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Dow Chemical Dow's New Business Model 'Defies Gravity' A1 1-Jan-2007
Dow Chemical Michigan Operations is Winning with new Initiatives A1 1-Jan-2007
Holidays 2006 Brought Loons, Jail, New Local Judges A1 1-Jan-2007
Dow Chemical Dow Setting Example Inside and Out A3 1-Jan-2007
Saginaw Valley State Univ Governor's Veto Affects Two Mid-Mich Universities A3 1-Jan-2007
Delta College Governor's Veto Affects Two Mid-Mich Universities A3 1-Jan-2007
Bullock Creek Schools Lancer Emblem Shines A3 1-Jan-2007
Crime-Midland Most Proeprty Stolen from Vehicles Returned to Owners A3 1-Jan-2007
MBS Airport Detroit, Flint, MBS Airports See Passengers Drop A1 2-Jan-2007
Wildlife Boars Showing Up All Over State A1 2-Jan-2007
North Midland Family Center Teaching Words: North Midland Program Designed to Boost Vocabulary A1 2-Jan-2007
Midland Resident Upset When She Discovers City Website Reveals Personal Info A1 2-Jan-2007
Accidents Saginaw Twp Train Derailment Causes Spill, Closes Road A3 2-Jan-2007
Military Scholarship to Honor Soldier (Miles Henderson) A3 2-Jan-2007
Obituaries-Midland Former City Mayor John Coppage Remembered A1 3-Jan-2007
Births First Baby of 2007 (Jace Pennington McCulloch) A1 3-Jan-2007
Obituaries Ford,'Man of Great Integrity', Gave Schuette Needed Boost A1 3-Jan-2007
Bullock Creek Schools Creek Considers Trimester A3 3-Jan-2007
Fire-Midland Man Hurt, Home Damaged By Fire A3 3-Jan-2007
Business-Midland Bonding Colors, Bonding People (Amazing Glaze) A3 3-Jan-2007
Awards & Prizes DAR Good Citizen Award Winners Are Announced A5 3-Jan-2007
History-Midland Midland Remembers...Growing Up...A Memoir (Florey family) A6 3-Jan-2007
Obituaries Midlanders Attend Ford Funeral A1 4-Jan-2007
Midland County-Courts Welcomed to Bench (Carras) A1 4-Jan-2007
Awards & Prizes Wanted: $100,000 Raffle Winner A1 4-Jan-2007
Military Soldier Killed by Blast in Baghdad (Alan Blohm) A1 4-Jan-2007
Animals Corwin Brings a Wild Time to Appreciative MCFTA Crowd A1 4-Jan-2007
Health & Safety Caul:  Get Emergency Treatment A1 4-Jan-2007
Legislators Caul:  Get Emergency Treatment A1 4-Jan-2007
Business-Midland Two Midland Merchants Start Year with Hope A3 4-Jan-2007
Legislators Stamas, Caul Miss No Votes A3 4-Jan-2007
Clubs & Organizations Midland Camera Club in the Spotlight B1 4-Jan-2007
Northwood University Northwood Students to Intern at Auto Show C1 4-Jan-2007
Accidents-Midland County Charges Issued in Deadly M-20 Crash (Donald Brasseur) A1 5-Jan-2007
Trials & Litigation Charges Issued in Deadly M-20 Crash (Donald Brasseur) A1 5-Jan-2007
Crime-Midland County Deputies Solve Gas Thefts A1 5-Jan-2007
Midland Taxpayers Pay Dow $35 Million to End Long Tax Dispute A1 5-Jan-2007
Dow Chemical Taxpayers Pay Dow $35 Million to End Long Tax Dispute A1 5-Jan-2007
Midland-Planning Comm City Nears Completion of Development Guide A3 5-Jan-2007
Charities & Benefits Kaczmarek Benefit to Be Held This Sunday at Northern A3 5-Jan-2007
Central Mich University Jones Will Lead Chip Football A1 6-Jan-2007
Midland County-Courts Lauderbach Now 'Real McCoy' A1 6-Jan-2007
Trials & Litigation Driver Arraigned (Donald Brasseur) A1 6-Jan-2007
Weather Jacket Takes the 'Sting' Out of Winter, Almost A1 6-Jan-2007
Military Sanford Marine Killed in Action Honored (Ryan Burgess) A3 6-Jan-2007
Downtown Midland Downtown Won't Swarm with Bars, Eateries Under New Law A3 6-Jan-2007
Baseball-Midland Dow Diamond Sign Tops Loons' Scoreboard A3 6-Jan-2007
Legislators Camp on NPR A3 6-Jan-2007
Salvation Army Salvation Army Surpasses Goal A1 7-Jan-2007
Delta College New Student Paper With Christian Perspective Causes Stir at Delta A1 7-Jan-2007
Midland Public Schools MPS Board to Interview Search Firms Monday A1 7-Jan-2007
Midland Community Center By George, Midland Community Center Proposes Street Changes A1 7-Jan-2007
Energy Moolenaar's Wind Bill Vetoed A2 7-Jan-2007
Midland Community Center Community Center Program Gives Break from 'Winter' Weather A3 7-Jan-2007
Employment Unemployment Up Despite Holiday Hiring A3 7-Jan-2007
Holidays Midland's 'King-size' Celebration in Spirit and Song A5 7-Jan-2007
Sports Midland Pair Basks in Success of Boise State B1 7-Jan-2007
Motor Vehicles Ford, Airstream Team to Create Concept Touring Vehicle B10 7-Jan-2007
Music & Musicians Huntress Noted for 50 Years with the Band C5 7-Jan-2007
Senior Citizens Senior Scope Supp 7-Jan-2007
Midland County-Commission Commissioners Thinking About Committee of Whole A1 8-Jan-2007
Accidents Teen (Finkbeiner) Dies After Crash A1 8-Jan-2007
Dow Corning Fortune Names Dow Corning One of 100 Best Places to Work A1 8-Jan-2007
Holidays Community to Taste Diversity A3 8-Jan-2007
Saginaw Valley State Univ Saudis Having Impact at SVSU A1 9-Jan-2007
Crime-Midland Two Arrested after Impersonating Police A1 9-Jan-2007
Midland Public Schools Firms Outline Plans for MPS Search A1 9-Jan-2007
Crime-Midland Guard Reports Shot Fired at Local Resort A1 9-Jan-2007
Accidents Charged Man's (Brasseur) Drug Test Negative A1 9-Jan-2007
Midland-Civic Arena Civic Arena Expected to be Green Space Within Months A1 9-Jan-2007
Meridian Public Schools Meridian Construction on Schedule A3 9-Jan-2007
Sanford New Leaders Take Seats in Sanford A3 9-Jan-2007
Midland-Zoning Neighbors don't want Industrial next Door A3 9-Jan-2007
Crime-Isabella County Murder at the Morning Sun: Husband Arrested for Shooting Wife A1 10-Jan-2007
Crime-Midland Pastry Shop Hit by Robber A1 10-Jan-2007
Crime-Midland Pair Arraigned for Impersonating Officer, Other Charges A1 10-Jan-2007
Midland County-Commission County's First Meeting About Organization A1 10-Jan-2007
Foundations Mid-Mich Children's Museum Receives $20,000 from Midland... A2 10-Jan-2007
Fish & Fishing Low Waters, Good Fishing A3 10-Jan-2007
Environmental Protection River Cleanup Could Begin Soon A1 11-Jan-2007
Dioxin River Cleanup Could Begin Soon A1 11-Jan-2007
Softball Team Owner Struggles with Debt A1 11-Jan-2007
Open Door Haven for Hope: Homeless Women 'Feel the Love' A1 11-Jan-2007
Crime-Isabella County Man Arraigned for Mt Pleasant Shooting (Babb) A1 11-Jan-2007
Military Area Military, Families React to Bush Iraq Plan A1 11-Jan-2007
Legislators Lawmakers Mixed on Bush Iraq Speech A2 11-Jan-2007
Music & Musicians Warming the Keys A3 11-Jan-2007
Legislators Camp Outlines Health Goals A3 11-Jan-2007
Downtown Midland DDA Wants Downtown to Have Small-City Charm & Big-City Choices A3 11-Jan-2007
Dow Corning Second Dow Corning Tax Incentive Delayed A3 11-Jan-2007
Midland-City Council Second Dow Corning Tax Incentive Delayed A3 11-Jan-2007
Clubs & Organizations Longtime Member of Blood Bank Steps Down (Coomer) A3 11-Jan-2007
Midland Center for the Arts Bass Meets Mandolin B1 11-Jan-2007
Crime-Gladwin County Big Drug Bust in Gladwin County A1 12-Jan-2007
Health & Safety It's a Miracle: Saginaw Twp Boy Receives Double Lung Transplant A1 12-Jan-2007
Baseball-Midland Warm Weathre Speeds Progress at Dow Diamond A1 12-Jan-2007
Crime Charges Brought Against Former Saginaw Mayor A1 12-Jan-2007
Midland-Parks & Recreation Swapping Nines studied at Currie A3 12-Jan-2007
Crime-Isabella County Mout Pleasant Police Investigate Sexual Assault A3 12-Jan-2007
Barstow Airport Barstow Could Get New Flight School A3 12-Jan-2007
Health & Safety Museum to Display Artifical Heart Developed by Midland Native A7 12-Jan-2007
Holidays McElroy to Lead Workshop, Headline Concert B1 12-Jan-2007
Legislators Caul OK After Mild Stroke A1 13-Jan-2007
Accidents Midland Man Dies in Bay County Accident (Irving) A1 13-Jan-2007
Beaverton Beaverton Coaching Legend Honored (Roy Johnston) A1 13-Jan-2007
Churches New Bishop Recognized in Ceremony (Ousley) A10 13-Jan-2007
Churches Midland Church Gets New Pastor (Jeff. Ave. Church of God) A10 13-Jan-2007
Politics Camp; Activists Stopped Democratic Tidal Wave A3 13-Jan-2007
North Midland Family Center Family Center Issuing 'Call of the Wild' A3 13-Jan-2007
Military Local Soldier Helps Keep Peace in Kosovo A3 13-Jan-2007
Midland-Planning Comm Commission Backs Road Closure A1 14-Jan-2007
Agriculture Scientists Predict Disease Will Wipe out Michigan's Beech Trees A1 14-Jan-2007
Legislators Camp:  Some Critics of Bush go too Far A1 14-Jan-2007
Health & Safety TWIST Raising Funds to Fight Measles A3 14-Jan-2007
Music &  Musicians A Big Bravo to Keyboand Fest A3 14-Jan-2007
Midland Center for the Arts A Big Bravo to Keyboand Fest A3 14-Jan-2007
Clubs & Organizations Cub Scouts Prepare for Race Day A3 14-Jan-2007
Forestry Management Plans Needed for Forestry Tax Breaks A3 14-Jan-2007
Health & Safety Free Radon Kits Available A3 14-Jan-2007
Forestry Use Tax Information Wisely on Timber Sales A5 14-Jan-2007
Sports Ride Snowmobiles Safely A5 14-Jan-2007
Weather Freezing Weather Grops Much of the Midwest A8 14-Jan-2007
Sports Tigers' Granderson a Huge Hit with Fans B1 14-Jan-2007
Business Two Area Building Companies(Weckesser & KJP Sales) Joining Forces B10 14-Jan-2007
Business Amazing Glaze C12 14-Jan-2007
Business Cafe American C8 14-Jan-2007
Midland Comm Tennis Center Midland Community Tennis Center C9 14-Jan-2007
Midland County-Courts Former Judge Donoghue Settles into Private Practice A1 15-Jan-2007
Holidays King-Sized Celebration A1 15-Jan-2007
Weather Winter Returns A1 15-Jan-2007
Midland-Parks & Recreation City Forest Opening...Very Soon A1 15-Jan-2007
Biography-Midland County An Old-fashioned Birthday(Boman) A3 15-Jan-2007
Midland-Planning Comm Public Input Sought on Master Plan A3 15-Jan-2007
Politics Republicans 'became Part of the Bums' Chairman Says A3 15-Jan-2007
Politics Goschka Among Ex-lawmakers with New Jobs A9 15-Jan-2007
Midland-Housing Homelessness Plan Backed A1 16-Jan-2007
Crime-Midland County $1000 Reward in Robbery Case A1 16-Jan-2007
Holidays Stepping to Freedom, CMU, Community Unite During MLK March A1 16-Jan-2007
Delta College Delta Profs Discuss Student Paper A1 16-Jan-2007
Weather Winter Storm Blacks out 204,000, Kills 1 in Michigan A1 16-Jan-2007
Holidays Taste of Diversity Overcomes Snowstorm A3 16-Jan-2007
Michigan-Courts Schuette:  Re-election, not Job Switch A3 16-Jan-2007
Midland-City Council George Street Relocation Discussed A1 17-Jan-2007
Roads George Street Relocation Discussed A1 17-Jan-2007
Central Mich University Learn to Live Together: Civil Rights Activist Speaks (Jackson) A1 17-Jan-2007
MidMichigan Medical Center $84 Million in Bonds Sold for MidMich Health Care A1 17-Jan-2007
MidMichigan Medical Center Hospital's Open MRI a Benefit to Patients A1 17-Jan-2007
Roads Speed Limits on Eastman, US 10 Business Route Changiing A1 17-Jan-2007
Health & Safety Rail Car Safety Project Announced A2 17-Jan-2007
Roads Other Projects Include Work on Saginaw, Rodd A2 17-Jan-2007
Awards & Prizes Clulo Awarded First 'Heal the Hurt' Award A3 17-Jan-2007
Business-Midland Local Brewery Unveils First Drink Today A3 17-Jan-2007
Central Mich University Rieckers Donate $460,000 to CMU A3 17-Jan-2007
Midland Public Schools Dow High BPA Students Excel at Regional Conference A5 17-Jan-2007
History-Midland Midland Remembers...Growing Up...A Memoir (Flory Family) A8 17-Jan-2007
Midland Center for the Arts Opposites Attract: Fun to Watch, This Duo Shows Off... A8 17-Jan-2007
Housing Senior Housing Eyed Near Circle A1 18-Jan-2007
Health & Safety Still Time to Get Your Flu Shot A1 18-Jan-2007
Health & Safety Mind of His Own: Midland Boy & Family Struggle After Accident A1 18-Jan-2007
Baseball Tigers' Fans Still Buzzing A1 18-Jan-2007
Awards & Prizes Stafford Leader of the Year A3 18-Jan-2007
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU's Keynote Speaker Inspires Multicultural Democracy A3 18-Jan-2007
Holidays Learning his Legacy (Martin Luther King) A3 18-Jan-2007
Charities & Benefits Skutt Benefit Planned A3 18-Jan-2007
Politics Hello, This is Saul Anuzis: I Made a Mistake; This is a Recording A3 18-Jan-2007
Midland Theatre Guild Murder + Comedy = Smoke and Mirrors B1 18-Jan-2007
Hunting Homemade Bow Fells Giant Moose C3 18-Jan-2007
Education Budget News 'Devastating' A1 19-Jan-2007
Midland County County needs to Hire After Layoffs A1 19-Jan-2007
Music & Musicians Trash Can Raid Prompts Musical Piece A1 19-Jan-2007
Education Dog Days of Learning: Teacher Uses Ralphie to Impact Students A1 19-Jan-2007
MBS Airport MBS Eyes Land for New Terminal A3 19-Jan-2007
Students Lookin' good, Feelin' Fine (Krystal Barden) A3 19-Jan-2007
Crime-Midland Powder Scare: Suspicious Letter Brought to Police Station A1 20-Jan-2007
Baseball-Midland Lance Parrish to Speak in Bay City A1 20-Jan-2007
Midland Center for the Arts Museum Celebrates Golden Anniversary A1 20-Jan-2007
Environmental Protection Refuge Faces Staffing Cuts (Shiwassee) A1 20-Jan-2007
Health & Safety Simulated Emergency Tests Red Cross A3 20-Jan-2007
Midland-Parks & Recreation City Forest Toboggan Runs Open A3 20-Jan-2007
Crime-Midland County Sanford Man, 41, in Prison After Relationship with Teen A3 20-Jan-2007
Churches Oldies But Goodies: Church Music Written Before 1980 (hymn sing) A7 20-Jan-2007
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Library Deadbeats Face Lawsuits A1 21-Jan-2007
Midland Center for the Arts Museum Celebrates 50 Years A1 21-Jan-2007
Greendale Township Woman Dies in House Fire on Castor Rd. A1 21-Jan-2007
Fire-Greendale Township Woman Dies in House Fire on Castor Rd. A1 21-Jan-2007
Midland Center for the Arts Review:  Smoke and Mirrors a Crowd Pleaser A3 21-Jan-2007
Midland Public Schools MPS Superintendent Search Continues A3 21-Jan-2007
Bullock Creek Schools Wrestlers' Families Flock to Tourney A3 21-Jan-2007
Midland Theatre Guild Review:  Smoke and Mirrors a Crowd Pleaser A3 21-Jan-2007
Politics Dave Camp in Two Romney Exploratory Campaign Roles A3 21-Jan-2007
Music & Musicians Just Trombones Keep Tempo Year-round C5 21-Jan-2007
Crime-Midland Police:  Powder was Not a Threat A1 22-Jan-2007
Obituaries-Coleman Coleman's Ruhle Dies A1 22-Jan-2007
Obituaries-Coleman Ruhle Was a True Friend A1 22-Jan-2007
Churches Taking the Plunge, Baptismal Pool Designed, Built by Church Members A1 22-Jan-2007
Greendale Township  Greendale Township Fire Victim (Niemeyer) Identified A1 22-Jan-2007
Fire-Greendale Township Greendale Township Fire Victim (Niemeyer) Identified A1 22-Jan-2007
Michigan For $5 More, Drivers Picking Michigan's Scenic Plate A10 22-Jan-2007
Motor Vehicles For $5 More, Drivers Picking Michigan's Scenic Plate A10 22-Jan-2007
Midland Public Schools Schools to Pay in Tax Appeal Settlement A3 22-Jan-2007
Religion Here Comes the Sun:  Hindus Worldwide Mark Change in Season with Yoga Postures A3 22-Jan-2007
Schools MEAP Math, Reading Scores Improve B8 22-Jan-2007
Midland Public Schools MPS Awarded $2.8 Million A1 23-Jan-2007
Midland Public Schools MPS Chooses Search Firm A1 23-Jan-2007
Meridian Public Schools Meridian Examines State's New High School Requirements A1 23-Jan-2007
Baseball-Midland The Loons Looking for Singers, Others A1 23-Jan-2007
Dow Corning Reinhard Retires, Banholzer Named to Dow Corning Board A2 23-Jan-2007
Schools Freeland Superintendent Hearing Postponed Again A3 23-Jan-2007
Business-Midland Ashman Circle Business Must Remove Signs A3 23-Jan-2007
Midland County County Contract Settled A3 23-Jan-2007
Midland Public Schools Like a Family, Dig It?  Dow Volleyball Team is One Big Family B1 23-Jan-2007
Crime-Midland County Body Recovered in Edenville Township A1 24-Jan-2007
Education Moolenaar: Don't Cut Schools' State Money A1 24-Jan-2007
Baseball-Midland Parrish Gets to Kow Mid-Michigan A1 24-Jan-2007
Baseball-Midland Loons are a Hot Ticket A1 24-Jan-2007
Authors USS Indianapolis Survivor to Speak Saturday (Harrell) A1 24-Jan-2007
Dow Chemical Street Closure Could Boost Dow Security A2 24-Jan-2007
Midland-City Council Eastman Design Contract Goes to DLZ A3 24-Jan-2007
Roads Eastman Design Contract Goes to DLZ A3 24-Jan-2007
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland Butcher New Juvenile Care Center Director A3 24-Jan-2007
Health & Safety Winter Activities Bring Snow-Related Accidents A3 24-Jan-2007
Midland-Parks & Recreation City Parks Getting New Playground Equipment A3 24-Jan-2007
Central Mich University Cajun Party! Night of Louisiana Promises Dance Beats A;6 25-Jan-2007
Youth & Youth Services Midland, Saginaw Tops for Youth A1 25-Jan-2007
Crime-Midland County Autopsy Planned Today A1 25-Jan-2007
Health & Safety Anything But a Typical Cold (Karissa Martin) A1 25-Jan-2007
Schools Midland County MEAP Scores Generally Good... A1 25-Jan-2007
Housing Landlords Call for Housing Vacancy Study A1 25-Jan-2007
Crime-Midland Powder ID'ed A3 25-Jan-2007
Youth & Youth Services Teen Talk: Coleman Youth Learn About Drinking & Driving A3 25-Jan-2007
Dow Chemical Almost 50 A3 25-Jan-2007
Midland Center for the Arts Brilliant Colors Highlight Knapp's Work A6 25-Jan-2007
Midland Symphony Mark Cox: Tuba Soloist, Breathing Expert A7 25-Jan-2007
Trials & Litigation Clare Man Charged in Fatal A1 26-Jan-2007
Politics Moolenaar No Longer on Budget Committee A1 26-Jan-2007
Health & Safety Despite the Odds (Kyle Smith) A1 26-Jan-2007
Employment Midland, Mid-Mich Unemployment Follows Seasonal Trends A1 26-Jan-2007
Clubs & Organizations Girl Scouts Earn Gold Award A2 26-Jan-2007
Midland Area Chamber Chamber Has Excellent 2006 A3 26-Jan-2007
Law Enforcement Deputies Trained for Taser Use A3 26-Jan-2007
Crime-Midland Another Midland Store Robbed A1 27-Jan-2007
Crime-Midland County Body ID'ed (Becky Sue MacDonald) A1 27-Jan-2007
North Midland Family Center NMFC Hosts Wild Fundraiser A1 27-Jan-2007
Hunting Winners of the Daily News Buck Contest Announced A1 27-Jan-2007
Midland Center for the Arts New CEO Discusses Future of MCFTA A1 27-Jan-2007
Law & Legislation Lawmakers Attack Identity Theft A3 27-Jan-2007
Business-Midland Chemical Bank's Quarterly, Year-End Earnings Dip A3 27-Jan-2007
Trials & Litigation Driver in Fatal Hit-and-Run Charged (Snyder) A3 27-Jan-2007
Elections Ballot Problems Spark Changes A1 28-Jan-2007
Midland Public Schools Custodians Meet to Fight Outsourcing A1 28-Jan-2007
Veterans Hundreds Hear Survivor's Story (Harrell) A1 28-Jan-2007
Midland Public Schools Custodians Meet to Fight Outsourcing A1 28-Jan-2007
Politics Weir County Democrats' New Chairman A3 28-Jan-2007
Law & Legislation Caul on Appropriations; Moore's Slots Change A3 28-Jan-2007
Crime-Midland Man Pleads Guilty to Stealing Gas A3 28-Jan-2007
Clubs & Organizations Regional Leadership Institute Begins Jan. 30 A9 28-Jan-2007
Midland Public Schools Patel Semifinalist in Science Talent Search A9 28-Jan-2007
Sports Midland's Mudd Finally Reaches Super Bowl as Colts Coach B1 28-Jan-2007
Football Bear Fans (and Proud of It) Midland Family(Ohle)  Lives for Chicago Sports B1 28-Jan-2007
Volunteers Volunteer (Gernaat) Receives Appreciation Plaque for Service B9 28-Jan-2007
Habitat for Humanity Habitat for Humanity Accepting Applications for Next Summer B9 28-Jan-2007
Libraries New Davenport Library Information Commons to be Dedicated Jan. 30 B9 28-Jan-2007
Volunteers Bob Hackett Happily Volunteers, Spreading Cheer C6 28-Jan-2007
Dow Chemical Dow Expansion to Help Meet Product Demand Prog1 28-Jan-2007
Health & Safety Making Good on Fitness Resolutions Prog10 28-Jan-2007
MidMichigan Medical Center Artificial Disc Study Under Way at MidMichigan Prog11 28-Jan-2007
Dow Corning Dow Corning Products Used Throughout the World Prog13 28-Jan-2007
Mental Health Local Mental Health Stigma Explored Prog14 28-Jan-2007
Awards & Prizes Vision Tricounty Presented Award from Public Relations Group Prog14 28-Jan-2007
MidMichigan Medical Center A Day in the Life Of MidMichigan Paramedics Prog15 28-Jan-2007
Health & Safety Vaccinations Start at Birth and Continue Throughout Childhood Prog18 28-Jan-2007
Dow Chemical Dow Fiber Product Spurs Expansion Prog2 28-Jan-2007
Business-Midland Picking Up, Hotel Revenue Sees 11.5 Percent Increase in 2006 Prog3 28-Jan-2007
Taxation-Midland City Tax Incentives Increase in 2006 Prog5 28-Jan-2007
Business Auburn Store Latest to Focus on Health Foods Prog7 28-Jan-2007
Religion Where Work and Faith Meet, Retirees Work in Midland Business as Chaplains Prog8 28-Jan-2007
Michigan-Budget No Easy Fix for State Budget A1 29-Jan-2007
Births Wings (quintuplets) to get Another Addition A1 29-Jan-2007
Midland Mall Kid's Day, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Midland County Hosts a Day For Kids A3 29-Jan-2007
Biography-Midland Rousseau Appointed to Air Force Academy A3 29-Jan-2007
Central Mich University CMU Political Science Students Gain Experience in White House A3 29-Jan-2007
Michigan Get Better at Serving Aging, Attorney General Says B6 29-Jan-2007
Restaurants 50s Diner Nearly Ready to Open A1 30-Jan-2007
Law & Legislation Lawmakers Rekindle Vaccination Drive A1 30-Jan-2007
Bullock Creek Schools Creek Says No to Replacing Custodians A1 30-Jan-2007
Prisons & Prisoners County Gets Long-awaited Jail Grant A1 30-Jan-2007
Meridian Public Schools Meridian First-graders Show Signs of Learning New Language A3 30-Jan-2007
Television & Radio Documentary on Mental Illness to air on Delta Q-TV A3 30-Jan-2007
Animals Gray Wolves to Lose Federal Protection B5 30-Jan-2007
Health & Safety Clamp Down on Smoking in Michigan Workplaces B5 30-Jan-2007
Fire-Edenville Township Man Dies in Fire (Roy Casmer) A1 31-Jan-2007
Dow Corning Dow Corning Breaks Records A1 31-Jan-2007
Business Archer Pushes for Regional Connections A1 31-Jan-2007
Events Black History Month Events A1 31-Jan-2007
Tennis DCTC Pulls Radio Spot Ad A1 31-Jan-2007
Dow Corning DCTC Pulls Radio Spot Ad A1 31-Jan-2007
Gardening Native Plants One Topic of Gardening Seminar A3 31-Jan-2007
Meridian Public Schools M-Azing: Meridian Students Race to Help Others A3 31-Jan-2007
MidMichigan Medical Center MidMichigan Awarded for Clinical Excellence A3 31-Jan-2007
Midland County Friend of the Court to Reduce Services A3 31-Jan-2007