Indexes selected articles arranged by date from September 1967
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Subject Article Page Date
Saginaw Valley State Univ State leaders attend ground breaking 3A 1-Sep-1967
Delta College Touch machine shorthand course offered at Delta  8B 1-Sep-1967
Accidents Five killed in area holiday traffic 1A 5-Sep-1967
Dow Chemical Elected to Dow board, William R. Dixon 1 6-Sep-1967
Dow Chemical Dow pollution project will be watched closely 1A 6-Sep-1967
Midland-Planning Comm Blasy charges laxness in sidewalk program 1A 6-Sep-1967
Delta College Delta fall enrollment reaches a record 2,750 3 7-Sep-1967
Midland-Planning Comm Ashman Circle traffic discussed 11A 7-Sep-1967
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVC marks new milestone ground breaking 10 8-Sep-1967
Crime Ground, air hunt fail to turn up robber who tied up Midland woman 1 9-Sep-1967
Accidents 3 killed in traffic 1A 11-Sep-1967
Roads Kole settle suits; Travis apologizes 1A 12-Sep-1967
Saginaw Valley State Univ Third major SVC addition gets approved 1A 12-Sep-1967
Midland Public Schools Board OK's review. Sessions on school curriculum 3A 12-Sep-1967
Bowling 1967 bowling publicity rules 3B 12-Sep-1967
Midland Public Schools First week enrollments 4B 12-Sep-1967
Clubs & Organizations Young Midlander tells role and goals of 'Up With People' 8A 12-Sep-1967
Dow Chemical Construction begins on Dow plastics unit 1A 13-Sep-1967
Larkin Township Annexation of Larkin is proposed 1A 13-Sep-1967
Biography Midland Fred Tuttle returns from climbing Wyoming's peaks 1B 13-Sep-1967
Midland County Full-time county planning unit in making 1A 14-Sep-1967
Larkin Township Annexation election slated for '68. Motel gas station in Larkin involved 1A 14-Sep-1967
Contests Midland Daily News fishing contest standings (Final) 5B 14-Sep-1967
Midland Daily News  Midland Daily News fishing contest standings (Final) 5B 14-Sep-1967
Business New real estate firm established -- Kent 3A 15-Sep-1967
Northwood University Northwood car show set Sep 30 and Oct 1 3A 18-Sep-1967
Crime Rioting prisoner sent to Midland jail 1 19-Sep-1967
Dow Chemical Dow marks 10th anniversary of its Cincinnati U. co-op program 3A 19-Sep-1967
Midland County Full-time county planning department gets OK'd 1A 20-Sep-1967
MBS Airport Airport manager White resigns 1A 20-Sep-1967
Clubs & Organizations Midland Red Cross to mark 50 years of service 1B 20-Sep-1967
Clubs & Organizations Scout school night is Thursday 3A 20-Sep-1967
Dow Chemical Dow reports assignments - plastics dept and general mgr 1A 22-Sep-1967
Dow Corning Dow Corning appoints Bass chairman, Goggin president 1A 22-Sep-1967
MBS Airport Martini gets Tri-City Airport post 1A 22-Sep-1967
Dow Chemical Dow assigns two to posts, director of mkting and manager of plastics 1A 25-Sep-1967
Midland Public Schools Special school election asked 1A 26-Sep-1967
Elections-Local Special school election asked 1A 26-Sep-1967
Churches Dedication of Blessed Sacrament Church is Oct 8 1B 27-Sep-1967
Health & Safety Report of tri-county study: Committee of the TB associations 1B 27-Sep-1967
Disasters Probe planned on Lake Michigan fishing disaster 3A 27-Sep-1967
Social Services Family service helps Midland families reduce modern stress 1A 28-Sep-1967
Clubs & Organizations Midland Red Cross is hailed for half-century of service 1A 28-Sep-1967