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Subject Article Page Date
Churches Memorial Presbyterian church centennial anniversary 4A 2-Oct-1967
Midland Public Schools December 5 school election OK'd 1A 3-Oct-1967
Elections-Local December 5 school election OK'd 1A 3-Oct-1967
Dow Chemical Dow outlines novel chemical analysis and data system 3A 3-Oct-1967
Clubs & Organizations AAUW book sales begins Wednesday 4A 3-Oct-1967
Delta College Delta schedules college conference on October 20 1B 4-Oct-1967
Awards & Prizes Mrs. DeVries named Realtor of the Year 3A 6-Oct-1967
Churches Dedication of Blessed Sacrament Church on Sunday 10A 7-Oct-1967
Disasters Rock hurled, killing trucker near Flint 1A 7-Oct-1967
Business Executive House liquor issue. Further study OK'd 1A 10-Oct-1967
Chippewa Nature Center Nature center facilities are outlined before board 3A 10-Oct-1967
Delta College Carlyon named Delta president 1 11-Oct-1967
MidMichigan Medical Center Midland is first city using new respirator 1A 11-Oct-1967
Unions UMWA leadership conference set Oct. 26-27 3A 11-Oct-1967
Midland Civic fund near 70% 3A 12-Oct-1967
Business Dr. Goggin named as bank director 3A 16-Oct-1967
Clubs & Organizations DMD-NMA club will get charter on Thursday night 3A 16-Oct-1967
Churches Midland branch RLDS marks 50 year 6A 16-Oct-1967
Midland-City Council Council OKs new sidewalk program 1A 17-Oct-1967
Elections-local Abbott Road land sale on December ballot 1A 17-Oct-1967
Dow Corning Dow Cornings gives service awards 3A 17-Oct-1967
Midland County County building authority asked 1A 18-Oct-1967
MBS Airport Tri-City Airport's master plan  may be updated after review 1A 18-Oct-1967
Midland Public Schools Midland teachers will play key role in NEA conference 3A 18-Oct-1967
Midland County-Budget Proposed county budget submitted 3A 18-Oct-1967
Dow Chemical 9-month Dow earnings set record 1A 19-Oct-1967
Midland Fund 93% within goal 1A 20-Oct-1967
Midland-Planning Comm Traffic pattern change to take place on Wednesday 10 21-Oct-1967
Business Collision buys Flint co. 1A 24-Oct-1967
Midland Public Schools Proposed school budget is lower 1A 24-Oct-1967
Dow Chemical 3 new product units created to succeed chemicals department 3A 24-Oct-1967
Midland Public Schools Guenther's report on music program hailed 3A 24-Oct-1967
Clubs & Organizations Bielinski new CC president 1A 25-Oct-1967
Midland County-Budget County budget tabled; 4.9 mill tax levy OK'd 1A 25-Oct-1967
Dow Chemical Dow recruiter held captive for 7 hours 1A 26-Oct-1967
Dow Chemical Utah's governor visits Dow plant 1A 26-Oct-1967
Dow Chemical Look to head Dow Midland division research; Sheetz named assistant 3A 26-Oct-1967
Dow Chemical Plastics, packaging reorganized into 3 new product units at Dow 3A 26-Oct-1967
Weather Snow arrives unexpectantly 1A 27-Oct-1967
Midland $492,823 collected. Civic fund tops goal 1A 28-Oct-1967
MidMichigan Medical Center High speed scanner at Midland Hospital 3A 30-Oct-1967
Midland-City Council Witte plat gets city council OK 1A 31-Oct-1967
Midland-City Council Detroiter Wm Dietrich new city attorney 1A 31-Oct-1967
Dow Chemical Dow again offers scholarships to U. of Cincinnati 31-Oct-1967