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Midland-City Council City May Act on George Street Before Project A1 1-Mar-2007
Roads City May Act on George Street Before Project A1 1-Mar-2007
Roads Saginaw Road to be Widened A1 1-Mar-2007
Baseball-Midland Sold Out in 21 Minutes: Opening Day Tickets for Loons A1 1-Mar-2007
Midland A Crash Course for Citizens (Midland Citizens Academy) A1 1-Mar-2007
Crime-Midland Accused Carjacker Competent for Trial (Kenneth Burton) A1 1-Mar-2007
Davenport University Davenport Dedicates New Library Information Commons A2 1-Mar-2007
Northwood University Northwood University Hits the Airwaves A3 1-Mar-2007
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland Up North Jail Rentals Save Money, Time A3 1-Mar-2007
Midland-City Council Council Backs Newspaper Project, Re-Do of Roadway A3 1-Mar-2007
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Council Backs Newspaper Project, Re-Do of Roadway A3 1-Mar-2007
Volunteers Clements Honored for Volunteerism (Adam Clements) A5 1-Mar-2007
Midland Symphony Ireland's O'Conor to Solo with MSO B1 1-Mar-2007
Midland Theatre Guild Something for Everyone:'I Love You..Now Change' B1 1-Mar-2007
Accidents-Midland Crash Closes Saginaw Road A1 2-Mar-2007
Weather What a Mess! A1 2-Mar-2007
Education Universities See Hikes in Tuition, Fees A1 2-Mar-2007
Health & Safety State Continues Probe of Colonial Villa A1 2-Mar-2007
Senior Citizens State Continues Probe of Colonial Villa A1 2-Mar-2007
Business-Midland Inventors Hope to Get Ideas Rolling A3 2-Mar-2007
Schools Fourth Graders 'Become' a Bit of History A3 2-Mar-2007
Military Bay City Marine Dies in Iraq War (VanSlyke) A3 2-Mar-2007
Midland Public Schools Carpenter Introduces Security Measures A3 2-Mar-2007
Charities & Benefits Kockoff Event for MS Bike Tour Tuesday A3 2-Mar-2007
Business Coffee, Ice Cream Shop Opens in Freeland B1 2-Mar-2007
Crime-Midland Drivers Warned to Protect Their Keyless Entry Devices A1 3-Mar-2007
Midland Center for the Arts House Beautiful: Frank Lloyd Wright Opens at MCFTA Today A1 3-Mar-2007
Midland County More Properties Head Toward Tax Foreclosure A1 3-Mar-2007
Law & Legislation Trade Enforcement Bill Introduced A3 3-Mar-2007
Law & Legislation Stamas Tries to Fight Identity Theft A3 3-Mar-2007
Central Mich University Latin-Flavored CD on CMU's Record Label A3 3-Mar-2007
Accidents-Midland Taylor Man Killed in Midland (Charles Davie) A1 4-Mar-2007
MBS Airport Mixed Reviews: Some Want New Terminal at MBS A1 4-Mar-2007
Midland Public Schools Sweet Smell of Success: Art Class Shows IB Programs A1 4-Mar-2007
Saginaw Valley State Univ The Alternative Spring Break: Helping Others A1 4-Mar-2007
Central Mich University CMU Wins Grant to Develop Drug Research Method A3 4-Mar-2007
Softball Play Ball! Auburn Jaycees Host Snow Softball A3 4-Mar-2007
Music & Musicians Goo Goo Dolls to Slide into Saginaw A3 4-Mar-2007
Military 1460th Command Changes Hands A1 5-Mar-2007
Disabled Hearing Only the Positives (Lauren Turrell) A1 5-Mar-2007
Education Proposed Preschool to Mix Nature, School Readiness A1 5-Mar-2007
Music & Musicians Area Youngsters Off to Youth Honors Choir A3 5-Mar-2007
Education Community Colleges, Training Programs Could Aid State Recovery A3 5-Mar-2007
MBS Airport Taxiway Delays: How Common Are They? A1 6-Mar-2007
Games Mega Millions Jackpot Sparks Interest A1 6-Mar-2007
Charities & Benefits We are Not Content in Just Handing Out Food A1 6-Mar-2007
MCTV MCTV Hopes to Find Sponsorships, But Won't Rent Equip A1 6-Mar-2007
Baseball-Midland Loons' Uniforms to Be Unveiled A1 6-Mar-2007
Charities & Benefits Relay for Life Begins Annual Drive A3 6-Mar-2007
Hunting Bear Hunting on Meeting Agenda A3 6-Mar-2007
Crime-Midland One Dead, One Hurt: Shooting Occurs at Dow High A1 7-Mar-2007
Midland Public Schools One Dead, One Hurt: Shooting Occurs at Dow High A1 7-Mar-2007
Education Student Count Falls A1 7-Mar-2007
Baseball-Midland Charity Status Unlikely for Loons A1 7-Mar-2007
Midland Public Schools Academic Track Showcases Knowledge, Talent A1 7-Mar-2007
Midland County County Time Clocks Off the Table, for Now A1 7-Mar-2007
Midland Electronic Funds Transfer Program Now Offered for Tax Bills A2 7-Mar-2007
Legislators Walter Reed Conditions Disturb Camp A3 7-Mar-2007
Downtown Midland Senate Committee Visits Midland, Hears from Small Business Owners A3 7-Mar-2007
Charities & Benefits Walk for Warmth Nearing Goal A3 7-Mar-2007
Central Mich University Little People, Big World Star to Visit CMU (Amy Roloff) A3 7-Mar-2007
Wildlife Bear Tug A5 7-Mar-2007
History-Midland Midland Remembers..The various Faces of the AAUW A6 7-Mar-2007
Clubs & Organizations Midland Remembers..The various Faces of the AAUW A6 7-Mar-2007
Crime-Midland Double Shooting: Mothers Says Son Struggled with Depression A1 8-Mar-2007
Midland Public Schools Double Shooting: Mothers Says Son Struggled with Depression A1 8-Mar-2007
Midland Public Schools School Officials to Discuss Security, Possibility of New Measures A1 8-Mar-2007
Midland Public Schools Students, Parents Talk About Shooting A1 8-Mar-2007
Midland Public Schools Coaches, Fans Say It Was Right to Play Game A1 8-Mar-2007
Obituaries-Midland Longtime Midland Judge Dies (Thomas Beale) A3 8-Mar-2007
Midland-Police Department Difficult Day for Police, Too A3 8-Mar-2007
Crime-Midland Difficult Day for Police, Too A3 8-Mar-2007
Midland Public Schools Midland High Student: I Just Hope It Doesn't Happen Here A3 8-Mar-2007
Veterans Clare-Area Eyed for Veterans' Clinic A3 8-Mar-2007
Schools Schools Receive Dow Corning Grants A5 8-Mar-2007
Dow Corning Schools Receive Dow Corning Grants A5 8-Mar-2007
Schools Freeland Begins Superintendent Search A6 8-Mar-2007
Law & Legislation Camp's Sewer Money Bill OK'd Over White House Objections A6 8-Mar-2007
Music & Musicians TobyMac Plan to Drop a 'Joy Bomb' on Local Residents B1 8-Mar-2007
Midland Center for the Arts Songs of the Isle (Teada, Grada) B1 8-Mar-2007
Midland Public Schools Shooting Discussed: Parents, Students Meet with Officials A1 9-Mar-2007
Midland Public Schools Counseling Offered to Students A1 9-Mar-2007
Midland Public Schools Some Warning Signs for Parents, Friends A1 9-Mar-2007
Accidents Bike Week Proving Deadly:Midlander Among Those Killed A1 9-Mar-2007
Senior Citizens Colonial Villa: Facility Doesn't Need to be Licensed A1 9-Mar-2007
Employment Teens, Employers Hope to Connect at Job Fair A2 9-Mar-2007
Midland County Tool Predicts County's Fiscal Future A3 9-Mar-2007
Obituaries-Midland Kent, Builder of 1000 Midland Homes, Dies A3 9-Mar-2007
Midland-Parks & Recreation Parks Commission Wants Money Up Front from Mich Ice A3 9-Mar-2007
MidMichigan Medical Center MidMich Medical Center-Midland to Go Tobacco Free A3 9-Mar-2007
Authors Author Traces Story of U.P. Tragedy B1 9-Mar-2007
Midland Public Schools Jessica: Pray for Me and Him A1 10-Mar-2007
Dow Gardens Blooms: Dow Gardens Exhibit Opens Monday A1 10-Mar-2007
Midland Public Schools Prom Fashion in the Spotlight A3 10-Mar-2007
Midland Public Schools Jessica Leaves Hospital A1 11-Mar-2007
Baseball-Midland Loon-iforms Unveiled A1 11-Mar-2007
Midland Public Schools MPS Board to Discuss Security A1 11-Mar-2007
Midland Public Schools H.H. Dow High Boasts a Champion A3 11-Mar-2007
Business-Midland Engineer: Big Company, Small Office Spell Good Future A3 11-Mar-2007
Midland County-Courts Courthouse to Close Monday for Funeral of Judge Tom Beale A3 11-Mar-2007
Speedskating North American Short Track Championships Headed to Midland B1 11-Mar-2007
Housing 219 Homeless in County in January A1 12-Mar-2007
Housing City Struggling to Sell House A1 12-Mar-2007
Midland County-Commission Isabella County Prosecutor Settles Midland OMA Violation Allegation A1 12-Mar-2007
Midland Public Schools MPS Cuts Staff A1 12-Mar-2007
Health & Safety Michigan Moves to Address Nursing Shortage A2 12-Mar-2007
Skiing Four Generations of Skiers Hit the Slopes Together A3 12-Mar-2007
Freeland Schools Freeland Teacher Investigated A3 12-Mar-2007
Schools Students Make Abstinence Pledge A3 12-Mar-2007
Legislators Camp Misses Vote on His Bill, Which Passes A3 12-Mar-2007
Baseball-Midland Lights Being Installed at Dow Diamond B1 12-Mar-2007
Midland Public Schools MPS Cuts Staff A1 13-Mar-2007
Bullock Creek Schools The 6th Man A1 13-Mar-2007
Obituaries-Midland Family, Friends Share Stories as They Remember Beale A1 13-Mar-2007
Midland Public Schools Parents Recount Daughter's Shooting to MPS Meeting A1 13-Mar-2007
Michigan Democrats Want Freeze on Property Tax Increases A10 13-Mar-2007
Churches Lutheran Schools Celebrate with Prayer, Songs A2 13-Mar-2007
Animals No Horsing Around A3 13-Mar-2007
MBS Airport City Supports MBS Plan to Acquire Land A3 13-Mar-2007
Schools National Merit Finalists Announced A5 13-Mar-2007
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU and Partners Receive $2.1 Million for Training Teachers A5 13-Mar-2007
Speedskating Midland's Bedford Wins Bronze at Worlds B1 13-Mar-2007
Michigan State Lawmaker Wants to Legalize NCAA Betting Pools B1 13-Mar-2007
Sports State Lawmaker Wants to Legalize NCAA Betting Pools B1 13-Mar-2007
Michigan-Budget Fast Action Recommended on Michigan Budget Crisis B9 13-Mar-2007
Senior Citizens State: Colonial Villa Needs Licensing A1 14-Mar-2007
Dow Chemical 47 Transformed: Plans in Place for Former 47 Bldg Site A1 14-Mar-2007
Dow Chemical Dow Announces Executive Changes A1 14-Mar-2007
MidMichigan Medical Center MidMich Medical Center Rated One of 100 Best Hospitals A1 14-Mar-2007
Midland Public Schools Community Reaches Out to Shooting Victim A1 14-Mar-2007
Dow Chemical Commemorating 47 A2 14-Mar-2007
Dow Chemical Warehouse Expanding to Meet Dow's Growing Needs A3 14-Mar-2007
Education Headstart Students Jump Into Reading A3 14-Mar-2007
Law & Legislation Moolenaar Proposes Changes in Law on School Bullying A3 14-Mar-2007
Floods & Flood Control River Rising, But Expected to Crest A1 15-Mar-2007
Midland Public Schools Shooting Raises Coverage Questions A1 15-Mar-2007
Speedskating Midlander Hoping to Skate Away Victoriously (Winslow) A1 15-Mar-2007
Business Pointers Given on Researching Businesses A1 15-Mar-2007
Health & Safety Being Prepared Best Way to Battle a Disaster A3 15-Mar-2007
Senior Citizens Colonial Villa Has Less Than 30 Days to Apply for License A3 15-Mar-2007
Chippewa Nature Center Tree Tapping Time at CNC A3 15-Mar-2007
Law Enforcement Teller Training on Main St Prompts 911 Calls A3 15-Mar-2007
Music & Musicians Take a Bow! Suzuki Orchestra Prepares for Sunday Concert B1 15-Mar-2007
Authors Hemlock Woman's Day Care Story Balloons Published B1 15-Mar-2007
Hunting Two-Buck Limit Stays Intact C3 15-Mar-2007
Employment County Jobless Rate Up A1 16-Mar-2007
Business-Midland Subway's Jared Meets Local Fans A1 16-Mar-2007
Central Mich University Dancers to Showcase Talents at CMU A1 16-Mar-2007
Barstow Airport Airport Weather System Loses State Funding.. A1 16-Mar-2007
Midland-City Council Council Backs Military Employees A1 16-Mar-2007
Business-Midland County Edenville Business Seized, Reopened After Tax Dispute A3 16-Mar-2007
Midland Music Society Director Calls New High School Women's Choir a Joy A3 16-Mar-2007
Clubs & Organizations Model Makers in Bay City A3 16-Mar-2007
Employment Manpower: Job Prospects Sollid A1 17-Mar-2007
Midland Public Schools Meistersingers Perform Sunday A1 17-Mar-2007
Law Enforcement Most Police Records Available Under FOIA A1 17-Mar-2007
Business Toledo Company Buys Bay Valley A3 17-Mar-2007
Meridian Public Schools Meridian Narrows Superintendent Search to Four Candidates A3 17-Mar-2007
Midland Public Schools Northeast Students Rock for a Cause A3 17-Mar-2007
Law Enforcement County Businesses Encouraged to Form Watch A3 17-Mar-2007
Speedskating Midland's Winslow Places Third in 1500 Meters B1 17-Mar-2007
Schools Nearly a Third of School Cafeterias Don't Get Required Health Checks A1 18-Mar-2007
Pinecrest Home Pinecrest Weighs on County A1 18-Mar-2007
Central Mich University Bullock Creek's Mitzel CMU's Home Run King A1 18-Mar-2007
Meridian Schools Meridian's Journey Ends, Loses to North Pointe Christian A1 18-Mar-2007
Coleman Community Schools Coleman Faces Sweeping Cuts A3 18-Mar-2007
Chippewa Nature Center Chippewa Nature Center Taps Into Sweet Event A3 18-Mar-2007
Speedskating Winslow, Four Others Break Records at Speedskating Championships B1 18-Mar-2007
Taxation Most Oppose Services Tax A1 19-Mar-2007
Freeland Schools Former Freeland Teacher Charged A1 19-Mar-2007
Animals Pooch Party Fosters Help for Group A1 19-Mar-2007
Veterans Tridge Event Recognizes War's Dead and Injured A1 19-Mar-2007
Youth & Youth Services Spring Break Fever Set for Teens A1 19-Mar-2007
Obituaries-Midland Long-time Midland Businessman Remembered For His Insight (Rapanos) A3 19-Mar-2007
Churches Handbell Choir Celebrates 30th Anniversary with Free Concert A3 19-Mar-2007
Churches Instruments Used are Varying in Size A3 19-Mar-2007
Politics Ex-judge Donoghue District Dems' Chairman A3 19-Mar-2007
Legislators Moore Receives Honor A5 19-Mar-2007
Authors Author (Laschever) to Discuss Workplace Gender Divide at Saginaw Valley A5 19-Mar-2007
Speedskating Going Out in Style B1 19-Mar-2007
Michigan-Budget Granholm to Propose Spending Cuts Thursday B5 19-Mar-2007
Bullock Creek Schools BC Technology Going the Distance 3 20-Mar-2007
Hemlock Schools Hemlock Students Podcast on iTunes A1 20-Mar-2007
Dow Chemical Dow Deal Near? A1 20-Mar-2007
Golf Currie Could Offer Variable-rate Options to Draw Additional Golfers A1 20-Mar-2007
Crime-Midland County County Businesses Encouraged to Create Crime Watch A3 20-Mar-2007
Business-Midland County County Businesses Encouraged to Create Crime Watch A3 20-Mar-2007
Fire-Greendale Township Fire Damages Greendale Township Home A3 20-Mar-2007
Northwood University NU Students Learn to Break Ice, Create Connections for Careers A3 20-Mar-2007
Trials & Litigation Accused Carjacker Bound Over A1 21-Mar-2007
Baseball-Midland 9 Public Parties Planned April 13 for Loons Home Opener A1 21-Mar-2007
Music & Musicians More About Music A1 21-Mar-2007
Dioxin Dioxin Class-Status Question Will Get Another Day in Court A1 21-Mar-2007
Dow Chemical Dioxin Class-Status Question Will Get Another Day in Court A1 21-Mar-2007
Crime-Gladwin County Armed Robbery Reported A1 21-Mar-2007
Bullock Creek Schools BC Plans Would Benefit Young Readers A3 21-Mar-2007
Business-Midland Forjas Reopens Today After Seizure Over Tax Issue A3 21-Mar-2007
Health & Safety Helping Others Ride High: Physical Therapy Program... A3 21-Mar-2007
Health & Safety Rare Disease Cuts Short Carrollton Woman's Final Wish A3 21-Mar-2007
History-Midland Midland Remembers...The Studley Grange Story A8 21-Mar-2007
Midland Public Schools Midland Music Program in Top 100 A1 22-Mar-2007
Northwood University Ground Broken on $6 Million Northwood Building A1 22-Mar-2007
Charities & Benefits Delivering Hope: Network Distributes Food for Local Residents A1 22-Mar-2007
Crime Freeland Teacher Arraigned On Child Porn Charges A1 22-Mar-2007
Elections-State Darger Seeks State House Seat A3 22-Mar-2007
Bullock Creek Schools Pioneer Past: Exhibit Allows Students to Travel Back to 1800s A3 22-Mar-2007
Schools Freeland Schools Begins Search for New Leadership A3 22-Mar-2007
Events Styx, Chicago, Uncle Kracker Set for July Rock Fest B1 22-Mar-2007
Chippewa Nature Center Mountains Come to Midland: Banff Film Festival World Tour B1 22-Mar-2007
Central Mich University CMU Grad Student's Interactive Movie Scheduled... B2 22-Mar-2007
MidMichigan Medical Center MidMichigan Receives Grant to Help Battle Cancer C3 22-Mar-2007
Clubs & Organizations Local Woman and Others Honored for 4-H Leadership C8 22-Mar-2007
Baseball-Midland O'Donnell is the Voice of Dow Diamond D1 22-Mar-2007
Dow Chemical Dow Reports Executive Pay to SEC A1 23-Mar-2007
Northwood University Painting with Purpose (Marion & Michael Albrecht) A1 23-Mar-2007
Dow Chemical Dow Presents Midland's Dioxin Test Results to DEQ A1 23-Mar-2007
Dioxin Dow Presents Midland's Dioxin Test Results to DEQ A1 23-Mar-2007
Coleman Comm Schools Coleman Might End Partlo's Contract A3 23-Mar-2007
Central Mich University Students Losing Ground in History (David McCullough) A3 23-Mar-2007
Bullock Creek School BC Band Members Prepare for Challenge A3 23-Mar-2007
Education Granholm Expected to Reject $34-Per-Student Cut A3 23-Mar-2007
Clubs & Organizations Girls Scouts Turn 95! A7 23-Mar-2007
Michigan-Budget Senate Budget Cuts Deep A1 24-Mar-2007
Michigan-Budget Stamas: Hard Decisions Ahead A1 24-Mar-2007
Charities & Benefits Art Auction to Support Charity A1 24-Mar-2007
Clubs & Organizations Big Brothers Big Sisters Receives National Recognition A1 24-Mar-2007
Animals At Least One Local Cat Poisoned By Recalled Pet Food A1 24-Mar-2007
Dow Chemical Dow, NASCAR Teaming Up for Safety A3 24-Mar-2007
Environmental Protection New Burn Permit System Announced A3 24-Mar-2007
Legislators Reading with a Rep A3 24-Mar-2007
Business-Midland Chemical Bank Announces Management Changes A8 24-Mar-2007
Meridian Public Schools Meridian Candidates Interviewed A1 25-Mar-2007
Prisons & Prisoners-Michigan Convicts in Small Counties More Likely to Get Prison Time A1 25-Mar-2007
Bullock Creek Schools Creek Students not Boastful of Work Readiness A1 25-Mar-2007
Health & Safety Partnership Focuses on Healthy Living A3 25-Mar-2007
Foundations Partnership Focuses on Healthy Living A3 25-Mar-2007
Delta College Tri-Cities Community Challenged to 'Pass it On' A3 25-Mar-2007
Literacy Celebrities Promote Reading Through Traveling Quilt A3 25-Mar-2007
Saginaw Valley State Univ Thamel: Where all the Old Hippies Go (James Randall Johnson) A5 25-Mar-2007
Dow Gardens You'll See Her in the Midst of the Butterflies C5 25-Mar-2007
Baseball-Midland That Florida Feeling, Loons Stepping up to the Plate, Gaining Confidence A1 26-Mar-2007
Midland Public Schools Bomb Threat Not Credible, MPS Says A1 26-Mar-2007
Legislators Camp Blasts Dem Leaders on Iraq War Bill A1 26-Mar-2007
Taxation Gas Tax Increase Weighed A2 26-Mar-2007
Business-Midland New Midland Business Sells Trikkes for Exercise A3 26-Mar-2007
Baseball-Midland Loons Fine Tune in Florida B1 26-Mar-2007
Michigan-Budget State Budget Spotlight Shifts to House B5 26-Mar-2007
Dow Corning High Court Won't Consider Dow Corning Interest Case A1 27-Mar-2007
Baseball-Midland The Bleed Dodger Blue A1 27-Mar-2007
Drunk Driving Plea Entered in Drunken Driving Case (James Steven Parkhurst) A1 27-Mar-2007
Schools Schools React to Proposed State Cuts A1 27-Mar-2007
Central  Mich University CMU-WMU Game Moved to Tuesday A1 27-Mar-2007
Meridian Public Schools Unofficial Word:  Fillmore the Man to Lead Meridian A3 27-Mar-2007
Motor Vehicles Auto Analyst Still Optimistic Despite Industry's Big Changes A3 27-Mar-2007
Accidents Hemlock Student (Zachary Davis) Injured in Accident A3 27-Mar-2007
Health & Safety Heart Disease Knows no Age (Ray Fryar) A5 27-Mar-2007
Sports All-Area Hoops Stars B1 27-Mar-2007
Baseball-Midland In Dad's Footsteps, Loons Roster may Have a Van Slyke and a Mattingly B3 27-Mar-2007
Education Colleges Fear Delayed State Payments Won't Come A1 28-Mar-2007
Education Caul to Fight Governor's Proposal for Higher Ed A1 28-Mar-2007
Baseball-Midland Eyeing Midland: We're Really Excited About the Opportunity A1 28-Mar-2007
Housing Senior Housing Proposed Near Ashman Circle A1 28-Mar-2007
Northwood University NU Building Backed by Planners A3 28-Mar-2007
Midland-Planning Comm NU Building Backed by Planners A3 28-Mar-2007
Fire Unidentified Woman Dies in Mt Pleasant Fire A3 28-Mar-2007
Northwood University In Midland, Snow Spoke of Optimism A3 28-Mar-2007
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Knowledge of Relatives' Health Histories is Helpful A8 28-Mar-2007
Volleyball 2006-07 MDN Dream Team: Heavy Hitters B1 28-Mar-2007
Consumers Energy Power Outages Frustrate Midlanders A1 29-Mar-2007
Michigan-Budget State Cuts Could Affect Employee Training A1 29-Mar-2007
Fire-Midland County Devastating Loss: Hope Twp Firefighter & Family Homeless A1 29-Mar-2007
Dow Chemical More U-M Dioxin Study Results Coming in Spring A1 29-Mar-2007
Dioxin More U-M Dioxin Study Results Coming in Spring A1 29-Mar-2007
Clubs & Organizations Circle of Health Has Annual Meeting A2 29-Mar-2007
Baseball-Midland Stavropoulos Soaks in Dodgertown A3 29-Mar-2007
Dow Chemical Stavropoulos Soaks in Dodgertown A3 29-Mar-2007
Midland Public Schools MHS Undergoing Ambitious Upgrades A3 29-Mar-2007
Law & Legislation Moolenaar, Caul, Moore Vote Against Anti-Bullying Laws A3 29-Mar-2007
Midland Center for the Arts Men of Music Play Ball for Spring Concert A6 29-Mar-2007
Music & Musicians Youth Orchestra Ready for Debut A6 29-Mar-2007
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU Pianist to Perform Works of Renowned Composers A7 29-Mar-2007
Delta College Two Delta TV Programs Honored B1 29-Mar-2007
Baseball-Midland Aces: Loons' Top Pitching Prospects Shine D1 29-Mar-2007
Hockey Current, Former Spirit Players Get Probation for Misdemeanor D1 29-Mar-2007
Downtown Midland Fireworks, Music But no MSO for July 4 Celebration A1 31-Mar-2007
Midland-Fire Department My Guys are the Best: Battalion Chief Kaufman Retires A1 31-Mar-2007
Business State Gives Tax Credit, Incentives for HSC Expansion A1 31-Mar-2007
Accidents Midlander Dies in Bay County Crash A3 31-Mar-2007
Baseball-Midland Loons on the Move; Website Down Today A3 31-Mar-2007
Fire-Midland County Family Trying to Recover After Fire (Payne) A3 31-Mar-2007
Churches Church Prepares Annual Portrayal of 'Living Last Supper' A8 31-Mar-2007