Includes names found in obituaries, wedding and anniversary announcements and news articles
Last Name First Name Type Date Page
Abbey Mrs.  Article 25-Jul-1967 3c
Allison (Mayor) Article 28-Mar-1967 1A
Allison Article 5-Apr-1967 1A
Anderson H.D. Article 6-Feb-1967 1A
Arbury Mrs. Article 28-Aug-1967 1A
Arbury, Sr. Pearl E. Article 17-Aug-1967 1A
Arnold Article 21-Jun-1967 1A
Baker Melody Article 16-Jun-1967 3A
Bark J. Floyd Article 25-Jul-1967 3B
Barstow Dr. Article 21-Apr-1967 1A
Bass Derwin Article 21-Jul-1967
Bass Article 22-Sep-1967 1A
Bendall Mrs. Ada Article 11-Feb-1967 10A
Berg Charley Article 16-Feb-1967 1A
Bielinski Article 25-Oct-1967 1A
Blair Article 10-Nov-1967 3A
Blessing Article 14-Nov-1967 3A
Braun Rev. Article 15-Jun-1967 3A
Breed Article 24-Jun-1967 8A
Britton Dr. Article 25-Apr-1967 1A
Britton Dr. Article 23-May-1967 1A
Britton Dr. Article 29-Dec-1967 2B
Brooks Article 13-Jun-1967 1A
Bush Dr. Raymond Article 14-Feb-1967 1A
Caldwell R. William Article 22-Sep-1967 1A
Camp Robert D. Article 19-Jun-1967 4A
Campbell Article 29-Dec-1967 1A
Carlyon Article 11-Oct-1967 1
Carter Article 13-Jun-1967 1A
Chamberlin Donovan L. Article 29-Nov-1967 1A
Chatterton Sup. Article 21-Apr-1967 3A
Chrisler Article 28-Jun-1967 2B
Clark Article 20-Jun-1967 1A
Corbett Article 3-Mar-1967 3A
Corner Lt. Article 15-Feb-1967
DeLvies Mrs. Article 6-Oct-1967 3A
Dietrich Wm Article 31-Oct-1967 1A
Dixon William R. Article 6-Sep-1967 1
Doan Article 3-May-1967 1A
Doan H.D. Article 3-May-1967 1B
Doan Dr. Leland  Article 29-May-1967 1A
Eisenhower Col. John  S.D. Article 29-Jun-1967 1A
Elections-Local Article 14-Mar-1967 1A
Foust Dr. Judson V. Article 18-May-1967 3A
Gerstacker Article 5-Jul-1967 3A
Gerstacker  Article 25-Jul-1967 3B
Gillespie Article 17-Aug-1967 3A
Gindlesberger Joseph C. Article 26-Jul-1967 1B
Goggin Article 22-Sep-1967 1A
Goggin Dr. Article 16-Oct-1967 3A
Greco Jose Article 12-Jul-1967 3A
Griswold, Jr. Thomas Article 21-Jun-1967 1A
Griswold, Jr. Thomas Article 22-Jun-1967 1A
Griswold, Jr. Thomas Article 22-Jun-1967 8A
Groom Melville B. Article 15-Mar-1967 1A
Guenther Article 24-Oct-1967 3A
Hahn Joel H. Article 5-Dec-1967 1A
Harvey Dr. Article 19-Jun-1967 1A
Henske Bass Article 10-Jun-1967 1A
Hickey James A. Article 22-Feb-1967 1A
Hickey James A. Article 13-Apr-1967 1A
Hickey James A. Article 15-Apr-1967 1A
Hudson Frank Article 15-Mar-1967 1A
Hursch Article 3-Jun-1967 1A
Jackson Article 16-Jun-1967 3A
Johnson C.A. Article 21-Apr-1967 1A
Johnson Chick Article 9-Nov-1967 1A
Kahn Article 5-Apr-1967 1A
Kahn Joel Article 11-Apr-1967 1A
Kahn Joel Article 18-May-1967 8A
Keicher Mrs. Myrtle Article 16-Dec-1967 1A
Keil Article 2-Nov-1967 3A
Klein Meyer Article 21-Jun-1967 3A
Koepfgen Miss Beryl Article 1-Feb-1967 1A
Kole Article 19-Jul-1967 1A
Kole Article 15-Aug-1967 1A
Kole Article 18-Aug-1967 1A
Kole Article 12-Sep-1967 1A
Kostoff Article 24-Jun-1967 8A
Lee Muriel Article 20-Feb-1967 1A
Leonard Virgil E. Article 17-Aug-1967 3A
Look Article 26-Oct-1967 3A
Lorimer Article 1-May-1967 1A
Marble Dr. Article 29-Dec-1967 3A
Marcoux Article 22-Mar-1967 1A
Martini Article 22-Sep-1967 1A
Maxwell Article 23-Mar-1967 1A
McRae Article 24-Feb-1967 3A
Meench Article 9-Aug-1967 1A
Meyer Article 3-Mar-1967 3A
Moran Leo Article 16-Feb-1967 1A
Moran Article 2-Nov-1967 3A
Morand M.H.P. Article 25-Sep-1967 1A
Mulvaey Deputy Article 15-Feb-1967
Neely Dr. Article 5-Jul-1967 3A
Nehil Mrs. John F.  Article 5-Dec-1967 1A
Okitsu Hiroko Article 29-Jun-1967 6A
Owen Dr. George H. Article 11-Jul-1967 1A
Pangborn Weyant Article 28-Mar-1967 1A
Pedersen Article 14-Nov-1967 3A
Peterson Dr. Floyd C. Article 17-Jul-1967 1A
Pettway Jerry Article 24-Feb-1967 4A
Phillips Ernest Article 17-Feb-1967 1A
Place Roland Article 9-Feb-1967 1A
Plas Gerald Article 3-Jun-1967 10A
Plummer Dean Article 12-Dec-1967 3A
Prince Article 16-Jun-1967 3A
Quigley, Jr Fred K. Article 25-Sep-1967 1A
Reder Article 3-Jun-1967 1A
Riecker Article 17-Aug-1967 3A
Romney Gov. Article 3-Feb-1967 1A
Romney Article 8-Feb-1967 1A
Rood Article 24-Mar-1967 1A
Rumple Article 28-Jan-1967 1A
Rumple Article 8-Feb-1967 1A
Schornstein Article 2-Nov-1967 3A
Schwartz Article 12-Jul-1967 3A
Shannon Article 8-Jun-1967 3A
Sheetz Article 26-Oct-1967 3A
Shepard Stuart Article 5-Jun-1967 1A
Sias Article 3-Jun-1967 1A
Sinclair Article 21-Jun-1967 3A
Smith Article 28-Jun-1967 3A
Sollitt Dr. Article 22-Feb-1967 3A
Sollitt Dr. Article 14-Dec-1967 6A
Surath Article 19-Jul-1967 1A
Surath Article 18-Aug-1967 1A
Swan Mary Article 5-Jul-1967 1A
Thorsberg T.F.  Article 20-Mar-1967 1A
Travis Article 12-Sep-1967 1A
Tuttle Fred Article 13-Sep-1967 1B
Tyson Kim Article 8-Jun-1967 3A
Wasco Rev Article 21-Jun-1967 2B
Watts Dr. Article 22-Feb-1967 3A
Weaver Roger  W. Article 23-Jun-1967 3A
Weaver Roger W. Article 26-Jun-1967 3A
White Article 20-Sep-1967 1A
Williams William H. Article 18-Apr-1967 1A
Williams G.J Article 22-Sep-1967 1A
Wilson John J. Article 25-Jul-1967 3B
Windover Clyde Article 25-Jul-1967 3A
Wolf Sadie Article 26-Apr-1967 1A
Yankee Dean Article 17-Mar-1967 3A