Indexes selected articles arranged by date from December 1967
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Subject Article Page Date
Accidents Two brothers killed in US 10 wreck 1A 2-Dec-1967
Biography Joel H. Hahn praised for 27 year service 1A 5-Dec-1967
Deaths Mrs. John F. Nehil dies at 102 1A 5-Dec-1967
Elections-local School millage election today 1A 5-Dec-1967
Dow Chemical Dow names research development managers 3A 5-Dec-1967
Elections-Local Election tabulations 4B 5-Dec-1967
Midland Public Schools Central's new assistant principal is Dean Plummer 3A 12-Dec-1967
Consumers Energy Consumers to build $267 million nuclear plant for Dow use 1A 14-Dec-1967
Dow Chemical Consumers to build $267 million nuclear plant for Dow power use 1A 14-Dec-1967
Biography Recognition given to Dr. Sollitt 6A 14-Dec-1967
Consumers Energy Midland may be world's first with dual nuclear unit 6B 14-Dec-1967
Deaths Mrs. Myrtle Keicher, former librarian, dies 1A 16-Dec-1967
Midland Public Schools Annual Rpt for school district of city of Midland, ending June 1967 5A 18-Dec-1967
Politics-Midland County Petitions filed seeking city of Bullock Creek 1A 19-Dec-1967
Midland County-Politics Midland township withdrawing petitions for incorporation 1A 21-Dec-1967
Dow Chemical Campbell retires from Dow board 1A 29-Dec-1967
Midland Public Schools "A decade in retrospect and in prospect," speech by Dr. Britton 2B 29-Dec-1967
Saginaw Valley State Univ Dr. Marble sees '68 taking SVC out of small college class 3A 29-Dec-1967
Midland Public Schools New principal will take over public school reins 3B 29-Dec-1967
Midland Public Schools Schools initiate curriculum for students 3B 29-Dec-1967
Northwood University Northwood Institute reports 40% growth on 4 campuses 5B 29-Dec-1967