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Michigan-Budget Deal Reached, Taxes Up A1 1-Oct-2007
Michigan-Budget Anxious Moments for Local Groups A1 1-Oct-2007
Charities & Benefits Catching Cancer, One Person at a Time A1 1-Oct-2007
Michigan-Budget State Budget Deal Includes Changes Aimed at Saving... A1 1-Oct-2007
Michigan-Budget Shutdown Over, State Workers Report for Duty A2 1-Oct-2007
Churches Midland Church Offering Parent Seminar A3 1-Oct-2007
MBS Airport MBS, Landowner Still at Odds Over Property Deal A3 1-Oct-2007
Midland-Planning Comm Planning Commission Sets Goals, Adopts Master Plan A3 1-Oct-2007
Midland Symphony Soloist, Conductor Candidate Bring Vigor, Energy A9 1-Oct-2007
Soccer Lamb's Soccer Success Story Started with Adversity B1 1-Oct-2007
Speedskating World Cup Team Finalized at Civic Arena B3 1-Oct-2007
Dow Corning Dow Corning Investing $50 Million A1 2-Oct-2007
Edenville Township Recall Petitions Ruled Unclear Again A1 2-Oct-2007
Dow Corning Dow Corning Work with Pentagon Approved A1 2-Oct-2007
Michigan-Budget New Teachers Will Pay More for Retirement A1 2-Oct-2007
Teachers & Teaching New Teachers Will Pay More for Retirement A1 2-Oct-2007
Accidents Midland Residents Hurt in I-75 Accident A2 2-Oct-2007
Events Local 'Tourists' Get Freebies This Weekend A3 2-Oct-2007
Dow Chemical Dow Gets Abatements A3 2-Oct-2007
Charities & Benefits Local College Presidents Vie for Title of 'Maestro' A3 2-Oct-2007
Midland Public Schools MPS Music Campaign Receives $100,000 Grant A3 2-Oct-2007
Awards & Prizes JA 2007 Hall of Fame Inductees Announced A7 2-Oct-2007
Speedskating Malone Thrives in Speedskating Despite Mulitple Injuries B2 2-Oct-2007
Charities & Benefits Light the Night Walk: Young Leukemia Patient Will Be On Hand B5 2-Oct-2007
Midland County-Drain Drain Commissioner's Plan Defeated A1 3-Oct-2007
Michigan-Budget School Officials Applaud State Changes A1 3-Oct-2007
Schools School Officials Applaud State Changes A1 3-Oct-2007
Accidents Gladwin Woman Killed in Accident A1 3-Oct-2007
Music & Musicians Creeker Heads to Omaha for Idol A1 3-Oct-2007
Bullock Creek Schools Creeker Heads to Omaha for Idol A1 3-Oct-2007
Accidents Chesaning Resident Dies in Car Crash A3 3-Oct-2007
Delta College Students Living by Example: Delta Program Promotes Leadership A3 3-Oct-2007
History-Midland Midland Remembers..First United Methodist Celebrates 150 Yrs A8 3-Oct-2007
Business Beverage Company Building in Monitor Twp A1 4-Oct-2007
Chippewa Nature Center Nature Center Founder Kenaga Dies at Age 90 A1 4-Oct-2007
Obituaries-Midland Nature Center Founder Kenaga Dies at Age 90 A1 4-Oct-2007
Charities & Benefits Bullock Creek Group Raises More Than $5000 for Cancer A2 4-Oct-2007
Churches Leader of Presbyterian Church Coming to Midland A3 4-Oct-2007
Bullock Creek Schools Creek Students Find the Fun in Science A3 4-Oct-2007
Dow Chemical LSU Gets Funds from Dow for New Chem Engineering Bldg A3 4-Oct-2007
Clubs & Organizations 4-H Members Offer Petting Zoo, Carnival to 1460th A5 4-Oct-2007
Clubs & Organizations Club Offering Amateur Radio Licensing Class in Midland A5 4-Oct-2007
Midland Public Schools Midland High's 'Our Town' Opens Today B1 4-Oct-2007
Business-Midland Petco Store in Midland Closing A1 5-Oct-2007
Edenville Township Judge Rules in Favor of Edenville Recallers A1 5-Oct-2007
Education Children Learn About Life on the Farm A1 5-Oct-2007
Health & Safety Camp Office Site of Health Insurance Protest A3 5-Oct-2007
MCESA GRAD Program Prepares Students for Careers A3 5-Oct-2007
Business Eight Companies to Bring 572 Jobs to Saginaw Area A6 5-Oct-2007
Hobbies Little Car: Big Memories B1 5-Oct-2007
Crime-Midland Woman Bound with Duct Tape A1 9-Oct-2007
Crime-Midland Man Steals Grandmother's Car, Crashes After Fleeing Police A1 9-Oct-2007
Midland-Police Department It's an Honor: Faith Central to Schieber's Life A1 9-Oct-2007
Obituaries-Midland It's an Honor: Faith Central to Schieber's Life A1 9-Oct-2007
Midland-Police Department Doctor: Marathon Conditions Can't Be Ruled Out in Death A1 9-Oct-2007
Obituaries-Midland Doctor: Marathon Conditions Can't Be Ruled Out in Death A1 9-Oct-2007
Education Lower-Funded State Schools to Receive More State Aid A1 9-Oct-2007
Dow Chemical Dow Automotive Highlighting Safety, Cost Benefits of Plastics A3 9-Oct-2007
Crime Two Men Arrested for Arson A3 9-Oct-2007
Literacy Reteaching the Basics: Literacy Council Program Helps A3 9-Oct-2007
Meridian Public Schools Meridian Approves Equipment Purchases A3 9-Oct-2007
Awards & Prizes Crabb Has Made Impact on Midland as Athlete, Coach.. B1 9-Oct-2007
Crime-Midland Police Issue Warning About Schieber Scam A1 10-Oct-2007
Midland-Police Department Police Issue Warning About Schieber Scam A1 10-Oct-2007
Music & Musicians Sharing the Idol Experience A1 10-Oct-2007
West Midland Family Center Youths Learn Proper Etiquette A1 10-Oct-2007
Michigan-Budget Business Groups, Some Lawmakers Eye Repeal of Service Tax A1 10-Oct-2007
Clubs & Organizations AAUW Sale Oct 26-28 A2 10-Oct-2007
Midland-Planning Comm New Gas Station Complex Proposed A3 10-Oct-2007
Events Local Agencies Spearheading Midland Family Week A3 10-Oct-2007
Agriculture Maize Mazes A3 10-Oct-2007
Charities & Benefits Bullock Creek Community Day Reaches Out to Community A5 10-Oct-2007
Midland Public Schools Dow High Announces 32 AP Scholars A5 10-Oct-2007
Midland Public Schools Midland AP Scholars Named A5 10-Oct-2007
Awards & Prizes Child Care Conepts 4C Among Nation's Top Referral Agencies A7 10-Oct-2007
Dow Chemical EPA to Dow: 60 Days to Talk Cleanup A1 11-Oct-2007
Dioxin EPA to Dow: 60 Days to Talk Cleanup A1 11-Oct-2007
Midland-Police Department Hundreds of Officers Expected to Honor Schieber A1 11-Oct-2007
Obituaries-Midland Hundreds of Officers Expected to Honor Schieber A1 11-Oct-2007
Domestic Violence People Speak Out Against Domestic Violence at Rally A1 11-Oct-2007
Delta College Delta College Campus to Receive $4.8 Million Face-Lift A3 11-Oct-2007
Midland Area Chamber 22nd Annual Leadership Midland Program Opens This Weekend A3 11-Oct-2007
Senior Citizens No Longer Babies, Boomres Still Can Sizzle as Seniors A3 11-Oct-2007
Events Speaker to Link Issues of Unborn, Disabled A3 11-Oct-2007
Midland Area Chamber Leadership Midland 2007 Participants A7 11-Oct-2007
Art & Artists Athletic Art: Local Artist's Exhibt Celebrates Lem Barney B1 11-Oct-2007
Saginaw Valley State University Saints, Sinners, Sauvignon & Sneak Previews at SVSU B2 11-Oct-2007
Midland Public Schools Eastlawn Elementary Celebrates 60th Birthday B4 11-Oct-2007
Housing Helping Individuals Live Independently C10 11-Oct-2007
Hunting Well Worth the Wait (Bud Ervay) C5 11-Oct-2007
Midland-Police Department Laid to Rest: Mourners Celebrate Life of Officer A1 13-Oct-2007
Obituaries-Midland Laid to Rest: Mourners Celebrate Life of Officer A1 13-Oct-2007
Clubs & Organizations Chemical Society Meeting Oct. 19 A2 13-Oct-2007
Midland-Police Department Traveling the Distance for a Brother-in-Arms A3 13-Oct-2007
Obituaries-Midland Traveling the Distance for a Brother-in-Arms A3 13-Oct-2007
Roads Intersections Closed for US 127 BR Construction A3 13-Oct-2007
Law & Legislation Caul Explain s Vote on Drunken-Driving Bill A3 13-Oct-2007
Education State Will Reconsider How MEAP Tests Are Given After Breach A3 13-Oct-2007
Art & Artists Shroud of Turin Exhibit Coming to Saginaw A6 13-Oct-2007
Music & Musicians Jump5 Cali Concert in Midland Thursday A6 13-Oct-2007
Central Mich University Enberg Naming Creates Buzz at  CMU B2 13-Oct-2007
Midland Public Schools 2006-2007 Annual Report Insert 13-Oct-2007
Northwood University Speaker to Kick Off Northwood's Alcohol Awareness Week A1 14-Oct-2007
Health & Safety Seniors Share Lessons in Lifelong Fitness with Students A1 14-Oct-2007
Barstow Airport Off We Go: Young Eagles Soar into the Wild Blue Yonder A1 14-Oct-2007
Midland Public Schools Midland School Board Outlines 2007-08 Goals A1 14-Oct-2007
Northwood University Northwood University Names Homecoming King, Queen A2 14-Oct-2007
Awards & Prizes Reflections on a Profession: A Lifetime of Grieving A3 14-Oct-2007
Midland Daily News Grosteffon Named Assistant Accent Editor A3 14-Oct-2007
Charities & Benefits United Way Campaign at 62.7 Percent of Goal A3 14-Oct-2007
Elections-Local Forum Set for Midland City Council Candidates, Ballot Issues A3 14-Oct-2007
Awards & Prizes Chemics' 1982 Baseball Team Was Driven to Win State Championship B1 14-Oct-2007
Baseball-Midland Chemics' 1982 Baseball Team Was Driven to Win State Championship B1 14-Oct-2007
Soccer Linton Equals Soccer: LInton Family at Center of BC Success B1 14-Oct-2007
Art & Artists In Goddessess He Trusts (David Hostetler) C1 14-Oct-2007
Clubs & Organizations MPS Now is There with Help for Teen Mothers C5 14-Oct-2007
Law & Legislation Moolenaar Explains Helmet Vote A1 15-Oct-2007
Accidents-Gladwin County Gladwin County Victim Named (Roger Harper) A1 15-Oct-2007
Clubs & Organizations Scouts Take to Field at Dow Diamond A1 15-Oct-2007
Bullock Creek Schools Creek to Review Goals, Audit Tonight A3 15-Oct-2007
Business GM: UAW Contract to Transfer $46.7B in Health Care Liability A3 15-Oct-2007
Labor GM: UAW Contract to Transfer $46.7B in Health Care Liability A3 15-Oct-2007
Midland County-Courts Dunn Pulls His Name A1 16-Oct-2007
Central Mich University Dueling Claims of Assault at CMU A1 16-Oct-2007
MidMichigan Medical Center Freeland Rec, Medical Center Breaks Ground A3 16-Oct-2007
Bullock Creek Schools BC Audit Clean; Shows Diminishing Cash Reserves A3 16-Oct-2007
Awards & Prizes Awards Recognize Expansion, Innovation, Partnership A3 16-Oct-2007
Midland Tomorrow Awards Recognize Expansion, Innovation, Partnership A3 16-Oct-2007
Health & Safety It's Quantity, Not Quality, That's Lacking in Blood Supply A9 16-Oct-2007
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland Residents Ask Questions About Proposed Jail A1 17-Oct-2007
Dow Chemical Helping Moms Succeed: Magazine Ranks Dow & DC Among... A1 17-Oct-2007
Dow Corning Helping Moms Succeed: Magazine Ranks Dow & DC Among... A1 17-Oct-2007
Youth & Youth Services Local Teens Trying to Prevent Dating Violence A1 17-Oct-2007
Elections-U.S.-House Camp's Campaign Money Grows; Possible Candidate Exploring A3 17-Oct-2007
Bullock Creek Schools Bullock Creek Board Outlines 2007-08 Goals A3 17-Oct-2007
Accidents-Midland County Sanford Man Injured in Crash A3 17-Oct-2007
Downtown Midland Downtown Midland's Pumpkin Festival Set for Thursday A3 17-Oct-2007
Schools Educators, Business Leaders Tour Bay-Arenac ISD Career Center A3 17-Oct-2007
Business-Midland Interior Design Company Opens in Midland A7 17-Oct-2007
History-Midland Midland Remembers...The United Methodist Church Celebrates 150 A8 17-Oct-2007
Tennis Chemics Ready for State Tennis Tournament B1 17-Oct-2007
Central Mich University Charges Declined in CMU Incident A1 18-Oct-2007
Tennis Tennis Center Plans $900,000 Project A1 18-Oct-2007
Politics God' Allowed in U.S. Flag Certificate A1 18-Oct-2007
Dow Chemical Dow Chemical Agrees to Negotiate River Cleanup A1 18-Oct-2007
Dioxin Dow Chemical Agrees to Negotiate River Cleanup A1 18-Oct-2007
Dow Chemical Texas Pipeline Owned by Dow Sends Flames 100 Ft In Sky A1 18-Oct-2007
Dow Chemical Dow Supports Bay Y in Regional Effort A1 18-Oct-2007
Downtown Midland Midland Pumpkin Festival Postponed A1 18-Oct-2007
Dow Chemical Fired Dow Officer Sues JPMorgan Chase A3 18-Oct-2007
Law & Legislation Camp Introduces Children's Health Insurance Bill A3 18-Oct-2007
Churches Midland Churches Host 'Fifth Quarter' Rally After Game A3 18-Oct-2007
Education Digging Dinosaurs: Ultimate in Field trips A3 18-Oct-2007
Business-Midland Downtown Shop Celebrates 34 Years (Lil 'Pear Tree) C1 18-Oct-2007
Dow Chemical Dow to Donate Land for Veterans Cemetery C1 18-Oct-2007
Dow Chemical Dow Supports Habitat Home in Traverse City C1 18-Oct-2007
Midland Public Schools Dow High Announces AP Scholars C3 18-Oct-2007
Weather Tornadoes Hit State; Midland Spared A1 19-Oct-2007
Trials & Litigation Three Teens in Vandalism Case Not Going to Trial A1 19-Oct-2007
Midland Public Schools Three Teens in Vandalism Case Not Going to Trial A1 19-Oct-2007
Midland-Police Department Sarah Schieber Shares Life with, Love for Chad A1 19-Oct-2007
Elections-Local Candidates Forum Given Voters First Look at Council Contestants A1 19-Oct-2007
Midland Public Schools Beyond the Game A3 19-Oct-2007
Aurthors Former Midland Teacher Writes Classroom Version of Popular... A3 19-Oct-2007
Law & Legislation Stamas, Barcia Help Senate OK Some Helmetless Motorcycling A5 19-Oct-2007
Education 260,000 to Retake Part of MEAP Test Next Month A5 19-Oct-2007
MidMichigan Medical Center MidMich Rated Among Nation's Best for Clinical Outcomes A6 19-Oct-2007
Holidays Haunted Forest Opens Its Nightmarish Gates This Evening B1 19-Oct-2007
Gardening Hutchison Says Goodbye After 32 Years of Columns C8 19-Oct-2007
Northwood University NU Coach Creguer Makes Big Impact in One Boy's Life D1 19-Oct-2007
MBS Airport MBS Receives $500,000 Grant to Improve Air Service A1 20-Oct-2007
Midland Area Chamber Chamber Considers Joining Fight Against Service Tax A1 20-Oct-2007
Churches Post-Game Party Rocks Out Christian Message Loud & Clear A1 20-Oct-2007
Charities & Benefits United Way Campaign Hits 75.7 Percent Mark A1 20-Oct-2007
Veterans Honoring a Friend and a Soldier (Joseph Robinson) A1 20-Oct-2007
Grace A. Dow Mem Library One Last Chance Not to Complain About Higher Library Fees A2 20-Oct-2007
Dow Chemical Dow Michigan Operations' Turnaround Continues A3 20-Oct-2007
Dow Chemical Dupre Enjoying Leading Role A3 20-Oct-2007
Dow Chemical New Product Focus Helps Lift Midland Site A3 20-Oct-2007
Schools Students Shine in Disability Mentoring Day A3 20-Oct-2007
Churches Eagle Ridge to Install New Senior Pastor (Greiner) A5 20-Oct-2007
Clubs & Organizations AAUW Used book Sale More Than Just Filling Your Shelves A1 21-Oct-2007
Charities & Benefits Salvation Army Brings Christmas to the Less Fortunate A1 21-Oct-2007
Charities & Benefits A Walk to Remember: Hundreds Gather for Schieber's Life A1 21-Oct-2007
Central Mich University CMU Looks to experience for Next Provost A1 21-Oct-2007
Authors New Book Highlights Work of Alden B. Dow A3 21-Oct-2007
Grace A. Dow Mem Library New Book Highlights Work of Alden B. Dow A3 21-Oct-2007
Midland Mall Teens to Take Over Mall Saturday Night A3 21-Oct-2007
Football 20 Years Later, NFL Memories Still Fresh for Midland's Walter B1 21-Oct-2007
Teenage Musicals, Inc. Theater's Best Friends: Gerald & Betty Hath C1 21-Oct-2007
Teenage Musicals, Inc. The Spirit of TMI C1 21-Oct-2007
Volunteers Girl Scout Creates Walking Tour of Historic Midland C5 21-Oct-2007
Health & Safety Breast Cancer Awareness Insert 21-Oct-2007
Midland County County's Proposed at $29.14 Million A1 22-Oct-2007
Coleman Comm Schools Coleman Interviews Next Month for Superintendent Job A1 22-Oct-2007
Porter Township Carrying on the Tradition A1 22-Oct-2007
Business CFC's Net Income Down in Third Quarter A3 22-Oct-2007
Volunteers Serving Others: Volunteering is Central to Carpenter's Life A3 22-Oct-2007
Fish & Fishing Midland Pfeiffer Enjoys Alaskan Adventure with Son B1 22-Oct-2007
Fire Midland Woman's Brother Died in California Wildfires A1 23-Oct-2007
Midland County-Courts Beale Named Judge A1 23-Oct-2007
Military Family of Fallen Mt Pleasant Marine Meets Bush A1 23-Oct-2007
Midland-City Council Council Approves Industrial District for Coal-Fired Plant A1 23-Oct-2007
North Midland Family Center North Midland Family Ctr Suspends School Readiness Program A3 23-Oct-2007
Central Mich University Nanotech Needs Dreamers, Fast Thinkers, Speaker Says A3 23-Oct-2007
Fire-Edenville Township Edenville Volunteers Celebrate 50 Years of Firefighting A3 23-Oct-2007
Creative Spirit Center Center Founder to Be Honored by Martha Stewart A3 23-Oct-2007
Dow Chemical Lawmakers Target Shift of Costs for Kidney Patients A5 23-Oct-2007
MidMichigan Medical Center Surviving Breast Cancer: Humorist in Town Saturday A8 23-Oct-2007
Fire Relative: Wildfire Burned Too Quickly A1 24-Oct-2007
Disasters Locals Ready to Help in California A1 24-Oct-2007
Midland-Fire Department City Firefighters Receive Gerstackre Award, Donate $1500 to Schieber A1 24-Oct-2007
Accidents Clare Resident Killed in Wisconsin  A1 24-Oct-2007
Midland-Police Department Chicago TV Station Reports Miscommunication, Lost Ambulance A1 24-Oct-2007
Dow Chemical Dow to Be Presented Award for Disability Employment Practices A2 24-Oct-2007
North Midland Family Center Teacher Resignations Shut Down NMFC Program A3 24-Oct-2007
Meridian Public Schools Aduti Results Surprise Meridian Board A3 24-Oct-2007
Churches Founding in Faith: Former Midlander Creates Community in FL A3 24-Oct-2007
Youth & Youth Services Midland County Youth Leadership Schedules Fundraiser A5 24-Oct-2007
Midland Mall BCMS Names Academic A-Team A5 24-Oct-2007
Holidays Halloween Costume Ideas for 20- and 30- Somethings A8 24-Oct-2007
Dow Chemical Dow 3Q Profit Falls, But Sales Set Record A1 25-Oct-2007
Crime Four Shot at Saginaw Middle School Game A1 25-Oct-2007
Edenville Township Appeal Wins: Edenville Petitions Unclear A1 25-Oct-2007
Charities & Benefits Schieber, Others to Perform at Concert A1 25-Oct-2007
Travel The Past and Pending A1 25-Oct-2007
Events 90 gather to Discuss Israeli/Palestinian Conflict A2 25-Oct-2007
Midland County-Sheriff Deputy Mike is Midland County's New Undersheriff A3 25-Oct-2007
Awards & Prizes Four business Leaders Honored by JA A3 25-Oct-2007
Midland Public Schools Learning the Influence of Nature on Writing A3 25-Oct-2007
Michigan-Budget State Lawmakers Work on Schools' Funding A5 25-Oct-2007
Michigan-Budget House OKs Insurance Bills; Some Object A5 25-Oct-2007
Bullock Creek Schools Double Feature Trick-or-Treat for Eyes, Ears B1 25-Oct-2007
Music & Musicians This Scottish Band Leading Musical Charge B1 25-Oct-2007
Awards & Prizes Gagliardi Receives Service Award C3 25-Oct-2007
Delta College Logo Wins Design Award C5 25-Oct-2007
Trials & Litigation Teens to Pay $144,428 for Vandalism A1 26-Oct-2007
Midland Public Schools Teens to Pay $144,428 for Vandalism A1 26-Oct-2007
Dow Corning DC Has Record Sales: Income Up 4% A1 26-Oct-2007
Charities & Benefits Volley for a Cure: Event Raises Breast Cancer Awareness A1 26-Oct-2007
Midland Public Schools Extra Patrols Planned for Tonight's Midland-Arthur Hill Game A1 26-Oct-2007
Midland Center for the Arts Midland Group Part of 'Thriller' World Record Attempt A1 26-Oct-2007
Downtown Midland Cold, Wind Don't Deter Pumpkin Fest Goers A3 26-Oct-2007
MidMichigan Health Center Moore Receives State Health Award A3 26-Oct-2007
Northwood University Northwood University to Close Carlsbad Campus A3 26-Oct-2007
Michigan-Budget Stamas: Keep Promises A3 26-Oct-2007
Literacy Literacy Council Earns Accrediation A5 26-Oct-2007
Central Mich University CMU Student Chemical Group Wins Awards A5 26-Oct-2007
Dow Chemical Dow WWII Vets To Be Honored A1 27-Oct-2007
Veterans Dow WWII Vets To Be Honored A1 27-Oct-2007
Charities & Benefits United Way Nearing Goal with One Week Left A1 27-Oct-2007
MBS Airport New Northwest Planes Mean More Seats at MBS A3 27-Oct-2007
Dow Chemical Chemical Company Turns Experienced Eye to Footwear A3 27-Oct-2007
Michigan-Budget Deadline Looms: Lawmakers Battle Over Budget A3 27-Oct-2007
Bullock Creek Schools Road Crossing Endangers Parents, Kids A3 27-Oct-2007
Business Local Barbecue Makers Add Sawmill Location A9 27-Oct-2007
Midland Mall Halloween Havoc: Teens Rock Out at Midland Mall A1 28-Oct-2007
Business Chrysler Workers Pass Contract Despite Illinois No Vote A1 28-Oct-2007
Coleman Coleman Planning for New Senior Housing A3 28-Oct-2007
Midland Center for the Arts No Mere Mortal Can Resist...The Thriller A3 28-Oct-2007
Schools Career Costumes: Students Experiment with Jobs A3 28-Oct-2007
Business Bay City Company Sells Tie-Down to Military A6 28-Oct-2007
Northwood University Riepma Breaks Finn's Record B1 28-Oct-2007
Volunteers Volunteers Take to the Streets to Help Trick-Or-Treaters C5 28-Oct-2007
Health & Safety Your Health Insert 28-Oct-2007
Charities & Benefits Senior Food Program Seeks $1 Million A1 29-Oct-2007
Midland County County Budget Before Board on Nov. 6 A1 29-Oct-2007
Holidays Haunting the Night A1 29-Oct-2007
Holidays Try These 'Tricks' for a Safe & Fun Holloween Experience A1 29-Oct-2007
Coleman Comm Schools Coleman Loses Longtime Dedicated Teacher (Karen Lee) A2 29-Oct-2007
Midland County Hist Society First of Two Hemingway Exhibits Opens on Wednesday A2 29-Oct-2007
Employment Midland Jobless Rate Reported Up Slightly in September A3 29-Oct-2007
Volunteers On Angels' Wings: Midlanders Head Back to Haiti A3 29-Oct-2007
North Midland Family Center North Midland Parents Have Their Say A1 30-Oct-2007
Midland Public Schools Midland Concerned About High School AYP Status A1 30-Oct-2007
Michigan-Budget Lawmakers, Granholm Struggle to Finalize State Budget A1 30-Oct-2007
Michigan Moolenaar Blasts DEQ Over Planned Move to Bay City A1 30-Oct-2007
Trials & Litigation Man Gets 50-75 Years in Wife's Slaying Outside Newspaper Office A1 30-Oct-2007
Michigan-Budget Democrat Lewis: Tax Income, Not Services A3 30-Oct-2007
Midland Public Schools MPS, J.E. Johnson Join Forces to Create Skilled Labor A3 30-Oct-2007
Business-Midland Planned Hotel Now Under Construction in Midland A3 30-Oct-2007
MidMichigan Medical Center MidMich Performs Area's First Endoscopic Parathyroidectomy A8 30-Oct-2007
Health & Safety Eating Difficulties: Rare Condition Causes Displaced Organs A8 30-Oct-2007
Michigan-Budget Budget Deal Done A1 31-Oct-2007
Crime Area Man Involved in Murder/Suicide A1 31-Oct-2007
Accidents-Midland County One Dead in Ashby Road Crash A1 31-Oct-2007
Midland Public Schools Student Found with Bullets A1 31-Oct-2007
Michigan Moolenaar: Pay Less for DEQ Space, Don't Count on Higher Fees A1 31-Oct-2007
Aviation Former Midland Resident Becomes Flight Attendant A2 31-Oct-2007
Business-Midland Necessity is the Mother of Awards for Molly's Bistro A3 31-Oct-2007
Barstow Airport Coast Guard Rescue Crew to Speak at Barstow A3 31-Oct-2007
Michigan Moore: Don't Lease New Bldg for State Police Headquarters A3 31-Oct-2007
Central Mich University CMU Welcomes Renowned Multicultural Scholar  A6 31-Oct-2007
Midland Public Schools MPS, H.H. Dow Name National Merit Semi-Finalists A6 31-Oct-2007
Business Midlander Buys Two Domino's Stores in Hometown A9 31-Oct-2007