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Lottery Buyers Snap Up Lottery Tickets A1 1-Sep-2007
Dioxin EPA: Release Dioxin Info A1 1-Sep-2007
Dow Chemical EPA: Release Dioxiin Info A1 1-Sep-2007
Bicycles & Bicycle Trails Lose the Training Wheels: Children Learn Joy of Biking A1 1-Sep-2007
Sanford Lake Sept 9 Parkapalooza Music Festival Gears Up A1 1-Sep-2007
Charities & Benefits Agency Gets Donations for New Facility A2 1-Sep-2007
Clubs & Organizations Deitsch Still Dedicated to 4-H, 60 Years Later A3 1-Sep-2007
Northwood University Northwood Welcomes New Students A3 1-Sep-2007
MCESA ESA 'Payless Payday' Report 'Unsubstantiated' A3 1-Sep-2007
Midland County-Courts Durance Removes Self From Potential Court Appointees A3 1-Sep-2007
Trials & Litigation Merrill Man Sentenced in Bay City Fraud Case A3 1-Sep-2007
Business Garber Acquires Miami Dealership A8 1-Sep-2007
Midland County Fairgrounds 2007 Fair Memories Insert 1-Sep-2007
Roads State, Federal Money to Fix 3 County Bridges A1 2-Sep-2007
Midland Public Schools MPS Supt. Denies Schools are 'Dirty' A1 2-Sep-2007
Autors Feeding the Soul: Mother Shares Story in Chicken Soup Book A1 2-Sep-2007
Midland Public Schools 3 Midland High Schools Report Higher Than State Averages A3 2-Sep-2007
Churches Local Parish Helps Rebuild Church in Peru A3 2-Sep-2007
Charities & Benefits Eagles Give $12,000 for Hospital Heart Monitors A8 2-Sep-2007
Health & Safety Blood, Marrow Drive at Mall Sept. 11 A8 2-Sep-2007
Authors Freeland Man Writes About Being Detoit Cop in 60s C5 2-Sep-2007
Crime-Midland Crack the Case: 'Ray' Deposits Empty Envelopes A1 3-Sep-2007
Television & Radio The War' Leaves Stations Fighting with Language A1 3-Sep-2007
Holidays Expert Says Too Many Don't Take Advantage of Time Off A1 3-Sep-2007
Holidays Tridge Walk at 9 a.m. Today A1 3-Sep-2007
MidMichigan Medical Center Gamma Knife Perfexion to Arrive in Midland Today A3 3-Sep-2007
History-Midland County Treasure Rock? Legend and Lore in Lee Township A3 3-Sep-2007
Volunteers Saginaw Township Girl Raises Money for Museum A9 3-Sep-2007
Sports Miller Going into Coaches Hall of Fame (Tom Miller) B1 3-Sep-2007
Baseball-Midland Stavropoulos Excited About First Season A1 4-Sep-2007
Edenville Township Recall Petitions Filed in Edenville Township A1 4-Sep-2007
Midland Public Schools New Year, New Look A1 4-Sep-2007
MCESA Glitch Causes Delayed ESA Pay A1 4-Sep-2007
Clubs & Organizations Carr Attains Eagle Rank (Justin Carr) A2 4-Sep-2007
Holidays Tridge Walk Marks 17th Year as Local Alternative to Mackinac A3 4-Sep-2007
Downtown Midland Main Event Hits Main Street A3 4-Sep-2007
Baseball-Midland First Year in the Books: Loons Thank Fans B1 4-Sep-2007
Midland County Some on Board Oppose Second Job for Benda A1 5-Sep-2007
Midland Community Center MCC Plans Several Projects A1 5-Sep-2007
Midland Public Schools Schools Open Without a Hitch A1 5-Sep-2007
Foundations King's Daughters Receives $1 Million Gift A1 5-Sep-2007
Charities & Benefits Eat Your Heart Out' Total Grows, Tops Last Year A1 5-Sep-2007
Midland Community Center New Corporate Structure Created A2 5-Sep-2007
Creative Spirit Center Facing Forward Will Match Young Women, Mentors A3 5-Sep-2007
Barstow Airport New Fuel Tank Purchase Tops Barstow goals for '08 A3 5-Sep-2007
Charities & Benefits Blue Planet Run Complete, Mission Continues A3 5-Sep-2007
History-Midland Midland Remembers..The Ken Harding Story, Part I A6 5-Sep-2007
Politics Romney Backer Camp Welcomes Early Primary A9 5-Sep-2007
Baseball A Trip to Fenway Results in Witnessing No-Hitter B1 5-Sep-2007
Baseball-Midland Parrish Fired A1 6-Sep-2007
Baseball-Midland Lance a Good Person, Will Be Missed A1 6-Sep-2007
Trials & Litigation Murder Trial of Former Midlander Postponed (Schultz) A1 6-Sep-2007
Midland Downtown Dev Auth DDA Director to Leave Position Sept 27 A1 6-Sep-2007
Northwood University Northwood Hosts Annual Prayer, Praise Night A3 6-Sep-2007
Crime State Police Recover Eight RVs A3 6-Sep-2007
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU Foundation Leader is Moving On A3 6-Sep-2007
Sanford Founders' Days Festival This Weekend in Sanford A3 6-Sep-2007
Dow Corning DC Sponsors International Polar Foundation Zero-Emissions... B1 6-Sep-2007
Baseball-Midland Boosters Say Parrish Will Be Missed C1 6-Sep-2007
Dow Gardens Tiempo Libre Brings Irresistible Style to Dow Gardens D1 6-Sep-2007
Michigan-Budget State Budget Stalemate A1 7-Sep-2007
Midland County Board Ups Amount for Drawing Business A1 7-Sep-2007
Music & Musicians Midland Couple to Take Part in Washington 9/11 Concert A1 7-Sep-2007
Clubs & Organizations RC Modelers Have Feet on the Ground, Eyes on the Sky A3 7-Sep-2007
Business Biofuels Expo Set for Saturday A3 7-Sep-2007
Awards & Prizes Three Midlanders Honored as 'Distinguished Citizens' A3 7-Sep-2007
Art & Artists Midland Muralized B1 7-Sep-2007
Crime-Midland Police Apprehend ATM Robber A1 8-Sep-2007
Education Cross-Cultural Learning A1 8-Sep-2007
Business-Midland Peace Through Business: Afghan Women Entrepreneurs A1 8-Sep-2007
Crime-Midland County Youths Confess to Football Field Damage A1 8-Sep-2007
Bullock Creek Schools Youths Confess to Football Field Damage A1 8-Sep-2007
Sanford Lake The Beach is the Limit; Sand Castles More Than a Dream A1 8-Sep-2007
Midland Community Center Camp for the Courageous A3 8-Sep-2007
Foundations Party Celebrates 50 Years of Working Together, $1 Million A3 8-Sep-2007
Sanford Many Flock to Founders' Days A1 9-Sep-2007
Midland City, EPA to Meet on Dioxin Data A1 9-Sep-2007
Dioxin City, EPA to Meet on Dioxin Data A1 9-Sep-2007
Education Two More Local Schools Report High State Exam Scores A1 9-Sep-2007
Midland Daily News From Printed Pages to Moving Pictures A1 9-Sep-2007
Central Mich University Like Fath, Like Sons When It Comes to Music at CMU A3 9-Sep-2007
Floods & Flood Control FEMA Info Session Unveils Updated Flood Risk Areas A3 9-Sep-2007
Midland County Hist Society River Rising theme of This Year's Funderal Cemetery Tour A9 9-Sep-2007
Biography-Midland Adventure of a Lifetime: Midlander Finds Secret to Happy Life C1 9-Sep-2007
Biography-Midland Kelly an Adventurer, Will Travel C1 9-Sep-2007
Senior Citizens This Course Keeps Older Drivers Safe: AARP Program C5 9-Sep-2007
Health & Safety Bat Numbers Up; Safety Tips Offered A1 10-Sep-2007
Sanford Perfect Weather for Parkapalooza A1 10-Sep-2007
Health & Safety Midlander Hopes to See Residents at Bone Marrow Registration A1 10-Sep-2007
Foundations Foundation Grant to Help Elementary Schools A1 10-Sep-2007
MCESA Foundation Grant to Help Elementary Schools A1 10-Sep-2007
Energy Ithaca Ethanol Plant Site Opens to Visitors A1 10-Sep-2007
Biography-Midland County Bones That Won't Quit A3 10-Sep-2007
Midland Public Schools Projects on MPS Agenda A3 10-Sep-2007
Central Mich University Woman Reports Assault at CMU A1 11-Sep-2007
Politics Camp: Give General More Time A1 11-Sep-2007
Events New Balloon Entry Plays on Children's Imaginations A1 11-Sep-2007
Midland Public Schools MPS Pays Tax Appeals Bill, Approves 3 Yr Project Plan A3 11-Sep-2007
Meridian Public Schools Meridian Sets Millage Rate A3 11-Sep-2007
Midland-Planning Comm City Zoning to Include Day Care Centers A3 11-Sep-2007
Charities & Benefits Drive at Eastlawn to Support National Kidney Foundation A8 11-Sep-2007
Track & Field Moms on a Mission: Local Running Group Training A8 11-Sep-2007
Bullock Creek Schools Creek Field Damage $40,000-$60,000 A1 12-Sep-2007
Crime-Midland County Creek Field Damage $40,000-$60,000 A1 12-Sep-2007
Dow Chemical EPA Pulls Out of Cleanup Process, Calls for Openness A1 12-Sep-2007
Dioxin EPA Pulls Out of Cleanup Process, Calls for Openness A1 12-Sep-2007
Football Midlander is U-M's 'Hot Dog Man' A1 12-Sep-2007
Clubs & Organizations Midland Wood Carvers 'Lean on Me' A3 12-Sep-2007
Midland-Planning Comm Planning Board Works Late A3 12-Sep-2007
Trials & Litigation Appeals Court Upholds Midland Man's Murder Conviction A3 12-Sep-2007
Midland County Board Says No to Ambulance Bidding A1 13-Sep-2007
Politics Albright Sees World of Constant Changes A1 13-Sep-2007
Coleman Comm Schools Vandals Damage Coleman Playground A1 13-Sep-2007
Crime-Midland County Vandals Damage Coleman Playground A1 13-Sep-2007
Wildlife This Feline Was Not a Housecat A1 13-Sep-2007
Trials & Litigation Man Arraigned on Arson fo Sanford Fire A2 13-Sep-2007
Education MEAP, MME Both 'High Stakes' A3 13-Sep-2007
Weddings Dream Wedding: Couple to Be Married During Bridal Expo A3 13-Sep-2007
Saginaw Valley State Univ Helping Michigan's Future: SVSU Reopens Pioneer Hall A3 13-Sep-2007
Elections-Local Panel Finds Edenville Recall Petitions Not Clear A3 13-Sep-2007
Midland Center for the Arts State Showcase: Work of 61 Artists Featured in Exhibit B1 13-Sep-2007
Churches Pianist Martinez at Chapel Lane B1 13-Sep-2007
Events Fall is in the Air 2007 Insert 13-Sep-2007
Charities & Benefits United Way Takes Off A1 14-Sep-2007
Events High Winds, No Flight (ReMax Balloon Festival) A1 14-Sep-2007
Dow Gardens Salsa Under the Stars A1 14-Sep-2007
Dow Gardens Look, Ma, I'm Dancin' A1 14-Sep-2007
Downtown Midland Benched - In a Good Way A3 14-Sep-2007
Elections-State Lewis, Volunteers to Launch Door-to-Door Campaign A3 14-Sep-2007
Downtown Midland Cruise 'N Car Show Tonight, Saturday A3 14-Sep-2007
Music & Musicians Fun and Excitement in Omaha B1 14-Sep-2007
Music & Musicians Hell's Half Mile Film & Music Festival in Bay City B1 14-Sep-2007
Consumers Energy Consumers to Build New Plant at Karn-Weadock Site A1 15-Sep-2007
Events For Balloonists, Reasons Not to Fly Abound (Unfortunately) A1 15-Sep-2007
Dioxin City, EPA Strike Deal A1 15-Sep-2007
Midland City, EPA Strike Deal A1 15-Sep-2007
Charities & Benefits Off to a Fine Start (United Way campaign) A1 15-Sep-2007
Dow Chemical Dow Epoxy Announces Three Acquisitions A10 15-Sep-2007
MidMichigan Medical Center Seven New Resident Physicians at MidMichigan A11 15-Sep-2007
Clubs & Organizations League Kicks Off Year with Immigration Discussion A3 15-Sep-2007
Fire Prevention Preparing for Hazardous Situations A3 15-Sep-2007
Delta College Delta's WWII Film About Local Workers Airs Today... A3 15-Sep-2007
Churches Pressons Join Church as Children's Ministers A8 15-Sep-2007
Churches Chance or Design? Questions of Origins Topic A8 15-Sep-2007
Gardening Dahlia Hill's Flowers to Bloom Later This Year A1 16-Sep-2007
Dow Chemical Dow Sponsoring Bay City's River Roar in 2008 A1 16-Sep-2007
Business GM, UAW Resume Talks, But Significant Hurdles Remain A1 16-Sep-2007
Politics Midland Dems Meet State House Candidates Lewis & White A2 16-Sep-2007
Delta College Delta Trustees Respond to Board Member Higgs' Lawsuit A2 16-Sep-2007
Television & Radio CAAC Will Self-Assess as Part of '08 Goals A2 16-Sep-2007
Bullock Creek Schools Creek Board to Vote on Tax Rates, Goals Monday A3 16-Sep-2007
Dow Chemical Dow & Monsanto to Develop 8-Way Gene Stack for Corn A3 16-Sep-2007
Teachers & Teaching A Teacher Learns, Too: Blackhurst Spends Summer... C1 16-Sep-2007
Charities & Benefits Volunteer, Call Center Growing Parts of United Way A1 17-Sep-2007
Events Larkin Township Residents Help Balloon Brothers A1 17-Sep-2007
Midland County County Ordinance Gets Review Tuesday A2 17-Sep-2007
Floods & Flood Control FEMA, Local Officials Team for Floodplain Map Revisions A2 17-Sep-2007
Michigan-Budget House to Meet Again at Noon on Budget A3 17-Sep-2007
Michigan-Budget Area Legislators Restate Commitment to Education A3 17-Sep-2007
Chippewa Nature Center New Preschool Combines Nature with Learning A3 17-Sep-2007
Politics County GOP Chair: Butler Good Yob Successor A3 17-Sep-2007
Michigan-Budget Budget Struggles Continue as Deadline Nears A1 18-Sep-2007
Northwood University Northwood Auto Show to Feature Sleek New Cars A1 18-Sep-2007
Charities & Benefits Walking to Remember (Alzheimer's Assn Memory Walk) A8 18-Sep-2007
Tennis Midland's Paulus Serves as Line Judge at U.S. Open B1 18-Sep-2007
Midland County Soil Erosion Ordinance Debated A1 19-Sep-2007
Crime-Clare Police Fatally Shoot Man A1 19-Sep-2007
Michigan-Budget Some Progress, But Still No State Budget A1 19-Sep-2007
Michigan-Budget Granholm: Voters Would Reward Tax Vote Courage A1 19-Sep-2007
Military Clare Soldier Killed in Iraq Remembered by Principal A2 19-Sep-2007
Politics Camp, Others Criticize Govt E-Mail Touting Japanese Automakers A3 19-Sep-2007
Bullock Creek Schools Democracy iin Action: BC Middle School Holds Elections A3 19-Sep-2007
Michigan Groups Propose Constitution Language Cleanup A3 19-Sep-2007
History-Midland Midland Remembers...The Ken Harding Story, Part II A7 19-Sep-2007
Speedskating No Apolo Ohno, But Speed Skating Meet Still First Class B1 19-Sep-2007
Crime-Midland October Trials Set in School Vandalism Case A1 20-Sep-2007
Midland Public Schools October Trials Set in School Vandalism Case A1 20-Sep-2007
Military He Was Never Scared (Todd Motley) A1 20-Sep-2007
Dow Chemical Dow Expands Polyurethane Business A1 20-Sep-2007
Accidents-Clare Clare County Man Crushed By Bus A1 20-Sep-2007
Obituaries Path to eternity: Surrounded by Family, Kyle's Journey Ends A1 20-Sep-2007
Michigan-Budget Budget Talks to Resume Today A10 20-Sep-2007
Saginaw Valley State University SVSU Enrollment and Freshman Class Reach All-Time Highs A2 20-Sep-2007
Charities & Benefits Deadlines Set for Holiday Programs A3 20-Sep-2007
Midland-City Council City Council Approves Jefferson Avenue Rezoning A3 20-Sep-2007
Downtown Midland Mother, Daughter Bring Sanford Store's Fare to Taste-Off A3 20-Sep-2007
Dance Upcoming Showcase Features Area Dancers B1 20-Sep-2007
Art & Artists Northwood Gallery Hosting Two Shows B1 20-Sep-2007
Accidents-Midland County Pinecrest Director Killed (Isaac Royer) A1 21-Sep-2007
Accidents-Midland County Car-Truck Crash on U.S. 10 Blocks Traffic A1 21-Sep-2007
Accidents-Midland County Two Hurt in M-20 Crash A1 21-Sep-2007
MBS Airport Lower Fares Coming to MBS A1 21-Sep-2007
Health & Safety Area Universities Examining Ways to Increase Campus Safety A1 21-Sep-2007
Midland-Parks & Recreation Haunted Forest Needs Volunteers for Spookyfest A3 21-Sep-2007
Clubs & Organizations Scouts Tackle Teens Drinking and Driving A3 21-Sep-2007
Politics Camp Votes Against Extending Terrorism Insurance Help A3 21-Sep-2007
Politics Anti-War Demonstration Downtown Set for Today A3 21-Sep-2007
Midland Center for the Arts 1960s Art Comes to MCTFA B1 21-Sep-2007
Midland Center for the Arts What They Wore B1 21-Sep-2007
Baseball-Midland Dow Diamond Honored by Ballpark Digest D1 21-Sep-2007
Accidents-Midland County U.S. 10 Crash Questions Remain A1 22-Sep-2007
Real Estate Midland-Area Real Estate Starting to Rebound A1 22-Sep-2007
Health & Safety Roaches Causing Problems in City A1 22-Sep-2007
Politics Camp to Introduce Romney on Island Today A3 22-Sep-2007
Politics Camp's Office Site of Protest A3 22-Sep-2007
Michigan-Budget State Budget Facing Sunday Showdown A3 22-Sep-2007
Churches Fifty Plus Years of Missions (Mt Haley Church of God) A6 22-Sep-2007
Crime-Midland Lost Card Leads to Phony Charges A1 23-Sep-2007
Business LS Power, DEQ Favor Different Methods for Coal Plants A1 23-Sep-2007
Environmental Protection LS Power, DEQ Favor Different Methods for Coal Plants A1 23-Sep-2007
Chippewa Nature Center Harvest Festival Celebrates Fall, Heritage A1 23-Sep-2007
Charities & Benefits United Way Off to Excellent Start A1 23-Sep-2007
MBS Airport Money for MBS, Dow, Clare, Saginaw in Appropriations Bill A2 23-Sep-2007
Central Mich University CMU Continues Its Interest in a Medical School A3 23-Sep-2007
Downtown Midland Chili and Salsa Taste-Off a Tasty Hit A3 23-Sep-2007
Veterans WWII Vets, Relatives in Michigan Sought  A3 23-Sep-2007
Sports Like Father, Like Son: Another Eddy Rises Quickly in Racing B1 23-Sep-2007
Michigan-Budget Shutdown Deadline Nears A1 24-Sep-2007
Edenville Township Edenville Recall Petitions Refiled A1 24-Sep-2007
Coleman Comm Schools Coleman Sets Times for Supt. Interviews A1 24-Sep-2007
Charities & Benefits Building Family Ties (United Way agencies) A1 24-Sep-2007
Elections Romney Wins Michigan Republican Straw Poll A1 24-Sep-2007
Charities & Benefits Of Horses, Youth and Love A3 24-Sep-2007
Events Family Day: A Day to Eat Dinner with Your Children A5 24-Sep-2007
Consumers Energy 1000 Without Power Today A1 25-Sep-2007
Business GM Hit By Strike A1 25-Sep-2007
Michigan-Budget Dems Seek to eliminate Business Tax Exemptions A1 25-Sep-2007
Michigan-Budget Hayes, Gougeon Sign on to State Budget letter A1 25-Sep-2007
MBS Airport MBS Budget Will Support New Terminal, Manager Says A3 25-Sep-2007
Coleman Comm Schools Coleman Board OKs Pact with CEA A3 25-Sep-2007
Midland Public Schools New MPS Superintendent is the Principal of Principals A3 25-Sep-2007
Track & Field Taking Dayton By Storm: More Than 20 Midlanders Run in USAF... B1 25-Sep-2007
Speedskating Ready for Action: Bedford, Winslow Competing in American Cup B1 25-Sep-2007
Business Deal Reached: Strike at GM Over A1 26-Sep-2007
Business Local GM Employees Express Relief A1 26-Sep-2007
Michigan-Budget Area Schools Prepare for Possible Government Shutdown A1 26-Sep-2007
Schools Down on the Farm: Laurenz's Celebrate Their 20th Tour A1 26-Sep-2007
Fire Firefighter Suffers Heat Exhaustion at Auburn Silo Fire A2 26-Sep-2007
Midland Public Schools MPS Given Clean Audit But Advised to Save for Future A3 26-Sep-2007
Barstow Airport Barstow Airport is Modest in Scale, But Has Big Stories to Tell A3 26-Sep-2007
Business Buyer Found for Bankrupted Cemeteries A3 26-Sep-2007
Baseball From Rec Softball to Pro Baseball: Burgess Signs Contract B1 26-Sep-2007
Michigan-Budget Preparing for Blue Monday A1 27-Sep-2007
Military I'm Very, Very Proud of Him (Todd Motley) A1 27-Sep-2007
Michigan-Budget College Students March on Lansing: Seek Funding  A1 27-Sep-2007
Dow Chemical Dow Selling Ethafoam Performance Foam Business A3 27-Sep-2007
Charities & Benefits Saddle Up for St. Jude's A3 27-Sep-2007
Grace A. Dow Mem Library New Fines and Fees Top Library Board Initiatives A3 27-Sep-2007
Midland-Housing Housing Commission Will Keep Acquiring & Building ... A3 27-Sep-2007
Midland Center for the Arts Godspell, Updated B1 27-Sep-2007
Midland Symphony Cellist to Be Features in MSO Season-Opening Concert B2 27-Sep-2007
Northwood University More Than 35000 Expected for NU's 44th Auto Show C4 27-Sep-2007
Northwood University 44th Annual International Auto Show VIP Speakers C4 27-Sep-2007
Northwood University NU's Executive team Highlighted C5 27-Sep-2007
Michigan-Budget Preschools Close as Shutdown Looms A1 28-Sep-2007
Elections-Local Atkinson Named Midland Register of Deeds A1 28-Sep-2007
Schools Some Area Schools See Enrollment Increase, Others Drop A1 28-Sep-2007
Employment Midland County Unemployment Rate Down in August A1 28-Sep-2007
Michigan-Budget Granholm, Lawmakers Continue Negotiations as Shutdown Nears A2 28-Sep-2007
Meridian Public Schools Meridian Board Hears MME Results A3 28-Sep-2007
Charities & Benefits McKay Press, Area's Nonprofits Were a Winning Combination A3 28-Sep-2007
Baseball-Midland Dow Diamond Neighborhood Parking Restrictions Won't Change A3 28-Sep-2007
Games The 3rd Coming (Halo 3) B1 28-Sep-2007
Speedskating Short Track World Cup Bids on Line at Civic Arena D1 28-Sep-2007
Midland-Planning Comm New Holiday Inn Slated Near Mall A1 29-Sep-2007
Trials & Litigation Midland Man to Serve 15 to 25 Years for Carjacking A1 29-Sep-2007
Northwood University Auto Show Panelist: Women Taking Bigger Role in Auto Industry A1 29-Sep-2007
Charities & Benefits Strong Second Week for United Way Campaign A1 29-Sep-2007
Religion Ramadan Fast Brings Muslims Closer to God, Others A10 29-Sep-2007
Michigan-Budget Some State Offices Might Close, Others on Limited Manpower A3 29-Sep-2007
Dow Corning Dow Corning Upgrades Emission Controls A1 30-Sep-2007
Environmental Protection Dow Corning Upgrades Emission Controls A1 30-Sep-2007
Michigan-Budget Lawmakers Running Short on Time A1 30-Sep-2007
Northwood University Northwood Graduates Remember Auto Show A1 30-Sep-2007
Business UAW-GM Contract Promises New Products for U.S. Plants A1 30-Sep-2007
Downtown Midland City Wins Silver Award for Hyping Active Living A3 30-Sep-2007
Health & Safety Girlfriends Never Walk Alone A3 30-Sep-2007
Clubs & Organizations Red Cross Reflects, Awards Volunteers A6 30-Sep-2007
Speedskating Midland's Bedford Clinches Spot on World Cup Team B1 30-Sep-2007
Midland Music Society Dedicated to the State: Jeremy Little Might Be 19, But... C1 30-Sep-2007
Midland Music Society For Dancer Frances Martinez, Musical Comedies are Favorite C1 30-Sep-2007