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Subject Article Page Date
Hunting Bear Hunting Proposed in Midland County A1 1-Feb-2007
Health & Safety Coasties on Ice A1 1-Feb-2007
Authors July 21; New Harry Potter book, Party Coming in July A1 1-Feb-2007
Fire-Edenville Township Smoke Inhalation Cause of Death A1 1-Feb-2007
Midland Center for the Arts TV's Corwin a Lover of All Creatures A3 1-Feb-2007
Crime Police Wait for Body to Thaw A3 1-Feb-2007
Environmental Protection Entrepreneurial Ecologists A3 1-Feb-2007
Coleman Coleman Women's Expo Expanding in Third Year A3 1-Feb-2007
Environmental Protection Al Gore Training Project Taps Peter Sinclair A5 1-Feb-2007
Art & Artists Life in Layers: Artist Rebecca Zeiss Has Work for National.. A6 1-Feb-2007
Schools Student Brings Gun to Gladwin School A1 2-Feb-2007
Midland Second MCV Tax Appeal Trial Slated: Will It Go? A1 2-Feb-2007
Midland Cogeneration Ven Second MCV Tax Appeal Trial Slated: Will It Go? A1 2-Feb-2007
MidMichigan Medical Center MidMich Designated as Neuroscience Center of Excellence A2 2-Feb-2007
Midland Public Schools Floyd 5th Graders Get Close Up & Personal with Amer History A3 2-Feb-2007
Midland Residents Consider Their Stakes in new Master Plan A3 2-Feb-2007
Energy Company Considering Midland for Power Plant A1 3-Feb-2007
Schools Dads and Doughnuts A1 3-Feb-2007
Politics Camp Conducting Iraq War Survey A1 3-Feb-2007
Taxation Michigan Taxpayers Have Seen State Tax Bills Drop A1 4-Feb-2007
Health & Safety Rhythm with Purpose: Deltas, Others Dance Toward Healthy Hearts A3 4-Feb-2007
Baseball-Midland Loons Look for Local Labor A3 4-Feb-2007
Taxation Tax Changes that Have Occurred Since 1991 A3 4-Feb-2007
Weather Police Urging Area Drivers to be Cautious A3 4-Feb-2007
Tennis Corning Tennis Classic Starts Today B1 4-Feb-2007
Swimming Five in a Row, Dow Wins Fifth Straight Tri-Cities Swim Title B1 4-Feb-2007
Schools Inquiring Minds Want to Know at Longview C6 4-Feb-2007
Clubs & Organizations Girl Scouts Going for the Gold ... Award, That is Prog 1 4-Feb-2007
Business-Midland Vinyl Records Make Collectors' Hearts Pound Prog 10 4-Feb-2007
Volunteers Students Take a STAND - and More - When it Comes to Volunteering Prog 11 4-Feb-2007
Bicycles & Bicycling The Vision: A Loop Surrounding Midland for Area Bicyclists Prog 12 4-Feb-2007
Midland County-Courts Small Claims Court:  Small but Important Prog 16 4-Feb-2007
Sports New Rec Sports Gaining Popularity Prog 17 4-Feb-2007
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Library Expanding Online Resources Prog 18 4-Feb-2007
Delta College Delta Planetarium Celebrates 10 Years Prog 19 4-Feb-2007
Births Older Women are Having Healthy Babies Prog 2 4-Feb-2007
Midland-Police Department Face of Midland Police Department is Changing Prog 20 4-Feb-2007
Politics Midland County Not Sure Thing for Democrats or Republicans Prog 3 4-Feb-2007
Families Grandparents Struggle, Delight in Raising Grandchildren Prog 4 4-Feb-2007
Military School Military Recruiting Still Going Strong Prog 6 4-Feb-2007
Senior Citizens Estate Planning More Than a Will Prog 6 4-Feb-2007
Schools School Bullying: How society has Learned to Deal with Troubling Issue Prog 7 4-Feb-2007
Authors Book Tells Story of 'Cultural Incubator' Prog 8 4-Feb-2007
Schools-Midland Book Tells Story of 'Cultural Incubator' Prog 8 4-Feb-2007
Employment Program Getting Students Hired Prog 9 4-Feb-2007
SeniorCitizens Senior Scope Supp 4-Feb-2007
Weather Battling Wind Chill A1 5-Feb-2007
Weather Biting Cold to Stick Around A1 5-Feb-2007
SVSU Monastiere Named Chair of SVSU Foundation Board A2 5-Feb-2007
Schools Wanted:  Student for Exchange Trip to Japan A3 5-Feb-2007
Midland Center for the Arts Puppets Fascinate Sold-out Crowd A3 5-Feb-2007
Law & Legislation Caul Tries Again with Bill to Protect Homebuyers A3 5-Feb-2007
Tennis Schultz-McCarthy Wins First Match, Neumann Falls at Dow Corning Tennis Classic B2 5-Feb-2007
Weather Frigid Air Stalls Vehicles A1 6-Feb-2007
Tennis Icy Temps Not Popular with Some DCTC Players A1 6-Feb-2007
Employment Governor to Lay out Jobs Training in Address A1 6-Feb-2007
Charities & Benefits Zimmerman Honored at Meeting A1 6-Feb-2007
Softball Michigan Ice May be Back After All A1 6-Feb-2007
Politics GOP Group Hopnors NU Grad Clark A3 6-Feb-2007
Crime-Midland County Report of Hostage Situation Fabricated A3 6-Feb-2007
Tennis Tennis Players Promote Reading A3 6-Feb-2007
Fire-Jerome Township Jerome Township Barn Fire Causes $10,000 Damage A3 6-Feb-2007
Accidents Two Hurt, One Ticketed in M-20 Crashes A3 6-Feb-2007
Accidents Snowmobile, Driver Break Through Ice A3 6-Feb-2007
Authors Local Doctors Write Book Geared Toward Teens about Sex Issues A5 6-Feb-2007
Tennis Smashing- Hard-serving Schultz-McCarthy Hopes for One More Trip to Wimbledon B1 6-Feb-2007
Midland-Civic Arena Ice Fees Could Rise at Midland Civic Arena A1 7-Feb-2007
Midland Public Schools MPS, Meridian Hear Complaints About School Day A1 7-Feb-2007
Meridian Public Schools MPS, Meridian Hear Complaints About School Day A1 7-Feb-2007
Weather Stopped Cold A1 7-Feb-2007
Michigan-Budget Local Lawmakers Wary of Governor's Proposals A1 7-Feb-2007
Schools Freeland Schools Could Face Lawsuit A3 7-Feb-2007
Crime-Gladwin County Gladwin Officials Investigate Suspicous Death A3 7-Feb-2007
Crime-Midland Midland Man Tased After Fight Reported A3 7-Feb-2007
Charities & Benefits UW Enjoys Best Year-End Ever A3 7-Feb-2007
Charities & Benefits Dancing with the Stars Set for Feb 25 A5 7-Feb-2007
Clubs & Organizations Zonta Leader Honored During High Tee A5 7-Feb-2007
History-Midland Midland Remembers..Phyllis Roberts-Tom Nehil Story, Pt 1 A6 7-Feb-2007
Events Black History Month Events A9 7-Feb-2007
Weather Shelters Full as Cold Continues A1 8-Feb-2007
Business Two 84 Lumber Stores Close A1 8-Feb-2007
Charities & Benefits Meridian Seniors to Create Scrapbooks for Soldiers A1 8-Feb-2007
Michigan-Budget Some More Willing to Pay Sales Tax Than Others A1 8-Feb-2007
Awards & Prizes Ten Named 'Women of Distiinction' A3 8-Feb-2007
Midland-Civic Arena Old Civic Arena Coming Down A3 8-Feb-2007
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Students Wrap Up Job Shadowing Opportunities A3 8-Feb-2007
Central Mich University Protesters burn Flag at CMU During Speech A3 8-Feb-2007
Biography Woman with Midland Ties Celebrates 110th Birthday A5 8-Feb-2007
Midland Symphony Horn Quartet, Berlioz to Highlight MSO Concert C6 8-Feb-2007
Midland Public Schools MPS Committed Unfair Labor Practices A1 9-Feb-2007
Dioxin Dioxin Cleanup to Start in Spring A1 9-Feb-2007
Dow Chemical Dioxin Cleanup to Start in Spring A1 9-Feb-2007
Health & Safety Go Red for Women A1 9-Feb-2007
Midland County Fairgrounds Sugarland Coming to Midland County Fair A1 9-Feb-2007
Baseball-Midland Loons Fill Audition Slots A1 9-Feb-2007
Michigan-Budget Lawmakers Skeptical of Granholm's Proposals A3 9-Feb-2007
Business-Midland Foodland Items Being Liquidated A1 10-Feb-2007
Midland County-Courts Circuit Court Clerk's Office to Reduce Hours A1 10-Feb-2007
Law & Legislation Camp Says He'll Vote No if Resolution Risky to Troops A1 10-Feb-2007
Midland Public Schools Native American Experience A1 10-Feb-2007
Business-Midland Pharmacy Now Has Home of Its Own (Sabourin's) A3 10-Feb-2007
Law & Legislation Moolenaar Eyes 'Green' Tax Credit A3 10-Feb-2007
Business-Midland Watch these Four Midland Businesses A1 11-Feb-2007
Baseball-Midland Oh Say, Can You Sing? A1 11-Feb-2007
Fire-Midland Ten Homeless After Fire A1 11-Feb-2007
Dioxin No Dioxin Surprises A1 11-Feb-2007
Midland Public Schools MPS Board to go Over Goals, Search A3 11-Feb-2007
Midland Public Schools Peer Mediators Trained to Help Prevent Violence A3 11-Feb-2007
Disabled Disability Network of Mid-Michigan Adds 'Accessible' Website A3 11-Feb-2007
Politics Glenn Concerned About McCain, Others - Not Merely Romney A3 11-Feb-2007
Restaurants Elvira's Soon will Return to Sanford A3 11-Feb-2007
Tennis Athletes Battle Illnesses in Semifinals B1 11-Feb-2007
Tennis Granville vs. Craybas; DCTC's Final is all Set B1 11-Feb-2007
Events International Fashion Coming to Tri-Cities C1 11-Feb-2007
Business Garther Your Friends and Have Some Fun(Amazing Glaze) C12 11-Feb-2007
Senior Citizens Gerri Gray 'Wonderful' Regular at Mill Senior Center C5 11-Feb-2007
Restaurants Cafe American Has More to Offer C8 11-Feb-2007
Business Cobbler's Bench Is Easy On the Feet C9 11-Feb-2007
Sports Fencing:  A Game of 'Physical Chess' Prog 1 11-Feb-2007
Fire Structure Fire!  Township Firefighters Kept Busy Battling Blazes Through 2006 Prog 11 11-Feb-2007
Business Identity Theft Coverage Offered by Insurance Companies Prog 12 11-Feb-2007
Restaurants Liquor License 101 Prog 13 11-Feb-2007
Senior Citizens Senior Services Provides Much-needed Care Prog 17 11-Feb-2007
Law Be Very Good at What You're Doing', Attorneys Specialize in Areas of Law They Like Prog 19 11-Feb-2007
Weather Winter Woes No More Prog 2 11-Feb-2007
Business Get it While It's Hot, Convenience, Nutrition Lure Busy People to Meal Assembly Services Prog 20 11-Feb-2007
Senior Citizens Caregivers Face Tough Decisions Prog 3 11-Feb-2007
Social Services MENtors Needed Prog 4 11-Feb-2007
Volunteers MENtors Needed Prog 4 11-Feb-2007
Weather Sand's Nice, Salt's Better Prog 7 11-Feb-2007
Real Estate Couple Faces Mixed Emotions Over Home Sale Prog 8 11-Feb-2007
Housing Couple Faces Mixed Emotions Over Home Sale Prog 8 11-Feb-2007
Softball Michigan Ice Impacts Community On, Off Field Prog 9 11-Feb-2007
Crime Info Sought on Weekend B & Es, Thefts A1 12-Feb-2007
Tennis International Flavor, 24 Countries Represented in the 2007 DCTC A1 12-Feb-2007
Politics GOP Re-elects Midlander Haines A1 12-Feb-2007
Michigan Record Numbers in Michigan Seek Help A2 12-Feb-2007
Health & Safety Taking Steps to Better Health A3 12-Feb-2007
Health & Safety Go Red for Women Fights No. 1 Killer of Women A3 12-Feb-2007
Events Downtown Winter Fest Retruns Saturday A3 12-Feb-2007
Legislators Michigan's Congressional Delegation Supports Ethanol Bill A3 12-Feb-2007
Tennis The Champ, Again; Craybas, 32, Wins Her Second DCTC Title, Beats Granville in Three-set Final B1 12-Feb-2007
Elections Let 16-Year-olds Preregister to Vote, Land Says B10 12-Feb-2007
Meridian Public Schools Meridian's Newkirk Retiring A1 13-Feb-2007
Midland-Civic Arena Through Thick and Thin; Skaters Remember Old Arena A1 13-Feb-2007
Midland Public Schools MPS Invites Community to Help Choose Superintendent A1 13-Feb-2007
Dow Corning Dow Corning Given More Incentive to Grow A1 13-Feb-2007
Law & Legislation Bill Would Allow Same-sex Couples to Jointly Adopt A12 13-Feb-2007
Fire Fire Briefly Closes Shirlene's Cuisine A3 13-Feb-2007
Schools TV Stars? Fifth Grade Class Could Appear on Prime Time TV A3 13-Feb-2007
Dow Corning Deal Gives Dow Corning Break on Some New Taxes A3 13-Feb-2007
Health & Safety Children (no Longer) at Play; Childhood Obesity Rate Alarming A6 13-Feb-2007
Baseball-Midland Loon Calling: Hopefuls Sound Off to be the Voice at Dow Diamond A1 14-Feb-2007
Midland Public Schools Petition with 1000 Signatures Supports Custodians A1 14-Feb-2007
Baseball-Midland Round Third Base: Tickets on Sale March 1 A1 14-Feb-2007
Baseball-Midland Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman... A1 14-Feb-2007
Baseball-Midland Loons Announce 70 Promotions A3 14-Feb-2007
Biography Love Surpasses the Ages (John & Nancy Imel) A3 14-Feb-2007
Holidays This Valentine's Day, Take a Cue from Elementary School A6 14-Feb-2007
Basketball Chargers' MacDonald Honored for 30 Years of Coaching B1 14-Feb-2007
Central Mich University CMU Dorm Fire Contained; No One Injured A1 15-Feb-2007
Crime BAYANET Busts Pair, Seizes Guns and Drugs A1 15-Feb-2007
Midland County County Time Clock Issue Coming Up A1 15-Feb-2007
Politics Stamas, Kahn, Caul, Moore on Romney's List A1 15-Feb-2007
Midland The Search is On for a Little Red Wagon A1 15-Feb-2007
Dow Chemical Dow to Pay $325,000 to Settle SEC's Bribery Charges A2 15-Feb-2007
Business New Names, New Owners, But Stores Stay in Family A3 15-Feb-2007
Midland-Zoning Wackerly Retail Center Denied Zoning Change for Expansion A3 15-Feb-2007
Clubs & Organizations Quiltmakers Mark Seventh Year A8 15-Feb-2007
Midland County Hist Society Mark Twain Program Tuesday A9 15-Feb-2007
Midland Center for the Arts Shared Vision: Dow's Frienship with Frank LLoyd Wright... B1 15-Feb-2007
Midland Comm Orchestra Soloist Sutherland to Play Small Piccolo Trumpet B1 15-Feb-2007
Business-Midland Midland Company's Showmakers Key to Indiana Resort's Success C1 15-Feb-2007
Midland Public Schools On the Chopping Block: MPS Caught Between Money & Athletics A1 16-Feb-2007
Midland Public Schools Middle School Sports at a Crossroads A1 16-Feb-2007
MBS Airport MBS Will Work to Combat Passenger Misperceptions A1 16-Feb-2007
Events Country Fest Coming (Mountain County Festival-Farwell) A1 16-Feb-2007
Health & Safety Women Urged to Adopt Heart-Healthy Habits A3 16-Feb-2007
Politics Camp Quotes Locals While Criticizing Iraq Resolution A3 16-Feb-2007
Fire-Midland County Fire Consumes Pole Barn, Furnishings A3 16-Feb-2007
Business-Midland County Big Changes at Small Store on Lake Sanford Road B2 16-Feb-2007
Dow Chemical Dow CEO Named Chairman of the Board for Amer Chem Council B2 16-Feb-2007
Weddings Wedding Wishes Insert 16-Feb-2007
Central Mich University Central Michigan Basketball Player Suspended, Tased A1 17-Feb-2007
Veterans Veteran Hopes to See 46 (Tom Kubitz) A1 17-Feb-2007
Business Saginaw Store Seeing Effects of Peanut Butter Recall A1 17-Feb-2007
Awards & Prizes Ted Doan Honored at Tuesday Event A1 17-Feb-2007
Dow Chemical Ted Doan Honored at Tuesday Event A1 17-Feb-2007
Midland-Housing Union Street Eyesore Will Be Torn Down A3 17-Feb-2007
Midland City of Midland Audit Shows Accurate Reporting A3 17-Feb-2007
Charities & benefits Walk Will Help Midland Families Stay Warm This Winter A3 17-Feb-2007
Trials & Litigation Akans Believes Trouble Ended on Positive Note A3 17-Feb-2007
Floods & Flood Control City Eyes Flood Fix A1 18-Feb-2007
History-Midland County Black History; a Look Into the Stories of Midland's Black Community A1 18-Feb-2007
Midland-City Council City Council:  Who will Run Again? A1 18-Feb-2007
Midland Conservation Dist MCD Struggles to Fund Forester A3 18-Feb-2007
Midland-Planning Comm Midland Planning Commission Eyes Conditional Zoning A3 18-Feb-2007
Events Fire, Ice Warm Community A3 18-Feb-2007
Environment New Conservation Ideas Protect Pigeon River Country A5 18-Feb-2007
Holidays Happy (Chinese) New Year C1 18-Feb-2007
Hobbies Every Time a Bell Rings, Garrett Reminded of Collection C7 18-Feb-2007
Bullock Creek Schools Out Loud; BCHS Junior to Talk Her Way Through Poetry Competition A1 19-Feb-2007
History-Midland County Living History:  Midland's Oldest Black Resident Recalls Past A1 19-Feb-2007
Coleman Comm Schools Coleman Facing $400,000 Shortfall A1 19-Feb-2007
Health & Safety Reports of Norovirus Rise in Michigan A10 19-Feb-2007
Gladwin MDOT Seeks Public Input on M-18 Reconstruction in Gladwin A3 19-Feb-2007
Midland-Civic Arena Civic Arena to Get New Sign A3 19-Feb-2007
Charities & Benefits Foods from the Heart; Literacy Council's Dessert Party A3 19-Feb-2007
Volunteers Volunteer Lennox Praises Romney, Family A3 19-Feb-2007
Prisons & Prisoners Michigan Inmate Population at Record High B10 19-Feb-2007
History-Midland County Helen Hudson:  Living History B5 19-Feb-2007
Central Mich University CMU Fire Info Sought A1 20-Feb-2007
Restaurants Molly's Bistro Named Best Small Business A1 20-Feb-2007
Holidays 8,000 Sugary Treats (Fat Tuesday) A1 20-Feb-2007
History-Midland County Black History: Ground Breaking: Dow Brings Black Professionals to Area A1 20-Feb-2007
West Midland Family Center West Midland Family Center Names New Dow COP Director A2 20-Feb-2007
Clubs & Organizations How Long are Your Intestines? Local Scouts Get Questions about the Human Body Answered A3 20-Feb-2007
Health & Safety Flu Quarantine Rumors False A3 20-Feb-2007
Charities & Benefits New Record: Literacy Council Dessert Party Sweet Success A1 21-Feb-2007
Dow Chemical Doan Remembered with Dow Tribute A1 21-Feb-2007
Awards & Prizes Doan Remembered with Dow Tribute A1 21-Feb-2007
History-Midland Black History: Stories of My People (Dr. Betty Jones) A1 21-Feb-2007
Schools Experiencing Iditarod: Freeland Students Learning About Race A1 21-Feb-2007
Mid-Mich Comm College MMCC Board Appoints Kreckman as New Member A2 21-Feb-2007
Business Company's Journals Going to the Stars A2 21-Feb-2007
Midland-Parks & Recreation Rec Fees Could Increase Monday A3 21-Feb-2007
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland Jail Plans Delayed A3 21-Feb-2007
History-Midland Midland Remembers..The Phyllis & Thomas Nehil Story, Pt II A7 21-Feb-2007
Midland County Wage Request Sparks County Debate A1 22-Feb-2007
Churches Ash Wednesday: Many Churches Observe Day A1 22-Feb-2007
History-Midland Black History: Following Faith: First Congregation... A1 22-Feb-2007
Churches Black History: Following Faith: First Congregation... A1 22-Feb-2007
History-Midland Continuing Culture: Past, Present, Future of Black Comm.. A1 22-Feb-2007
Crime-Midland Detective: Thefts at Dealerships Could Be Linked A3 22-Feb-2007
Midland County-Sheriff Suit Against Sheriff's Office Delayed A3 22-Feb-2007
Midland Public Schools Superintendent with Integrity Sought A3 22-Feb-2007
Legislators Camp in House Ethics Study Group A5 22-Feb-2007
Midland-City Council Midland City Council Sets Goals for Year A5 22-Feb-2007
Fish & Fishing Wall to Wall Walleyes A7 22-Feb-2007
Business-Midland Personal Chef Offers Alternative to Eating Out C1 22-Feb-2007
Business-Midland New Printing and Office Center Opens in Midland C1 22-Feb-2007
Music & Musicians Local Singer Moves Home, Releases New CD (Tussey) C3 22-Feb-2007
Midland Music Society Broadway Veteran: Lloyd Webber Knows What People Want C3 22-Feb-2007
Midland Mall Home Fair: Feb 24 & 25 Insert 22-Feb-2007
Weather 40 Plus: High Winds Disrupt Power for 400 in Midland Cty A1 23-Feb-2007
Crime-Midland County Deputies Report Four Sex Offender Violations A1 23-Feb-2007
Health & Safety Outbreak of Sickness Still Under Investigation A1 23-Feb-2007
Health & Safety When Pandemic Flu Hits, Will Michigan Citizens Be Prepared? A1 23-Feb-2007
Law & Legislation Resolution Comes as Movie Opens Locally A1 23-Feb-2007
Midland Public Schools Students Seek Personable Leader A3 23-Feb-2007
Business-Midland Foodland Workers Want Back Wages A3 23-Feb-2007
Central Mich University CMU Memorial to Honor Lives Lost A3 23-Feb-2007
Health & Safety Senior Home Investigated: Colonial Villa Found to be Unlicensed A1 24-Feb-2007
Senior Citizens Senior Home Investigated: Colonial Villa Found to be Unlicensed A1 24-Feb-2007
Midland County County Forms Committee to Study Time Clocks A1 24-Feb-2007
Midland County County Supports State Freeze in Taxable Values A1 24-Feb-2007
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Library Hopes Patrons Will Check Out Changes A1 24-Feb-2007
Law & Legislation Moolenaar: Drug Legislation's Message Wrong A3 24-Feb-2007
Central Mich University CMU, Its Employees Benefit From Self-Funded Insurance A3 24-Feb-2007
Midland Public Schools Jefferson Students Delve into Diversity A3 24-Feb-2007
Weather Storm Bears Down A1 25-Feb-2007
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Grace A. Dow to Offer Digital Daily News A1 25-Feb-2007
Restaurants Know Your Joe A1 25-Feb-2007
Midland Public Schools Midland Public Schools Continues Superintendent Search Monday A1 25-Feb-2007
Michigan-Courts Michigan's First Female U.S. Attorney to Resign A10 25-Feb-2007
Midland Public Schools Fill 'er up; Floyd Students' Buckets Overflow with Kindness A3 25-Feb-2007
Bullock Creek Schools Kindergartners Learn That You Can Teach a Sneetch A3 25-Feb-2007
Biography-Midland New Leader Dog Harper Comes Fully Loaded, But... (Cheryl Wade) A4 25-Feb-2007
Environment A Little 40 is Big Gift to Family and Future (Jerry Humpula) A6 25-Feb-2007
Politics Upbeat' Democrats Hold State Convention A7 25-Feb-2007
Michigan Top House Democrat, Boost Economy Through Education, Energy B9 25-Feb-2007
Michigan Top Senate Republican, Biggest Objective:  Shoot Down Tax Hike B9 25-Feb-2007
Animals Dazzled!  9-year Old a True Sweetheart in Horse Competitions C1 25-Feb-2007
Midland Center for the Arts Redmon Long-time Presence at MCFTA C5 25-Feb-2007
Children Nine Months for the Modern Day Mom Supp 25-Feb-2007
Social Services Dancing the Night Away A1 26-Feb-2007
Weather Schools Close; Driving Treacherous A1 26-Feb-2007
Weather Lansing Woman Dies in Isabella A1 26-Feb-2007
Midland County-Sheriff Midland County Road Patrol No More; Calling all CARS A1 26-Feb-2007
Clubs & Organizations Two Boy Scouts Earn Eagle Awards A2 26-Feb-2007
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Foreign Language Lessons Available Online from Library A3 26-Feb-2007
Mid-Mich Comm College MMCC to Interview Presidential Finalists A3 26-Feb-2007
Business-Midland Sweet Dreams, Downtown Candy Shop Features Homemade Chocolates A3 26-Feb-2007
Midland Daily News Wood Top State Photo Editor A3 26-Feb-2007
Schools Schools Could Get $15 Million a Year From Gambling Expansion B8 26-Feb-2007
Economy Senate Panel to Look at State's Spending on Economic Growth B8 26-Feb-2007
Fire-Larkin Township Fire Destroys Larkin Twp. Barn A1 27-Feb-2007
Northwood University Northwood to Be on WJR Wednesday A1 27-Feb-2007
Dow Chemical Dow Will Replace Streets in Deal with City A1 27-Feb-2007
Roads Dow Will Replace Streets in Deal with City A1 27-Feb-2007
Baseball-Midland Los Angeles Dodgers Eye Spring Training Move A1 27-Feb-2007
Dow Chemical Do Rumor Questioned A1 27-Feb-2007
Midland Public Schools MPS Sets Profile for New Superintendent A3 27-Feb-2007
Disabled People with Disabilities Get Help With Microbusinesses A3 27-Feb-2007
Meridian Public Schools Meridian Looks to Board to Help Form Questions During District's Superintendent Search A3 27-Feb-2007
Northwood University Northwood Prof Optimistic A3 27-Feb-2007
Motor Vehicles Praising Toyota Gets Governor's Spouse in Hot Water A5 27-Feb-2007
Michigan Lobbyists Spend Almost $30 Million in Michigan B8 27-Feb-2007
Michigan Granholm Presses for More U.S. Trade Enforcement B8 27-Feb-2007
Gladwin County We Just Can't Make It' A1 28-Feb-2007
Economy Stock Market Drop Might Not Be Over A1 28-Feb-2007
Accidents-Midland County Crash Takes Out M-30 Main; Residents Asked to Boil Water A1 28-Feb-2007
Creative Spirit Center Downshifting Slightly A1 28-Feb-2007
Gladwin County Billings Voters Recall Four on Township Board A1 28-Feb-2007
Law & Legislation Camp, Lewis: Help Kidney Disease Patients A3 28-Feb-2007
Health & Safety Kids Jump Their Way to Healthy Lives A3 28-Feb-2007
Midland-Planning Comm City Planning Comm Does Not Back Lapham's Plan A3 28-Feb-2007