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Subject Article Page Date
Midland Public Schools Work progresses on Herbert Henry Dow High School 10A 4-Aug-1967
Midland Center for the Arts Arts campaign hits $1.3 million mark 1A 4-Aug-1967
Midland Center for the Arts Arts drive hits $1,432,513 1A 4-Aug-1967
Dow Chemical Tests on Dow-aided artificial kidney called successful 3A 4-Aug-1967
Delta College Delta College fall semester programs 2B 7-Aug-1967
Roads Paving of acces road to Plymouth Park OK'd 1A 8-Aug-1967
Midland Public Schools School board, MCEA agree on proposed pact 1A 8-Aug-1967
Unions School board, MCEA agree on proposed pact 1A 8-Aug-1967
Mental Health Mental health program expansion in jeopardy 1A 8-Aug-1967
Delta College Soil science is first course in new agricultural curriculum 3A 8-Aug-1967
Midland Community needs self renewal. Fund workers told at Dow meeting 1A 9-Aug-1967
Health & Safety Meench is named medical examiner 1A 9-Aug-1967
Churches LaPorte Methodist Church consecration is set 1B 9-Aug-1967
Midland County Fairgrounds Completing plans for 1967 Midland County Fair 1B 9-Aug-1967
Midland Center for the Arts Arts drive is edging to goal 3A 9-Aug-1967
Midland Public Schools Midland public school registration is Sept. 7 3A 9-Aug-1967
Mental Health Supervisors asked to give tentative OK of psychiatric wing at hospital 3A 9-Aug-1967
Delta College Delta slates enrollment 3C 9-Aug-1967
Dow Chemical Dow nuclear reactor start-up successful 1A 10-Aug-1967
Midland  Center for the Arts Center for Arts drive $146,134 over goal 1A 11-Aug-1967
Business Country Loft has its grand opening 3A 11-Aug-1967
Churches New Poseyville Methodist Church plans announced 8A 11-Aug-1967
Baseball Midland wins legion crown 1A 14-Aug-1967
Midland County Fairgrounds County fair starts today 1A 14-Aug-1967
Dow Chemical Fire at Dow under control 1A 15-Aug-1967
Roads Kole hit with false affidavit charge 1A 15-Aug-1967
Midland Public Schools School election possible 1A 15-Aug-1967
Midland County Fairgrounds 14,805 at fair opener 1A 15-Aug-1967
Midland "Check your fair share" is community fund motto 3A 15-Aug-1967
Midland Public Schools School transfer plan proposed 3A 15-Aug-1967
MBS Airport Mid-Mich may be new name of airport 1A 16-Aug-1967
MBS Airport Airport authority pondered 1A 16-Aug-1967
Delta College Technology classes offered 1B 16-Aug-1967
Delta College Delta changes financing plan for campus 3A 16-Aug-1967
Midland County Fairgrounds Beef, cattle, swine honors announced at county fair 3A 16-Aug-1967
Awards & Prizes Pearl E. Arbury Sr., Citizen of the Year 1A 17-Aug-1967
Awards & Prizes Virgil E. Leonard, Knight of the Year 3A 17-Aug-1967
Business Gillespie and Riecker open new law office 3A 17-Aug-1967
Midland County Fairgrounds 4-H divisions judged 6A 17-Aug-1967
Disasters 2 injured, some damage reported, during area wind, hail and rainstorm  17-Aug-1967
Roads New trials denied for Kole, Surath 1A 18-Aug-1967
Dow Corning Dow Corning will plead innocent in FDA case 3A 18-Aug-1967
Midland Public Schools 1967-68 proposed salary provided for teachers 4B 22-Aug-1967
Delta College Bank jobs for Delta students 10C 23-Aug-1967
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVC expects enrollment of 400 10C 23-Aug-1967
Midland Public Schools Expect 12,162 enrollment of Midland public schools 1A 23-Aug-1967
Midland Public Schools Continued school growth is shown in 1967 census 1A 23-Aug-1967
Central Mich University $22Million in projects set for CMU this year 1C 23-Aug-1967
Auburn Auburn area schools open September 8 1C 23-Aug-1967
Delta College Delta College enrollment may reach 2,600 5D 23-Aug-1967
Delta College Delta evening college may top 2,700 6B 23-Aug-1967
Delta College Financial aid available 7B 23-Aug-1967
Northwood University Northwood fall term classes will begin Sept. 12 7B 23-Aug-1967
Freeland Comm Schools Freeland classes will begin Sept. 5 8B 23-Aug-1967
Baseball Berryhill Post 165 bows to Owensboro 1B 24-Aug-1967
Midland-Police Department Police recruitment in tri-cities 3A 25-Aug-1967
Clubs & Organizations YOMC helps local teens get summer jobs 4A 25-Aug-1967
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVC Fall Semester Courses 8B 25-Aug-1967
Awards & Prizes Mrs. Arbury honored -- state senior citizen in service 1A 28-Aug-1967
Midland Public Schools School board ratifies proposed teachers' pact 1A 29-Aug-1967
Midland Public Schools Midland intermediate district history is traced 1B 30-Aug-1967
History Midland intermediate district history is traced 1B 30-Aug-1967
Schools Midland Regina enrollment may be 224; regular classes slates Sept. 11 1B 30-Aug-1967
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVC opens September 5 3A 30-Aug-1967
Business $58,600 fire destroys warehouse on Jefferson 1A 31-Aug-1967
Dow Corning Lubricants department formed at Dow Corning 3A 31-Aug-1967
Schools Immunization required for entrance to school 3A 31-Aug-1967
Health & Safety Immunization required for entrance to school 3A 31-Aug-1967