2009
Social Services African Family Ties: Janoch Creates Peace Corps Legacy C1 11-Jan-2009
Social Services Organizations Team Up to Share Services A2 28-Nov-2009
Social Services Area Residents Benefit from Stimulus Money for Food A2 28-Nov-2009
Softball Midland to Host ISC World Tournament A1 13-Mar-2009
Softball Tourney to Boost Local Economy A1 15-Mar-2009
Softball Delaney Pitches Missouri into World Series B1 25-May-2009
Softball ISC Leader Likes What He Sees in Midland B1 14-Jun-2009
Softball Explorers Eyeing World Softball Tourney A1 23-Jun-2009
Softball 2009 MDN All-Area Dream Team: Softball Stars B1 23-Jun-2009
Softball Excitement Building for ISC Softball World Championships B1 29-Nov-2009
Speedskating For Youngsters & Their Parents, It Was Fast From the Start A1 3-Jan-2009
Speedskating Skating Spirit A3 3-Feb-2009
Speedskating Local Skaters Have Mixed Results B1 15-Mar-2009
Speedskating Midland's Smith, 11, Excited About Breaking Record B3 15-Mar-2009
Speedskating Strong Finish B1 16-Mar-2009
Speedskating Midland's Perry to Announce at Olympic Trials B1 10-Aug-2009
Speedskating Midland Skaters Make Olympic Trials B1 25-Aug-2009
Speedskating Bedford in 10th Place at Olympic Speedskating Trials B1 9-Sep-2009
Speedskating Bedford Falls Short of Making Olympic Short Track Team A1 14-Sep-2009
Speedskating Bedford Has One More Shot at Making Olympic Team D1 25-Dec-2009
Speedskating Bedford An Olympian A1 31-Dec-2009
Sports Great Lakes Curling Assoc Championships This Weekend A1 13-Jan-2009
Sports Athletes Brave Cold, Wind to Compete in Special Olympics A3 1-Feb-2009
Sports Special Olympics Winter Games Results Listed A5 18-Feb-2009
Sports Tap Out: Amateur Fighters Square Off in the Cage A3 3-Mar-2009
Sports Hanke, 77, Has Always Loved Racing D3 13-Mar-2009
Sports Gentlewomen, Meet Your Drivers A1 14-Mar-2009
Sports Delta Students Survey Midland on Pay-to-Play Sports A3 23-May-2009
Sports Pay-to-Play Fees, Increased Fundraising Attractive Options A3 23-May-2009
Sports School Sports: Who Plays-Who Pays? A3 23-May-2009
Sports Creativity Kep to Keeping Sports Alive in Schools A3 23-May-2009
Sports Racers Make Waves in Annual Canoe Challenge A3 31-May-2009
Sports Fencing Showcase: State Championships in Midland A3 26-Jun-2009
Sports Two Midlanders-66 and 6- Competing in National Tourney D1 17-Jul-2009
Sports Living Strong: 50-yr-old Husband-Wife Team (powerlifting) B1 22-Jul-2009
Sports Smitty' Comes Up Short in Bid for American Squat Record B1 26-Jul-2009
Sports Right on Cue: Billiards Team Gioing to Nationals B1 12-Aug-2009
Sports Freelanders Create Field of Dreams A1 23-Aug-2009
Sports Best in the World: Midland's Phillips Wins Gold Medal D1 27-Aug-2009
Sports Midland on Sporting News List of Best Sports Towns in America B2 13-Oct-2009
Sports New Midland Sports Festival Coming in July A1 18-Oct-2009
Sports Tow Dedicated Walkers Look for New Challenge A1 25-Nov-2009
Sports 2009: A Year for the History Books B1 27-Dec-2009
Sports Midland Sports Festival Postponed to 2011 D1 31-Dec-2009
Students Western Inter. Student Lezlie Coch to Experience Inaugural A1 16-Jan-2009
Students Students Named Semi Finalists, Commended by NMSC A2 23-Feb-2009
Students Youth Attends Mock Legislature in Lansing A4 3-Apr-2009
Students High School Students Explore Health Careers A4 8-Apr-2009
Students Students Selected for Sister City Exchange A3 9-May-2009
Students Kruse, of Alma College & Bullock Creek, Fulbright Recepient A5 10-May-2009
Students Two Dow College Opportity Students Awarded Scholarships A6 13-May-2009
Students Comeback Kids: Local Teens Earn Scholarhsips A1 4-Jun-2009
Students Matthews Awarded Scholarship from MSU A6 8-Sep-2009
Students Back on the Road of Life (Max Yatch) A1 25-Sep-2009
Students Local Student Top Score on ACT Test A2 26-Sep-2009
Students Student Achieves Top ACT Score A2 16-Oct-2009
Substance Abuse Parents Have Key Role in Battling Drug Use A1 26-Mar-2009
Substance Abuse Deadly Denial: Some Parents Refuse to Believe  A1 19-May-2009
Substance Abuse Parents Key in Drug Abuse Battle A3 28-May-2009
Substance Abuse Ten Sixteen Treatment Center Prepares for New Home A1 19-Jun-2009
Substance Abuse Parents Key in Curbing Rising Drug Abuse A3 27-Jun-2009
Substance Abuse Drug Use on the Rise in Midland County A3 23-Sep-2009
Substance Abuse Dump Your Drugs This Week A3 19-Oct-2009
Swimming Ex-Dow Swim Coach Pangborn Was Positive, Caring Person B1 1-Jul-2009
Swimming Five Barracudas Swimmers Qualify for Senior Nationals B1 29-Jul-2009
Swimming Olympic Swim Champ to Speak in Midland D4 4-Dec-2009
Teachers & Teaching Music teacher Honored as "Teacher of the Year" A1 16-Feb-2009
Teachers & Teaching Windover's Vossen Receives Chemical Society Award A4 29-Jul-2009
Teachers & Teaching Bay City Teacher Receives Milken Educator Award A4 20-Oct-2009
Teachers & Teaching A Legacy of Teaching: Cashin's Focus on Students A3 26-Nov-2009
Teenage Musicals, Inc. TMI Presents 'Beauty and the Beast' C1 13-Aug-2009
Teenage Musicials, Inc. TMI Students Earn Honors C1 20-Aug-2009
Telephone Still Demand for Landlines as Other Technologies Grow Insert4 8-Feb-2009
Television & Radio Unless Changed by Lawmakers, Feb 18 For Digital Switch Insert6 25-Jan-2009
Television & Radio Midlander's Letter to US Airways Pilot on '60 Minutes' A3 10-Feb-2009
Television & Radio Local Views May Keep Analog TV Service - For a Time A3 17-Feb-2009
Television & Radio Family Chest a Real Jewel: Antiques Roadshow Monday C1 16-Apr-2009
Television & Radio Goodbye, Analog TV A1 12-Jun-2009
Televison & Radio On Air: Live from Midland, It's ESPN 100.9 FM A3 29-Jan-2009
Tennis Tennis Center Aces Transformation for Championship Event A1 8-Feb-2009
Tennis Dow Corning Tennis Classic Takes Place This Week B1 8-Feb-2009
Tennis Kudryavtseva Looking Forward to the DCTC A1 10-Feb-2009
Tennis MCTC Salutes Its Long-Time Director Hal Cook A3 11-Feb-2009
Tennis Hradecka's the Champ: Czech Player Wins DCTC B1 16-Feb-2009
Tennis Root, 11, Captures Third National Tennis Title B1 25-May-2009
Tennis Big Day for Meridian's Rau, Dow Girls' Tennis Team A1 31-May-2009
Tennis Close's Thrilling Win Seals Dow's State Tennis Title B1 31-May-2009
Tennis Tennis Center Asks Members to 'Pay It Forward' B8 10-Jun-2009
Tennis Their Court: Midland Makes Pitch for Tennis Town, USA A1 26-Jun-2009
Tennis Tennis Center Pays It Forward A9 28-Jun-2009
Tennis Tennis Town: Midland in Running A1 17-Jul-2009
Tennis 24/7 Tennis Marathon A1 19-Jul-2009
Tennis Midland Makes Tennis Town Cut A1 29-Jul-2009
Tennis Bus-Riding Tennis Fans Head for Big Announcement in NY A3 4-Sep-2009
Tennis Best Tennis Town: Midland, Michigan A1 7-Sep-2009
Tennis Tennistown USA: How to Spend That Prize Money A1 8-Sep-2009
Tennis MCTC to Say Thank You at Tennis Party A1 16-Oct-2009
Tennis Celebrate with Tennis Center Friday A1 10-Nov-2009
Tennis Tennis Town Money Spread Around A1 16-Nov-2009
Tennis Midland's Small Wins National Tennis Titles B1 5-Dec-2009
Tennis  Tennis Classic Elevated to $100,000 Tournament A1 25-Sep-2009
Tnnis Midlanders Step to the Line in Tennis Marathon A3 23-Jul-2009
Track & Field Marathon Woman: Inspired to Run, Running to Inspire A3 17-May-2009
Track & Field BC Graduate Plaxton Wins Detroit Marathon A1 22-Oct-2009
Travel China: 30 Years of Eyes Wide Open A5 1-Jan-2009
Travel Chinese Trading Economic Growth for Less Freedom A5 16-Jan-2009
Travel Blues, Boos and Booze in the Big Easy B1 6-Feb-2009
Travel Visiting a New Country-Nicaragua A7 30-Mar-2009
Travel Panama Canal: Lots of Locks B9 17-May-2009
Travel Tourism Groups Must Join to Grow State Money A3 19-May-2009
Travel Road Trip: Glockenspiel (Frankenmuth) B1 29-May-2009
Travel The Tastes of Traveling the Country C1 26-Jul-2009
Travel Worth the Wait (Niagara Falls) A3 27-Aug-2009
Travel Traveling Traditions: Midland Student Follows Family Footsteps A1 10-Oct-2009
Trials & Litigation Chilid Abuser Sentenced to UP to 22-1/2 Years in Plea Deal A1 3-Jan-2009
Trials & Litigation Court Hearing for Downtown Robberies on Hold A1 7-Jan-2009
Trials & Litigation Harrison Brothers Plead Guilty to Tax Evasion, Conspiracy A3 16-Jan-2009
Trials & Litigation Defendant Swerdan Found Competent to Stand Trial A1 24-Jan-2009
Trials & Litigation Tridge Robberies Case Headed to Trial A3 28-Jan-2009
Trials & Litigation New Charge in Death of 4-Year-Old A1 29-Jan-2009
Trials & Litigation Woman Arraigned in Connection with Hunting Accident A1 4-Feb-2009
Trials & Litigation Wire Thief Sentenced A3 6-Feb-2009
Trials & Litigation Man Sentenced in Midland Girl Text Case A1 7-Feb-2009
Trials & Litigation Woman Charged in Accidental Shooting Waives Hearing A3 20-Feb-2009
Trials & Litigation Drug Dealer Sentenced to Year in Jail A1 21-Feb-2009
Trials & Litigation Man Sentenced for Incident Outside Gas Station A1 28-Feb-2009
Trials & Litigation English Gets 2 Years, $28,000 Restitution Bill A3 28-Feb-2009
Trials & Litigation Man Sentenced After Marijuana, Gun Bust A1 1-Mar-2009
Trials & Litigation Judge Orders Man Be Evaluated for Competency A1 2-Mar-2009
Trials & Litigation Court Turns Down Agent Orange Cases A2 3-Mar-2009
Trials & Litigation Attorney Wants Armed Robbery Case Dismissed A1 5-Mar-2009
Trials & Litigation Woman Accused in Assault Makes Plea; Man Set for Trial A1 6-Mar-2009
Trials & Litigation Judge Denies Motion to Dismiss Armed Robbery Charges A1 7-Mar-2009
Trials & Litigation Embezzlement Conviction to Cost Woman $30,000 Restitution A3 7-Mar-2009
Trials & Litigation Plea Entered in Downtown Armed Robbery Cases A1 18-Mar-2009
Trials & Litigation Homicide Case Will Be Heard in Midland A1 19-Mar-2009
Trials & Litigation Yost Pleads No Contest A1 22-Mar-2009
Trials & Litigation Fieger to Represent Family of Dead Bay City Teenager A1 25-Mar-2009
Trials & Litigation Mental Exam Ordered for Robbery Suspect A3 28-Mar-2009
Trials & Litigation Woman Walks Free 9 Years After Daughter Dies (Yost) A2 3-Apr-2009
Trials & Litigation Garcia Sentenced to 5-15 Years in Unarmed Robbery Plea Deal A1 18-Apr-2009
Trials & Litigation Vigilante Justice Case Ends in Plea Deal A3 22-Apr-2009
Trials & Litigation Sentence Delayed in Driving Death Plea Deal A1 26-Apr-2009
Trials & Litigation Bond Reduced in Drug Overdose Death Case A1 28-Apr-2009
Trials & Litigation Case Heads to Trial, Woman Pleads Not Guilty A3 5-May-2009
Trials & Litigation Jury Convicts Man in Sickle Attack A1 13-May-2009
Trials & Litigation Mother Receives 5-Year Delayed Sentenced for Child's Auto Death A1 16-May-2009
Trials & Litigation Key Witness Rejects Plea, Won't Cooperate A1 23-May-2009
Trials & Litigation Woman Gets 19 Months to 15 Years in Assault Case A1 31-May-2009
Trials & Litigation Saginaw Vigilante Sentenced to Jail Time A1 5-Jun-2009
Trials & Litigation Sickle Assault Earns Shepherd Man 20-Year Prison Sentence A1 14-Jun-2009
Trials & Litigation Murder for Hire Hearing Delayed, Third Man Charged A1 18-Jun-2009
Trials & Litigation Accused Robber Competent to Stand Trial A3 19-Jun-2009
Trials & Litigation Prosecutors Ask to Consolidate Murder-for-Hire Cases A1 9-Jul-2009
Trials & Litigation Case Against Hantz Employee's Widow Grinds On A1 12-Jul-2009
Trials & Litigation Plea Entered in Gas Station Robbery Case A1 24-Jul-2009
Trials & Litigation Midland County Drug Overdose Death Case Bound to Circuit A2 24-Jul-2009
Trials & Litigation Plea Entered in Fatal Hunting Accident A1 31-Jul-2009
Trials & Litigation Pair Bound Over for Home Invasion Trials A1 2-Aug-2009
Trials & Litigation Plea Deal Possible in Lottery Fraud Case A1 11-Aug-2009
Trials & Litigation Teens Portest Because Friend Charged as Adult A1 12-Aug-2009
Trials & Litigation Goodson Waives Prelim Hearing A1 13-Aug-2009
Trials & Litigation Court Hearing in Geneva Township Homicide Canceled A1 18-Aug-2009
Trials & Litigation Duke Working to Protect Client's Rights A1 20-Aug-2009
Trials & Litigation Change of Venue Sought in Case: Publicity Cited A1 21-Aug-2009
Trials & Litigation Case Against Broker's Widow Dismissed A1 23-Aug-2009
Trials & Litigation Woman Claimed Flea Medicine Burned Dogs A3 25-Aug-2009
Trials & Litigation Murder-for-Hire Cases to Be Tried Separately A3 27-Aug-2009
Trials & Litigation Plea Deal Offered in Case: Murder-for-Hire A1 28-Aug-2009
Trials & Litigation Woman Sentenced in Fatal Hunting Accident A2 28-Aug-2009
Trials & Litigation Dunn Sentenced in Hunting Accident A1 29-Aug-2009
Trials & Litigation Another Charge Filed in Elder Abuse Case A1 2-Sep-2009
Trials & Litigation garcia Appeal Request Denied A1 3-Sep-2009
Trials & Litigation Two More Settlements Made in Financial Planner Cases A1 4-Sep-2009
Trials & Litigation Convicted Sex Offender Set to Make Plea in Second Case A1 6-Sep-2009
Trials & Litigation Man Pleads No Contest in Sexual Assault Case A1 7-Sep-2009
Trials & Litigation Man Pleads Guilty to Possessing Child Pornography A1 11-Sep-2009
Trials & Litigation Judge Hands Down Harshest Sentence for Possible Robbery A1 12-Sep-2009
Trials & Litigation M-20 Driver Testing Limits of the Traffic Court A1 18-Sep-2009
Trials & Litigation Midland County Man Waives Extradition in Child Abduction A3 24-Sep-2009
Trials & Litigation Sentencing in Home Invasion Case Rescheduled A3 25-Sep-2009
Trials & Litigation Midlander Facing Kidnapping Charge A3 25-Sep-2009
Trials & Litigation More Witnesses to Testify in UP Hit and Run A3 26-Sep-2009
Trials & Litigation Motion Filed to Vacate Altman Murder Conviction A1 27-Sep-2009
Trials & Litigation Man Charged with CSC Sent for Competency Evaluation A3 2-Oct-2009
Trials & Litigation Judge OKs Some Evidence in Murder-For-Hire Case A1 7-Oct-2009
Trials & Litigation Pastor Waives Hearing, Bound Over to Circuit Court A1 7-Oct-2009
Trials & Litigation Sanford Man Gets Another 10-30 Yrs for Home Invasion A2 9-Oct-2009
Trials & Litigation Midland Parolee Sentenced on Child Pornography Charges A2 9-Oct-2009
Trials & Litigation Attorney wants Plea Deal Enforced A1 13-Oct-2009
Trials & Litigation Prosecutors Say Plea Deal with Mashue Never Existed A1 15-Oct-2009
Trials & Litigation Plea Entered in Elder Abuse Case A1 17-Oct-2009
Trials & Litigation Final Papers Filed in Hantz Lawsuits A1 21-Oct-2009
Trials & Litigation Murder-for-Hire Suspect Pleads Guilty to Charges A1 27-Oct-2009
Trials & Litigation Hearing Was Not Placed on Court Calendar A1 28-Oct-2009
Trials & Litigation Murder for Hire Motions: Final Decision Yet to Come A1 31-Oct-2009
Trials & Litigation Man Jailed After July 4 Holiday Assaults A1 1-Nov-2009
Trials & Litigation Teen Found Competent: Pribbernow Faces Preliminary Hearing A1 3-Nov-2009
Trials & Litigation Man Jailed for Hitting Woman with Truck A1 5-Nov-2009
Trials & Litigation Attorneys Work to Overturn Murder Conviction A1 7-Nov-2009
Trials & Litigation Midland Pastor Enters Guilty Plea to Sexual Assault Charge A1 13-Nov-2009
Trials & Litigation Final Suspect Enters Plea in Midland Case A1 14-Nov-2009
Trials & Litigation Man Charged in AIDS Case Sentenced A1 18-Nov-2009
Trials & Litigation Man Lands Jail for Drunken Driving Crash A3 20-Nov-2009
Trials & Litigation Sentencing in Elder Abuse Case Reset A1 21-Nov-2009
Trials & Litigation Man Charged with CSC of Child Competent to Stand Trial A1 21-Nov-2009
Trials & Litigation Teen Waives Prelim Hearing in Fatal Stabbing Case A1 24-Nov-2009
Trials & Litigation Man with 31 Driving Suspensions Sentenced A1 27-Nov-2009
Trials & Litigation Isabella County Kidnapping Suspect to Be Sentenced in Dec A1 28-Nov-2009
Trials & Litigation Dore Seeks $1.7M in Damages A1 30-Nov-2009
Trials & Litigation Stuffing Case Dismissed After One Year Sentence Delay A1 4-Dec-2009
Trials & Litigation Appeals Court Upholds Sanford Man's Felonious Assault Conviction A1 5-Dec-2009
Trials & Litigation Deal Talks Under Way in County Stabbing Death A1 10-Dec-2009
Trials & Litigation Prosecutor Seeks Information, Awaits Tests in Cases A1 15-Dec-2009
Trials & Litigation Ortiz Receives Maximum Sentence A1 16-Dec-2009
Trials & Litigation Man Sentenced to Prison for Assault of Child, 2 A1 22-Dec-2009
Vehicles The Color of Loyalty is Buick A3 10-Jun-2009
Vehicles Little White Sprite Part of Gathering of Rides A1 11-Jul-2009
Veterans A Life Filled with Adventure A1 7-Jan-2009
Veterans Error Likely Blessing for Marine A3 7-Jan-2009
Veterans Ellsworth Memorial Vandalized, Again A3 9-Apr-2009
Veterans Reward: $5,000 Offered in Iraqi Memorial Case A1 11-Apr-2009
Veterans Stamas, Kahn Seek In-State Tuition Rates for Veterans A3 25-Apr-2009
Veterans Sanford Man Honored for Military Career A3 11-May-2009
Veterans Everyday Blessings a Testament to the Sacrifice of Veterans A1 25-May-2009
Veterans From Training in the Great Lakes to Runs Over Japan A4 25-May-2009
Veterans Veterans' Program Cut B2 28-May-2009
Veterans Cap to Present War Medals in Midland Today A3 29-May-2009
Veterans Local Vets Have County Agency A1 8-Jun-2009
Veterans Veterans Groups Have Budget Cuts A2 8-Jun-2009
Veterans VA Medical Center in Saginaw Receives Funding A4 27-Jun-2009
Veterans Korean War Vets Donate Piano A6 14-Jul-2009
Veterans Midland Teen Became WWII Seabee (Harry Field) A3 10-Aug-2009
Veterans Wounded Sanford WWII Vet Discusses His International Life C1 18-Oct-2009
Veterans Gallant in Battle A1 29-Oct-2009
Veterans Witness to History: Honoring Veterans Nov 11, 2009 A1 11-Nov-2009
Veterans Polar Bears: Documentary Tells Story of Mich WWI Soldiers C1 15-Nov-2009
Veterans No Soldier Left Behind in Veteran-Only Classes A3 14-Dec-2009
Veterans Women Join in Making Quilts for Veterans A10 15-Dec-2009
Volleyball MDN All-Area Volleyball Dream Team D1 19-Nov-2009
Volunteers Woman Brings Love of Books to AAUW Sale A6 15-Apr-2009
Volunteers Volunteers Celebrated in Special Section A1 19-Apr-2009
Volunteers Volunteerism: National Volunteer Week Apr 19-25, 2009 Insert 19-Apr-2009
Volunteers Cozat Honored for Volunteer Fire Leadership A3 4-Jun-2009
Volunteers Deloitte Demonstrates Commitment to Workplace Volunteerism B9 22-Jun-2009
Volunteers Youth Volunteer of the Year A1 28-Jun-2009
Volunteers Clipping for Charity A1 2-Jul-2009
Volunteers Volunteers Revitalize Bay City Neighborhood A1 25-Jul-2009
Volunteers Lunchbox Learners Seeking Volunteers A2 14-Aug-2009
Warren Township A Love for Life: Warren A1 12-Jan-2009
Water Grant Given for HSC Water Upgrade A1 19-Mar-2009
Water County Joins Townships, Village A1 17-Jun-2009
Water Let There Be Water A3 25-Jul-2009
Weather Uniquely Formed: Enjoying the Beauty of Snowflakes A3 3-Jan-2009
Weather More Snow, Extreme Cold Head Our Way A1 12-Jan-2009
Weather Midland hits Minus 4 This Morning A1 14-Jan-2009
Weather Brrr..Local Schools Open Despite Deep Freeze A3 16-Jan-2009
Weather Winter Weary Insert1 25-Jan-2009
Weather Rains Cure County's Weekend Wildfire Problem A1 20-Apr-2009
Weather Heat Packing a Punch A1 25-Jun-2009
Weather Freak Storm Blows Through Jerome Twp A2 25-Jun-2009
Weather Farmers' Almanac Predicts Numbing Cold This Winter A1 2-Sep-2009
Weather Get Ready-Snow's Coming A1 8-Dec-2009
Weather A Thick Blanket of Snow Covers Midland Cty, Canceling School A1 9-Dec-2009
Weddings Lucky for Her, She Reads the Paper A7 9-Mar-2009
Weddings Dream Wedding: Saginaw Couple Featured on TNT A7 15-Jun-2009
West Midland Family Center Summer Camp Comes to a Close A3 13-Aug-2009
Wildlife Crows Caw-ing Downtown Home A1 10-Jan-2009
Wildlife Midland Meeting to Focus on DNR Deer Plans Tonight A3 17-Feb-2009
Wildlife MUCC Polls Midland Residents About Deer Management A3 20-Feb-2009
Wildlife Wolves Off State's Endangered List A8 28-Apr-2009
Wildlife Michigan Adds 69 Species to Endangered List A5 14-May-2009
Wildlife Bald Eagle Healing, To Be Released Soon A3 4-Jul-2009
Wildlife Great White Visitors (egrets) A1 1-Sep-2009
Wildlife Local Veterinarian Participates in Polar Bear Release C1 15-Nov-2009
Williams Township Paige Quits Williams Post for Bay County Job A1 8-Oct-2009
Youth & Youth Services Students Gain Insight in How to Think First A3 8-Mar-2009
Youth & Youth Services Drug-free Youth Program Honors Two A3 22-Mar-2009
Youth & Youth Services Former Tigers Hurler Tanana Speaker at Teen Challenge A1 29-Mar-2009
Youth & Youth Services Winners' Circles (Teen Challenge) A1 1-Apr-2009
Youth & Youth Services New Group: LEAD Youth: Combating Substance Abuse A1 10-Apr-2009
Youth & Youth Services 2009 Midland County Youth Leadership Participants B2 16-Apr-2009
Youth & Youth Services MSHDA, Dow Support Youth with $20,000 in Grants A3 15-Aug-2009
Youth & Youth Services Operation Medicine Cabinet Seeks Partners for School Year A3 27-Aug-2009
Youth & Youth Services New Youth Center Offers Fun, Mentoring and More A1 20-Sep-2009
Youth & Youth Services Saturday Conference Aims to Help Preschoolers to Teens A1 4-Nov-2009
Youth & Youth Services Everyday People Can Lobby Lawmakers, Child Advocate Says A2 9-Nov-2009
Youth & Youth Services Speaker Talks About Impact of Technology on Youths A1 9-Nov-2009
Youth & Youth Services Local Youths Learn How Their Actions Can Impact Others A1 18-Dec-2009