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Crime Brawl: One Hurt in Harrison Gas Station Fight A1 1-Jun-2007
Accidents Rivals Send Prayers & Well Wishes (Rousseau) A1 1-Jun-2007
Edenville Twp. Edenville Continues to Debate Bringing Water to Area A1 1-Jun-2007
Water Edenville Continues to Debate Bringing Water to Area A1 1-Jun-2007
Charities & Benefits 1 Million Mentors: Residents Can Help As Part of Oprah's... A1 1-Jun-2007
Crime-Midland Shooting Victim to Share Story (Jessica Forsyth) A1 1-Jun-2007
Midland Public Schools Dow High Students Win Congressional Art Prizes A3 1-Jun-2007
Elections-Local Manary Announces Candidacy for Clerk A3 1-Jun-2007
Art & Artists Man's Bridge Photographs Featured at Summer Art Fair A3 1-Jun-2007
Midland Public Schools Camp Learns About Dollars Financial Sense at Dow HS A3 1-Jun-2007
Music & Musicians Learning to Book from Bob Seger (Philip Coultrip) B1 1-Jun-2007
Art & Artists Artist Inspired by Music, Her Grandmother (Eastman) B1 1-Jun-2007
Events Global Relay Highlights Water Crisis (Blue Planet Run 2007) A1 2-Jun-2007
Military Coleman Honors HOmetown Hero (Casey Zylman) A1 2-Jun-2007
Crime Three Charged After Brawl A1 2-Jun-2007
Matrix:Midland Extreme Degrees & Delight: Brown Brings Down House A3 2-Jun-2007
Radio Popular Radio Host Leaves Airwaves (LaHaie) A3 2-Jun-2007
Track & Field Area Track Stars Become All-State Finishers A1 3-Jun-2007
Roads Rodd Street Project to Begin Monday A1 3-Jun-2007
Environmental Protection Government's Waterway Authority Murky Despite SupCt Ruling A1 3-Jun-2007
Events Record Numbers Cross the Finish Line A3 3-Jun-2007
MBS Airport Dow Corning to Build Its Own Hangar at MBS A1 4-Jun-2007
Dow Corning Dow Corning to Build Its Own Hangar at MBS A1 4-Jun-2007
Matrix:Midland Perfect Storm' Author Talks About Front-Line Journalism A1 4-Jun-2007
Politics Camp's Poll Gives Thumbs Down to Immigration Package A1 4-Jun-2007
Fire-Gladwin County Businesswoman's Home Destroyed by Fire This Morning A1 4-Jun-2007
Charities & Benefits BC Archers to Help Raise Money for Kids, Families A3 4-Jun-2007
Midland County Fairgrounds A Scale History of Firefighting A3 4-Jun-2007
Nature Volunteers Will Help Add New Trail to Nature Sanctuary A3 4-Jun-2007
Military Zylman Remembered A1 5-Jun-2007
Trials & Litigation Driver Gets One Year for Crash (Parkhurst) A1 5-Jun-2007
Employment Career Quest: Locals Explore Trade, Technical at Fair A1 5-Jun-2007
Matrix:Midland Marley & me Author to Share Stories About Dog A1 5-Jun-2007
Events Golden Days Coming to Mt. Pleasant A3 5-Jun-2007
Business-Midland Midlander Creates Inspirational greeting Cards A3 5-Jun-2007
Tennis Tennis Center Launching New Youth Program B1 5-Jun-2007
Crime Teens Accused of Killing Woman, 83 A1 6-Jun-2007
Crime Crack the Case: $800 Stolen From Bank Account A1 6-Jun-2007
Environmental Protection EPA Issues Guidelines Making It Harder to Protect Wetlands A1 6-Jun-2007
Events Message of Hope A1 6-Jun-2007
Entertainment Grayling Theme Park Becoming a Reality A1 6-Jun-2007
Dioxin Dioxin Study Results Hold Up A3 6-Jun-2007
Dow Chemical Dioxin Study Results Hold Up A3 6-Jun-2007
Fire-Midland Fire Marshall Investigating Cause of Midland House Fire A3 6-Jun-2007
Matrix:Midland Author Passionate About Journalism A3 6-Jun-2007
History-Midland Midland Remembers: Nazarene Church Touches Lives A5 6-Jun-2007
Business-Midland Midland to Be Home for $1.3 Billion Plant (LS Power) A1 7-Jun-2007
Trials & Litigation $2.5 Million Bond for Second Carjack Suspect A1 7-Jun-2007
Accidents Popular teacher 'Critical' After Accident (Julie Windy) A1 7-Jun-2007
Events MichiTario Friendship Games Cancelled A1 7-Jun-2007
Crime Midlander Part of 20/20 Broadcast A1 7-Jun-2007
Midland County EMS Might Need More Money Soon A3 7-Jun-2007
Midland-Housing Commission to Discuss Fair Housing Study July 9 A3 7-Jun-2007
Schools High Spirits, New Worries Part of Kids' Last Day A3 7-Jun-2007
Saginaw Valley State Univ Pewabic Pottery: Exhibit Opens At Fredericks B1 7-Jun-2007
Midland-Housing Mobile Home Park Nearly Ready for New Occupants C1 7-Jun-2007
MidMichigan Medical Center Room Service at MidMichigan C2 7-Jun-2007
Events Cancer Survivors, Loved Ones Celebrate A1 8-Jun-2007
Matrix:Midland Matrix Speaker: Pet Thought Name Was 'No, Marley, No" A1 8-Jun-2007
Volunteers Deloitte Volunteers 'Rock' Midland Youth Center A2 8-Jun-2007
Matrix:Midland Service Dogs Represent Their Programs at Matrix Event A2 8-Jun-2007
Midland Public Schools District Leader Says Goodbye: Hughes Reflects on Years... A3 8-Jun-2007
Law & Legislation Panel Votes to Privatize Foster Care, Juvenile Justice A3 8-Jun-2007
Mackinac Center Free-Market Group Seeks Audience Through Fiction A3 8-Jun-2007
Awards & Prizes Bay City Girl Finalist in Seventeen Model Search B1 8-Jun-2007
Midland County Fairgrounds Rage in the Cage B1 8-Jun-2007
Bullock Creek Schools Bullock Creek Forensics Team Has Best Year Ever B2 8-Jun-2007
Saginaw Valley State Univ Outstanding Educators Selected for Gerstacker Fellowships B2 8-Jun-2007
North Midland Family Center Improving Where Children Play B4 8-Jun-2007
Baseball-Midland Loons to Host '08 All-Stars A1 9-Jun-2007
Crime-Midland Man Stabbed; Wife Arrested A1 9-Jun-2007
Environmental Protection Parties Disagree Over Water Rules A1 9-Jun-2007
Wildlife DNR Investigates Snake Sightings A3 9-Jun-2007
Clubs & Organizations Zonta Marks 60 Years A3 9-Jun-2007
Volunteers Accountants Make Positive Adjustments A3 9-Jun-2007
Midland Public Schools MPS Budget to Include Cuts, Layoffs A1 10-Jun-2007
Trials & Litigation Man Sentenced for Kidnapping, Sexual Assault A1 10-Jun-2007
Coleman Comm Schools Comets Honor Fallen Former Player A1 10-Jun-2007
Meridian Public Schools Meridian to Propose More Budget Cuts A1 10-Jun-2007
Awards & Prizes HSC, Dow Corning Honored by Vision Tricounty A3 10-Jun-2007
Dow Corning HSC, Dow Corning Honored by Vision Tricounty A3 10-Jun-2007
Charities & Benefits BBBS Prepares for Golf Ball Drop A3 10-Jun-2007
Fish & Fishing Youngsters on Trail of Fishing Success at Youth Fishing Derby A3 10-Jun-2007
Teachers & Teaching Donald Chemics' Saginaw Valley Teacher of the Year A5 10-Jun-2007
Midland Center for the Arts Artists with Class: Museum School Faculty Display Work C1 10-Jun-2007
Clubs & Organizations Moms in Touch Offer Prayers for School Staff, Students C5 10-Jun-2007
Schools Graduation 2007 Insert 10-Jun-2007
Dow Chemical Dow: Latest in Lawsuits a Non-Issue A1 11-Jun-2007
Health & Safety The High Road (Al Mendrala) A1 11-Jun-2007
Matrix:Midland Music Gave Voice to Peyroux A1 11-Jun-2007
Music & Musicians Chemical City Band to Launch 98th Season A3 11-Jun-2007
Business-Midland Indian Eatery Closes (Cafe Tandoori) A3 11-Jun-2007
Golf Junior Golf Camp Hits Hole in One A3 11-Jun-2007
Agriculture Much to See at Lavender Fleece Farm and Studio A9 11-Jun-2007
Midland Public Schools MPS Budget yields No Surprises A1 12-Jun-2007
Meridian Public Schools Meridian board Approves $263,641 in Budget Cuts A1 12-Jun-2007
Crime-Midland Woman Arrained in Connection to Stabbing A1 12-Jun-2007
MBS Airport MBS Receives $4.56 Million for Terminal Design, Improvements A1 12-Jun-2007
Health & Safety Midland Gets Stroke-Savvy A1 12-Jun-2007
Schools Freeland hires Superintendent (Matthew Cairy) A3 12-Jun-2007
Events Summer Fest: Is It Done? A3 12-Jun-2007
Soccer Soccer pioneer Stanton Dies A3 12-Jun-2007
Business Local Brewer to Launch New Beer Thursday A7 12-Jun-2007
Health & Safety Midland Doctor Dedicates Life to Saving Sight (Mesaros) A8 12-Jun-2007
Health & Safety Sadjadpour Spent 50 Years Delving into Minds A8 12-Jun-2007
Baseball-Midland Parking Restrictions in Effect for Dow Diamond Area A1 13-Jun-2007
Clubs & Organizations New Name Combined Effort at Big Brothers, Big Sisters A1 13-Jun-2007
Matrix:Midland Contemporary Circus Coming to Matrix A1 13-Jun-2007
Health & Safety Book Prepares Children to Respond to a Stroke A1 13-Jun-2007
Baseball-Midland Loons Fans Can 'Strike Out Stroke' Saturday A1 13-Jun-2007
Northwood University Northwood Alden B. Dow Creativity Center Director Announced A10 13-Jun-2007
Midland Area Chamber Chamber Shares Development Program with City Council A2 13-Jun-2007
Midland-City Council Chamber Shares Development Program with City Council A2 13-Jun-2007
Midland Public Schools Dow High Orchestra Heads to D.C. A3 13-Jun-2007
Matrix:Midland Matrix Audience Stirred by Concert A3 13-Jun-2007
Delta College Road Closure Announced for Delta College A3 13-Jun-2007
Awards & Prizes Downtown Group Honor Business Person of Year (Gambrell) A3 13-Jun-2007
Travel Now I Know That Dorothy Was Right A8 13-Jun-2007
Consumers Energy Power Out for 7000 A1 14-Jun-2007
Midland Taxpayers Owe MCV $10.1 Million A1 14-Jun-2007
Midland Cogeneration Ven Taxpayers Owe MCV $10.1 Million A1 14-Jun-2007
Baseball-Midland Baseball Takes Over Town A1 14-Jun-2007
Michigan-Budget Deal Reached on Mich Business Tax Replacement A1 14-Jun-2007
Matrix:Midland Caliendo a Man of Many Personalities A3 14-Jun-2007
Baseball-Midland Parrish Recalls Pitching Perfection A3 14-Jun-2007
Clubs & Organizations Boy Scouts to Honor Three Distinguished Citizens A7 14-Jun-2007
Midland Public Schools Dow High Seniors Earn School Honors A7 14-Jun-2007
Peanut Gallery Enchanted Sleeping Beauty: Peanut Gallery Play Opens B1 14-Jun-2007
Animals Dog Bites Child, 10, in Face A1 15-Jun-2007
Housing Study Envisions Riverfront Housing A1 15-Jun-2007
Business-Midland County Mexican Eatery to Open: Sanford Home to New Restaurant A1 15-Jun-2007
Clubs & Organizations Salvation Army Leader Retiring After Decades of Service A1 15-Jun-2007
Education Franklin Center to Be a New Kind of School A1 15-Jun-2007
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU Board of Control Reschedules Budget Decision A3 15-Jun-2007
Matrix:Midland Review: 7 Fingers Show Amazes Matrix Audience A3 15-Jun-2007
Entertainment Former Midlander Attending Tonight's Emmy Awards A3 15-Jun-2007
Davenport University New Program at Davenport Takes Accounting One Step Further A3 15-Jun-2007
Northwood University Alden B. Dow Creativity Fellows Welcomed A3 15-Jun-2007
Midland County Fairgrounds Buckeye Bulldog: Super Semis Join Truck Pull B1 15-Jun-2007
Events Solstice Party Features Mucho Music B1 15-Jun-2007
Crime-Midland Midland Teen's Story Aired on 20/20 A1 16-Jun-2007
Events Hall & Oates Bring Magic to Dow Diamond Monday Night A1 16-Jun-2007
Midland County-Courts Jury Surveys Going Out A1 16-Jun-2007
Bicycles & Bicycle Trails Swiss Couple Sees Midland on Cycling Trip Through US A3 16-Jun-2007
Central Mich University Grant Aids Program's Mission (Upward Bound) A3 16-Jun-2007
Meridian Public Schools Meridian Breaking Ground for New Construction Monday A1 17-Jun-2007
Baseball-Gladwin County Heartbreaker: Beavers Were on 7-Game Win Streak A1 17-Jun-2007
Michigan-Budget Reactions to New Biz Tax Plan Mixed A1 17-Jun-2007
Matrix:Midland Matrix Audience Has to Race to Keep Up with Caliendo A3 17-Jun-2007
Events 1000 Visitors Flock to Highland Festival A3 17-Jun-2007
Teachers & Teaching Business Recognizes Plymough Teacher (Debbie Hayes) A5 17-Jun-2007
Baseball-Gladwin County Extra Tough Loss: Beaverton Falls in State Title Game B1 17-Jun-2007
Holidays Aldrich Celebrating Father's Day Shooting the Rapids C1 17-Jun-2007
Holidays Klecka, Son Together Learn, Play Through Scouting C1 17-Jun-2007
Midland County Hist Society Exhibit Offers History of Negro Baseball Leagues C4 17-Jun-2007
Volunteers Williams Now Heads Hospital's Volunteer Board C5 17-Jun-2007
Dow Gardens Kids Celebrate Children's Garden at Friday Celebration A1 18-Jun-2007
Midland County Fairgrounds Party-Bop with Cordin Bleu Comes to Fair A1 18-Jun-2007
Mt Haley Township Kablooie! Blasting Caps, Bomb Squad Make for Interesting Day A1 18-Jun-2007
Environmental Protection Acting Interior Dept Head Talks Wetlands A3 18-Jun-2007
Obituaries-Midland Musician Bliss, 97, Dies A3 18-Jun-2007
Matrix:Midland Outdoor Performance Art to Wrap Up Matrix A3 18-Jun-2007
Bicycles & Bicycle Trails Wheels 'n' Deals Rides Into Summer A3 18-Jun-2007
Business-Midland Open House to Explain Midland Power Plant A1 19-Jun-2007
Midland County Fairgrounds Despite State's Struggles, County Fair Doing Well A1 19-Jun-2007
Events Jammin' At the Diamond (Hall & Oates) A1 19-Jun-2007
Clubs & Organizations Safe Haven a Quiet Place for Rest, Companionship A1 19-Jun-2007
Meridian Public Schools Protest and Progress Share Meridian Groundbreaking A3 19-Jun-2007
Accidents-Midland County Two Airlifted After Monroe Road Crash A3 19-Jun-2007
Business Owner Wants to Get On With Store's New Life A3 19-Jun-2007
Dow Chemical Agent Orange Case Heard A5 19-Jun-2007
Northwood University Vosejpka Receives Faculty Excellence Award A7 19-Jun-2007
Pinecrest Home Tempers Flare Over Pinecrest Farms A1 20-Jun-2007
Matrix:Midland Strangers in the Sky A1 20-Jun-2007
Edenville Township Edenville Twp Water Work Can Move Forward A1 20-Jun-2007
Coleman Comm Schools Coleman School Board Approves Balanced Budget A1 20-Jun-2007
Midland County County Board Won't Make Time Cards Tougher A3 20-Jun-2007
Barstow Airport New Weather Station Eyed for Barstow A3 20-Jun-2007
Midland Public Schools MPS Brain Camps Already have Kids Learning A3 20-Jun-2007
Shelterhouse Memories Are Made of These A3 20-Jun-2007
History-Midland Midland Remembers..Church of the Nazarene Members Reminisce A6 20-Jun-2007
Northwood University Northwood Names Jasinski as Exec Vice President A8 20-Jun-2007
Baseball-Midland Rising Star: Loons' Ace: Clayton Kershaw B1 20-Jun-2007
Saginaw Valley State Univ Fredericks Museum, SVSU Host Summer Solstice Celebration B10 20-Jun-2007
Business-Midland Company Contends Coal Plant is Best for Midland A1 21-Jun-2007
Trials & Litigation Carjack Accomplice Case Continues A1 21-Jun-2007
Events Mountain Country Music Festival Opens Today A1 21-Jun-2007
Water Old Water Tower Topples A1 21-Jun-2007
Law Enforcement Charlie The Charmer Greets Students A3 21-Jun-2007
Dow Chemical Dow Might Be Eyeing More Investment in Thailand A3 21-Jun-2007
Bicycles & Bicycle Trails Complimentary Bicycle Helmets Available at Loons Game Sunday A3 21-Jun-2007
Business-Midland Reactions Vary at Plant Open House A5 21-Jun-2007
Midland County Fairgrounds Confederate Railroad Leads to Bike Rally B1 21-Jun-2007
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Keeley, 7 Other MPS Teachers Display Artwork  B1 21-Jun-2007
Dow Corning Dow Corning Scholarships Awarded C1 21-Jun-2007
Housing Home Building Slumps in Midland A1 22-Jun-2007
Business-Midland Home Building Slumps in Midland A1 22-Jun-2007
Roads Project to Widen Saginaw Road A1 22-Jun-2007
Downtown Midland Summer Solstice Stroll Brings Crowds Downtown A1 22-Jun-2007
Dow Chemical Vietnamese Seek Justice: Dow Points to Government A1 22-Jun-2007
Travel Crossing the Atlantic A10 22-Jun-2007
Charities & Benefits Golf Ball Drop Set for Saturday A2 22-Jun-2007
Dow Chemical Vietnamese Tell of Health Effects After Exposure A2 22-Jun-2007
Employment Unemployment Down in May A3 22-Jun-2007
Central Mich University CMU Faculty Member Arrested on Sexual Assault Charges A3 22-Jun-2007
Midland County Fairgrounds Daughtry Joins Lizard Fair in August B1 22-Jun-2007
Midland County Fairgrounds Riding the Wall of Death B1 22-Jun-2007
Golf 9-Year-Old Shoots Hole in One A1 23-Jun-2007
Downtown Midland Ban the 'Boards? DDA Eyes Ways to Keep Skateboarders... A1 23-Jun-2007
Veterans AMVETS Talks Issues A1 23-Jun-2007
Business Delphi, UAW Reach Agreement on Wage Cuts A1 23-Jun-2007
Aviation Area Students Experience the World of Flight A3 23-Jun-2007
Churches Leading Ladies: Homer Church Women Blend Breakfast with Friendship A3 23-Jun-2007
Churches Camerata at St. Brigid A3 23-Jun-2007
Churches Swedish Band to Perform at Midland Church (Trinity) A6 23-Jun-2007
Business-Midland Chemical Bank Announces Management Changes A9 23-Jun-2007
Baseball-Midland Dow's Skirving Makes All-State Dream Team B1 23-Jun-2007
Events Village Expects 11,000 People for 4 Day Music Show A1 24-Jun-2007
Crime-Midland One Year Later, Attempted Rapist Not Forgotten A1 24-Jun-2007
Business Delphi Deal Could Face Worker's Skepticism A1 24-Jun-2007
Midland-City Council In Dow Diamond Area-City Looks at Resident Parking Permits A3 24-Jun-2007
Michigan-Budget Land's Goal: To Be Wise Steward with Tax Dollars A3 24-Jun-2007
Downtown Midland Enhancing Midland's Downtown A6 24-Jun-2007
Baseball-Midland Dodgers' GM Makes a Visit to Midland B1 24-Jun-2007
Clubs & Organizations Chemical City Garden Club: More Than Just Flowers C5 24-Jun-2007
Midland Spectrum: The Answer Book Insert 24-Jun-2007
Churches Pastor Sports New Hairstyle for VBS Attendance A1 25-Jun-2007
Crime Two Killed in Separate Saginaw Shootings A1 25-Jun-2007
Coleman Comm Schools Coleman Identifies Needed Projects A1 25-Jun-2007
Charities & Benefits Eagle Scout Plans Addition to Quints' Home A1 25-Jun-2007
Crime-Midland Man Arrested for Carjacking A2 25-Jun-2007
Health & Safety Safety Town Reaching New Generations in 30th Year A3 25-Jun-2007
Environmental Protection Organizations Receive Funding for Innovative Projects A3 25-Jun-2007
Midland Public Schools Finally, Some Good MPS Budget News A1 26-Jun-2007
Bullock Creek Schools Cash Savings Will Shore Up BC Budget Next Year A1 26-Jun-2007
Accidents-Midland County Families Grieve, Rumors Hurt (David Mair drowing) A1 26-Jun-2007
Meridian Public Schools Meridian School Board Approves $1 Million Budget Cuts A1 26-Jun-2007
Midland-City Council Council Approves Increased Water & Sewer Rates A3 26-Jun-2007
Downtown Midland Program to Honor Historic Downtown Businesses A3 26-Jun-2007
Mid-Mich Comm College As Retirement Nears, President Verch Reflects on Career A3 26-Jun-2007
Military Dryer Promoted, Gets Medical Degree B5 26-Jun-2007
Delta College Delta Endowed Teaching Chair Established B5 26-Jun-2007
Military Martin Promoted to Lieutenant Commander B5 26-Jun-2007
Business-Midland Power Plant Concerns Aired A1 27-Jun-2007
Bullock Creek Schools Creek Teachers Upset About Wage Issue A1 27-Jun-2007
Edenville Township Edenville Board Votes for Water A1 27-Jun-2007
Michigan-Budget Was There a Budget Deal or Not? A1 27-Jun-2007
Health & Safety Midland Family Hopes for Help for Toddler's Tumor A3 27-Jun-2007
Schools Freeland to Meet Again Wednesday; Close to Contract A3 27-Jun-2007
Softball The Dream Team B3 27-Jun-2007
Employment Tri-City Area More Confident About New Hires A1 28-Jun-2007
Dow Chemical EPA: Dow Must Speed Cleanup of 'Hot Spots' A1 28-Jun-2007
Dioxin EPA: Dow Must Speed Cleanup of 'Hot Spots' A1 28-Jun-2007
Trials & Litigation Driver in Double Fatal Sentenced This Morning A1 28-Jun-2007
Awards & Prizes Midlander Named Fellow of the Soc of Plastics Engineers A1 28-Jun-2007
Charities & Benefits A Past of Help, A Present Need (Michelle Litke) A1 28-Jun-2007
Dow Corning Dow Corning Elects Haller to Board A3 28-Jun-2007
Recreation Trails Across Michigan A3 28-Jun-2007
Transportation County Connection Gets Grant for Global Positioning System A3 28-Jun-2007
Art & Artists Fiber Art & Landscapes: Northwood Gallery Shows B1 28-Jun-2007
Clubs & Organizations Junior Achievement Announces Scholarship Recipients B4 28-Jun-2007
Business-Midland Oldest Express Mart Store Closing Thursday C1 28-Jun-2007
Bullock Creek Schools Bullock Creek's Dickey Inducted into Coaches Hall of Fame D1 28-Jun-2007
Midland Public Schools More Than 100 Attend First MPS Football Camp D1 28-Jun-2007
Business State Grants $2 million to Prepare for HSC A1 29-Jun-2007
Holidays Roads Opened for Fourth of July Travelers A1 29-Jun-2007
Military Midland Soldier Survives IED: Returns Home to Midland A1 29-Jun-2007
Trials & Litigation 43 Months in Prison Not Long Enough, Families Say A1 29-Jun-2007
Events Sanford to Host Pageant for Little Girls, Young Women A3 29-Jun-2007
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland JCC Youth Create Bronze Mural for Courtroom A3 29-Jun-2007
Volleyball Midland's Dulude Follows in Mom's Footsteps at CMU D1 29-Jun-2007
Accidents-Midland Man Loses Arm in Accident A1 30-Jun-2007
Midland Public Schools Getting to Know Doug Fillmore A1 30-Jun-2007
Midland City Names New Directors A1 30-Jun-2007
Housing Building a Home (Habitat for Humanity) A3 30-Jun-2007
Churches A First for Midland UCC: Headbloom to Be Ordained A6 30-Jun-2007
Churches Our Savior Lutheran to Get New Pastor (Larry Wright) A6 30-Jun-2007
Awards & Prizes Peacemaker Award Given to Students B10 30-Jun-2007
Mid-Mich Comm College MMCC Foundation's Students of Promise Trip B10 30-Jun-2007