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Subject Article Page Date
Coleman Suit is started on Coleman firm 3A 3-Jul-1967
Deaths Mary Swan dies 1A 5-Jul-1967
Midland Center for the Arts Center for Arts kick-off Thursday 1A 5-Jul-1967
Midland Public Schools Dr. Neely again heads Midland School board 3A 5-Jul-1967
Northwood University Gerstacker heads national committee for Northwood 3A 5-Jul-1967
Delta College Delta to offer classes of interest to housewife 5A 5-Jul-1967
Midland Center for the Arts Midland Art observer - special issue about center Paid Supplement 6-Jul-1967
Dow Chemical Dow's Midland employees live in 2,500 sq mile area 3A 7-Jul-1967
Dow Chemical Dow inventors cited for powderless etching process 1A 8-Jul-1967
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVC get fair play on budget-Marble 9A 8-Jul-1967
Dow Chemical Dow quarter earnings same 1A 11-Jul-1967
Dow Chemical Dow shares for Vietnam defoliants 1A 11-Jul-1967
Midland-City Council Council, Planning unit clash on paved off-street parking 1A 11-Jul-1967
Midland-Planning Comm Council, Planning unit clash on paved off-street parking 1A 11-Jul-1967
Taxation Supervisors hit city on annexation action 1A 11-Jul-1967
Midland Public Schools Detroiter is new superintendent (Dr. George H. Owen) 1A 11-Jul-1967
Midland Public Schools School attendance area changes OK'd 3A 11-Jul-1967
Delta College Delta-Mexico complete plans for teacher-student exchange 8A 11-Jul-1967
Business Sidewalk Days tickets distribution begins 1A 12-Jul-1967
Midland  Center for the Arts Founders division pledges total $98,450 in art drive 1A 12-Jul-1967
Midland County-Sheriff New living quarters for Sheriff eyed 1A 12-Jul-1967
Midland-Planning Comm Schwartz heads city planners 3A 12-Jul-1967
Northwood University School of Spanish arts headed by Jose Greco set at N.I. 3A 12-Jul-1967
Midland Center for the Arts Arts drive hits $660,814 1A 14-Jul-1967
Music & Muscians Patience and fortitude. Gilbert & Sullivan operetta takes much behind scenes work 8A 15-Jul-1967
Deaths Dr. Floyd C. Peterson dies 1A 17-Jul-1967
Roads Trial goes into second day on disputed bridge right-of-way 1A 17-Jul-1967
MBS Airport Rail strike affects Midland 1A 17-Jul-1967
Weather New weather reporting service due in August 3A 17-Jul-1967
Roads Condemnation suit going to jury today 1A 18-Jul-1967
Midland Center for the Arts Arts drive volunteers, label this "this week" 1A 18-Jul-1967
Music & Musicians Midland Little Theater moves. Twelve year era in former church ends 14 19-Jul-1967
Roads Jury allows $6795 for Kole property, $2000 for Surath's 1A 19-Jul-1967
Business Sidewalk  Days ends run tonight 1A 19-Jul-1967
Midland Center for the Arts Community unit signs $62,600 in art pledges 1A 19-Jul-1967
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVC told highway woes would take 7 years, million of dollars to solve 1A 19-Jul-1967
Delta College Delta board to apply for $475,000 loan OK 3A 19-Jul-1967
Dow Chemical Dow has record sales earnings in first half 1967 1A 20-Jul-1967
Business Sidewalk Days called a success 1A 20-Jul-1967
Midland County Fairgrounds August 14-19, county fair boasts new features 1A 20-Jul-1967
Civil Rights Social revolution brings political emancipation for MI negroes 5B 20-Jul-1967
Events Weekender: Strike up the band 20-Jul-1967
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVC not planning to increase 1967-68 tuition fee 3A 21-Jul-1967
Delta College The Maid as Mistress' slated.. Summer Festival of Arts 4A 21-Jul-1967
Music & Musicians Made in Midland - guitar maker's six steps - Derwin Bass 21-Jul-1967
Midland Center for the Arts Center for Arts drive reaches $941,382 1A 22-Jul-1967
Civil Rights Midland ambulance driver's trip to Detroit harrowing experience 1A 25-Jul-1967
MBS Airport City council approves new funds for Tri-City Airport 1A 25-Jul-1967
Midland-City Council City council approves new funds for Tri-City Airport 1A 25-Jul-1967
Delta College Delta granted $46,403 for nursing education 3A 25-Jul-1967
Deaths Clyde Windover dies 3A 25-Jul-1967
Business New Watson car firm 3A 25-Jul-1967
Biography John J. Wilson new post 3B 25-Jul-1967
Deaths J. Floyd Bark dies 3B 25-Jul-1967
Midland Public Schools Gerstacker named to education panel 3B 25-Jul-1967
Deaths Death takes Mrs. Abbey 3c 25-Jul-1967
Midland  Will seek more civilian defense shelters 3C 25-Jul-1967
Civil Rights Five wounded in Saginaw violence; 7 other MI cities in racial flare-ups 1A 26-Jul-1967
Gardening Midlander's rose garden ablaze w/ color  1B 26-Jul-1967
Saginaw Valley  State Univ SVC schedules ground breaking 1B 26-Jul-1967
Midland Public Schools Board names new principal for Jefferson Intermediate 3A 26-Jul-1967
MBS Airport Commission again ponders renaming Tri-City Airport 3 27-Jul-1967
Midland Center for the Arts Art Fund drive hits $1.27 million 1A 28-Jul-1967
Health & Safety Visiting nurses provide patient care at home 10 29-Jul-1967